Monday, November 30, 2009


I just got back from Huddersfield:)

An AWESOME retreat of coz...will update bout it more next thing i was reminded was to GIVE thanks again. In all circumstances, give thanks!

I forgot to say a BIG thanks to ALL OF U who had kept me in prayers throughout this period of preparation for my exams. From the facebook messages, SmSes, calls and emails. They're precious and lifted my soul so much:) Everyday when i check my mail, there were bible verses to remind me that God is there to sail me through, encouraging words to stir me on, and the LOVE that u guys poured upon me. U kno who u are and all of u will be blessed coz you have blessed me through your small lil act.

This lovely woman send me a pic one day and this really put a BIG smile on my face:) LOVE u Pei!!! thank U!

wasSup Doc: We see the power of God's creation, we feel the power of His love

Friday, November 27, 2009

as FREE as a bird..

for a few days:)
PhewwWww....i can now breath in and out with peace.
b4 the whole cycle repeats again next Monday!

But dun frust over that as yet. It's been a while since i can just let my hair down and chill~ not feeling guilty for not sitting on my desk and study....yipee~
2 days of OSCEs on Family and Children..basically it's Paeds and Obs&Gyn..2 big specialties that seems so new to us:) Preparation for this exams wasn't easy. Stress level built up as day approached, but God's peace was with us throughout. Of coz, we stumbled in a few stations, still we just want to surrender the results unto His hands. By His grace, He will surely sail us through. I'm reminded that by 'recognising our own smallness can cause us to embrace God's greatness'. So let His ever promising words carry us through:)

Anyway, celebrated YanLi's 21st birthday 2 weeks Cafe Rouge:) just some pics!

YanLi..the gurl in the middle:) Brightest! Youngest! Nicest! Smartest Malaysian student...

Happy birthday gurl, God bless ya:)

so POST exams, only Ly and myself were in the FnC module, the others are in Mind & Movement, so they sat for their exams later than us..That's y only both of us went..'ber-party':)

Not really la, we just went out and hav a meal at Tanpopo. An Asian restaurant to reward ourselves with Malaysian/Indonesian food:)

Ly's Indonesian mee goreng

my Malaysian char kuew teow! nyum:)

emo? happy? not satisfied? or...NOT ENUFF after all the adrenaline rush during exams:P

and we went over to Christmas Market to satisfy Lily's macaroons craze:P It's really the BEST in the world:) She has been craving for it since 1 year ago! Imagine how good that can be...SOo, those of u who are in UK, come Manchester and try urself:) Lily can be the spokesman for it..the hot puffy macaroons..brings u the warm u nid in the chill cold winter:) awwww..

Allrighty, finally say GoodBye to Fairfield:) 14 weeks of staying there..not bad actually just that it's physically demanding..That's not the end our adventurous travelling as yet.

Our next module is SSC, so we have to travel to North Manchester General Hospital for 3 weeks, but this time it's slightly nearer la. Just hope the timetable is not as crazy:)

Me and my small lil room in Fairfield:) quite like it:)
Okay dokes, am going Off to HADSFIELD in a few hours time..SF retreat!
3 days 2 nights...a good encounter with God.
Cant wait cant wait cant wait...WILL SURELY be very REFRESHING!
will tell u more when i come back k..
wasSup Doc: Imagine me without U, I'll be lost and so confused....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i need prayers:)

*heart is racing fast*.....few more days to go b4 our BIG exams day for Peads + Obs n Gyn!
2 days of OSCEs! ARGgghHghh....So much things to revise, so many skills to master and need to brush up our communication skills...
-Patient's idea, concerns, expectations! Check check check!!
WHY CANT WE SPEAK LIKE AngMohsSs! SOooo, fluently..haih!

Anyway, as my title indicated...WE NEED PRAYERS..from my dearest frens all around! PLEASE..pwetty pwetty PLEASE.

Unfortunately, we both catch a cold and now we're having sorethroats..coughing coughing coughing..i kno it's definitely viral but still very tempted to start antibiotics to KILL all the germs! The weather in Manchester is not getting any better, strong wind, raining like cats n dogs..DRENCHED!

Prayer request: May God sustain our health, keep us warm and take away this irritating bug which is causing much nuisance! So that we both are at our optimum level when the exams day come..WE need strength to do our revision!

PLUS, i just contacted conjuntivits few days eyes are teary and itchy, RED and Ooozy pus GLUE my eyes when i wake up in the morning..bad sign:( I cant be blind now! I need my eyes to study! To inspect! To....SEEEEEEE!!
Luckily managed to go AnE this morning and get some oitment:)

Prayer request: May the infection in my eyes be cleared ASAP! Hope that it wont affect my speed when i study..SHARKssSS...bad timing larr..

Anyway, just a short update of our current status! Still persevering though physically tired. 14 weeks of travelling finally going to end..goodbye Fairfield:)


Happy Birthday Momsy:) Angie sending LOVE home:D

Dun worry bout me, Angie is strong gurl, rmb;)


wasSup Doc: Somebody in the movie 'Facing the Giants' once said it was written 356 times of the verse 'Do Not Fear' in the bible.

I am reminded that in one year, there are 365 days, and it's like God telling me not to fear everyday:)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Random thoughts?!

'You're too good to be true....

a comment that i just realised is not smth nice to hear at all
in another word, it meant...

I'm too fake....??

i'm sorry i didnt mean to be that way:'(

wasSup Doc:
God gives enough grace for whatever we face

Monday, November 09, 2009

You light up my world:)'s been a great week as usual:)
Been to a few gynae clinics and antenatal clinics...Got to feel some pregnant ladies tummies....I am really excited and amazed by how great a woman can be, to be able to carry another precious life in her body, and go through the labour pain which is the WORST pain one cud ever experience...

Just the recent Thursday, I was waiting for this lady to give birth. It's her first baby, she is petite in size, and it took me 5 n half hours for the baby to come out, and the baby gurl was HUGE! 10 pounds 1...imagine that!! wahHhhh......when i saw the baby, i felt the baby is already like 2 months old:P Then another one which i just saw it half n hour ago..I'm REALLY traumatised by wat i saw..the mom was shivering in pain or shocked after delivering the baby, and needed a few stitches for her tear...she didnt even wan to hold the baby..It really got me thinking..shud i give birth in future, am really scared?!?woman woman woman....esp mumSies out there, YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME!! Thank you momsy:)

Anyway, weekend was quite eventful:) MCCC organised a cross sectional student fellowshipS Bonfire party! So students from 3 different languages (Cantonese, Chinese, English)congregations came together for games+food+Fellowship+FIREWORKS:D a good escape from studies. PLUS i could brush up and practise my mandarin, my mother tongue..It's been a while since i last saw fireworks...goodie good! Just a few pics to show:)


my small group members:) Nicola*Leonard*Joel*Angieit's been a while since i last saw them bcoz we cant attend SF when we're in Bury...nice to catch up with these peeps:PBatmen returns:) Aunty Angie made them pose like this!

i like!

yuppie...we've got a PRAISE item to share this week.

After our exams in 2 weeks time, we will all be allocated to do our SSC (Student selection component), smth like a 3 weeks attachment in a particular topic. And guess wat!!! we BOTH got our first choice out of 8 different topics we submitted! And the first choice of ours need not require us to write a 5k words of report!! Woohooo....the amazing part is out of 67 students who put their 1st choice for this attachment, by God's grace we're the lucky 18 students who get it! Amen amen amen..Thank You Lord:) Is it coincidental?definitely nOwaY....I was even quite prepared to get smth else, like A&E or ENT attachment.. it's well known this topic we got is popular among students since we rarely got teachings on it here..INFECTIOUS DISEASES it is called:P good n useful for us indeed :)

God is good....

(everybody shouts) ALL THE TIME!


wasSup Doc: BAXIA...the race continue, i shall not fear because no matter how dark my path is, His presence will surely Light up my world:)

Monday, November 02, 2009

One after another:)

It was a fruitful and productive week previously:)

So many to learn, so many to see, so many to remember and so many to give thanks!

Started off my Monday by attending a breast clinic attachment in North Manchester General Hospital. Though had to take a tram and bus there, it was worth it! The consultant was one nice teacher, who willingly went through the breast examinations and history taking process with me despite the many patients he needed to consult. Even when i left at 6pm, the clinic didn't end yet! Too many women with breast probs dy, and never underestimate the number of women suffering from breast's abundance! Poor women, smth that supposed to be one's asset, instead causing disaster! sigh....

Tuesday=GP day:) Dr Tim was so enthusiastic that very day! After sitting in with him in his clinic, he arranged a home visit for Ly and me to go. Met this lovely old couple and took her medical history. She was telling us that the doctor said she wont be able to walk anymore after 2 falls and had both of her hips replaced at the age of 94! But miraculously, she still managed to show off her walking skills without any walking stick! SoooO, nothing is impossible peeps! Lesson learned:) And we thought we cud hv our lunch break we started munching our lunch, Dr Tim came in again and arranged us to sit in an ENT clinic with Mr Gordon, an ENT consultant! Goodie good, we never have any ENT teachings in MRI, so yup, we went in and joined the consultation for a good 1 hour! Not the end yet, after the clinic, Dr Tim brought us to this junior GP who has organised some OSCEs communication skills practices for us. Hectic schedule it seemed, but they were all really useful and one came after another, at the correct timing and slots! Amazing, isn't it? Perfect timing from...God:) *cheeky cheeky*

Thursday...Theatre day! Having our firm lead, Dr Hayden with us was helpful! She made sure we had a chance to do bi manual vaginal examination on real patients when they're anesthetized! It's so different from exterminating on models...but need more practise though to master the skill and pick up any masses..THE thing that reminded about God's perfect timing was when we accidentally met Mr Gordon in the theatre( rmb i mentioned this ENT consultant earlier?) Yup, it's him! We didnt know he was working in Fairfield general..wat happened was that the first patient in gyn theatre was a staff nurse, so she didnt allow us to go in. Coincidentally,he spotted us in the waiting room and he happily brought us to his theatre instead to see him removed a laryngeal carcinoma and explained some procedure with us! NOW..u tell me, will this be so ngam ngam hou?! Definitely NOT! *cheeky cheeky*

Not to forget we met this SUPER DUPER strict looking BUT NICE midwife..and her name is FRANCES!! I must give credit to this woman larr..she has helped us so much! Every time we stop by antenatal ward, she will be it asking us to take history, teaching us to palpate pregnant ladies abdomens, going through the grafts and forms, SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER! come on, who bothers giving us mini teaching sessions in the ward while other midwives are all happily chit chatting there?! but she does it all! Frances is definitely God sent to us:)

As i have mentioned in my earlier post...
Each new day is welcomed without any expectation, but only with anticipation...
Just a week like this passed by, when i recalled back, there are so many things God has planned accordingly for us. The people He sent, the perfect's just PUrfectOo!!

So His promise of lavishing us with plans that will prosper us is so valid and honest.

Cant wait cant wait cant wait to know the upcoming unexpected and astonishing events:)

till then fellow readers...


very stress+ very stress+ very stress!!

HapPy HalLowEen, a mini event

Happy All Saints Day, a HUGE event..( a day to remember the saints of the church and the souls of those who departed this world)

So for the month of November, we are praying for the persecuted churches, Christians who are martyred for their faith. Let us remember them through our simplest act, that is through prayers...

wasSup Doc:

His smile is my reward, His glory is my G.O.A.L