Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm back....

Argh..i'm back again to this remoted IMU!but it's not goin to be dead for the time being BECAUSE......M2/06 orientation is starting real soon!IMCC?Telematch?Variety night!*GREAT*
theme?:Bad Medicine,but it's good for U.....really?
Banner for M2/O6 orientation..
Backdrop for variety night

The banner was nice, the booklet was cute, the back drop was cool n i suppose the t-shirt should be fantastic!
Credits to Mustaqim-chief OO(the so called best guy....sweat*o*)
anyway,he really did a great job....
Tired Mus Zzz in McD
Back to the orientation,i'm sure it will be fun coz mine was great n i really enjoy mine!Although we got ragging from seniors,it's still FUN FUN FUN!
i'm one of the OOs this time,i'm not going to rag them but to be a nice 'nanny' and look after a group of juniors.
hopefully i can do a good job and not let them down! =Stress=
as for my group,overall,they are very cooperative.Can't wait to see how they fight in the race!
"Way to go man,grope that mountain(my group name-figure out yourselves the in dept meaning..hehe)...."
Chaoz*dengan coolnya*

wasSup Doc : Dear God, please give me strength to finish this task...Amen!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kiss Goodbye...

a Message wrote by her before she left...

"Good bye to all my dear sis.....Take care n keep in touch!!"

It was tough to let her go...Just feel like keeping her always, having her to share my sorrow and double my joy.But it's time to Bon VoyAge Sis!!

*I kiss her Good bye...*

wasSup Doc : No regrets having you in my life...WE shall meet in near future.All the best in your future endeavours n Love ya gal!!!^_^

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm so touched to know there are so many of my friends are so concern about me!Hehe..especially those who drop their comments on my previous post and those who messaged me.You know who you are!Thank you guys for the care and encouragement given!The supports indeed made me feel much better!!
Anyway,don't worry,i'm doing great now.Just have a look at the pictures i took after that test!All the pain was forgotten...haha!!By the way, i'll only get the MRI result after 2 weeks.So for the time being,i'll just enjoy my last few days in Kelantan!

wasSup Doc : Enjoy each of your days for you never know what will happen tomorrow...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

::Pain Vs Happy::

I did my MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) this morning!Oh,it's a terrible experience!Before the process,i have to take 16 tablets of steroid which were so bitter!!Then i have to fast for 6 hours,NO Water and Food!!Argh....Anyway,this is NOT the worst part.The worst part is the nurse has to set a 3+ cm needle into my vein..This is SUPER SUPER painful.And the nurse attended to me was unsure about how to set the thing and what liquid should be injected!I was terrified..What if the liquid was wrong?What if he didn't set it nicely into my vein?This will cause me to suffer more cause he would have to remove the needle and set it in AGAIN!Gosh,luckily he asked a lady before he did it.Finally, he injected HEPARIN which is to prevent the clotting of my blood..haha,medical mates heparin sounds familiar right??BUT this is not the end,i was asked to wait for bout 1 hour before i can actually do it.Government service is really unreliable!My appointment was 10am and i can only do it at 11am!The tunnel of MRI was not as bad as what the Doctor has told me earlier.I was moved into the cold tunnel.The nurse gave me a buzzer in case i cannot stand the covered tunnel.And i was given a pair of ear phone to wear because of the loud noise when the test took place.But i just ZZzzz in there because i was too exhausted!Haha...hardly feel anything inside the chilling 'coffin'!The whole process took about 1 hour...After that i found out that the setting on my hand was set for EMERGENCY use only???!!What...Emergency?Don't ask,i also dun know what emergency is that!Ouch,my hand is still aching!! It's a horrific morning!!

*This is how the 'coffin' looks like ^_^*

*Argh,the miserable setting...*



However, i had a whale of time with my buddies(From left::Kimmie,Shannie,Angie,Annie,Ying,Synnie) at the beautiful beach in Kelantan that very afternoon!It is a heavenly place...I told you, my ji muis surely pay a visit to this beach everytime we come back to our paradise hometown!We took lots of pictures at the sea side and strolled along the crystal clear water!We had never meet up for quite some time ady because all of us are studying in different places and it's hard to meet all together.We treasure the time we have as Shannie is leaving us so so soon...Then we went to have out favourite coconut water and ate some fried fish balls and keropok!Oh,how i wish i can have such a relaxing time always!I really have to enjoy my holidays to the max as i know once my 2nd semester starts,i won't have time to chill d!

*Somewhere over the rainbow*

*It's a bird,It's a helicopter,It's a kite.......Noise!**Shortie---->Tall*

*Credits to Shean Wei,Our photographer*

*My lovely Ji Muis,Love u all much....MUACKS*

WasSup Doc : I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends. -William Shakespeare

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fun! Great! Joy!

As i was on my way out to meet my friends this morning, my dad approached me and told me bout the visit to Down Syndrome Centre Kota Bharu organised by the Lions Club.So i decided to change my mind and visit the centre instead!I have never been there, so it's a golden opportunity for me to go and have a look.Especially since i'm doing medicine,it's a good exposure for me as well!
The centre is not big.It only accomodates around 30 kids.All parents have to accompany their children there in order to learn the right ways to deal with these special children.As they grow older, they will be sent to normal schools to continue their studies.However,they have to put in extra effort compared to the normal kids...*:(* When all the Lions and Youth exchangees have arrived, the teachers arranged them in a circle and they started to sing songs with actions.It's so sweet of them to perform that for us!After that,i managed to play with some of them...I deeply think that "we should be contented with what we have and how we are because there are a lot of unfortunate people like them....

*Bowling Mates*
Right after the visit,i joined my friends in KB mall. The newly open Pacific Bowl there has attracted a lot of people.We had a whale of time playing bowling.Although it's not my 1st time, i played lousyly!How come?What a shame of me man,all of my friends are so pro in this d..Argh,stress!hehe...Anyway,i really enjoy it although i end up 2nd last....*Too bad...i need more practice,i think* Cheers to Shean Wei who got a few Strike in 1 game!Way to go man!!

*Shann + Fong + Angelene*

wasSup Doc : Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world. --John Evelyn

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Baking experience....

I started my baking class today....IMU indeed makes our student lives more interesting!!Huh,some of my friends even asked me:"What course are you taking?Do you have to know how to bake eventhough you're studying Medicine??" It's weird i know,but what to do, IMU wants the medical students to learn a NEW skill which we named it as ELECTIVE.So,i picked baking because it's easy and not time consuming!My instructor Mrs Lau,taught me step by step,from the beating of butter till thebaking of the cake in oven!In between something interesting happened.Out of the 6 eggs we beat,5 of them have 2 egg yolks!What a lucky day i had!In all,thanks to Mrs Lau patience in teaching me,i managed to finish an ORANGE SPONGE CAKE!!Yahoo!!



*The Final Product*

*Anne and Ange-YumMy*

watsSup Doc: If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way -James Freeman Clarke

Saturday, August 12, 2006

we REunited.....

*All Ready for the Mission Impossible*

Waking up at 6am was never easy in my entire life,what about during this LONG holidays!it's so impossible....BUT nothing is IMPOSSIBLE because the word is spelled I M POSSIBLE!!haha....just yesterday(11th August),instead of sleeping like a log, i jumped out from my cozy bed once my alarm rang and got myself ready....Here i come people!!but where am i going??!!..Actually, i went bak kut teh for breakfast,the excitement in me was because i'm going to meet most of my secondary frens(Thong,JJ,Wei,Raul,Fong,Anne,Miao,Wui & Han) whom i never meet for almost 6 months...When i saw them,i was jumping with joy,all of them looked so different since the last time i saw them...we talked about the good old days we had and the whole food stall was enveloped with our launghter ONLY...they are really jokerS!!

*So ready for the RACE*

*Negaraku,Tanah Tumpahnya.........*

*Ange,Thong,JJ-Ready to work!* *Raul-the boss of the day*
The main purpose of meeting up is NOT for reunion but helping Raul's mum in the primary school Sports Day.The macho guys looked 'selamba saja' during normal days but come to work,they will give their best.*I salute u guys!*It's fun to have all together and work as a team again.We were GIANT to the kids because of the big difference in height.The kids are so tiny in size.Just wondering whether i was so small last time too or they are suffering from malnutrition?(of coz not,we're in M'sia, not India!)..Seeing the kids running in the race make me think back the sweet times when we were at their age....
*Shannie + Angie*
That evening we had a farewell party at Shann's place.She is leaving for US on 21st of August to continue her studies as a coming mechanical engineer!Shann is my best friend for almost 14 years.She's is loving,kind and helpful!She's the someone i can rely on most when i have problems.She will advise me patiently and comfort me when i am down!She's such an angel to me...We were in the same class since kindergarden till form 5!Just imagine that,we are like sisters...How am i going to survice when she is not around?....*sob sob*
-->Dear Shannie,the happy and sad moment we shared will always be remembered....Angie<--
The farewell party was indeed a big blast because most of our old friends came back purposely,all the way from KL,just to see her before she leaves!It was so nice of them who took the effort!Of cause, we 'posers' took lots of pictures......hehe!I really had great fun this day because it is very very difficult to gather all under one roof later on!!

watsSup Doc : Think where man's glory begins and ends, and say my glory is I have such friend...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bitterness Vs Love

watsSup Doc :

Bitterness sickens life;

Love heals it;

Bitterness blinds life;

Love annoints its eyes.

- Harry Emerson Fosdick-

Monday, August 07, 2006

My home,Kelantan...

I was chatting with Randy the other day and he suddenly asked me "What is nice in Kelantan?" and i just answered "everything is nice here....." It's a shame of me because i don't really know what is nice in Kelantan. I was born and bred here and the answer given to him was so abrupt. In fact,he is not the only person that ask me bout the SAME question,many KL ppl hav been asking me about Kelantan coz all they know is juz a state govern by PAS and there are lots of Malays it seems so impossible to have CHINESE here!There are funnier questions i encountered, such as: "Do u stay in a tree house?Can u see elephants walking beside the roads?Do people drive there?!My goodness,Kelantan is NOT that 'ulu' k...Argh!Hey peeps, u thought i'm staying in safari Africa ke??

After that i decided to look through the internet about KELANTAN!(Gosh,wat am i doing?i'm a genuine Kelantan girl and now i have to look for information bout my homeland!??!)
So finally i compiled the top 3 nicest places in Kelantan..

1st:Pantai Cahaya Bulan(Moonlight Beach)This lovely stretch of shimmering sand is perhaps Kelanian's most famous beach. Its warm golden sands and crystal blue waters amidst tall and graceful palms encourages one to just lay on the sand and bask in the sun.Although the scenary is not as beautiful as the picture now,at least we have a clean beach here compared to the contaminated beach in PD.. Everytime i come back,surely my ji mui wil go there to have a cooling coconut drink!Yummy...

2nd: The 'biggest' mall in Kelantan-->KB MALL!ok ok,I admit,our mall is neither huge like 1 Utama nor Midvalley,at least we have a mall,bla bla bla...hehe(sorry la people,i'm talking nonsense,just vending my anger coz we don't even have a cinema here....*sob sob*)

3rd:i really dunno also,let's put-Cultural Centre...Kelantan is hailed as the cultural haven of Malaysia.This is where you will get a first hand experience of some popular folk arts and favorite past times of the Kelantanese. You can enjoy the cultural performances and traditional games and pastimes handed down through generations...huh not bad ar,but to be honest with u guys, i went there only once to complete my form 3 assignment....hahaha!

that's all peeps,so DON"T ever say Kelantan is ULU d,it's not not not!i repeat it's not ULU at all ok!i'll try to put on some pictures of the far i dun have any..sorry loo.If u still don't believe juz come and see it for yourself.U might fall in love with this place :)

waTsSup Doc: Peaceful town+ Friendly people+ Yummy food= Kelantan, my lovely paradise!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

a TOUCH of Heaven!

*Doulos Motto-Knowledge, Hope and Help*
I'm back mates!Two weeks volunteering in MV Doulos was just like living in heaven!450 crew members from 43 different nation are united and work together for 1 purpose,that is to serve the Lord our God! Sailing from country to country, Doulos seeks to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people around the world, through her floating book fair and cultural programs.The crew members are very very friendly,they are so willing to help and talked to you.

*UNIFORMS:green(Catering), Maroon(Book Ex.), Red(Accomodation)*

You all muz be wondering which department i finally being arranged to-->Book exhibition!
For your short info,there are overall 3 departments,ie.
1)Accomodation:doing laundry,cleaning toilets,scrub the floor,etc.
2)Catering:prepare meals,cut vegetables for hundreds,wash the dishes,clean the dining room.. 3Bbook exhibition:keep the book store tidy,welcome customers,printing Doulos bags,
arrange books..(seems easy but very tiring)

Every morning we have to wake up at 6.30am and leave the place we stayed at 7.30am. We had trainings and worship session.We learned drama,mime,ways to share testimony and puppets.It was a great fun!After that,all of us chaged into our own department uniform and off we go to work.Working in the book shop was not as easy as ABC, You have to be prepared to answer customers' questions, put the books back if the customers misplaced them and welcome customers at the gangway with a big smile eventhough you're exhausted...(esp during weekends,it was a mess in the book store and the queue to the ship was amazing!People can wait for 2 hours just to get into the ship,God is really at work)But everything is worth doing for we know we're doing for the glory of God!We usually go back to our accomodation at 10pm. Most of us are dog-tired but we still feel happy for we have done a great job!Cheers!!

*Queue up to get food*

Lunch time is from 11.45am to 1pm whereas dinner time is from 5.45pm to 6.30pm. Most of the food prepared are western food. We had bread,cheese and fresh vegetables(carrot,timun,tomato,salad,capsicum) for lunch. For dinner,we had pizza,roti canai,steak,steamed chicken and sometimes rice...*_*overall was good although sometimes we really miss Malaysia typical food!Kinda hard to survive for the first few days!

Within this two weeks,we had an off day(we don't have to work) and an E day(evangelism day in which u go out to do ministry).For my E day,we did Prayer walk.The group walked around Port Klang and prayed for Malaysia!It was a new experience as i never did this before.Then in the afternoon we did a programme for 150 refuge kids in the ship.It turned out to be good because we didn't have much time to prepare!Although i didn't get to go out for churce visits like others,i enjoyed my E day!
*My E Team*

Phase 2 Volunteers ROCKS man!Most of them are like my age and we mix well.We joke,work and play together.The rapport we built was strong!All of us are like brothers and sisters.On the last day,we had a farewell party for the volunteers .It was a great success.We led worship, we dance and we did mime.All of us gave our best to the Lord and it turned out to be fantastic.Before we leave,we took greeat shots,wrote down contacts and felt really sad to leave the team cause we have bonded well.Some even wept,gave each other a big hug.Two weeks on board seems to be very short. We were so reluctant to leave but we can do nothing but to walk on and face the reality of life.That's why i said earlier, my life onboard was as though staying in heaven!
*Phase II Volunteers*

This DEEP(vonlunteers) programme was an eye opener for me.It has given me a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord in another way. Serving on the ship was great, it enables me to meet new people and teach me to be a servant. IF it is God's will, i'm sure all of the volunteers will be so ready to stay there and bring hope,knowledge and help the the world.....

watsSup Doc: "The Son of God did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom for many"-Matthew 10:28