Tuesday, May 31, 2011

POWER packed week!

Despite the fact that I have finished all my classes last week, it has been a real busy week for me for the week just passed.

Accomodation in Wigan is still pending though I have decided on a 2 rooms flat. I have yet to hear from them because I am supposed to go through some credit checks to make sure I have sufficient fund to rent that place and also I am actually fully employed once I started renting that place. It was a roller coaster figuring out where is the best place to stay and had to went up Wigan three times was a pain. And now, I just hope my decision will turn out to be right and according to God's plan. :( *Do keep us in prayer about this matter*Another reason of being a busy week was I applied for this 5 days FREE pass to Fitness First, and me wanting to lose some weight URGENTLY went to FF almost everyday or sometimes twice a day for their classes like Body combat, Body attack, Body Balance and Zumba..of all, ZUMBA was the BEST..Lol. Enjoyed it so much that I don't feel like am actually exercising..LOL..Burning calories can indeed be FUN FILLED:)

Had a slightly longer weekend this week because Monday is a Bank Holiday here! But to me, it made no difference beacuse I am already OFF anyway... HOWEVER, I have visitors over from London~ Mr and Mrs See....!! WHEE~ The Kois reunited in Manchester:)3 years ago, when I left Malaysia, both of them gave me Blackie as a farewell gift:) And now they meet again..hehe! Though we just get to spend a few days together, it was great fun just talking to them..We even watched Champions League together in Trafford Centre! Mere joy discussing how Barca players were bunch of actors! :P
I shall try to visit your lovely 'hostel' in London k!
During the weekend, MCCC organised an evangelistic event as well. People from the ChristiansInSports came over to organise a Sport Quiz for the all who came. We had BBQ at the same time...chill time!

And finally,
we can't deny that Man Utd lost the Champions League to Barca FC, but Man Utd winning the 19th Barclays Premiere League is a FACT! Woohoo..and me, being the random 'hardcore like' fan decided to join the crowd to Old Trafford for their victory parade! Despite the rain and cold, we just want to have some fun:)
See how big shots these players are that they need SOOOO many guards to open way for them!
Cheah and myself infront of the significant '19' Premiere Leagues Champions in Old Trafford:)

After waited for an hour or so, the Man Utd bus finally ARRIVED with their players on the rooftop with the Trophy..singing..' Ole Ole Ole Man Utd!' * a very memorable moment indeed*
then I spotted this sign....this cannot be a fact because on the 7th day, God did not create anything, but He rested instead...:)

So those who are weary and fed up with all the things happening at this moment, take a break and find rest in Him who loves you.

I need that rest too.

wasSup Doc: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

This is the promise He has given to you and me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i lurve cooking!

but am is not really good at it..unfortunately! But, I shall try harder..Lol!
I bought a whole chicken one day because I offered to cook a meal for a few students who were so stress up over exams! So Aunt Angie decided to be the caterer and delivered to their house so that they need not worry about dinner!

Back to my whole chicken story, it was my first time cutting the whole chicken into smaller pieces! And Jess, I really took up the challenge and cut them:) BUT, i felt like I have mutilated them la...seriously, when it's wings and drumsticks were gone, it feels like...very very sad..yerr:( I think i will think twice when I wanna buy the whole chicken again...
So, the main dish of the night was:: Five spice chicken with shaoxing jiu:)
I think this is THE DISH of mine so far..*Jess, I just came up with this recipe, so you wouldn't have tried it when you were here..Lol! But phew, it turned out well...!and me, being the Bento freak, die die also wanna decorate their packed dinner! So, used a cheese sheet which says 'FIGHT! FIGHT!!' :)

There you go, the complete set of packed dinner for 2, ready for delivery:)

*I is very satisfied with my work lorv:P*

Overheard a student during prayer meeting just now, saying that he just had half a tub of ice cream for dinner because he has no time to buy food, stressing over exams...sigh..kelian daoo:(
I wished I have more time and also a better cook to be able to cater all of those students now..

Maybe next time, I open a catering shop during exams period and invite them over for dinner!

JIAYOU loo...all studenTs:)

God will be your pillar of strength and He will sail you through!

WasSup Doc: Cooking is my HOBBY, eating is my PASSION.
And thus getting fat is becoming a FACT!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unexpected surprise!

Came home feeling so down after the house viewing in Wigan wasn't very successful. The agent decided to cancel our appointment at the very last minute:( and that place is our favourite! Ahhhh...oh well, just have to travel there tomorrow again...waste my time, waste my money!!!! Hmmmph!

but then a secret santa decided to give me a HUGE SURPRISE!
I got home, saw my name posted on the reception window saying I have a parcel.
Hah, I didnt buy anything...and why there is a parcel for me. Low and behold, when the guard took a BOX for me instead...hmmm..this is smth I am not expecting. Took it back, and think think think..WHAT IS THIS?!
The BIG BROWN box for mua..
and it's written to DR Angelene Teo! *weird weird weird*
and it's so nicely wrapped in Van Gogh paper gift bag..

I nearly fainted when I saw this..it's the Van Gogh Sunflower Lunch Box I saw in Amsterdam last month!!!
who put in so much effort and sent this ALL over from Netherlands to me!??
it wasn't my birthday, it wasn't Christmas and why you want to give me a gift?!

I is super LURVE it!
I is very loved! :)

wasSup Doc: Secret Santa oh Secret Sante, your gift meant so much to me... !!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bento updates:)

Allright, this post is dedicated to all bento freaks, like ME:P
It's been awhile since I last make bento..Hehe..blame on my exams stress loo..but NOW, am EXAMS FREE, feel kind weird because EVERYONE around me is preparing for exams, whilst me stress free moments..not so Angelene who is always super stress yo:) Oh well, tomorrow is the official LAST DAY of medical school..5.5 years..I can now say..IT IS FINISHED, FINALLY. phew:)
Back to topic..bento craze..Lol..
First up, it's easy bento making 4LOTsSquareBox..with Cashew nuts squid, butternut squash with dried shrimp, chinese leaf vege and herby rice. *credits to Jessica who cooked all this when I was stressing along with the surgeon, doing the SPK* Lol..Then come this, specially made for my best friend, Jessica!! It's called, 'Jess' garden of LOVE', sweet~ Contents: Tamagoyaki egg rolls, cherry tomatoes, love shaped pepper and rice with Jap salmon furikake:D
okay, this is completely OUT from bento, coz there is no pattern to it, but let me intro you to my FAVOURITE soup..BROCCOLLI soup! thanks to Chef G! Super easy to make oh..Do try it at home, very green, very healthy but most importantly it's NYUMMY~
It only takes 3 simple steps:
1) Boil the broccoli in hot water till partially soft
2) Then pour away 3/4 of the water
3) BLEND the broccoli and add in some salt n pepper for flavouring...
TADAaa..SERVE hot:)
Tips: to make the soup thicker, add in some goat cheese, but am not a fan of cheese, so omit that in my recipe..LoL..

And finally some announcements to make:

BentoFun is having a super cool lunch punch giveaway! Just click at the link and check it out yourself to win a set of funky sandwich punch if u're a bento maniac like me! * I hope I can win though, I want that in my bento collection!!*

Heather from Ohayo Bento is giving out some marvelous pressies to celebrate her one year bentoversary too, so head there ASAP :)

THANK YOU for the kind generosity to share your love:) God bless both of your work in bento making

that's bout it for now. Dont think I will be making any bento at the moment because school has official ended!!! Stay tune for more bento when I start work lo, IF I got time:P

waSsup Doc: Do you know that bento making is a hobby that I put in my portfolio as my personal interest?

Guess wat, my supervisor is actually very interested with this hobby of mine and never forget to ask me everytime I see him during my portfolio review. We can have a 5 minutes conversations on my bento making hobby..
So my final exit portfolio is this coming Monday, see if he ask me again right..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

random updates since back..

As the title says it all, just some random up and about since got back from Malaysia:) Highlight was with Jessica around of course, but previous post reported it and thus this post with some leftovers happenings..hehe!

So me, being the Mummy of the Cosmopolitan Place( basically where I stay:), decided to throw a steamboat party for the Cosmo church gang:P the budget given to me was 30 pound for 6 of us..and yesss, MiSSioN accomplished because 'Angie knows where to get good food with reasonable price ba... give myself a pat ey!
the Cosmo GangsterS...mummy and my many sons:) Shaun, Ivan, John, Adam and KahPs

let's see what I prepared: crab sticks, fish ball, beef balls, tofu, 1kg of chcken, prawns, salmon, mackerel, dumplings, vege and sausages! Fuyoh right...everything was just 30 quid!
tomyum and chicken broth soup based:)and see the boys...tak sempat sempat!typical boys..eat everything and left....whole basket of VEGE!

Great catching up them:) Felt so bad that I didnt get to do much for the whole year I was there, *blame on the finals in Jan!!* and now, when am about to leave dy, just realised the much fun that I'm gonna miss..blessed to bless:)

Mr Pararajasingam, the renal transplant consultant that I was working with in my last posting. I actually self arranged this placement because I know he will involve me during the surgery and at least acknowledge my presence.Lol.. He is a Malaysian and yesS, he is proud to be one! Lol.. He just cant stop talking with me about the things in Malaysia even when he is doing a 9 stressful hours renal transplant surgery..

The graduated batch of Growing Leaders' Course 2010-2011 after running for a year now. Thanks to Ps Kim who has been constantly encouraging us to be a good leader for God:)
and the church threw us a DimSum feast at Glamorous Restaurant..see the amount of dimsum..insane..no wonder the I'm growing horizontal now!!!! *stress*

Just yesterday, randomly after SF, Nicola suggested the idea of surprising Ellis(it was his birthday), our Ex cell group member and we just agreed to it. The visit was so timely! He wasnt expecting us at all because nobody would pay him a visit at 1120pm, right! It was good because since he has started working, he seldom join us in SF anymore, but just last year, the whole cell did the same surprise for him, in his house:) Think God has sent us there for a GREAT purpose.We ended up catching up with each other and prayed for all his worries and future.

hah, before I run off, i just need to SHARE with you guys this good stuff I have for breakfast since I got back..I have been eating this steamed Egg in Cereal drink + honey (my own recipe) for couple of weeks now and am in love with it! It may sound weird, but boy it keeps me very full! Try it if you like egg in soup..Lol
I spotted this lunchbox in Van Gogh Museum recently I was in Amsterdam. As usual, Angie went Gaga over it. Those sunflowers looks like they're dying and not as cheerful as sunflowers should be. I wonder what is he thinking when he drew this. Hmmm..but still I lurve his art work, esp this SunFlowers piece. *this item and also the sunflowers handbag gonna be in my wishlist* beams!

This week has been exceptionally good. It kicked off with the miraculous encounter with God in the bus, then managed to catch up with a few church friends whom I invited over for dinner. Very timely conversations and encouragements. God knows what He is doing and I'm very glad that am part of His great plans.

wasSup Doc: The best way to know God is to love many things.
-Vincent Van Gogh-

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

As I am writing this, I still couldn't believe what had just happened. He has proven it AGAIN, my mighty God is so REAL and timely!

It was about 4pm when I finished my work and there I was, hopping onto bus 50 from my workplace to town to get a gift for my friend. After putting my heavy bag and folder next to my seat, I continued chit chatting with my sis on the phone till I arrived the last bus stop- Albert Square! It was drizzling and thus I tried to hurried my steps to avoid the rain. Phew, finally arrived Arndale and happily heading towards the shop and suddenly I realised, why my hand is empty? I remember bringing my yellow folder out this morning and WHERE HAS IT GONE now?!??!

Panic panic panic...palpitations and OMGIeeee. I must have left it in the bus when I was rushing off just now....why this kinda carelessness must happened at this time when it's my final 2 weeks as a medical student?! I have got all my supervisors' assessment forms, elective report, feedbacks, homework, timetables and etc...THAT folder is my EVERYTHING now in order to GRADUATE! ARGH...frustrated and angry at myself, WHY ARE YOU SO CARELESS, ANGELENE...Quickly I ran to the bus conductor at the bus stop and begged him to call ALL bus 50 drivers to look out for this YELLOW folder!!!

10 minutes passed, nobody responded to the call, I was then asked to call the general office bout 630pm when everyone changes their shift. Disappointed, I dreaded my feet towards the shop again to get the pressie since nothing could be done now. I was hoping a kind soul will return my file back ASAP. After paying for the gift, I decided to take the bus home *allright, I need to take bus 50 back home as well, but I had to walk a distance to the particular bus stop near Chinatown*

As I was about to reach the bus stop, bus 50 just gone passed..my goodness, I just missed the bus! And it was drizzling a bit. ARgh, again I felt, am such unlucky ey today! Then I reached out for the pressie I bought and to my surprise, the cashier lady wrapped the WRONG model for me!!!! wah....at that point I was about to shout! WHAT has gone wrong man...Deep in my thought, I was just telling myself, bad things never happened in singular form, they must come ALL together! Allright, now I need to walk another 15 minutes, back to Arndale to exchange this....Got there, done the exchange and took another 15 mins walk back to the station to catch the bus. And guess what, another bus 50 just gone by AGAIN! Can you feel the frustrations in me at that moment of time?!

--> I hv just lost my folder which is sooOo important, missed 2 busses in a row and the stuff I bought got mixed up and I had to return to the shop to exchange it! What a unfortunate day!!!

At that point, I was asking God:' God, I dunoo what went wrong today and why You allow all these misfortune things to happen all at once?Do You not care about me? Do You not know that the file is so imporatnet to me? WHY?! But now, I just hope that somebody will return me the folder soon, it's ok if it's not today or tomorrow, but at least there will be somebody who will pick up the folder and gave it to the bus driver so that I can collect it later, please please please, do some miracle." 10 minutes passed and there came my bus 50...

YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS, as I stepped into that bus, I could faintly recognise the bus driver..he looks familiar..I couldn't believe my eyes..IT WAS THE SAME BUS DRIVER I met 2 hours ago! Which mean, I am now in the SAME bus 2 hours ago...and when I showed him my bus pass, I spotted my bright yellow folder underneath his seat...MY GOODNESS, WHAT are the ODDs of me getting into the SAME bus? There are like upteen of busses 50, travelling up and down from town to East Disdsbury daily and there I was, standing in the SAME bus and FOUND my yellow folder!!!!!! God, You must be joking...HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED!!?

Then I sat down and I was reminded again that God cares and He knows what He is doing! Mere coincident, NEVER!What if I got into any of the 2 buses earlier on? What would have happened if the cashier lady didn't give me the wrong stuff? What if I decided to exchange the wrong gift some other day? All the 'what ifs' kept playing in my mind!!' .. No matter how good your timing is, you can never fight my All Mighty God's perfect timing! Ecclesiastes 3:11 says: He has made everything beautiful in its time. Maybe I was quite disturbed by my accomodation in Wigan recently and was very worried about it and thus He wanted something to remind me to surrender. I needed Him to knock on my head and tell me to let go all worries but let God instead, who will provide! He will only give the BEST to us because HE CARES and HE LOVES us. And so, I must remind ALL my friends out there, be it preparing for exams or having some hard times, BEAR in mind that God knows every single tears you cry and every difficulties you're going through. He loves you and He CARES. Eventhough you felt that nobody in the world loves you or understand you or all are against you, fear not because the only person that you need is GOD and He will never leave you or forsake you because He loves you as who you are!

so yea, as careless as I am, the God who made me is never slow in doing His thing. Though I'm a constant worrier, He never fails to calm me down. Am so excited to share what He has done today and I'm sure He will do the same to you who believe:) I'm just too blessed to bless..

wasSup Doc: I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer. Show the wonder of Your great love, you save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes. Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.

Psalm 17: 6-8

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Momsy Day!

I Love You Mom!
my Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,
my Mom's hugs put joy in all my days,
my Mom's call can release all the stress from exams,
my Mom's love will stay with me forever
and touch my life in precious ways...

The values you've taught,
the care you've given,
and the wonderful love you've shown,
have enriched my life
in more ways than I can count.
I Love you Mom!

wasSup Doc: Thank God for He has made a wonderful mom who never cease in loving who I am:)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

It has been a while now...sorry my dearest blog, mummy has abandoned you for a while now..

Jess was here with me in Manchester for a while. Explored many places together and spent quality time together of course. It was like a dream come true. Still could remember vividly when she went to Australia for her first year medical school and since then my first choice has always been Aussie Med school am going to go after IMU phase 1. But God has bigger plans, I am sure when HE put me in Manchester instead, and thus the IMPOSSIBLE meet up because of the different holidays period.

1 year, 2 years and there came the 3rd year, we didnt see each other. There was once in MSN when she askedd hmmm, 'i wonder when we will meet?' Then I reassured her that God will open doors one day *but deep im my thought, I was also thinking, seriously when we can actually meet* But God is faithful, He DID open doors and made a way. My initial plan to go Melbourne for my elective didnt work out in the end because the uni wanted me to fit into the local students' timetable which I cant and thus ended up going Adelaide instead to meet up Pei and Geoff! No doubt, it was a great time well spent with them two as well! PLUS, I actually prefer Adelaide than the buzzling Melbourne!

But guess wat, God allowed her to come Manchester and did her elective on the other hand! And what's better was that we got to travel to a few places as well. Looking back, oh boy, they were all well planned by God. With the strings of bank holidays, Royal wedding and all, timing was just right. Indeed: He has made everything beautiful in His time:)
So we explored Manchesterthen YORKilicious
and invaded LoNdOnand finally..AMSTERDAM *Oranjie Festival*

AND, really enjoyed each other accompany. Even just cooking for each other every night was joy.
Gonna miss you dearly, but yes we bid goodbye with a smile because we know, God will make a way again to let us meet again!

In His time :D

thank you, Jess!

wasSup Doc: God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.
Thank You, Jesus!