Friday, May 28, 2010

Bento ObsessionS...

I know this is random...but I NEED YOUR VOTES!

Lately, I'm obsessed with bento again....Thanks to Kevin who has ignited my love for bento again! Lol.... anyway, since I cant get any bento accessories here in UK, my final resort is to take part in as many bento contest as possible..try my luck, I never know right:)

So, this is the one i took part in recently:
click here please :)
PLEASE PLEASE for me! My bento is the 3rd one, called 'Best Friend Forever!' :)

The poll is ending on this Saturday. So please just click the above link and put your vote in before the deadline. Every vote counts, I say a BIG thank you for those who have voted!
Just a 5 mins of yours will do....I really want that cute little blue bunny tupperware C:


Allright, the next contest is this!Click here AND here Lol...this one is just a random entry because there are some rules to abide to. Theme: Happy and Healthy! Each entry must be children related and must fit the theme of 'Happy and Healthy'! Guess what, I emailed the blogger about the 'Guess Who' event in my church last week and my entry was qualified!*You can read my entry from the link above* Hoorey...but as for this contest, it's a lucky draw to win some bento accessories again..Just hope I'm the blessed one! The prizies for this contest is also some cute Tupperware and food picks! *I'm really crazy over foodpicks now, love shaped, cars, angel wings, OMGIee...the list can go on and on..DAISO/100yen shops..WHERE ART THOU INI UK!??!??!

Anyway, am hunting more bento contestSs..Lol...let me know if you know any:)
*all of you must be thinking Angie is quite free now.Guess you're all wrong, I am not really free actually, bento is just personal interest! Work in hospital has been hectic toO. Stayed till late for the past few days because of the many notes that was sent in this week..But it's a good sign, means project is going well, by God's grace!100 notes for this week! Hard work but 100 down..another 100 more to go next week!
me in the dark, at the corridor, my personal little 'office' with my cuppa of tea and LOADS of medical notes surrounding me!
It's a good week:)
Will talk bout it more next entry!

At the meantime..BENTO BENTO BENTO!


This week star bento!

Spaghetti with roasted herbs turkey and pineapple!


wasSup Doc: Duty alone is drudgery; Duty with love is delight C:

God is L.O.V.E

Monday, May 24, 2010


RAK stands for random act of Kindness:) The theme for this week :)

As children of God, we are called to show love, kindness to everybody including our enemies. Jasper wrote me a reminder on his blog, sending an sms to a friend to ask 'how are you doing?', street feeding with biscuits...indeed encouraged me..encouraging a soul a day, in 365 days, 365 souls will be encouraged :) there are definitely SO MUCH more you can do for the Lord....a smile is smth small, but it does lift someone's heart up isn't??? Thanks for the inspiring sharing though...In Him we serve, we love and we share!

Let me know if you, my dearest readers have any random act of kindness to show love to this fallen world

Ly and myself, visited the students in Library and sent them lurve:)!the stressful period for students!

coffee, panadol, red a student keep alert:P

and even my haircut is for a good cause too! Btw, I didnt cut that short afterall..though i wished i have the courage, and it's boiling in UK now..! so i tot would hear some comment on my pseudo-short hair..but oh bout this haircut. A church member cut it for me, her name is Linda. She is from China, living in UK for 20+ years. She has her own 'salon' at home, well equipped with comfy salon typed chair, bought all the way from China! On weekdays, she works as a banker in town council, and weekends, she works as a hairdresser! All the money she collected goes to church building fund. Nothing goes into her pocket. What a great service from her to God! So yup, my haircut does contribute to church building fund:)

btw,i am not here to boast how good i am. I am just a child of a God who loves..So, i just want to encourage all of you, kind hearted souls out there to bestow LOVE to the people around u. Your presence make a difference C:


it was quite a 'happening' weekend in church:)

Social Night-Guess Who? I dressed up as Paddington Bear, Zoey(best dressed) wore traditional Mongolian costume and Joshua, Ronaldo, the soccer player:) Had great fun with inspirational sharing from Aunt Aihwa n John regarding their journey to Israel:)
and Sunday was Pentecoast Sunday, and 3 of our brothers were baptised! Congrats to Joel, Tim and Edwin. So we, the student fellowship decided to suit up for this special occasion and thus the formal wear:P Despite the hot weather we had to endure...boiling! I even showered in cold water...i really need ice-cream lor..but SUMMER..DIET!!
Angie lurve sunflowers:) Summer is!

as for this week...let's do smth for somebody:) Just one simple deed makes a difference!
rmb, RAK!!

sorry Ciku Maliku for the delay, dun angry larr~.. the parcel was...a packet of limited edition sakura GREENTEA KITKAT!! All the way from Japan!!! I was crazy over this past few months and MingRong studying in Japan randomly sent me this! I was in total shocked to see an envelope with Japanese words lying in my postbox! A BIG THANK YOU for your RAK:)

GOSH...i cant believe this, it's right infront of my eyes now..*matcha kitkat..when am i gonna eat u..munch!*

wasSup Doc:

A Christian who is willing to do little things for others can do great things for the Lord.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

HEAT stroke!

Quite funny when we coming from Malaysia complaining about HEAT....but it was really TOO heaty for the passed few days..scorching sun literally blew our heads OFF! *almost got a heat stroke!*
Since Manchester seldom has such sunny weather, everybody is out to absorb some Vit D!!Singlets, Shorts, Shades,'s Super BOILNG!
the many SSssSes for a Sunny day*_*
and thus the subsequent picture! haircut!! SHORT-another S
a new beginning :)do we look MORE like a pair of twins now..though my face is not as!

I need ICE KACANG now!

wasSup Doc:
~Tommorow morning if you wake up, and the sun does not appear, i wil be here~
Steven Curtis Chapman

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BOMBs from God:)

Put up hands for those who doesn't like SURPRISES...I see no hands! Of cause..i doubt there is anybody on this earth who doesn't :p! These few days I've been blessed with surprises after surprises...big ones, small ones..stil it's a joy ey...:)

Just last Sat, we had a dinner at Pastor Kim's house for a short SF meeting..and guess what he cooked for us..ROASTED BEEF AND CHICKEN with Yorkshire pudding and Apple crumble! See the array of food on the dining table...blessed indeed! Superbly yum, fine dining style..with chinese chilli..Lol!

Nicola baked some cupcakes for us, students who are now in EXAMS stresS..Lol! I'm donw with progress test..but still stucked with 11 weeks of project options! Aiks....The torturing part of a medical student!

Started my audit, data collection last week and gonna be like this for the next couple of weeks! It's such a stress to go through patients' medical notes because DOCTORs' handwriting are just...CMI(cannot make it)! Lol...and the above shows my abandoned table along the corridor for me to work..the stack of notes, my lunch! (there was once a nurse passed by me and saw me opening up my tupperware with sandwich and salad and fruits and cup of tea..then she commented: u're having a party ey cheekily.. and i replied: yea..all by myself!stacks after stacks!! Ahhhh...when will I finish!

Oh wells, God has blessed me with a good supervisor, i've no complaint! Shall persevere on.

Ly and I went on a food adventure last Sun! Just to reward ourselves before exams and the exchange rate is RM 4.8 to 1 pound now..CRAZiLY LOW! Muakakkakakak..oh wells, that aside, we went TRY THAI! Yup, fulfilled our Thai food cravings with a resonable price of 3 courses!

Starter: Spicy thai salad with beef! *they were very generous with the beef, and the spicy sauce was nyum!*and ALL time favourite..PadThai! *almost after every mouthful, we complimented the goodness and authenticness of this dish...too good to be true*
and the happy us:) Whole luncheon ended with a cuppa coffee..*purrfectoO*!and my eggie bat mobile..vroom vroom! Lol, new bento toy from XiaoFen..all the way from Penang! Thanks gurl~and FINALLY, the BOMB of the week...! Received this in my postbox today-GRIN! *will reveal what it's inside in my next post* stay tune~ Look out for clues from the pic! Lol..

allrighty, that's update from Angie the Mangie

see you all soOoon!

Had a good chat with my Gygy toO:) Despite the distance, this lil boy in US never fail to cheer the stress sis up:) Lurve u loads brothaa..

wasSup Doc:

I am so loved, because my heavenly Father has lavished me with DAILY Surprises C:

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Been reading jaesonma's blog lately and really encouraged by his 365 days of little things he did to show God's love to the people around him. Just by offering his seats in a cafe made a difference.

So i thought, hmmm, maybe i can do smth today...and i SMILEd, that's all i did!

As i was on my way to hospital today, I saw a garbage truck ahead of me. Initially, I tried to avoid the foul smelling truck and wanted to ran cross the street fast. But seconds struck me, and i held back my steps but walked pass the truck instead. Then I saw this garbage man, pushing the big garbage bin towards the truck. He looked quite stern i must say, scary in a way....but then, i quickly put on a BIG smile on my face, and smile at him. Initially, he looked confused, but later he smiled back!! And deep down in me, i made a difference today:))
I made somebody smile...*happy*
and am sure, God is smiling toO!

Smiling is infectious,
You catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner,
and someone saw my grin,
When he smiled I realised,
I'd passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile,
Then I realised its worth,
A single smile just like mine,
Could travel round the earth.

So if you feel a smile begin,
Don't leave it undetected
Let's start an epidemic quick
And get the world infected!

*quite like my cheeky smile...dun cha:) *

wasSup Doc: so start's gonna be a SUGAR day for you and the person u smiled at!

God has given all of us a beautiful spread the LURVE!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

A&E...full of drama:)

Sorry muchie for these 3 weeks of MIA! Am alive and well...and i'm BACK to Manchester! Lol...the place i call 'home' in UK...:) So this post will be about my 3 weeks stay in Tameside General Hospital..the 'ulu' yet exciting place! And I must say, this is the BEST attachment I have done so far..

Reflecting back how I got this placement was really God sent. For this SSC, I was supposed to do a district placement, which means, it's a MUST for me to do in a hospital FAR FAR away from Manchester itself. Unfortunately, all those placements that I'm interested in were all taken up and I was only left with 2 choices which weren't in my list at all!::1) Elderly care in Rochdale or 2) A&E in Tameside General Hospital. Though I have interest in elderly care, somehow, i picked A&E in Tameside, despite the bad reputations and all complaints written in the press recently. But it turned out to be an AWESOME attachment and I enjoyed every bits of it, even though i had to go in everyday, 9am to 5pm or shift like 1pm to 10 pm( of coz i skyve a few hours at just physically drained at the end of the day) and weekends!

Let's join me along my 3 weeks journey in Tameside General Hospital! Few of my pics in it coz I hav nobody to take pictures a LONE ranger there! :'(

Welcome to Tameside General Hospital. This is where i worked for the past 3 weeks..A&E Department.
And the path to my accomodation! :)
and as you walk in, you could see this lovely common room on your right. Sadly, I am the only one staying in my whole flat! Nobody there to chitchat or hav a cuppa with me:(
and right opposite the common room, is the toilet and bathroom:)and bedroom! There is a basin there too..and guess what, the whole room is actually BIGGER than my room in Manchester..Lol! I lurve the table lamp most!
and this is my favourite room of all! The small cozy kitchen, well equipped with microwave oven, toaster, big fridge, stove and a tiny dining table:)I lurve to hv my breakfast on the table, egg on a toast, with cup of hot milk, while reading the book 'Captivating'( This book reminds me how beautiful i am created. It says: The essence of a woman is Beauty. She is meant to be the incarnation of a captivating God:)
so gurls..don't think you're ugly..we're all beautiful in His eyes!
:)...overseeing the beautiful creation of God.LIFE is a blisS..
the view..Lol! Basically stalking any hot doctors walking out from the building opposite!
joking joking~

and my dinner..Maggie type 1-goreng style:P
Maggie type 2: Soup styleand the best dinner of all was when Lily fried rice with black pepper for me and froze it to bring over...*aww...touched indeed* TQ dear!
my only source of connection to the outside world! The LIBRARY's computer! WORST part of getting here is that I need to go to the Security department to get the keys, which is about 15 mins walk away from my work place. Then to get to library is another 10 mins! And the keys need to be returned right after using the hv to walk back to the security department! And finally to get home, is another 15 mins walk..a nuisance indeed! And see all those books n journals on the desk? I was camping there till 12am for the last 2 nights alone, just to finish up my case report! To make things more complicated, we're not allowed to use our thumbdrive there! Which means, all documents will hv to save n sent via emails...kelian ar!
Pheww...I have gone through all God's grace indeed!
And these are the very nice people I work with:)
Meet my dear consultant, Miss Contractor!
Dr Kakade and Dr Ghafoor! Both are doctors locuming there. Dr Kakade is a very seniors staff grade there. He used to work as a GP in Aussie too. Then return to UK and guess what, he is super interested in Chinese zodiac a nd just from the year, he could tell what zodiac you are! Plus, he knows well about each zodiac's personality too! Lol....super intense! Not only that, he has a diploma in art, and he has gone thru trainings in plastic surgery, orthopaedics and loads more! Think he wanted to be a neuro surgeon initially, but gave up due to some commitments. But he is one of the senior doctor who is so patient with me. I could rmb when once we saw a patient who cut his hand via a grinding machine and needed some stitches. He was the one who taught me steps by steps like how to tie the knots, where to go in and all...Thank God, the patient was kind enuff to let me practise, despite the blood kept oozing a!

and Dr Ghafoor is the most cheerful doctor there! Though the tense environment in A&E, he is always spotted with the sunny almond eye smile! Everybody LOVES And of coz, he taught me quite a bit too:)
and Dr Thompson! This is the guy i was first allocated to shadow by my consultant! He is one of the locum doctor too, just finished his FY2 training i guess, but he is really funny guy whom remember my name throughout this placement! 'Angelene here, Angelene there..wakkakkaka' Impressive indeed! His girfren and he are one couple who taught me quite a lot throughout my placement there and always asking me questions and trigger my brain to think wat are the possible differentials in patients we saw! Challenging but very helpful and learned LOADS!
and Amanda! One of the nicest nurse there!
Really enjoyed working with these bunch of nurses there because they're SOOO efficient! They are the ones who put cannulaS in and take the ECGs, way b4 the doctors come and see the patients. So me being the kiasu one, thickened my face and asked them to let me do instead! And happily they let me perform cannulations, venepuncture, ECG, catheterization, urinalysis and even ABGs! To be honest, the cannulations I put in within these 3 weeks are far more what I put in within the WHOLE of my 3rd year! Practise makes perfect and the only way to be better is to do more and I thank God for putting people like these to supervise me and build up my confidence:)

Not to forget patients there are exceptionally nice toO!
I could rmb vividly once when I was asked to take some blood off this lady's wrist to check for arterial blood gas. She was quite unwell and i went in myself, explained to her that I needed some blood from her wrist and will cause much pain. I even warned her that I might hv to poke her a few times to get the blood because getting blood from there is far more harder since we cant see the vein but could only gauge by feeling the pulse on the wrist!
I took extra precautions because I didnt want to injure her twice. I went in first time, and I could see her face twinge slightly, indicating pain, but she didnt say anything. To my horror, no blood was pumping up..*oh nooOo, my brain alarmed!! i didnt hit the artery properly!* So I draw the needle out slowly and apologized. She just give me a smile and I told her am going to have another try, making sure she is fine with it, and she agreed without any complaint! So I tried and what a big relief, 2nd attempt was a success! Just by seeing the blood pumping up the syringe brought so much joy to me and gladly I announced to her, it's all done now, love:) And she replied with a soft voice 'Are you an angel?' with a slight beam on her face.. and My heart just melt...I wished I am, but i'm all I could do, is try to be one to the people around me..definitely by God's grace i believe:)
and THE ABOVE, is a homemade seeded baguette with chicken tikka:) I found this lovely homemade bread shop nearby the hospital one day, so i rewarded myself with one, knowing me, a bread lover..whatever with BREAD, Angie! *p/s: they spelled my name wrongly on my nametag..ciS*

though am physically drained by the end of this attachment, I didnt regret completing my placement there at all. It's the BEST God has offered me. With consultants taking time off to teach and guide me personally, with senior doctors letting me do so much hands on, from cannulations to stitches, with great bunch of jolly nurses supervising me..i have no complaint! And all these can only come from my heavenly Daddy who has promised me GOOD:)

A&E...full of drama! The incident i saw that stayed vividly was a 6 weeks old baby, came in early morning with cardiac arrest! Whole body was white and stiff with no response at all. Despite the much effort by the team to resuscitate him, the baby didnt make it in the end. That scene traumatised me so is full of uncertainties...The future, lies in God's hands.

wasSup Doc:
If you find yourself wearing a spirit of heaviness, try on a garment of praise C: