Thursday, September 28, 2006

We won...

IMU Cup has come to the finale, it was a bash, filled with victory and glory...
Cheer leaders were shouting at their top of their voices and gave their best in the final event!!!Wow, to all the cheer leaders! Not to forget the die hard 'Fans" for each semester...Especially Sem 2=we were shouting out from our LUNGS!!!Supporting you all till the very end!

M1/06 ended up 3rd, which was marvellous!!! i think we never expected that coz this is just our very first time participating in IMU Cup...Haha! Well done cheer leaders, really appreciate your hard work. *Salute them* They have sacrificed ALOT, besides continuous practice from 2.30pm till 12.00am, they threw tonnes of lecture notes behind(btw, we're having our exam in 2 weeks time), and put in their hearts and souls for the cheers!!! Tempers were flung in between, but i believe the victory has bring all of us together closer...United we stand, M1/06!!
In the end, Semester 5 won IMU Cup 2006!! Congratulations!!!!

p/s to all Kelantanese...

I'm PROUD to present you some fantastic awards won by our dear fellow mates from Kelantan in IMU Cup!!Yay......We're not ULU. Kelantan do born talented people!!!Hahahahaha....

1)Brian Chong(Sem 4)
-the DOTA KING!!! (Dota is one of the event in IMU Cup)
-Never look down on him, he can really conquer the DOTA World!!!

2)Chua Chia Hong(Pharmacy)
-represented pharmacy in cheer leading in which they got CHAMPION
-he is one of the 5 guys in the team. He can really dance!
-Way to go man....He was my classmate for 10 yrs!!!!*Proud proud*

3)Hooi Hooi(Sem 1)
-won a few events in track n field i think......but Bravo Bravo too!!
-saw her jumping with joy on the stage,Hhmm,muz be enjoying life in IMU!

wasSup Doc : There are no grains without pains......agree with me???

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Queen of the house is gone......

Wondering who is this Queen in my house??She is the woman with a charming smile!She has the most authority at home and of cause she is the most up to fashion gal at home. This queen is my dearest sister-Adelene!She left KL to UK yesterday night. The feelings was miserable because i am too attached and close to her. She knows me from inside out. From the very top secret to the itsy witsy tiny stuff. So when she stepped into the departure hall, tears started to roll down from my eyes....She is no longer around to keep me accountable and advice me in whatever i do.To be honest, i was crying hysterically when we had the last dinner together 3 days ago. My family members said i was too EMO,but how can i not??Throughout the 19 years, she is always there for me when i needed her most, she will drop me sweet messages when i was down, she is there to tell me what colour suits me well and she is there to hear all my complains and troubles. She is my pillar of support...Thank God for having her in my life.....Hopefully, she will have a great time there n finish her degree as a Lawyer later...Aja Aja fighting,U Know!!

=The Queen & M3=
p/s:A big thanks to Denise n Li Shan for comforting me after the great LoSe......:(

wasSup Doc : U're the one i depended on most, now it's time to let U go......Da je, love ya!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


IMU Cup is on now,it's a once a year championship in IMU. All kinds of sports are involved, you name it, we have it! Of coz it's not sports only, we have pool, futsball, chess and cheer leading.So it's again proven,IMU students aren't bookworms! We have curricular activities as well..Haha! We're actually hyperactive creatures. We always spice up our university life and not just let it stays mundane and meaningless.

I played netball this morning. As a new baby in this game i didn't put high expectation on myself. At the beginning, i thought i was just a reserve player and i will not have the chance to play.But i was totally wrong, Megala, my captain actually put me in as the shooter for the team.Just imagine this, i have never compete in any netball match in my entire life, and now she risked her team on me.*i can't shoot!!:(i had 2 practice lessons only* We were totally stunned when we realised the first opponent batch was sem 4.They were the defending champion,how are we going to fight?But luck was at our side, we had a close match. The game ended 6-5,we defeated them....miraculously. Then we move on by defeating sem 1. We were so confident in semifinal but when we faced Sem 3(the Champion this year), we turned upside down. No doubt they are really good. Not to mention the game against sem 5,we lost to them as well.We're defeated and ended 4th.....Sad to say this, but it was the fact. My team actually played really well, we have the fast runner-Nabila, my best shooting partner-Hidayah, the best defense-Burshna, the organised Megala, Rosianna and the alert-Shazma*It was a great game gals*To be honest. i'm still not a good shooter,i missed out too many balls...:( And the sad thing is i injured myself in the last game, i think the wound on my knee wanna remind me about this game foreva i supposed..

Finally, congrats to Sem 2 boys' team!They got 3rd place in netball...Yay!!!They defeated sem 4,which they lost to at the beginning when we were short of one man ...But it's ok, we won in the end!!!!That's the way people!Cheers M1/06!!!

wassup Doc : M1/06 boys' team is playing basketball tmr nite at 7pm against sem 5 to fight for 3rd place.Please make an effort to go Tmn BJ to cheer for them!Your support is much needed.....PLeasE!!!If not, please pray for them...Hehe!thanks ppl!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Aunt See.....

"A big birthday wish to Aunty See....May you have a blessed year ahead!!!:)"

I know Aunty See(red and white stripe shirt) since last year. We attended the same church and i go to her house every Friday for cell group meeting. She is a very nice and friendly lady. She mingles well with the youngsters because the people who attended the cell are mostly young working adults. So last Monday was her 51st birthday and she had an open house at her resident last Sun. It was a sumptious dinner as the food provided was mouth watering!There were fish, prawns, squid, dumplings, fried rice and so on. But the main dish was lamb with mint gravy! Yummy!!!The texture was soft accompanied by the minty taste,oh it's heavenly! Especially for me who is staying far away from home, i hardly get a chance to eat it . All of those students who stayed in Vista should know, there is NO restaurant around Vista! The only food we can get is from cafetaria OR the nasi lemak from the van. Pathetic i would say. Unless you have a car to move around Sri Petaling, or else everyday would be economy rice from the Chinese stall or nasi pattaya from Pak Amir's stall in the cafetaria....Haih! I wonder why this International Moneysucking University(IMU) is unwilling to open a proper restaurant for the students' convenience!!

Back to the Birthday dinner, overall was good because most of the Koinonians(my cell group is called Koinonia) came. It was a gathering for most of us because most of them have been missing for quite some time due to their hectic work! As usual we took lots of pics but the exciting part has just about to begin! I met a 'celebrity' there..........This cute chubby boy is actually Auny See's friend's son!Just have a look...Does he looks familiar in one of the Astro Advertisement???

the Fan n the Star
Yes, he is the boy who run errands for his dad in the advertisement but didn't get much attention from the father. So one day when the father realised his son's potential, he was so proud of him and finally bought him Astro......Familiar?His real name is Aaron Phua and he's just 12 years old. According to his dad, he started to do all sorts of advertisement since he was only 5!(KFC, McD, HSBC......) Of cause, he is well paid. If not mistaken is RM 1500 per ad + PSP(is it smth like PS2?? i'm not sure...hehe). I was really excited when i saw him..My SSness began...I shoke his hand,asked for signature(but he didn't give), bombarded him with tonnes of questions, etc...As u all should know,it's not easy to meet any celebs ok!So please forgive my craziness again!Huh,just can't imagine if i really meet a very famous movie star, i might really go crazy like a mad woman from tanjung rambutan..Muahahaha.Who cares, as long as i'm happy and satisfied. Just don't like the feelings of regret......

That's all for now...Adieu!
wasSup Doc : Optimistic is joy, mates!!Cheer up for tomorrow will be better....

Friday, September 08, 2006

M2/06 orientation..

' Grope dat mountain GO GO GO'

The perception of saying medical students is a bunch of nerds is totally WRONG!Never ever think that they only know how to study study and only study! It is proven that IMU medical students are actually kinda 'sick' people in a way that they are crazy!!The saying of 'never judge a book by its cover' really fits in!The smart looking future doctors can actually turn into an evil creature during orientation...For instance, juniors were asked to blow the cafetaria fan till it stops(it's impossible!), caterpillar race, dresscode check throughout the orientation week, being baked with flour, marjerin and eggs during treasure hunt and telematch!We have fear factor stunts as well,eg. munching chilli,drinking raw eggs with marjerin and the list goes on.The worst part was that each group has to send a guy(IMCC) out to crossdress to become a sexy woman with seductive dance movements!Gosh,when you see them,it's hard to believe they are going to become doctors one day!.HAhaha,it's fun to perform all this to them but if u're put in the juniors' shoe,it's a torture!Just hav a look at wat the seniors did to the juniors recently...

Dresscode:Sugar and Spice and everything nice

Artistic Kabi drawing at junior's(Kim) back Huge frog on Ing How's stomach...Ewww

Poor Yeewei being 'baptised' with saffron water

The ah guas(IMCCs) and Me

This is how we 'bake cakes'

The fresh yummy Hooi Hooi!!

Although it may sound cruel to the juniors but it really helps to build a stronger rapport between the juniors and seniors.IMU is just a small university.All of us know each other. Those who participated in the orientation,i will have to say, 'Congratulations, you have passed the first hurdle in IMU." Whereas for those who miss it,' Too bad, you have actually missed the most exciting part in IMU.'

Woohooo..Group 5 ended up in 3rd place,Well Done!!

Orientation is over now...Semester 2 has just started!No more anatomy for me....What we're learning now is microbiology with funny bacteria names. Just like wat Denise said, it's like singing songs of bacteria and virus....It's very difficult to visualise them actually.:)Anyway, just bear with it, fun is on its way....hahahaha!!?!

wasSup Doc : Play hard, Work hard. That's the key of success!!All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...