Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to square 1....

1 week of holidays indeed was a blessing to me. I managed to spent quality time with my family in Seremban, eat all the food i want there and becoming a fat fat piggie...*Who cares, i love FOOD*, i also manage to watch all the Love Letters i missed previously due to the overload work in Uni.
Haih, sad to say i was super slack during my holidays, it was supposed to be a productive week to do my revision on Parasites n Neoplasia but i'm just not in the mood to study..Just wanna let my hair down after two hectic months of studying n memorising! Med school has no life lar...If i feel like relaxing for just an hour, that very night i'll feel very guilty for wasting time like that because my parents are paying my fees with their hearts and souls, how can i let them down? No way!!!I dun want to waste their hard earned $$$.
~Naboobians who joke with me EVERYDAY~
~The Batch that keeps my life going--M106~
~People of CF that cherish my uni life~
Uni has started today and life is back to square one......Nothing special nothing interesting! MUNDANE lifestyle->Li Shan is right after all, studying here is boring! but luckily the people here have spice up my life with joy and laughter. A single 'hi' or a smile is more than enough to make me happy and satisfied.No doubt, friends are the ones that make our lives more colourful....Really appreciate the people around me...You know who you are friends! May God bless you guys abundantly~!
wasSup Doc : A friend in need is a friend indeed...

Sunday, October 22, 2006!

i'm dead sick!!Fever, flu, cough!!But that's not about it, the rashes all over my body is killing me!!!!They are super duper ITCHY!!!I have been suffering from this weird looking rashes for 3 weeks, It's neither measles, nor chicken pox..It's just red spots!I look like a Pink dalmation!!Doctor said it's allergy, but the problem is i dunno wat i'm allergy to...Shampoo?Soap?Body lotion?Food?After i got this rashes, i changed all!But it is not working!What if it's the water in vista that i'm allergy to like wat Aunt See said?Then i wud have to move to another place......which is IMPOSSIBLE!

I still remember when i first got this rash. It appeared at 7pm sharp. Then it will disappear around 10pm.It's not itchy and it didn't cause me any fever.So i din't bother much, Sue Ann said i'm allergy to the time...huh, is that possible?I dunno.

However things get worst this few days, fever attacked me on and off, rashes appear whole day and itchy. So i applied some Calamine lotion on my hands and legs.(my hands and legs look whitish after applying the lotion). As i was sitting at the bus station infront of Carefour(Subang)waiting for my brother to fetch me back from church today, a girl wanted to sit beside me at the bench, but when she saw my condition, she walked away, thinking my skin problem is infectious..but i dun blame her, it's a normal reaction. I believed if it was me, i will do the same thing. However, it struck me deeply because i realised this is how those sick people with skin problems are neglected always when the public sees them. Remember, they didn't asked to be borned like that, they are just the unfortunate ones.....I need to put this in my mind!

wasSup Doc : No matter how we look, how we behave, our heavenly Father still treasure us.....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dun worry....

CF had a BGR talk yesterday. Indeed sister Shirley from AYA gave a clear explanation bout it..What we should do and what we should not.

I'm sure in every girl's heart there is a Mr RIGHT. The prince charming must be tall, good looking, loves God, rich, smart, intellectual, romantic, good manner and so on! Girls dream of marrying the perfect guy and have a romantic wedding. Then they will live happily ever after...just like the fairy tale stories and drama we watched. Of coz i do dream about my Mr right too. But if we look into the problem seriously, it's not easy to find Mr Perfect who is flawless and meet all the criteria we wan!

However, it is possible through Christ! God knows the desire in everybody's heart...What type of guy u prefer, the look, the behaviour.The only thing you have to do is ASK for those who ask shall be given. So think BIG and share with HIM, He'll give you His best because He loves us so much!Being single is no sad thing, it doen't mean you are not good or not wanted, it's just not the right time!Never settle on the 2nd best because everybody deserves the best! Dun jump into a relationship harshly just because you're desperate when people around u hav bf and you dun hav, it's not worth it..Waste of time n $$$(phone calls + Sms). Pray about it and i'm sure God will provide us with a perfect life partner. Eventhough He has not, fear not because we are already overwhelmed with LOVE from our heavenly Father. Shirley said, the partner is to enhance your life only.

After the talk, i realised that we are worrying too much. Worrying will i get marry, will i find a Christ like partner etc.It's not necessary and it's burdening. Just submit all the burdens unto Him. i reminded myself: My future is under His control. Eventhough i have to stay single throughout my life, i have no complain because the Love He gives me is so much until i cant contain it...Thank you my God!

The souvenier given after the talk

At the beginning of the talk, we were asked to give a short explanation bout the souvenier in related to the talk(BGR).

Sue Chuen: It looks like a male symbol....which is the source of every girl's heart break! !!

Actual meaning: The clip has 2 flaps which represent a boy and a girl. The clip will only work with the presence of spring in the middle which represent God.....

wasSup Doc : When a boy and a girl are Walking faithfully towards God, they are actually walking closer together.....He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If Women control the World

Ever imagine what the world will looks like if WOMEN are in full control of the world?
Welcome to the Women World.......*Boom*

Heels as hammer n Knife as screw driver?Women are brilliant!
No more worries girls...'ANY' key is there to help!
Biggest parking lot for FEMALEs ONLY( with light some make life easier)
Pink bowling alleys with curtains??Not to miss out the FlowerS!(Every girl loves FLOWERS)

Women RuleZ, Rememeber??

wasSup Doc : It's World Breast Cancer month. Wear PINK women....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How Abnormal Am I???

You Are 36% Abnormal

You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.*Imagine me without SOUL*

You are at low risk for having a borderline personality. It is unlikely that you are a chaotic mess. *i thought i am always one*

You are at medium risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is somewhat likely that you are in love with your own reflection. *haha,I'm so in love with myself...SS Queen*

You are at low risk for having a social phobia. It is unlikely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement. *i like ppl, ppl likes me-wink*

You are at medium risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is somewhat likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.*medium risk only?Hehe...ppl around me sure know i'm super duper obsessed with my lecture notes but not hand sanitizer la!!*

How Abnormal Are You?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Be grateful!

Visited Sungai Buloh Orang Asli village with church members this morning. It was not my first visit there, so i was kind of prepared to explore the place again. The place was far away from the hustle and bustle city. NO electricity, NO proper water supply, NO nice clothings, NO TV, NO stove, NO concrite houses, NO bed, deprived from government's help and yadda yadda. They are poor, backwards and dun take any health care practices to protect themselves from diseases. The river is their bathroom, the jungle is their playground, and the animals are their best friends.

This time around, we brought some city children(AWANA kids club children) to visit the place. They sang praises together with the orang asli children, performed a drama based on the book of Joshua and did a puppet show about the Wordless Book. We even taught them Alphabets and numbers. It was indeed an eye opener for the children from the city because they wont experience such a difficult life back in their homes. They learned to treasure what they have. No doubt, orang asli lead a very simple life without high expectations or craving for things. All they want is just food that can free them from starvation. However, we should not discriminate them, they are also God's sons and daughters.......

wasSup Doc : Appreciate what you have for you never know there are people who is less fortunate than we are at a corner of the world.....

p/s: those who want to donate their old clothes, slippers, cutlery(fork and spoon, pots and pans)
PLEASE PLEASE contact me....THEY NEED THEM!!!Thanks..*_*

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Strong and Healthy

I received a call from my mum today and she told me bout my MRI result which i took during my previous holidays.
Good News!!!The images showed my backbones remain at the same position. This mean i don't have to undergo any surgery that will cost me two months break from Uni. Lucky for me. Hard to imagine the days without lectures, no fooling around with friends and so on...But the bad news is there are some degeneration signs on my bones, which may be the main cause for my numbness to my feet lately....So, there are still some restrictions in my daily life..

1)NO carrying heavy stuff(to be honest,my little bro has been carrying my school bag to class since i was Form 1...thanks Didi)
2)NO strenous exercise(Dr. said i cant even do skipping,how can??--ignore.HAHA)
3)NO standing or sitting for a long period of time(so ppl dun feel weird if i wander around library ya)

In short i'm super strong and healthy now, dont worry!

wasSup doc: Fear not for I'm under the canopy of His LOVE.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm FREE!!!

The two horrible weeks of combating Microbes, Immuno and Patho has finally ended yesterday.....The war is over.I'm so happy to say: I'm FREE!!!Free from camping in library, free from burning late night oil and the most important thing is free from singing songs of viruses and bacteria!Yay!!

As a celebration of this freedom, Pei + G Wong + Shan + Denise + Me decided to do smth different(we usually go for a movie after each exam) but this time, we decided to visit Bazaar Ramadan in Bangsar since the Raya is just around the corner. The size of the bazaar was not really big, compared to the one i had in Kelantan. However, the stalls there never let us down, the fellow Malays spread out once a year delicacies for the world to feast on. The main attractions are the various and an array of srumptious food starting from colourful kuihs , murtabak, nasi beriani and ayam percik! We were so tempted to buy all of them because the price was cheap! So if your mouth waters at the thought of all the best Malay food put together under one umbrealla, do head down to Bangsar Village bazaar and have a try!


We Need Eno!!!(Too FulL)

After that we went Pei's house to have our feast. The feeling after summative was great. No pressure, no nice n relaxing! Then we came out with an idea of celebrating the belated lantern festivals we have missed. We bought candles and lanterns at the very last minute. We decorated our territory(Playground in front of Pei's house) with candles. The whole place was enveloped with RoMANTIC candles light.....Thanks to our sensational mr G Wong who came up with the brilliant idea and the sponsorship for the candles.Besides, we carried our lanterns and walked around the park, oh we play with fire crackers which we bought in bazaar.In short, it was a wonderful celebration!Too bad for Xan, Jen and Hwei Wan, u all have just missed a great art work, dun become green monsters now..hehe! *will attach pics asap for u all to see our masterpiece*

Our Masterpiece
-The Designers-

wasSup doc : As free as a bird i was yesterday, but the reality is cruel. I'm back to my bloody cold cage today. Microbes has just left me yesterday, I met Pharmaco today..Hehe!Interesting har....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Michael's(Guang Liang) Commitment 2006

No doubt, i have been planning to go this concert since 2 months ago...i tried to call to MyFm to get free tockets, took part in every competition to win tickets to this very first Guang Liang's concert in Malaysia. But all my effort was in vain, luck was not at my side. I'm sure u all muz be wondering why didn't i buy tickets and go. Haih, all because of the Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology summative which is just around the corner...i gave up my hope on this concert as i really need to pull up my socks and study!!!

Haha, but my plan of studying on Sat night turn out to be in Putra Stadium, listening to Guang Liang's Songs!!!!How can it be?? Here it goes....

My brother and me went Endah Parade to have our dinner, as we were window shopping in a camera shop my phone suddenly rang!!!It's Sue Ann...

1st Call
SA: Hey Angelene, where are u?
Me: I'm in Endah Parade with my bro, where are u? Not in the concert meh?
(SA manage to get VIP tickets at a dirt cheap price)
SA: I got two extra tickets here. Wanna come or not?
Me: Har? But I'm in now in Endah Parade...How much is it?
SA: Max RM 100 only each...Come la, u're the nearest d..
Me: Don't think can go la, by the time i go, will be late d. The place there super jam.
SA: ok la..

2nd Call
SA:Hey, free tickets want or not?
Me:Wat?....Bro, wanna go or not?
Bro:Dun wan la, we're wearing t- shirt and shorts + slippers!!!How to go...?
Me:Sue Ann, dun think can go la....thanks yea(Altho my little brain shouting 'Let's go')
SA: Really dun wanna come? we can send u back. If u dun come, the tickets will be burned anyway. Come la!
Me: Nola, u go ahead. Enjoy yourself..Faster go in, it's late d!(the concert starting at 8pm)

After much discussion with my brother, we decided--->Let's GO!!
Yay, no matter how we wear, no matter how late we are, it's time to meet GUANG LIANG!!!!

3rd Call
Me: Sue Ann, I'm coming!!! I'll call you when i reach there!!
SA: Ok ok....Will meet u outside the VIP entrance!

My bro drove swiftly from EP to the stadium....Thank God, we managed to find a parking. We ran like lightning to the stadium and saw SA there! Huh huh, both of us were panting but excitedly, we walked to our seats. On my very first step into the Stadium, GL just appeared on the stage wearing a white angelic suit!! Gosh, we made it ON TIME!!!

The marvellous stage
The songs he sang in the whole concert were mainly composed by he himself. The whole stadium was enveloped with his sweet and comforting voice. It's just like being put in a music box ......LoVeLy!When GL was singing Tong Hua and Yue Ding, i called DENISE who is also an ardent fan of GL!!!(we actually planned to go together n stand outside the stadium but the coming summative stop us) She was surprised and i supposed she was drowning in her apartment listening to his voice.(These are the ONLY 2 songs Denise knows.....hehe :)

Overall, it was a great concert with magnificient lightings! Though it was a bit rush on our way there, i can never imagine i actually have the chance to keep the 'commitment'! It's all by God's grace. Indeed, God knows what you desire most and He'll fulfill it if possible. Have faith People......
Thank you Sue Ann!!!

wasSup Doc : Do not presume what wil happen the next second for you never know God's plan will be more powerful and beyond your expectations.