Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The BFF's birthday!

It was Dr Chan's birthday last Monday!

Of course, being her good good friend, I must organise smth for her right.
It has been the 4th year in UK and usually during her birthday for the past few years, it is either she will be home by now, OR all students will not be around anymore.
As for this year, we don't have summer holidays anymore, and most students graduated this year, so they were here in UK a whee bit longer, and thus the surprise party WAS POSSIBLE :)

If there is smth you need to know about her, u MUST know..this lady LOVES Nando's and Strawberry cheesecake! Allright, venue sorted, birthday cake sorted! Even before her big day, she has been saying to us that her wish is to have a bday party in Nando's! *Her wish came true* Teehee..The amazing PurelyStrawberry Cheesecake from The English Cheesecake company! *Checked*
*Got it delivered to Nicola's house the day before so that the housemate wont find out!*

So I managed to gathered a group of close friends from church and came together for this lovely luncheon at Nando's after church service:)
Church friends who made it for the party! Well done peeps!

Just before the big day, we had a lunch date together at Giovannis. Had some salmon avocado sandwiches and cream cakes:) It's the USUAL Saturday date we both have since we started work. Ah, how good it is to have a friend just to hang out with <3
we likey likey Saturday noon outing! :)


On her real Birthday, we both had to work. But we managed to have a 3-course dinner after work @ Fat Olive!
the birthday treat! *AMAZING SINFUL RICH warm chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream*
Think this add on another kilo for this month..Ish..nvm, am on call TWICE this week..will try to run more whilst in hospital then! Lol..
As for my personal gift for her...a scrap book of PRICELESS memories:) *she did one for me for my last bday, so tot of putting one together for her as well* Stressed me out slightly coz the pics I ordered arrived so uber LATE! but nvm nvm, still make it on time but had to lie to her so many WHY I KEPT hiding in my room! favourite last page of the masterpiece!

so beloved housemate just turned to a quarter of century! Yay!
Just like when we were kids we always say: Friends forever, forget you never!

May this year be a year of blessings and GREAT surprises from our Heavenly Father.
That His Holy Spirit fill you up with strength and love, to glorify His name, to expand His kingdom, to testify His awesomeness and to be a witness of His holiness.
Let Him guide you to an exciting journey of mystery, but of promising future!
Put Him first and commit all your ways to God for He is a God who holds this world in His hands.
l.o.v.e. you, Sister :)

WasSup Doc: "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up." Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

thank you for being the friend that you are to me.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Breast team Night Out

My final 4 months as an FY1...ended with a BOOM with the Breast team :)
Consultants in this team are AWESOME.
Normally, when we say SURGEON, common characters among them? Hmm..Demanding, arrogant, OVER-confident..yadaa doubt, they have these thingy in common!
But as for the surgeons whom I worked with..NOTHING as such at all. They are the NICEST surgeons you could ever ask for.
Mr Prasad and Mr Deshpande, the nicest surgeons on earth. Smiley all the way, gentle and humble, ever willing to teach and get you involve! Super easy going and appreciate the work you have done! gonna tear now, thinking am leaving this team in few days time! So gonna miss them MUCH!

Had a farewell dinner today at a Chinese Buffet in Wigan! Hah, we had that event sponsored! Whee...FREE dinner with GREAT companions! Viola..Amazing night with the surgeons, breast care nurses and fellow junior doctors!
Breast team @ Wigan Infirmary
The few generations of Breast Team doctors, nurses, consultants and teehee, the sponsor of the event :)

Haha..they are never serious..*PEACE*
*Mr Deshpande (man in t-shirt sitting in the middle + Mr Prasad( man with peace hand sign)
THEY ARE the BEST people to work with!
Enjoyed my 4 months with them SO UBER much!
The current breast team..April - June 2012
This is wat the SURGEONS do..Hahha..cut each other up!
*Mr Prathap- Reg and Mr Prasad- Consultant*

4 months passed by so quick.
I'm very reluctant to leave this team.
Been a good posting with loads of hands on experiences.
Think it's because they deal with a very sensitive specialty, they're well trained to be very sensible, showing empathy and patients love them to bits!
I love working with them..

Breast cancer IS a big thing indeed. However, if these patients with breast cancer are managed appropriately, you see their lives CHANGED to be BETTER!
The effect of breast reconstructions after the mastectomies..AMAZING!

"A feel a day, keeps the doctors away! Think PINK"

Next job: Obs and Gyn!
Pregnant women, bring it on:)

wasSup doc: Recognizing the accomplishment of our past and Celebrating the possibilities for the future.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week started off with a day of annual leave..haha, thought it's going to be staying at home, watching tv, eating chips and CHILL..but oh NO, day started with going in to Audit department to collect data for a breast surgery audit! Argh...I've waited for the notes to arrive since a month ago, and all 70 notes arrived in ONE day..*smack head* and guess what, this audit is DUE for presentation in the surgery audit meeting THIS FRIDAY itself..GG.COM! Am in the midst of analysing the results now. *give me a 5 mins break to update my blog* Thank God that I had 2 days of leave..JUST in time to do my audit..wasted! If not, I've long planned a trip to somewhere...Lol! This is medicine for you. Never ending audits and presentations to improve the quality of care for patients! Efficiencies, patients safety, cost savings..yada yada...just have to LIVE with it!super untidy workplace..FLOOR is my new table!

But since travelling is my ultimate PASSION, Angie being Angie will still squeeze in minimal time to go somewhere! Blessed with friends with car who willingly drove us for a road trip and just last Saturday, we visited one of the prettiest lakes at Lake District, Grasmere!peace and tranquility only @ Grasmere
the gang who went:)
(Edwin, Jenny, Chew Fatt, Wilson, Cheah, Glenn, Eunice, Noel, Suwei, John and Nicola)


Not to forget, last Monday was the BIG day of my beloved little brother, Cheah! He has always been a blessing to me whilst in Manchester. Since 3rd year, everytime we needed a help to move house, he would be the first to offer his help. Anyway, this boy graduated with 1st class honours in Aerospace engineering and topped his class! *PROUD*
Since I had already taken a day off, decided to hop onto the train to Manchester to attend his big day! Woohooo....Celebrations after 4 years of hard work!
Well done, fren!

am so gonna miss him when he leaves Manchester for good :'(!
*Best wishes*
your BIG day, our pride!

wokay dokay. final note here would be:
God is good, ALL THE TIME!
Thou shall not worry about tomorrow, for the all-known God is in control in the unknown future.
R&R in Him!

wasSup Doc: Dear Lord, please take away my burdens of worry. Help me find comfort in You and You alone. Amen.

Friday, July 06, 2012


4 moths after I moved on to my surgical ward, I heard from a friend recently that somebody made a complaint against me.
What is it about? I have no idea.

It kept me thinking, what have I done wrongly?
That patient was somebody I cared for wholeheartedly 4 months ago and to my surprise, the family lodged a complaint against me, a junior doctor, the consultant and the nurses from the ward. *I felt ashamed of myself. :'( *

Have I not done enough? What were their expectations? Why...just feel like crying my lungs out when I heard it. When all your hard work was not appreciated but being condemned, it makes me it worth it?

dissapointed. devasated. utterly speechless.

Oh Lord, if any of my deeds is not pleasing in Your eyes, please show and guide me...
i need Your loving grace to survive.

waSsup Doc: I surrender all, my hands, my soul, my life...If this is Your will, Lord may I be a competent doctor who can touch souls.