Saturday, September 06, 2008

Greetings from the city of Manchester:)

i'm from UM toO..hehe( University of Manchester)

super duper sorry for this delay..i have been deprived from internet for the past week due to some connection probs in the hall i'm staying. at first i thought was my computer who is causing the prob but thank God it's not:) and yay, i finally can go online today, unexpectedly and suddenly and i dunno how and's not a wireless connection, it's not the local area connection it's..God's connection..hehe, i prayed for it yesterday and woohoo, He answered me:) *fingers crossed* I might not b able to connect tomorrow. So, i better appreciate this golden opportunity.. i'm gonna update you guys about wat i was up to for the past week..It's is gonna be long LONG bear with me:)
yea, arrived Manchester with this pretty lady around to settle stuff for me:) to bring me around, to cook for me, to settle my accommodation and most importantly to make noise with me, that's why i don't feel any homesick-ness coz my dear sis is here to accompany me:) one in a million sis! Awesome Adelene...
my summer vacation residence. Gonna stay here till 18th of Sept till i move again to my permanent place at St Gabriels. By then i will hav problem moving coz my stuff-BANYAK-ness. when i first arrived, my sis and i were busy moving to this room from my sis' previous place which was 10 mins walk away...both of us were like mad women, carrying stuff like that standing mirror, and pulling luggage in the middle of the road, till we gave up and called a taxi:) but it costs us a BOMB! but it's worth it coz we were so tired after moving for like 3 days!walking up and down the street under the cold wind...FREEZING..i will hav another massive move on the 18th! please pray somebody will lend a helping hand:):)
oh, rmb my pink duvet cover? i brought it all the way from KL:) my bed is the best place in my tiny little room...super comfy and warm.. PLUS blackie by my side..he must b bored staying at home..:) yea...MESSY MESSY MESSY...
Had a met up with some seniors from M104( Evelyn, Kean Foong, Emily and Kenneth) Thank God for this kind seniors. They brought us around city centre, tell us where to get cheap food and stuff So yea, we dun feel that lost at least! Oh, i met a few M102 seniors as well when i attended a church nearby called King's Church. they graduated dy and are now working in Manchester:) Friendly people as well..Anyway, the church is a charismatic church and i really enjoy the sermon. Ps. Kelvin shared smth like God is the most creative and greatest architect of all coz He builts different designs of houses in each and everyone of us:) Verse of the day was from Philippians 3:13-14 Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus. Hmmm, move on Angie!
There will be a MASSIVE gathering for IMU-nians tmr night:)
Super super seniors, plus seniors and plus us, the juniors:)
it's gonna be steamboat! Woohoo, eating in this type of weather..steamboat is the best!
by the way, Manchester has been raining non-stop!
and the cold wind blowing against our faces..SEjuk-ness!
TaiWu, the BEST Cantonese restaurant in town.
Nicest Chinese food..
Had lunch with sis and her frens there one fine day.
we had dim sum..and like wat others have been boasting about
plus, the price goes 50% off after 12pm
yea, we ordered the following and guess how much it came.
Fried cuttlefish
Prawn rolls
Pork stuff:P
Carrot cakes
some fried meat balls i guess:P
Porridge with pork stomach n intestines and jelly fish!

meat rolls
Kaya pau:) my favourite!
Crab meat siu mai:)
the bill ended up was just 18 pounds!!
Super cheap for good food like these!
come Manchester and i'll bring you eat dim sum kay..Oolallalal
Lily and Angie:) my bestest mate in Manchester!!
the building behind is the University of Manchester, though we no longer based there..:P

Angie @ the Chinatown of Manchester:) the must go place right?

Sent my sis off yesterday to London. She will be flying back to Malaysia for good from London!
Gonna miss this woman badly. Wah, yesterday was super emo, cried like nobody business!
Especially after dinner with Lily, Steph and her dad when they sent me back.
as i walked up to my room, no more noise from my sis welcoming me home, she is no more there to make me herbal tea, to hug me, to squeeze in one bed and to pillow talk b4 we sleep. All alone by myself in my tiny room, deprived from internet, no connection at all to the outside world....STONED, but to pray to God for internet connection....:)

oh, we had curry tonight at Rusholme( nearby our place where most of the Pakistani and Muslims stay) Delicious Indian food:)

Tikka- very soft type chicken meat:)

Vege curry:) and lamb beriyani rice!!

Lily*Angie*Steph! Lollipops after dinner:)

Siti*Angie*Lily posing after our welcoming talks

class started today

9am to 4pm

with lots of talks....

by the deans- the 7 perfect ways to build rapport:)

welcoming speech by the senior medical officers

hand washing and infection control

Fire alarm safety

PBL-attributes of a doctor:P

hehe...a fun day:) hospital teaching officially starting next Monday..bring it on!

oh, met some Malaysians and Singaporeans students who came since the 1st year. They're really nice bunch of people, we felt so at home esp they came and approached us and start to talk to us:)Hmmm, at least we know somebody from the 150+ medical students!

wasSup Doc: Angie is loving Manchester but not the rain:)

i miss the SUN in Malaysia!


*jeSSicA* said...

good that u have internet connection now =)

only 18 pounds for all those dim sum??? wahh if i visit u there sometime u muz bring me there okay! =P

haha cold weather...i bet it's going to be even colder in a few months' time...wear warm clothes k!

u muz have a lot of luggage...expected..coz it's angelene =P hopefully some good samaritan will come to u on 18th yea?

Sue Ann said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun there. Take care girl~

ivyyy! said...

haha.i understand. it's so cold. i wore 4 layers plus my supposedly-for-winter jacket last night. brrr. and it's only end summer/early autumn now G-G!!! and my banyak luggage is problem too cuz i can only move in to my apartment this saturday. bah :p take care dear.

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: yea.cheapo cheapo right? so u must come visit me if u have a chance:P It's autumn now, so yea, weather is turning COLD..Grrr~

>Sue Ann: The look can be deceiving at times dear..jokingla, yea, having LOTS of fun:P

>ivyyy: So you're in Edin dy? Hehe, the winter will be colder i guess..we sama-sama GG! anyway, you take care toO..huggies!

G-Wong said...


Haha... Pei and I had AWESOME dim sum today at DJ (nearly a weekly affair now)... We ordered more than TWENTY plates and it came to barely RM15 per person... Not to mention we are VIPs there (thanks to Pei's Chindian BFF)... And we just came back from tandoori chicken and naan kismis at Kayu...

Pei, if you're reading this, their prawn rolls definitely can't beat ours eh?...

Haha... then again, can't compare la...

Write more often k... Take care =)

simply_BLACK said...

looking good at UK, seems you're having lotsa fun there.

one small request of mine, can you bring back the Ferris Wheel back for me when you got back here?

have fun and take care

Ang3 said...

>G Wong: Gosh..Weekly affair?!?! then the dim sum there must be good...and It's just RM 15? Why didnt u bring us there last time..mana boleh macam ni...:P

>simply_black: It's called WHEEL OF MANCHESTER my fren..and the request is not SMALL at all..Hehe.

pei said...

hahhaha...that's rm 15 for like 6 ppl la... of coz cannot compare to manchester la... anyway, we'll go there once you're back. and then it'll be your favourite prawn roll..:P

and gosh, we are getting fat also better be careful...kakaka..:P