Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweet 22nd birthday to my dearest Sis

HaPpiE BirthdAy Adelene!!!!

So sorry for the delay..just came back from hospital attachment, KKB today n so decided to put this up for U:)

On 29th May 1985, the Teo family was blessed with a baby girl,named Adelene Teo. Her presence has brought joy to the family and blessings to the people around her.....n most important of all, she has been a great sister to ME. Every single words she said meant alot to me..Thank you for everything sis.Stay young n pretty,k:) May God favour every steps you take...

From a pretty and charming little girl

[Gosh, i looked so nerdy last time..muahahha!]

to a mature, beautiful lady now....Muacks....

wasSup Doc : You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God....Rmb, u're unique in your way:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From :( to :)

Yep, GASTRO-INTESTINAL end of system exam is this FRIDAY and 6 weeks of stuff to study n memorise for the 1 hour paper is KILLING me. As usual, during this period of time, all the people in my batch, including me will become typical EMO bears!!
Went uni 8.30am this morning, havin in mind to visit Medical museum. After spending half n hour looking thru all the pics n slides, i dun think i'm well prepared still to describe if they were to asked in my paper this Fri..Hehe.After that, i dragged my feet to library to wait for the clock to struck 11am for class. Quietly, i studied a few lecture notes n out of a sudden, CHRIS POI appeared infront of me n said "U look stress, Angie..See, I hav smth for U" One by one, he arranged them on the table....I was reli shocked n surprised. At first i tot he is going to give me one packet,but NO, ALL FOR ANGELENE..haha..Hav a look wat he had bought for m3! DUN BE GREEN MONSTERs PEEPS!

CHOCOLATEs----Which will definitely make m3 SMILE:)

Thanks Poi!!U're one in a MILLION!!


Special THANKS to the following peeps who really made my day during this stressful period

1) IVY ANG- biggie thanks for the ALMOND MILK! It was my first time trying that n it really taste yumMylicious. I'll curi the recipe from u when i finish my EOS later..hehe! Thanks again for the prayers n being a good ' stetoscope'!*P/S: Ivy is so cute. Let me tell u y. She has a water bottle with 'anelgen' written on it. So one day, her brilliant mind told her 'anelgen' looks very she tried to figure wat 'anelgen' is. N surprisingly, when she rearrange the letters in the word, it spells 'angelen'~'Angelene'~ME!!:):)

2) LIOW EE LEEN- This girl loves alphabet 'E' coz her name has 4 'Es' n coincidently my name has 4 'Es' too!!Hehe..How she enlightens my day? As i have written in my previous post, when i see her tying up her hair, i'll be happy. N u kno wat, yesterday night, she PURPOSELY msg me n say she is having CSU today. So it means she wud hav to tie up her hair. n so she said she hope we'll meet today...TRUE enough, her wish came true n we met in canteen today, with her hair tying up!:):):):):):):):):):):)

3) SARAH NG- This dearie of mine never fails to give me a big big bearie hug when she meets me. EVEN when she drop me a msg, she'll write *big bear hug*..So sweet of her la...N the hand-written promises God has for me, it reli encourages me ALOT! Whenever i feel like giving up, the promises u wrote made me move on..thanks dear..muacks!*HuggiEs*

4) All my friends who ask me to chill n relax, Koinonians who constantly keep me in prayers, my mum n dad who call very often n said 'Jia you jia you my dear girl'....

wasSup Doc : We can face any fear when we know the Lord is near...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things that make me :)

Ever thought of wat makes u smile from the bottom of heart?
Hmmm, there are quite ALOT of reasons that can make me :))))))
1)When we(Denise, Pei, Xan, Jen, G-Wong, Crz, Hwei1) decided to go McD for lunch
2)When ADELENE(my sis) calls from UK
3)When SEE EUGENE throws a pillow on my head
4)When LIOW EE LEEN ties up her hair
5)When IVY ANG wears a skirt
6)When playing and chatting with SEE SUE ANN
7)When Pei talks bout her favourite Calvin
8)When Sarah NG gives me a biggie hug
9)When Denise put on an innocent+cute+blur face
10)When MUMMY/DADDY call me
11)When DARREN(my bro) brings me out for dinner
12)When HWEI WAN be my post-woman:)
13)When G-WONG tells a super duper lame joke
14)When JESSICA sends me a msg
15)When XANDRA gives me present(Lecture notes)
16)When JENLYE acts like Jay Chou
18)When readin CRZ's blog(BEST!)
19)When EDWINA says i can squeeze my stress out while hugging her
20)When SHARON updates her blog bout the happenings in KB
21)When Joanne gives me valuable exam tips n encouragements!
22)When AUNTY ANN brings me out 'gai gai'
23)When children coming to me and call me "Teacher"
24)When my friends call me 'AUNTY'
25)When JESUS said 'HE LOVES ME' :)
wasSup doc : a SMILE from U is wat i need to enlighten my days:)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mommy, it's your big day:)

It's all the moms' day again...N again, i can't celebrate this big day with my dear mummy who is in Kelantan:(
Pity her, she has to work today..All the blames go to the government of Kelantan!!Sunday is a working day there...Anyway, just wanna share smth my mum replied me when she received my hand-made love shaped card....
This is what she wrote:
"Honey gal, thanks for the beautiful hand made card n messages u sent. It has been great joy bringing u all up. No sacrifice at al. Ma will do it all over again if mama could. At times ma feel sorry for u all that all of u had to suffer cause ma had to rush back to offive/work. Miss all those times di. How nice if only could turn back the clock. U all are the best children dad n mom are proud to have."

My mum is not like other housewives who can stay at home n 'goyang kaki'. She is a nurse and has to work from morning(8am) till evening(5pm). So when we were young, the only time we could spend time with her was in the car when we were on our way to school or tuition classes. Although the time was short, she used it wisely to catch up every details that had happened in school. Till now, she is still up to date with our lives although we are no longer by her side but far away from home to study. This is because she has a friendster account to check on us..How cool she is, right?!:)

Mommy, it's never easy to bring 4 children up. Thanks for everything u have done for us..We LOVE you...Happy Mother's Day!!

Oops, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my 'mummy' in cell group too-Aunty Anne..She is the mummy for all of us there! Sorry cant celebrate with you after church service today. Hope u had a great time with the others:) Thanks for preparing dinner for me sometimes, bringing me out 'gai gai' and listen to my ya:)

Aunty Ann(on my right)

wasSup Doc : Make your mum glad, give her lots of kisses; Make your mum glad, this is what she misses; Make your mum glad, not sad, give her lots of kisses *Muacks*

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do it for God...

Yay!!!Henley won the 2nd season of Project Superstar.....!!!Yahoo!!

When he was asked to express his feelings after winning the title. He said this:
"i wanna thank God for giving me this opportunity to win this title. I'm really grateful"

It's so true....No matter what you do, be it at work or school, let your life be a dedication for our Heavenly Papa. We should be thankful always because all the successes and good results we achieved are rewarded by our Father. He wants to favour each and every steps we take and give the BEST He can give. However, it takes time...Wait, my friends~

wasSup Doc: Be patient Angelene, God makes everything beautiful in His time....Rmb that!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Project Superstar...

just type VOTE HENLEY and send to 39003!!!
now now NOW!! hour left :P

Y? Agree with me, he is cute! but that's NOT important
1) he is a BANANA n still he managed to reach the finAls in a CHINESE SINGING competition!
- how he learn his mandarin then?
like our dear DENISE, with all the spelling underneath each and every chinese word...
It's not NOT easy especially he has to memorise the WHOLE song lyrics and perform on stage!!
SEE his great determination!!!WOW.....
so VOTE for him..LET HENLEY WIN!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Always in Your Heart

You know my name
You feel my shame
You hold my life
You hear my cry
You help me stand
And I'll never be the same
Cause You'll never let me go of me
You're thinking of me
With thoughts that are beautiful
Like the countless sand by the sea
I could never understand
You're thinking of me
With thoughts that will last till the end
I could never comprehend
That I'm always in Your heart
You know my fears
You wipe my tears
You hold my hand
You see my fall
You heed my call
You give me strength
sometimes I feel I'm at the end of the road
All my senses tell me there's no one else to hold
Then Your love reminds me
That You're always making me grow
Making me whole
by 1 a.m
Yes Lord, You're the only one that understands everything that is going through my life- my shame, my fear, my stress and all..
When I feel like giving up and wondering whether You're listening to my prayers, You told me that You have heard my weeping(Psalm 6:8).
When I'm so disappointed with the outcomes of my results, You told me that You have turned my mourning into dancing(Psalm 30:11).
When I'm worried whether I can pass through all my exams and be a doctor, You told me not to be 'doubting Thomas' but to rest fully on Your promise for all things are possible to You who believes(Mark 9:23)
When I'm lack of confidence to move on, You told me not to throw away my confidence for it will be richly rewarded. I just have to persevere so that when i have done the will of God, I'll receive what He has promised.(Hebrews 10:35)
When the hard time I'm going through seems so impossible for me to move on, You told me to endure the hardship as discipline(Hebrews 12:7a) for no discipline seems pleasant at time but painful(Hebrews 12: 11a).
Dear Lord, i cant do this myself. i really cant...It's by Your strength that keep me moving on now.....