Thursday, September 11, 2008

TIga Sekawan!

Class finished at 3smth pm yesterday. So instead of stoning at home, we decided to follow our dear ji mui, mr KEE LOO to Ikea, which is 10mins train ride away from city centre. Oh, before we left, we stopped by Krispy Kreme( the FAMOUS, EXPENSIVE Doughnuts) hmmm, quite nice though:) or mayb just like JCo we have in Malaysia..
Proudly present to you, our new JiMui..KEE LOO! The spokesman for KK..The one he is eating was Chocolate Dreamcake..sounds so dreamy ya?!
the newly formed JiMui gang at Manchester:)
Finally we've arrived IKEA..Huh..

And our jimui..busy choosing his IDEAL furniture:)

huh, this guy is kinda fussy at choosing his stuff. He shopped for few hours in Ikea just to choose a descend plate and mug..Gosh..he took exceptionally long to get the right one. Just like a gurl!That's why he fits the criteria to be part of us!Woohoo..
Lily and I found somebody...

As usual..Ikea is where we shoot lots of pics:)

Lily and the greeny Fondue pot! Never saw this in the Ikea in yea..instead of using rice cooker to make fondue, mayb we can use this next time. But it costs freaking 30 pounds!


Angie and Lily..resting on the couch after our long day...EXHAUSTED!!

Kee Loo showing off his branded bir!! the so called fruity yet not causing any harm bir..

Last but not least is.....MEATBALLS!! they sell them in packets, so we can buy home and make our own meatballs:) cool~

By the time our fren finished his shopping, it's 7pm dy, we rushed to the train station and realised we just missed the last train. So we had to wait at the train station for 1 hour for the next train. And wat can we 3 do..TALK larrrr...muakakkaka..

Arrived Rusholme around 9pm, STARVING!

got into a Indian shop and ordered our meals:)

Enjoyed the Indian food here though..big portion, reasonable and yummy!

Lily said: Spicy and SHIOK!

Mango Lassi...
Lamb briyani..Lily and my favourite!
oh..i LOVE the banana here too..It's super HUGE! Love banana MOST!

OveralLY(joke) we had a great day..exploring with our new JiMui!

Angie* Lily* Kee Fong*

wasSup Doc: Friends are hard to find...Ji Mui lagi susah...Cheers


*jeSSicA* said...

i've never tried JCo before...but i think krispy kreme is still the best =P how much is the price of one doughnut there?

yeah i also realised bananas are very big! dun remember seeing those kind of size in m'sia LOL

whoa u eat indian food a lot oooo..

Ang3 said...

original is 1.10 pounds
ring is 1.20 pounds
filling is 1.30 pounds

yea..ate lots of Indian food..nice wor..we like.. hehe