Monday, February 28, 2011

G'day mate;)

Hello from the down below..Aussieland!!

Weather here is awesome! Sunny 24/7, except for a few days of miserable downpour and that's it....overall, it's still a lovely place to live in!

My current location is Adelaide, the Festival State:) According to my supervisor, i came just at the right time, so many events going on...wheeee, God's perfect timing indeed!

Arrived Adelaide on Sunday night and my supervisor picked me up from the airport bout 1030pm. Unbelivable right, yes, my supervisor, the consultant picked me up from the airport! And I stayed over her house for a night. She is a lovely woman and very kind to do that. I must say, everything is really by God's perfect planning....
Dr Ayesha and myself at her house which is located half way of Adelaide Hills.We had our breakfast overseeing the scenic view of Adelaide city...this is life man!
View from the balcony;)

Am doing great here! Elective started 2 weeks ago and am enjoying my life :P
Geriatricians here are very nice bunch of people, friendly and whole attachment is kinda chilling. My consultant kept insisting me to take days off to visit around Australia since it's my first time here.

I'm staying in the hospital accomodation, though it's kinda run down with 100+years of history, it's still bearable, PLUS, God has blessed me with some friends from China! Again, God answered prayers;) What happened was on the first day I arrived, I was kinda lonely in my room, no internet and i know nobody at my floor.So, I prayed that God can brings some friends just to accompany me that night, be it at work or in the place i stay. GOD IS FAST in His work! Just the second day, as I was preparing my dinner in the kitchen, I overheard a Chinese gurl inviting another gurl for a bible study group. Straight away, I asked them if I can join and to know more God's children through the bible study group and had a fellowship in the kitchen after the meeting :) Meeting God's people from all over the world is AWESOME! We're all one family ey..and now, at least I know some of the gurls staying at the same level with me and daily greetings from them just make me feel so good! Some of them even brought me to visit the beach one day;) Goodie good...

our mini gathering after bible study group. My new friends: (from left) Xiao Ling, Zhou Tian, Lisa and Xiao Yan.
Zhou Tian and Lisa brought me to Glenelg beach on Chap Goh Meh :) They both are qualified nurses from China and have got 10+ years of experience working dy. They are now just waiting to sit for English language exams to practice as nurses in Adelaide...

of course the BEST part of all is that...

finally, after 2 and half years of not meeting! SUPER love to bermain with them :P
Having breakfast at ETC, the must eat place according to them, my tour guides;)

enjoyed our outings!the must do in Aussie;) Feed the OVERfriendly wallabies;)
and not to forget, the very nice peeps in Adelaide!!! Very happening bunch of people..
Looking good from Aussie:)
More to explore..2 weeks passed..2 more weeks to go!

p/s: Jessica has blogged bout my 24 hours in Melbourne;) Just click here for a read bout it;) It was a great 24 hours indeed! Thanks Jesss for being such efficient host!

chaoz the maoz!!
wasSup Doc: Look at the bright side, forget the dull ones. Life is still beautiful

Friday, February 04, 2011

Rabbit is my year...

Happy bunny is me because...i'm back home for CNY! Whee..after almost 3 years away from home, I'm now back for a celebration with my family! Indeed good fun to celebrate this day with my lovely family members. Time really flies, and all of us have grown up so much. I could remember vividly when we were young, running up and down in the house and hoping more visitors to come so that we get more angpaos. And once the visitors leave, we would all rush into the room and check how much money we get! Lol..those were the days, think I now understand more the meaning of FAMILY reunion:) Not much bout the angpaos..To be honest, I dun even bother whether how much money I get...concentrating more on the food/ Weighing machine shall be my enemy this month!
Visited my dearest aunt and uncles in Melacca:)Grandma and 2 lovely daughters:)The gurls cousie..Am already an aunt..see the little gurl..hehe, she is my little niece:)
Family love! Had dinner at a Hakka restaurant. Nice homey food:)the Queen and princesses of Teo family ;)
3 children missing one..GARY!!!! Happy CNY dear, hope you have a great celebration in u loads Gygy..

GREAT to be home~~~

wasSup Doc: Happy Chinese New Year all.....May all of you have a prosperous year ahead. much love.