Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm back....stronger:)

It has been a while, since i updated my beloved blog...I have not abandoned it but guess life as a working adult is nothing much to be updated about...LOL.

My last post, was about my graduation, and now, I''ve survived and completed my first posting in Paeds. In short,
Rainbow ward.
What a nice name right. It feels like a covenant btw God and myself:)
Just like how Noah had a covenant with God during the 40 days of flood as well!
So God was with me throught my 4 months in Paeds!
my Partner in Crime, Axel from Sweden!
Thank God for him coz sometimes when the ward goes a whee bit busy, this partner of mine would pop up and give me a helping hand! Phew...:)This little hidden room is called the Dinasaur Room! Nicely decorated and loaded with toys, main aim is to distract these children when their bloods being taken or when we try to put a cannula in....Teehee...
What i did most? BABY CHECKs!! Think got more than 100 babies!
I have been whee-ed, poo-ed, vommitted..all sorts..but i is PRO in handling them now:)

4 months had gone passed with ups and downs.. And now, I am posted to ELDERLY care. It's a huge leap, it's so challenging. It's VERY different from my previos work.
My 3rd day today has striked me deeply :'(
Many elderly patients in ward, immobile, confused and not eating/drinking!
Despite being in the hospital..they're NOT improving to baseline :(
The whole hospital is SUPER understaff. Patients not reviewed by seniors. Nurses didnt take care of them properly. All of them are just busy with PAPERWORK! Arghhhh..

I was asked to put a cannula in this old frail man, coz he is not drinking, so we decided to give him some IV fluids stat. Sensible.
Though his hands are all bruised ( due to the bloods taken off them almost everyday for testing!), I managed to put a small cannula in. Good. Then I casually asked him.
'Sir, why are you not drinking? U looked really dry'
He just stared at me. I smiled in return:)
Me being me, immediately picked up his tea and put the straw in his mouth.
Gosh, he was seeping ALL of it, and wanted more! I quickly ran to the kitchen and brought another cup of water. GOOD SIGN indeed:)
*if only all these patients have PROPER TLC from the nursing team*
Then as I walked away, I realised the floor next to his bed was wet. WEIRD I thought, then I checked again, oh noo, his urine bag has been leaking and nobody has noticed it! Urine was all over with a pungent smell.
Just as I wanted to ask a nurse to clean the mess, ALL of them were busy pitsy!
Instead of waiting for them, i decided to go and change the bag myself.
No wonder these patients stay in the ward for MONTHs!
How sad :'(

Having said that, working life is TOTAL different from life as a care-free student.
U have more responsibilities, u're dealing with REAL LIVES and having a DR infront of your name is no glamour at all..but mere STRESS! You hv no idea whatever you wrote on that piece of patient's clinical notes would one day bring you to court and become a piece of evident! I am scared, I have made mistakes, I have received incident forms from colleagues, but I learned my lessons. It's a journey of learning, no doubt. But it has taught me to be tougher and stronger.

At this moment, i felt very incompetent.
An old patient almost died infront of my eyes, gasping for air, her daughter crying hysterically.
Suddenly, he stopped breathing for 20 secs. I almost dived into his chest to do a CPR.
Phew..he started breathing again.

Honestly, i was terrified at that time.

WasSup Doc:
Everyday is an EXAM to me. I have no idea what patient is coming through that door. I need to be prepared and be at my feet all the time.
I need God's grace in guiding me throughout.