Thursday, November 30, 2006

Homework DONE!!

Teacher Denise, this is my homework....please have a look!

1) Four things I fear that not many know of:
a) NOT becoming a doctor

b) Driving in KL *drivers here are very fierce.....*
c) Snatch thief
d) Notes being contaminated/folded/LOST!!! *They are my treasure*

2) Four movies that I could watch over and over:
a) Daisy *a 5-stars product!Muz watch*

b) Initial-D *Jay is sososo cool....*
c) Kuch Kuch Hotta Hei*Correct ar spelling???*

d) Internal Affairs

3) Four places I have lived:
a) Kota Bharu, Kelantan..*My homeland with fond memories*
b) Rasah Jaya, Seremban..*my CNY home*
c) SS 15, Subang Jaya
d) Vista B1, Bukit Jalil

4) Four TV shows I love to watch:
a) Love Letter!!! (Korean)
b) X-man (Korean)
c) The Amazing Race Asia *i'm an ardent supporter of Malaysian teams..Malaysia Boleh!!*
d) House Md. * Dr House is the sexiest man on earth!!*

5) Four places I haven't been on vacation and planning/ wanting to go:
a) Bali *nice scenery, cheap stuff but not the BOMBS*

b) Rom
c) Africa
d) Korea

6) Four of my favourite food:
a) Sweetcorn * Cheap n yummy*
b) A&W waffle with ice-cream * thz to Crz n G-Wong*

c) The Golden Arch * McD, i'm lovin it*
d) Seremban Beef noodle

7) Four places I would rather be/do:
a) Home with family in KB *home sick la....*
b) Beach snapping pictures with ji muis

c) Guang Liang's concert with Denise * Salute her, she can memorise most of his songs!*
d) Home, chatting with my sis through MSN! * miss her badly...Sorry jeje, hardly got time to talk to u*

8) Four current favourite songs:
a) Once in a Lifetime ( Fly to the Sky)
b) Xin Yu (Jay Chou)
c) We are the Reason ( Avalon)
d) Joy to the World *CRZmas is near!!!*

9) Four persons I wanna tag:
a) Panda Sue Ann *eh, keep ur blog alive la...*

b) Crz *CRZmas present for U...hehe.*
c) Jessica
d) Sharon *do some homework after STPM, ok?*

wasSup Doc: Yippee, no more homework...Can go play now *wink*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Journey begins...

-It's THE group-
PBL sessions were never as interesting as the one i'm having now! THE group is juz a perfect combination of THE happening people in M106. THE substances here are SREE, JEREMY, THOMAS, XIN LOONG, SHIN ANN, CARYN, HUI YEN, PHING PHING & EUGENE. The hospital and clinic visits were so much fun with these people around!But the best part is the faci we had previously--> Dr Shaila Sharma, is an easy going person who can joke with us and shower us with love and care!Every PBL sessions is like a mamak gathering for us. We blend in well and crap about everything under the sun. Our faci has to pull us back, or else the PBL will last for hours because our faci will sometimes join us! i still remember once when she was trying to explain some theory while we were distributing chocolates quietly. Suddenly she stopped and asked "Eh, where is my chocolates?i want one!" All of us burst into laughter! Then ar, when you're sick, she will make an effort to call you to ask about ur condition. Though it's just a small deed, it shows her concern for us... She is like our 'mommy' who can listen to our complaints.Oh, how nice she is! Missing her badly d!
So the last PBL session with her, we bought a Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe for her as a token of appreciation..Yummy! :) To be honest, she is one of the best faci we could have......

*We are the K Group*

Yepp, group K Rox


-Dedication: Happy Big Day Jen Lye-

Jen's birthday cake baked specially by YEE PEI!!!(Perfect)

Friends Forever


-First Aid-

This was how we released stress when our first aid class was just two days before summative 2 --> Every Shot is a Power Shot....say CHEESSE :)

The broken sculls n hand


-Post Exam-

A biggie Hugs to those who prayed for me and encouraged me in every ways before the exam. Especially to my dearest SARAH NG, u're so loving who has brightened my days. Thanks for the Chocs..I love u.*Muah Muah*

wasSup Doc: A friend loves at all time. Proverbs 17:17

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wat is my problem??

I can't remember all the parasites....
I can't recall any pharmaco notes...
I'm so going to fail my summative 2...
Any suggestions to improve my memory?
Raisins?i finished the whole big red box of it and it's not working, it only helps to put on my weight!
Ginko? Too expensive la. Can't afford it at all!
Anymore ideas???
wasSup Doc : I can only rely on God to pass my exam.....Really need His grace to pour on me again!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed(AWANA)..

The meeting this afternoon was the the last meeting for AWANA kids club for this year. The children were given their graduation awards, redemption gifts from the points they have collected throughout the years and leaders too were given awards. I have involved in this ministry for only 1 year+ since i joined the church. Seeing the kids grow stronger spiritually with God has really encouraged me more to serve him. I remember my leader saying that the small seed we planted in this children heart will eventually grow when they become older. So the best time to share the gospel is when they are still young. :)

My T&T Class(We decorated photo frames)

I got the Most Caring Leader......*Wink*

*Sushi(after taking this pic, the waitress told me i was not allowed to take any pic..T_T, so this is the only shot i got......)

After the meeting, all the leaders were invited to Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant in One U for an appreciation dinner. As a japanese food lover, i actually starved and skipped my lunch so that i can eat more then...*the greedy monster of me*...Honestly, the food was not really delicious. Although the food varies from sushi, shashimi, soba, tempura, teppanyaki, miso soup to cheese cakes, they taste soso only. Not recommended at all!! Maybe it's because of the mass production to supply the loads of customers! The best food i can find is Edaname( stimmed green beans). It might sounds stupid but honestly it was really reaaly good...Give a try a possible. I think i went 5 rounds to get them! Even my pastor thought i was on diet! Anyway, we had a great fellowship among all the leaders, sharing the times we had in AWANA previously. There were happy and bitter times, but God is faithful. He guided us through it all... *_*

Katherine + m3

She is my partner in the kids club. Honestly, i'm really grateful to have her because her big heart to serve in this ministry is imcomparable. She is very patient with the children, talked to them nicely and shared all she has with them. She is very creative as well, making the children to make lots of handcrafts so that they can remember what they have studied earlier in the lesson. She even spent her own money to buy gifts for the children.For instance, bibles, photo frames and story books. I really learned a lot from her. With her guidance and kindness, i grown stronger spiritually. Her passion and enthusiasm in teaching the children is really a living model of Christ!

wasSup Doc : God will bless your giving heart.

"May the Lord repay you for what you have done...-Ruth 2:12"

Friday, November 10, 2006

My nursing week..

I believed more than half of M106 students will say their nursing week was bored, given cold shoulders by the nurses, most of the patients were reluctant to talk and yadda yadda. But as for my group, i think it was really a fruitful experience. We were the noisiest group i could say, with Sree, Jeremy, Shin Ann, Caryn, Phing Phing, Xin Long and the talkative Me around. Even my sister was asking us to keep our voice low..Haha! But Sister Saedah was a great sister who was so willing to teach us patiently, brought us to every nook and corner of the hospital and shared her very own experiences after serving the public for more than 10 years.

The ward we were assigned to was a female ortho ward with mostly old women and a small part of paeditric. We were really lucky to be there because as u all know, old people can talk non-stop and they love to share their feelings. So you wont feel bored even you have nothing to do because i think listening to the patients is the best thing we can do currently due to the limited knowledge we learned throughout our 2 semesters. Of coz at the beginning we were shy to approach them coz they looked really sick and just wanted some rest, but we thickened our face and started a conversation with them.They just pour out their hearts once you showed some interest to their lives. The best part was when the patients realised Sree can speak Mandarin. Shocking but interesting!

I met a 90+ years old woman who fell when she was bathing. She fractured her right leg and right arm, so when i helped her with her drinks and food, she held my hands and i can hear her weak spoken voice keep on saying thank you thank you. Slowly you can see her tears trembling down.When i see that, i was really touched, it was just a small thing i did and she really appreciated it. This is the satisfaction i meant when you're in medical field. The only thing you hope is to see them recover and not lying there, immobilised.

So, when we were about time to leave, we bid goodbye to all the patients we met in the ward. It was hard though because for only 2 days, we have actually built a relationship with them. As for me, this exposure has indeed encouraged me more of becoming a passionate dr. I know it's not easy to pass through the exams but i will just give my best. If really can't make it maybe a nurse will do (at least). :)

Tiring doctors-to-be (on our way early morning)
Jokers in the bus!
The 2B Doctors wannabe

wasSup Doc : Make an impact in people's life by showing your concern and love for them!U can make a difference!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bolehkah Kristian Berbuah??

Pernahkah anda mendengar lagu ini :

Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNyaTinggalah di dalamNya,
Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNyaTinggalah di dalamNya,
Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNyaTinggalah di dalamNya,Pastikan kau akan berbuah

Yesus cintaku, ku cintakau, kau cinta dia,
Yesus cintaku, ku cintakau, kau cinta dia.

Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNyaTinggalah di dalamNya,
Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNyaTinggalah di dalamNya,
Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNyaTinggalah di dalamNya,
Pastikan kau akan berbuah

Lagu ini memang tidak asing bagi mereka yang mengemarkan lagu rohani dalam BM.
Jika anda berpeluang memasuki dusun-dusun pokok durian, air liur anda akan terkeluar memandangkan buah yang besar. Anda juga boleh berbau buah itu. Dalam fikiran, bolehkah saya memakannya.Dilihat juga ranting-ranting (cabang) yang berbuahkan durian. Ada yang berbuahkan banyak, ada yang sedikit. Apa yang pasti binatang serta manusia dapat makannya.

Dalam AlKitab ada tertulis bahawa Yesus itu pokok dan kitalah cabangNya. Cabang tidak dapat berbuah kalau diasingkan dari pokok itu. Pokok itulah yang membekalkan air serta mineral bagi buah durian itu.Yesus menyarankan agar pengikutnya bersatu dalamNya. TanpaNya, kita tidak dapat berbuah. Memanglah Kristian bukanlah berbuah durian, rambutan dan sebagainya tetapi berbuah yang dapat membawa kebaikkan serta keberkatan bukan sahaja pada dirinya malah untuk orang lain. Yesus juga menegaskan kalau cabangNya itu tidak berbuah ia akan dipotong dari pokok itu dan dibuang.

Apakah ajaran Yesus agar kita dapat bersatu denganNya? Pada pandangan saya untuk berbuah kita kenalah 1. Kasih Tuhan, 2. Kasih orang lain walaupun bukan Kristian.Dalam mengasihi Tuhan, kita kena tekun berdoa, memuji kebesaran Tuhan. Dengar dan baca firman Tuhan yang tertulis dalam AlKitab. Firman Tuhan dalam AlKitab tidak berubah walaupun bumi serta isinya berubah.A Firman Tuhan kekal selamanya.

Oleh itu sebagai umat Kristian. kita bukan sahaja mendengar serta membaca tetapi taat firmanNya serta lakukan apa yang diperintahkan Tuhan.Kita kenalah mengasihi orang lain seperti Yesus mengasihi kita. Dia mengasihi kita sehingga mengambil hukuman dosa yang seharusnya dijatuhkan kepada kita. Sewaktu kita dalam dosa, Tuhan menunjukkan kasihNya kepada kita, Yesus disalibkan. Kasih Tuhan kepada kita tiada syaratnya. Dengan ini kita kena mengasihi orang lain dengan membantu mereka. Bagi kawan yang sakit, kita berdoa. Bagi mereka yang lapar, kita berkongsi makanan. Kita boleh menjadi penghibur untuk mereka yang sedih. Demikianlah kasih Tuhan disinar melalui kasih kita kepada orang lain.

Inilah perintah Yesus kepada kita dalam Yohanes 15:10 : Inilah perintahKu : Saling kasih mengasihi antara satu sama lain seperti saya mengasihimu.

~Taken from Hawariyun's blog WITHOUT permission~
wasSup Doc : Loving God, Loving people....That's the command from our heavenly Father. It's hard though to love your enemies, but wat to do, we really have to forgive and forget. There is no enemy in this world bacause the biggest enemy is U, yourself! The feeling of hatred is burdening, why dun we just change the hatred to love instead, it will make our lives happier...dun you think so?