Thursday, March 27, 2008

slow Mail:)

Angie LOVES slow mail.

the feeling of opening the postbox and found letters specifically for me is so ....happy-ing!

Thank God for postmen.

Received a few letters that put a smile on my face last few days..esp they are all from around the world. I'm still remembered and am so loved....

Thank you, Jessica for the birthday card + pics + bookmark
all the way from Melbourne, Aus:)

Thank you Shannie for the early birthday wishes and encouragements..cant wait to see you when u come back from US:)

Thank you, Ivyyy for the Merlion Postcard + noteS! I*heart*Merlion:) i heart this princess named Ang Ang in S'pore!! U dun overworked urself more, dearie!!

Thank you Kimmie for your deflatable birthday it lots:):):) thanks for 'importing' this adorable monkey for me...

somebody is turning 21 tomorrow...*grin*

wishes are wat i love most:)

Happy birthday, Angie.
wasSup Doc: 28th of Mac. It's a day for reflection. Looking back how God has blessed me throughout these 21 years. I'm thankful for how He created me. i am who i am^_^

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter:)

a day to celebrate Jesus' resurrection.
the omnipotent, in one instant, became flesh and blood.
The one who created the universe became a microscopic embryo.
He came near, to bring us hope.
"He gave up his place with God and made himself nothing.
He was born to be a man and became like a servant."
Phillipians 2:7
waSup Doc: He died, just for one reason.
thank You for loving me
an ordinary girl with an EXTRAordinary Father.
Angie wanna SHOUT this:
"He loVes u too=)"
Happy Easter Sunday...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Orientation is back:)

Group 4-Katana!

Troy!!! Our very beloved batch mate who sacrificed to be a floweR! Thanks Troy:):)
THe champion of Prince of the Wild- SWAN:)

Prince of the Wild- Chicken! Medical students are getting crazy^_^
my Group's prince of the wild- Peacock(Sandip) and his partner(Roshnee)

Lunch break in the midst of treasure hunt:)

Elaine & Crz- the angelic devilSsss
Lilian(Sem3), Angie(Sem5), Denise(Sem5), Pei Wen(Sem3)....but why us, the sem5 kena bullied?!?hehe.Meow..
we're the macho ones:)
Cleaners on a fight!(guess who is it with the blue tong?)'s Pei !!:)

My dear juniors kena ragged by the seniors....poor thing:(:(tsk tsk tsk..hehe
the gungho sem5 OOs!

Finally, their 3 weeks of orientation is over.
Got to know a few juniors and made some new friends:)
my Sem 5 started with musculoskeletal system and it's freaking hard!
Why we have so many muscles and bones and joints and ligaments and tendons and blood vessels and nerves and bla bla bla..why are we so complicated? Why?

God knows:) and i'm loving it!
Angie, Aja!!

Kimmie(the British), Angie(the Malaysian), Shannie(the American)

p/s: Happie 21st birthday to Shann in US and Kimmie in UK:)

love u both lots:)
May the coming 365 days be filled with lots of joy and blessings:D

wasSup Doc: my days in IMU is gonna come to an end. It's a journey with ups and downs.
I'll definitely miss this memorable journey..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

my trip to Singapore

Adventurous the tiny island- Singapore!!
Going alone to Sg alone by bus was kinda scary cause i never go there by myself and all the procedures to cop my passport and all were kinda blur. However biggie thanks to IVY ang who had written me the 10 perfect steps to Sg b4 i embarked..What to expect and which bus to take..Hehe. Everything went smoothly till i reached the immigration department! I was detained at the immigration department because i brought PEPPER SPRAY along. For your info, pepper spray is prohibited in Sg, bringing in PS without declaring it is an offence! Luckily i declared it to the Immigration officers and they just conphisticated the PS and black listed my name:(Thank God, i was not sent back M'sia..Hahah...
Jurong East, there is where Ivy Ang's house is....
Ichigo bliss(frozen Strawberries+vanila) from MOS burger..It's very niceEe!
DAISO...everything for $2 only....felt like buying the whole shop back!
Met WeiLin and Sarah @ Bugis Street:)

Angie and Ivy's Mommy..She was a nurse too! Thanks aunty for the late night sharing of your experiences of becoming a nurse and of coz hosting me for the past few days:) Thank you for the meals and making my stay in Sg so comfortable! Hugs...U're always my best friend, continue sticking notes around!Hahaha
Egg+Ham chips, Baked salmon, home-made scones, and my breakfast made by AngAng!!While Ivy went to work, WEILIN took over the shift to 'jaga' me:) She is the BESTest tour guide you could ever find!All the details in every nook and corner of Sg, she can explain to you nicely! Thank U gurl for the red carpet welcome! I really had a great GREAT time there...thank you for making time for me despite your overloaded schedule...

Visited HwaChong Institution+Raffles Girls Secondary school+Nanyang Girls School! It's like a schools visit trip for me:)i'm really amazed by the facilities provided in their schools! Each of these schools have their own field tracks, swimming pool, various courts and the compound for the schools is huge! Who say Sg is lack of lands? The government really invest on education!! They all must be fit and smart. No wonder it's so stressful to study in Sg..
Ivy's classroom. She and her classmates painted the room. It has been years but the 'powerpuff gurls' are stil there:)
Ice cream feast at Island Cremery..They hav teh tarik flavoured ice-cream:) Oh, Seng Chye joined us and brought me around Sg too!:)Thanks, anak dr 'kelapa'
Aunty Rosie and me....WeiLin's personal chef..Hahah! Her food were so yummy. WL must be so blessed to have her around:)
clockwise:olive oil rice, potato beef, long beans+prawns, chicken wings^_^ home cooked food, i like^_^
WeiLin's mum then brought us to see the highlights in Sg...Aww, Aunty Gan was so nice. She came back late from work but still willing to drive me around. Heart felt gratitude to you, dajie:)Fullerton HotelAngie*Seng Chye*Weilin*Aunty Gan @ Fullerton HotelAngie * my lovely junior, WeiLin!!!
clockwise: the DuriAn-Esplanade, Fullerton Hotel, Cavenagh BridgeMerLion, my favourite. It's a must see thingy in Sg! Aww, i just dunno why i'm so in love with this statue...Haha! >IVY, u muz go see at close distance one day k...u've stayed there for years d but still never visit this macho statue b4..haih!
Orchard Spree
DFS Galleria....the place we did our FOC manicure....Craziness!!
Wheelock Place..
The garbage bins were all painted by the kids in Sg..the one i'm standing with is a LV design bin! muz b Ex:P
Sushi feast @ Ichiban Sushi, Plaza Singapura. OiShii ne...
After our dinner, Ivy sped to Vanezia to tapao the nicest Gelato in town~ We bought greentea+red bean and tartofu flavoured gelato. Then *poof* we rushed home to catch our Hong Kong drama while enjoying our ice-cream:) 2 out of the 3 nights i stayed in her house, we ate ice cream while watching TV. Chillax-ing..
The day b4 i left, WeiLin's mommy drove all the way from her house to Ivy's place and lavished me with a bag of titbits so that i could eat in the bus on my way back..Aww, it's so thoughtful of her..Thanks Dajiejie..
the amount of food she bestowed me..i'm so loved:)
ivy and my goOdies...!
finally i found the chocolate almond Pocky recommended by Hannah...Yipee..M&M's with almond...Malaysia is not selling this yet:)Another junk only sold in Sg is the greentea flavoured kitkat, but i couldnt find it..haih,next trip lar.
Ivy's dad borrowed me this book called 'Gifted Hands'. I managed to finish it in just 2days despite my tight schedule in Sg..Haha! It's my first time doing that but guess it's really a great book! It's about this amazing black man, Dr Ben Carson. The story is about how God transformed him from a street fighters who almost killed his best friend, to a well-known neurosurgeon in John Hopkins Hospital. He said his good coordination of hands and eyes are gifted from God. And all of us have different talents. Success in life revolves around recognising and exploring your 'raw material'. Believe in God who can do the impossible...*a very highly recommended book*
In short, my stay in Singapore was marvellous. BIGGIE thanks to Ivy who has accomodated me though you're so busy working and running errands for your family. The moments we did our quiet time in Jurong Library, pillow talks , midnight ballooning, MRT-ing, shopping and all will always be sweet memories:) May the Lord fill your heart with joy no matter where you are. Love ya lots, Bennie(",)

wasSup Doc: There are times when i needed to tell someone my fear, times when i have needed someone to share my secret, times when i have needed someone to rejoice with me over an achievement. And those were the times when only you will do, thanks Ivy for being who you are to me:)