Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tired yet fulfilling:)

Weekends...Finally arrived. It has been a fulfilling week:) Thursday and Friday were our inter-professional days. We're supposed to follow the nurses and other health care workers( NOT DRs) and observe what their work is. Hmm, smth like Nursing Day in IMU:) So yea, Lily and I were allocated to ward 27, which is a Haematology(blood) ward. However, the patients here are all leukemia or lymphoma patients. So they patients stays in the wards for quite some time dy, for their chemo treatment. Kinda sad place to work at as these are fatal's CANCER of the blood...We help the nurses to change the patients' bed sheets, serve their meals and most importantly talk to them:) Really sad to hear some of their stories..some who found out that they have leukemia, just through a regular check up at a GP. Kinda devastated for them as this disease will take away their lives and there is no absolute treatment for Leukemia for the time-being..oh, since this ward are ALL immuno-depressed patients, we have to change our aprons and gloves everytime after we finished cleaning a patient's bed. It's a STRICT RULE that has to be followed! The 2nd day was more fulfilling, there was a grand ward rounds by the top consultants(haematologists). So we got to tag along the group and see how they discuss each patients' conditions. Phew, when the consultants asked us questions, thank God we can answer a few, but of coz we couldnt answer the HONOURS question, which is 'what gene is affected in haemochromatosis??' i also dunno..but a FY2 dr managed to answer that...geng! i still dunno which gene is that:P oh, then we got to see a pleural tap being done. REALLY INVASIVE..when i saw the dr insert a 50cc syringe from the back of the patient..whew..500ml of fluid was removed..and i could droplets of tears coming down from her eyes...:'( it must be really painful...

we were FORCED to wear this green scrub for our IPE:P

in short, though we didnt do much within these two days, i experienced great joy, even just changing their bed sheets, have a short talk with them..the little i could do to make the patients feel the love i have for them... made with passion for the community people

Intro weeks have finally come to an end..Our REAL REAL clinical starting from next week and THANK GOD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYER...Lily and Me are in Urology WARDS!! We wanted this ward badly cause rumours said it's the BEST ward ever..the consultants are very organised and the classes will be from 8am to 5pm!! Woohoo....It's gonna be busy busy..but we LOVE it, rather than the 2 hours we had last few weeks! And we have to go for community placement every Wednesday. So this time around, we are placed in Urmston..somewhere far far away from our place:P
So, since we have NO idea where Urmston is, we decided to take a bus and search for it. Oh, we did google the location of the clinic, but apparently, there is NO public bus that directly reach to that road! So, our only clue is to get to Urmston...FINE..we must find that place now in case we cant find it on wed morning and we will be in hot soup:P on to the bus and fingers crossed..Urmston, here we go..... Half an hour passed...Urmston bus station at sight, but it's a big town, where is Church Road where the clinic we asked the bus driver..and he said:"you have to walk down this valley, over the hills...." With the little info..we got off the bus and followed his instructions.
Through the valley....the hills....the fields...overall 15 mins walk from the bus station we stopped...TAadddaaaAAA...
URMSTON GROUP PRACTICE...luckily we came to find it..if not, we sure get lost on our community day..but it's definitely not easy to get to this place..Ulu larrrr. a small green town:) Kachaa..took a pic to make sure we know where to go next Wed:)
and guess what,we saw this newspaper pasted on the door of the clinic...It said, the doctor we're attached to has just retired last Thursday after serving the community in Urmston for 30 years..WAT a time to how??? haih, hopefully there are other doctors to guide us..will contact the uni PIC asap..How could they not know..we even stopped by to take green grass of hope:)
We cant see these beautiful flowers in Manchester city..only the outskirts:)we love green field...*_* and sun
and we took 1 hour plus to get back city because we were caught in the jam at Old Trafford..
I looked down from the bus and all i saw was RED DEVILS!
Pool of Red....Angels:)
It's Man Utd vs Bolton match at home ground:) Woohoo we won!
We had a dinner with some of our batch mates at this Korean Restaurant. Nice food!!:)
weekend is a day that you must NOT eat western food..hehe.Lily and Steph:)Angie and HaniBeef beef beef..rice with..erm i also dunno. but it tasted real goodKimchi fried riceKimchi pancakeBeef ribs...Yummilicious!the ASIANs gang...Posers people:)Lelaki: Ben(Jakarta), Simon( Japan+Hong Kong), Tony(Hong Kong), Hong(China)
Perempuan: Angie, Hani, Lily, Steph (Malaysia)

wasSup Doc: 5 loaves and 2 fishes offered by the little boy..though the gift is small, it makes a huge difference. With the little i have, i want to make an God'd grace..thank you:)


Ly said...

Well written post! Rusholme next week! =)

Anonymous said...

Surprise that the Hospital allows you to wear back the green scrub? Aren't you suppose to change into your own clothing before leaving Hospital ground?

*jeSSicA* said...

u brought camera to the hospital?? @.@

haha i know a bit about haemachromatosis coz of our project thingy =)

the scenery outskirts so looks like it's spring! (yup it's spring here in melb, but not at manc kan?) =P

so ngam one the GP retired dy hahaha

and omg angelene food food FOOD!!!

Ang3 said...

>lily: next week we have party larr...rmb:P

>anonymous: we were given 2 sets of scrubs for the 2 days. we removed the scrub right away after our shifts..

>jessica: i didnt bring camera to hospital larrr..i took the pic in my room..manchester is in autumn dy..

*jeSSicA* said...

angelene: wow party! haha

btw, u are tagged =D u are a good girl u will do it right? =P

Denise said...

ANGELINE!!! PEIWEN HERE!!!! how are you girl miss you laarrhh. ur in UK now isit??? looks fun. Keep in touch yea!! (got email add not den i can add u in msn)

*jeSSicA* said...

hey will u be spending time in urology ward for the whole sem?? or just a few weeks then change to another department...

Ang3 said...

>Pei Wen: Hey gurl:)add me at thanks lar..keep in touch:)

>Jessica: I will change to another firm in the next semester. So i'll be attached to 2 different firms this year..think the next one will be gastro:)

Anonymous said...

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