Monday, May 28, 2012

ZANG TOI's studio @ New York City!

ALOHA...this special entrance is for my mumsy and pupsy:)

Being an authentic Kelantanese, we took PRIDE to come from the same state as Zang Toi, the Kuala Krai born, world renowned fashion designer! When Lilian had the opportunity to be his fashion intern there, we must be's ZANG you know! :)
FACT IS, yups SHE WAS THERE for a good 6 months!
Lilian made it yo :)

And Thanks to her, during my recent visit to NYC, we were given a golden ticket to visit to his studio right in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Manhattan! Let me show you his EMPIRE in New York CITY! a sneak peak into his workplace!Super proud of this up and coming fashionista :)
Black and white themed studio...ELEGANCE!as you walk down the stairs, there is an array of Zang's designed clothings which cost thousands USD!!!Beloved dedicated fashion intern, doing her job!
Introducing the recent Fall 2012 Fashion week designs!
The models, the designs, the styles, the musics for the runaway...down to the very minute details are essentials to make the fashion show a success..and Zang knows it ALL inside out!
*look at his SO NEAT looking handwriting!!*
awww...I'm IMPRESSED!
*apparently, he loves writing every details down by himself!*the many AMAZING Zang's masterpieces!being the cheecky us, we sneaked into this 'hidden bedroom' at the back of his studio to snap a pic.
I did some research from his website and it says, this is actually a dressing room because he didn't want an ordinary boring fitting room with rack and mirror, instead all the beautiful clothes are to be laid on this exuberant daybed;)
and on the wall are pictures of this specific Chinese Model- Lin Dan (a Malaysian as well!)
Malaysian's pride again!
Finally, how could we leave his newspapers featured showroom without a group photo:P
Hah, a lifetime experience stepping into Zang's studio.
Unfortunately, the master is not in, that's why the little mice like us were running around freely :)
*I would love to get his signature one day since I don't think I can afford any of his masterpiece:P*

oh having said that, being able to step into his studio was good enough for me personally:)

Keep up the good work, Zang!
We are SO PROUD of you!!

wasSup Doc:
Coco Chanel once said:" I don't do fashion, I am fashion."
*wat say u?*

Friday, May 25, 2012

USA highlights!

I WAS in the US of A..and it was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Spent 9 days there and difinitely going back for MORE! ;)

So, let's summarized some of the highlights of my trip with my fellow GURLS and also the Chan Family! BIG thanks to our personal tour guide LILIAN CHAN. Our trip would not have been so productive if it wasn't you, little 'cat'! ;)

So let's find out what were my FAVOURITEs throughout the trip:) Ready, get set GOO........!

1) the MUST SEE in NYC...Statue of LIBERTY...*so near yet so far* oh well...I wasn't very impressed :P

2) the PRIDE of being a Kelantanese
I shall write in another post regarding my visit to ZANG's studio!
Thanks to Lils who worked as an intern there.
Impossible visit but made possible by Lils!

3) the GURLs' heaven! MUST stop by to open your eye and see how the Americans SHOP!
a 10 storeys shopping mall. *i stayed in the hotel just beside it*
Shopping paradise for gurls...who are LOADED!
as for me and myself...window shopping sajelah.

4) the MOST expensive musical I've been to, but it's my FAVOURITE so far!
WICKED was WICKED!Magical World of Oz!

5) the MOST breath-taking spot in NYC!
On top of Rockerfeller Centre....NYC in a glance! that's the Empire Building!

6) the MOST nyummylicios BURGER on earth!
LOOK at the queue! Almost an hour wait to buy the burger!even looking at it makes me sa-li-vate!
The buttery bun + fresh crispy salad + juicy beef + mysterios shakeshack sauce = PERFECT!
I can hav this everyday!
The hidden gem in Madison Park! *a MUST GO in NYC*!

7) the MOST 'educational' visit :P
so how is HARVARD like?!
feeling a whee bit smarter even just walk pass the campus :P

8) the HIGHLIGHT of my trip...a dream come true
to see Niagara Falls right infront of my eyes.
a place I dream of going since young.
Majestic view of the awe about God's awesomeness!
we were in that tiny boat...which brought us so much closer to the falls.
the waves, the splash from the falls..priceless experience!

9) the MUST try fresh LOBSTER @ Boston!the freshness of it wins it all! ATTACK...

10) the FAVOURITE spot in NYC..TIMES SQUARE! it defines NEW YORK CITY!NYC in day time!
This IS NYC at night...just like wat u see in TV!
Vibrant+COLOURFUL...a city which never sleep!
not to forget...the YELLOW i saw it for REAL!

wasSup Doc: Another side of the world conquered!
oh how marvellous is Your creation!
I stood in awe, marvelled by the beauty of Your handiwork ;)

Friday, May 04, 2012

New Look!

Took the CUT MY HAIR SHORT! *not very short actually*
Just tot of giving it a GO and cut off the ugly loose ends And the higlighted ends...

Problem now:
I dunno who to blow my hair to look this neat. *Argh*

Oh wells, my hair grows pretty fast. So just let it be.

Just came back from Christians' Medical Conference.
Felt so refreshed and all geared to serve God in my career.
Will write about it more in my next post.

As for now, me and my house, we will serve the Lord ;)

wasSup Doc:
Ps. 31:24 "Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD."