Monday, October 06, 2008


Sorry for the long is the summary for the whole week:)
Official clinical classes started last week, it's solid clinical training, from 8am to 5pm..Clerk patients, theatre sessions, ward rounds, clinic attachments, PBLs, firm teaching sessions and GP posting! I'm based in Urology firm, so the cases that are presented to us are prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney transplant and kidney stones( commonest of all! )
I'll be attached to this firm for 7 weeks, then we are allocated to another firm, gastro wards i guess. So far so good, kinda surviving well here cause my firm consultants are super organised kinda person, he scheduled us nicely, and even map out an attendance list for us, making sure we attend the sessions in the timetable. So yea, hectic hectic, compared to other of my course mates, it's up to their own initiative whether they want to clerk patients or not, attend clinic attachments or not..but for us, it's a big FAT NO..all sessions must be attended and there is even a checklist whether you have performed a abdo examination, rectal examination, presented a case, taking blood..bla bla bla..but am really glad i am in this firm, generally all the consultants here are real approachable and knowledgeable!
GP posting was not bad. We're supposed to go every Wed for 7 weeks, like wat i told you guys earlier in the previous post. hmmm, but the journey there was so much longer than the 1st time we went. We have to wake up uber early to catch the earliest bus 740am, our hall packed us lunch box and off we went. We HAVE to reach the clinic at 9am, but due to the many stops the bus made, we arrived 10 mins LATE. Imagine the journey, it's actually just 20 mins drive by car, but we took more than 1 hour to arrive. Drenched in the rain...and when it's time to take bus home, the rain started again, PLUS SUPER strong wind and guess wat, the bus we waited for never came, so Lily n me...freezing for 45 mins till the next bus arrived. We're gonna go thru this for 7 weeks. oh gosh...Pray for punctuality...BUSES!!
In short, weekdays in hospital, fun, fulfilling yet exhausting...
weekends(Saturday)...Cheshire Oak shopping spree..It's basically a factory outlets with like 140 shops:) and the price of course is cheaper than what you get outside. It's called The World of Guilt Free Shopping.The trip was organised by Malaysian society:) When Malaysian shops..Woohoo..Malaysia BOLEH...madness in the town..:Pthe many shops in CheshireBought a Nike shoe for 27 pounds only. Outside price was 45 pounds. good deal :PPINK windbreaker:) my winter will never be freezing anymore
and a few more other stuff..not gonna show them here:P but no worries, i buy all necessities only..muakakakakkak
Reached home around 615pm..then 630pm, off we went to Social Night in's a welcoming party got the freshers organised by the student fellowship:)
Expecting a buffet style dinner but to our surprise, we have candle light dinner instead:) creative indeed! Gurls were all given a stalk of rose, guys..hmm a pen!:Pmy rose and PRAWN CRAckers..

Louisa from KK, 5th year medical student. She was the waiter of the day:) Have to take order, serve food..good job:)Main dishes offered: Authentic Singapore Chicken Rice and Sarawak Laksa..The new comers are mainly from Malaysia..Cheers. Sarawak LaksaThey even serve us teh tarik!Dessert: Cincau plus longan plus pineapple

We had games after dinner, and mass dancing!

Got to know the church members better, esp the students fellowship peeps:)

we're the people that ROCK( Reach Out to the Community for the King)

Theme of the year for student fellowship

go MAD(Make A Difference) for Jesus!

yup, lots of Asian attending this church and it's amazing how God led me to this church, through my brother's Ex cell leader who was in Sheffield and is now settled in Manchester after got married to a Manchurian..Complicated? is. But God works in miraculous ways!


After church, uncle Michael and wife, aunt Swee welcomed all the students to their house for lunch:) Aunt Swee is from Melacca whereas uncle Michael is from Hong Kong. But both settled down in Manchester 30 years ago after graduating from the UK:) Felt so at home meeting these people. And have a peep at the food they prepared..They knew, we missed home cooked food..:)
thank God for the food..thank God for the hands that prepared them

Cheese pastaLor beefChicken plus potatoBak chan gai..:P(correct spelling not?) steamed chicken larrLor Eggs...miss this so much!Potato pastaLily*Angie*Lisa*Helen*Joanne*Emmabusy women in the kitchen!Esther, cute-nyer!finally, the couple who hosted us:)

thank you for blessing us with your love and FooooD

oh, Elder Eric and wife had a open house last week too..sorry no pics:)

Indeed, in this foreign land, these are the people who made us feel we're warmly welcome:)


Hand warmer i got from M&S:)

my NEW phone! Sony C902!!! with 5.0 megapixels, my babee!
NEW dessert we's called Faluda! only in Manchester. *it's actually some jelly, with lotsa vanilla ice cream, mixed with ....milk? dunno larr...* but it's AWESOME!

wasSup Doc
: Guess i wont have time to update that often dy..maybe once a week? sorry ar..Medical student on a RUN..for God! Yihaaa.


*jeSSicA* said...

DRE. hmmm..i just heard that u guys learnt that in imu, whereas us here arent taught to do those invasive exams at this stage...not till 3rd or 4th year i guess =)

haha i know the frustration of having to take public transport...especially early morning! as an international student who dun have own transport, i truly understand the troublesome-ness >.<

wahahaha did u know that my winter jacket is pink as well? and it's EXACTLY that PINK! hahaha...u are gonna look so pink during winter with the hand warmers as well =P

angelene, i can say that ur every post have pics of FOOD....*drool* when u wanna learn cooking ya??

milochel said...

is that joanne chan zuo en in the picture ??

Ang3 said...

>jessica: yea..more food to come..mmuakakak..i'm so gonna learn ASAP:P no time class is super hectic and...tired all the time:) same PINK jacket..yay

>milochel:you're right, it's joanne chan zuo u know her?

milochel said...

yeah i do..

we were from the same secondary school..