Thursday, November 22, 2012

Family time..

I just came back from Malaysia...about a month ago? And now, I am thinking and planning to go back again. It's always good to be home. Just staying at home is pure joy! But need to save up some money first before next return!

Back to the cold gloomy Manchester now. Sky gets dark at 4pm. Not nice..and have to wear like 4 layers out now..burr..5th year in the UK, and still not getting use to this freezing weather.

Lurve them much!

So what am I up so far...this phase of my life is..TRUSTING GOD.

Obs and Gyn is coming to an end. After 4 months of constant on calls..I actually enjoys the adrenaline rush moments in labour ward! I was scared when pregnant mumsies come through that door for reassurance that their babies are fine..when breaking that bad news of miscarriage was terrifying. But over the months I learned that God gives and takes away, there is nothing the mum can do differently to salvage that pregnancy. All I have to do is comfort them and provide them with emotional support.
Lurve this job, but oh no, am not going to do this as a career, it's just too much of legal issues revolving around this specialty..Muakkakaka

Now coming back to the theme of trusting God.
Job application for next academic year opens!Oh this really have to rely on His grace for provision, for open doors. Questions on that applciation form are just so complicated... :( So yea, will have to trust in Him for His provision, He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider, so yups, He already has the BEST job prepared for me:) 'Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge' Psalm 62:8 

 1st ever group pic of MCCC Medics:) We're starting a fellowship group in MCCC. We have medicine as common background, and we decided to come together as a body of Christ to support each other spiritually in our walk with God. We are taking baby steps in this, but hopefully we are able to experience God as one group, bringing glory to His kingdom, and empower ourselves with His goodness and mercy. Let's pray things will go well and we are able to meet regularly despite the busy schedule we all have! :D

Wokay, better get back to work now:) It's been great shout out here!

Had a great night out with my fellow Wiganers @ Nando's, our favourite hang out place, with loads of secrets shared! Just amazing how you can find amazing friends with similar interests and just LOL whole night! Love you guys, loads!

WasSup Doc: Trust and Obey..for there's no other way, but to TRUST and OBEY HIM!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

TIME flies...!

Indeed, this one year passed by SO QUICK! I'm done for my first year as a DR, and officially received my GMC registration! Phew..thank GOD for His faithfulness! I don't think I can survive this whole year without His grace. It's been a whole new of experience, taking the full responsibility as a Dr and managing human LIVES. A great one year, finding feet in this MEDICAL world and learning to be more confident in making decisions and equipping myself with up-to-date knowledge!
My beloved colleague in Breast team, Cat! A great person to work with!
Efficient, quick and most importantly very reliable! I was so touched when she rushed back from Pre-op clinic to hospital, just to give me a hand when she realised poor me had to cover the whole ward all by myself!

4 months in Breast and General surgery was the BEST time I had! The consultants I worked with were the friendliest surgeons I have ever met.

As a celebration, the Wiganers FY1s had a mini gathering and pub quiz!The gamemasters: Anthony and Tom!

One of their question was this:
" Angelene Teo is a beautiful name, but anyone knows what does TEO mean?"
When I heard that question, I was stunned..that is my surname and i myself have no idea what it meant! That's my great-grandfather's surname..any meaning? Hah...I dun think so!
But GUESS WHAT, they found out that...TEO in Greek means Gift of God! How amazing is that! :)
Had a fun night out with my fellow colleagues as a 'graduation' of our first year FY~! Well done guys! :)

Officially an SHO in Obs&Gyn. Guess what, am starting my night shifts next week and boy that is so going to be because me being the old lady will start yawning by 11pm! How am I going to stay up whole night and run around in hospital reviewing sickies...but I think the adrenaline rush I get from the numerous bleep will keep me awake! My biology clock gonna be maniac soon!
Please keep me in prayer, will ya! oh Lord, cover me with strength to sustain this whole one week.

Had an indoor picnic at Uncle Seng Yang's house last Sunday. Made some simple tuna maki rolls for the group. It has been ages since I last made one but all in all, SATISFACTORY outcome:)
How I wish British summer is longer and SUNNIER. Didnt have a chance for an outdoor BBQ this year! :'(
Thanks to the wet rain and busy weekends commitment.
i like!

hmmm...thought of the week:
Been watching Masterchef Australia lately. Somehow wished I am a good cook. Feel like enrolling myself in a cooking course and learned the skills to be a proffesional chef! I want to cook like Emmanuel Stroobant! His slick skills in cutting the leek, the seriousness pierced through those eyes, dishing up the perfect plate of in love with him! :P *in my dream*I did try...Braised teriyaki salmon with roasted peppered asparagus! Haha..simple lar, starting my baby steps in cooking! *pat myself on the shoulder*
By the way, worth to mention about a giveaway from Bento USA. Click this link-> All things for Sale for further rules regarding the AMAZING, GENEROUS gifts they are offering. Useful kits for packing lunch:)

Anyway, back to reality. Olympics fever is all over UK! my heart I am supporting the CHINESE! Lol...swimmer YeShiWen is amazingly SLICK! In the meantime, praying hard for Datuk Lee to win a GOLD Medal for Msia in badminton and make history! Malaysia Boleh!

wokay. It's weekend and I am loving it because it's time to SKYPE with my parents back home. Love them to bits! If it wasnt for my job, I will be home by NOW! :'(

wasSup Doc: "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.-Galatians 6:9"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The BFF's birthday!

It was Dr Chan's birthday last Monday!

Of course, being her good good friend, I must organise smth for her right.
It has been the 4th year in UK and usually during her birthday for the past few years, it is either she will be home by now, OR all students will not be around anymore.
As for this year, we don't have summer holidays anymore, and most students graduated this year, so they were here in UK a whee bit longer, and thus the surprise party WAS POSSIBLE :)

If there is smth you need to know about her, u MUST know..this lady LOVES Nando's and Strawberry cheesecake! Allright, venue sorted, birthday cake sorted! Even before her big day, she has been saying to us that her wish is to have a bday party in Nando's! *Her wish came true* Teehee..The amazing PurelyStrawberry Cheesecake from The English Cheesecake company! *Checked*
*Got it delivered to Nicola's house the day before so that the housemate wont find out!*

So I managed to gathered a group of close friends from church and came together for this lovely luncheon at Nando's after church service:)
Church friends who made it for the party! Well done peeps!

Just before the big day, we had a lunch date together at Giovannis. Had some salmon avocado sandwiches and cream cakes:) It's the USUAL Saturday date we both have since we started work. Ah, how good it is to have a friend just to hang out with <3
we likey likey Saturday noon outing! :)


On her real Birthday, we both had to work. But we managed to have a 3-course dinner after work @ Fat Olive!
the birthday treat! *AMAZING SINFUL RICH warm chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream*
Think this add on another kilo for this month..Ish..nvm, am on call TWICE this week..will try to run more whilst in hospital then! Lol..
As for my personal gift for her...a scrap book of PRICELESS memories:) *she did one for me for my last bday, so tot of putting one together for her as well* Stressed me out slightly coz the pics I ordered arrived so uber LATE! but nvm nvm, still make it on time but had to lie to her so many WHY I KEPT hiding in my room! favourite last page of the masterpiece!

so beloved housemate just turned to a quarter of century! Yay!
Just like when we were kids we always say: Friends forever, forget you never!

May this year be a year of blessings and GREAT surprises from our Heavenly Father.
That His Holy Spirit fill you up with strength and love, to glorify His name, to expand His kingdom, to testify His awesomeness and to be a witness of His holiness.
Let Him guide you to an exciting journey of mystery, but of promising future!
Put Him first and commit all your ways to God for He is a God who holds this world in His hands.
l.o.v.e. you, Sister :)

WasSup Doc: "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up." Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

thank you for being the friend that you are to me.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Breast team Night Out

My final 4 months as an FY1...ended with a BOOM with the Breast team :)
Consultants in this team are AWESOME.
Normally, when we say SURGEON, common characters among them? Hmm..Demanding, arrogant, OVER-confident..yadaa doubt, they have these thingy in common!
But as for the surgeons whom I worked with..NOTHING as such at all. They are the NICEST surgeons you could ever ask for.
Mr Prasad and Mr Deshpande, the nicest surgeons on earth. Smiley all the way, gentle and humble, ever willing to teach and get you involve! Super easy going and appreciate the work you have done! gonna tear now, thinking am leaving this team in few days time! So gonna miss them MUCH!

Had a farewell dinner today at a Chinese Buffet in Wigan! Hah, we had that event sponsored! Whee...FREE dinner with GREAT companions! Viola..Amazing night with the surgeons, breast care nurses and fellow junior doctors!
Breast team @ Wigan Infirmary
The few generations of Breast Team doctors, nurses, consultants and teehee, the sponsor of the event :)

Haha..they are never serious..*PEACE*
*Mr Deshpande (man in t-shirt sitting in the middle + Mr Prasad( man with peace hand sign)
THEY ARE the BEST people to work with!
Enjoyed my 4 months with them SO UBER much!
The current breast team..April - June 2012
This is wat the SURGEONS do..Hahha..cut each other up!
*Mr Prathap- Reg and Mr Prasad- Consultant*

4 months passed by so quick.
I'm very reluctant to leave this team.
Been a good posting with loads of hands on experiences.
Think it's because they deal with a very sensitive specialty, they're well trained to be very sensible, showing empathy and patients love them to bits!
I love working with them..

Breast cancer IS a big thing indeed. However, if these patients with breast cancer are managed appropriately, you see their lives CHANGED to be BETTER!
The effect of breast reconstructions after the mastectomies..AMAZING!

"A feel a day, keeps the doctors away! Think PINK"

Next job: Obs and Gyn!
Pregnant women, bring it on:)

wasSup doc: Recognizing the accomplishment of our past and Celebrating the possibilities for the future.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week started off with a day of annual leave..haha, thought it's going to be staying at home, watching tv, eating chips and CHILL..but oh NO, day started with going in to Audit department to collect data for a breast surgery audit! Argh...I've waited for the notes to arrive since a month ago, and all 70 notes arrived in ONE day..*smack head* and guess what, this audit is DUE for presentation in the surgery audit meeting THIS FRIDAY itself..GG.COM! Am in the midst of analysing the results now. *give me a 5 mins break to update my blog* Thank God that I had 2 days of leave..JUST in time to do my audit..wasted! If not, I've long planned a trip to somewhere...Lol! This is medicine for you. Never ending audits and presentations to improve the quality of care for patients! Efficiencies, patients safety, cost savings..yada yada...just have to LIVE with it!super untidy workplace..FLOOR is my new table!

But since travelling is my ultimate PASSION, Angie being Angie will still squeeze in minimal time to go somewhere! Blessed with friends with car who willingly drove us for a road trip and just last Saturday, we visited one of the prettiest lakes at Lake District, Grasmere!peace and tranquility only @ Grasmere
the gang who went:)
(Edwin, Jenny, Chew Fatt, Wilson, Cheah, Glenn, Eunice, Noel, Suwei, John and Nicola)


Not to forget, last Monday was the BIG day of my beloved little brother, Cheah! He has always been a blessing to me whilst in Manchester. Since 3rd year, everytime we needed a help to move house, he would be the first to offer his help. Anyway, this boy graduated with 1st class honours in Aerospace engineering and topped his class! *PROUD*
Since I had already taken a day off, decided to hop onto the train to Manchester to attend his big day! Woohooo....Celebrations after 4 years of hard work!
Well done, fren!

am so gonna miss him when he leaves Manchester for good :'(!
*Best wishes*
your BIG day, our pride!

wokay dokay. final note here would be:
God is good, ALL THE TIME!
Thou shall not worry about tomorrow, for the all-known God is in control in the unknown future.
R&R in Him!

wasSup Doc: Dear Lord, please take away my burdens of worry. Help me find comfort in You and You alone. Amen.

Friday, July 06, 2012


4 moths after I moved on to my surgical ward, I heard from a friend recently that somebody made a complaint against me.
What is it about? I have no idea.

It kept me thinking, what have I done wrongly?
That patient was somebody I cared for wholeheartedly 4 months ago and to my surprise, the family lodged a complaint against me, a junior doctor, the consultant and the nurses from the ward. *I felt ashamed of myself. :'( *

Have I not done enough? What were their expectations? Why...just feel like crying my lungs out when I heard it. When all your hard work was not appreciated but being condemned, it makes me it worth it?

dissapointed. devasated. utterly speechless.

Oh Lord, if any of my deeds is not pleasing in Your eyes, please show and guide me...
i need Your loving grace to survive.

waSsup Doc: I surrender all, my hands, my soul, my life...If this is Your will, Lord may I be a competent doctor who can touch souls.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Highlights of weekend on call

BOOM...ended weekend on call ALIVE.

Surgical weekends is NO comparison to medical on calls i must say.
Quiet-ER than usual.

1 referral out of these 2 days...not normal. But oh wells, that's me, being abundantly BLESSED!
Running up and down, for discharge letters, prescriptions and reviewing some sickIES in the ward.

Highlights? hmmm...
On Saturday, I was bleeped to do some bloods for this lady. I was told by staff nurse that she tried a few times. Unsuccessful. So I went with a mentality that she is going to be super hard to bleed.
I got hold of the smallest syringe and off I went to see her.
Family gathered around her..All eyes on me*Pressure + Pressure*
Saw her arms and hands..BRUISED all over *ADD ON PRessuRE!!*
I tied the tourniquet TIGHT..TAP TAP a bit with hope that some veins will pop out! Said a quiet prayer in my heart. Put on a big smile on my face and asked her..take a deep breath in..few moments later.. a very rigid vein appeared. *Angie is the happiest doctor now* Stabbed her ONCE and blood flowed into the tube! She said she did not feel a thing! *SuccEss!* I smiled.
She happy, family satisfied. I relieved!

Half an hour later, a nurse came and asked me if I'm on call on Sunday. I replied yess, and I asked why? She said, this patient wants to know if that 'Little Chinese doctor' can come and bleed her tomorrow. Hahahahahaha...*I just laughed to myself*
I indeed went and took some blood off her this morning, and she was UBER happy to see me ..Hah, I just made her day, i hope :]!

Her presence has made my weekend on call feeling much better :)
I survived 2 days on call.
no more for now.

wasSup Doc: Kindness is worth more than beauty ~

Saturday, June 23, 2012 NOT in my dictionary!

that's right!

Am on-call over this weekend.
Today was day 1! Survived..:)

Achievement of the day was definitely spanking x2 GREEN cannulas into 2 different patients..Lol
*why so happy?* Coz I have never put such a big cannula into anybody as YET. size PINK is already a challenge.. call me coward previously, i dun care, i just dun wan go burst all my patients veins and gets nothing! And because I know the bigger needle u used, the more pain they get*considerate nyer mua*..but at least I have TRIED size GREEN and succeeded ey:) I am proud of myself. Period:)

Next up..nothing is IMPOSSIBLE until you have tried!
I was handed over by the day team that they have tried taking bloods from this patient and couldn't get any. They 'stabbed' her x7 today and nothing obtained! When I went into her room, I could see the distress in her, and kinda reluctant to let me try anmore. But I managed to persuade her to let me give it a go. Guess what, I got it in my FIRST ATTEMPT and she was impressed! Moral of the lesson is..NEVER SAY IMPOSSIB
LE. Key is..U NEED TO FIND and BE PATIENT, the VEINS are there! *Vampire is my second name*!

2 more days to go....weekends on call..hmm..not something that I look forward to of course. Why? Because patients tend to get more poorly, with spikes of temp..??sepsis! then come these bunch of nurses bleeping you non stop for cannulas and bloods and prescriptions! 5 surgical wards..covered all by yourself, and on top of that..those GP referrals..hooray, more jobs for you, the junior-EST of all!

U're running like a headless chicken in the hospital, has anybody actually cares if you have eaten anything throughout the day..the answer is NO NO NO. You get bleeped to review a patient URGENTLY because he has not passed any urine, but did anybody realised the you yourself has not got time to go toilet as well or even have a sip of water?! Everybody just WANTs a piece of you and squeeze you DRY. This is how the hospital works. Not as glamorous as you think it will be. You work in a DRAMATIC environement...u wont believe how drame it can be..teehee ;)

Now, the doctors in UK recently had a strike. Of course, we working in the hospital are considered as providing emergency care, so we all had to go in as normal day.
But the strike was carried out for a reason. Basically, the government has extended our retirement age which is 68yo and decided to reduce the amount of pension that we're going to get after retirement. Our generation will be the one affected :'(
AGAIN, we doctors are being taken advantage. Sigh..pure BULLYING.
Imagine I have to work another 40++ years..Lol..gonna be a cool old grandma Dr doing rounds man!

Allright, I should really get some sleep now. *fingers crossed for a peaceful weekend*!

wasSup Doc: Seek and you will find ^_^

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The reason my job is so satisfying..

A token of appreciation received from my patient's mum this morning.
*first box of choc in my career!*

This is why I feel all the hard work I've put in my job is worthwhile.
GO AWAY tiredness and frustrations with the NHS!
I still love my job!

now share the calories and joy!

wasSup Doc: I'm so blessed to bless. With my hands...Oh Lord, please use them!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Join the fun of the giveaway :)

Happy news. I just got signed off from my FY 1 coordinator recently. Interview went all right, and guess what, he asked me what is my hobby. I said: BENTO MAKING, and flipped my portfolio to the last page, showing him my creative creations for the last few years. I can see the shocked face in him, but before I left the room, he said..'keep up the good work. It helps to release some stress at work, right? *He smiled*! I felt relieved. Something to take pride of, indeed :PI'm now on a Salad marathon for lunch. Since my trip to USA, been indulging with big bowl of Salad for the multicolour effects of different salad! *Like*
Getting my Five-a-da quota of fruits and vege!

Moving on.

As usual, me being me..the competitive Angie Mangie will not give any chance away if I can win ANY giveaway that involves BENTO!

So I came across this blog recently, a Canadian gurl, Noire who is living in Japan at present ( oh boy, my FAVOURITE country in this entire GLOBE!) and yesh, she is giving out some KAWAII gifts from low and behold..JAPAN!

Do check out her link at Bunny&Spice to find out MORE DETAILS regarding the giveaway!

Not to forget another giveaway at Scrumptious Bento whom I just found out recently. Another amazing bento blogger with beautiful bento pics all over her blogs. Am super impressed with her master pieces :) Not only that, she has posted a few recipes to share too. CHECK it OUT! :P

Allrighty, back to work!
1 and a half more months to go and I will be an..SHO!? *mixed feelings*

watsSup Doc: A Christian life is not a sprint, but a marathon.
Despite so, I am loving this long journey

Monday, May 28, 2012

ZANG TOI's studio @ New York City!

ALOHA...this special entrance is for my mumsy and pupsy:)

Being an authentic Kelantanese, we took PRIDE to come from the same state as Zang Toi, the Kuala Krai born, world renowned fashion designer! When Lilian had the opportunity to be his fashion intern there, we must be's ZANG you know! :)
FACT IS, yups SHE WAS THERE for a good 6 months!
Lilian made it yo :)

And Thanks to her, during my recent visit to NYC, we were given a golden ticket to visit to his studio right in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Manhattan! Let me show you his EMPIRE in New York CITY! a sneak peak into his workplace!Super proud of this up and coming fashionista :)
Black and white themed studio...ELEGANCE!as you walk down the stairs, there is an array of Zang's designed clothings which cost thousands USD!!!Beloved dedicated fashion intern, doing her job!
Introducing the recent Fall 2012 Fashion week designs!
The models, the designs, the styles, the musics for the runaway...down to the very minute details are essentials to make the fashion show a success..and Zang knows it ALL inside out!
*look at his SO NEAT looking handwriting!!*
awww...I'm IMPRESSED!
*apparently, he loves writing every details down by himself!*the many AMAZING Zang's masterpieces!being the cheecky us, we sneaked into this 'hidden bedroom' at the back of his studio to snap a pic.
I did some research from his website and it says, this is actually a dressing room because he didn't want an ordinary boring fitting room with rack and mirror, instead all the beautiful clothes are to be laid on this exuberant daybed;)
and on the wall are pictures of this specific Chinese Model- Lin Dan (a Malaysian as well!)
Malaysian's pride again!
Finally, how could we leave his newspapers featured showroom without a group photo:P
Hah, a lifetime experience stepping into Zang's studio.
Unfortunately, the master is not in, that's why the little mice like us were running around freely :)
*I would love to get his signature one day since I don't think I can afford any of his masterpiece:P*

oh having said that, being able to step into his studio was good enough for me personally:)

Keep up the good work, Zang!
We are SO PROUD of you!!

wasSup Doc:
Coco Chanel once said:" I don't do fashion, I am fashion."
*wat say u?*

Friday, May 25, 2012

USA highlights!

I WAS in the US of A..and it was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Spent 9 days there and difinitely going back for MORE! ;)

So, let's summarized some of the highlights of my trip with my fellow GURLS and also the Chan Family! BIG thanks to our personal tour guide LILIAN CHAN. Our trip would not have been so productive if it wasn't you, little 'cat'! ;)

So let's find out what were my FAVOURITEs throughout the trip:) Ready, get set GOO........!

1) the MUST SEE in NYC...Statue of LIBERTY...*so near yet so far* oh well...I wasn't very impressed :P

2) the PRIDE of being a Kelantanese
I shall write in another post regarding my visit to ZANG's studio!
Thanks to Lils who worked as an intern there.
Impossible visit but made possible by Lils!

3) the GURLs' heaven! MUST stop by to open your eye and see how the Americans SHOP!
a 10 storeys shopping mall. *i stayed in the hotel just beside it*
Shopping paradise for gurls...who are LOADED!
as for me and myself...window shopping sajelah.

4) the MOST expensive musical I've been to, but it's my FAVOURITE so far!
WICKED was WICKED!Magical World of Oz!

5) the MOST breath-taking spot in NYC!
On top of Rockerfeller Centre....NYC in a glance! that's the Empire Building!

6) the MOST nyummylicios BURGER on earth!
LOOK at the queue! Almost an hour wait to buy the burger!even looking at it makes me sa-li-vate!
The buttery bun + fresh crispy salad + juicy beef + mysterios shakeshack sauce = PERFECT!
I can hav this everyday!
The hidden gem in Madison Park! *a MUST GO in NYC*!

7) the MOST 'educational' visit :P
so how is HARVARD like?!
feeling a whee bit smarter even just walk pass the campus :P

8) the HIGHLIGHT of my trip...a dream come true
to see Niagara Falls right infront of my eyes.
a place I dream of going since young.
Majestic view of the awe about God's awesomeness!
we were in that tiny boat...which brought us so much closer to the falls.
the waves, the splash from the falls..priceless experience!

9) the MUST try fresh LOBSTER @ Boston!the freshness of it wins it all! ATTACK...

10) the FAVOURITE spot in NYC..TIMES SQUARE! it defines NEW YORK CITY!NYC in day time!
This IS NYC at night...just like wat u see in TV!
Vibrant+COLOURFUL...a city which never sleep!
not to forget...the YELLOW i saw it for REAL!

wasSup Doc: Another side of the world conquered!
oh how marvellous is Your creation!
I stood in awe, marvelled by the beauty of Your handiwork ;)