Thursday, September 25, 2008

my HOME in UK:)

FINALLY...i'm ready to show you my hall and my room..the place i call HOME in UK:)

Let me tour you around St Gabriels Hall...Strictly for gurls only:)This is the entrance...St Gabs Hall!Once you walk in, you will see this building. It's the main building:) It's where we stay..It's a very old building, used to be a Catholic Gurls boarding school i think..The small little garden we have..
Then the security doors that have a pin number to enter:P
Once you step into the's the reception area!Since i'm staying at the Top floor, i have to walk up this winding stairs everyday..some exercise:PPhew, then you will see the rooms along the corridor. See the shoes nicely arranged beside? That's my room:)
Rule number into Angie's room...NO SHOES ALLOWED!
And guess wat? the 2nd day when i woke up, my fellow flat mates arranged my shoes in this way:P
the initial image when i first move my barang-barang over..BANYAK kan?! lovely room:) Study table:)Make-up table*_*the small little wardrobe..But the wall in my room is terrible..coz my room is next to the bathroom, and so the wall lumpy bumpy and eye sore.have a closer view..CANNOT TAHAN, ugly yea...Being an OCD, of coz i need to do smth with's my favourite place in UK k..
So i recycled the posters given to us and use it as a SHOUT OUT board
this board is called the 'HE SAYS' :)
The timely reminder from my Papa..the JCR hall...a place for us to hang out, watch TV, pool, ping pong and party:)
we have our personal bar on tuesday and wednesday onlyour very own Library..old books available only..but it's a nice place to study:)The common room in the main building. It has a home home feeling:)

and finally our dining hall!!!

and our catered food....i actually enjoy it though many people says the food sucks!

Mummy, i am eating real well..from the pics are cereal, OATMEAL, EGG, TOMATOES, croissant, toast and FRUITS..good and healthy food.
we have bacon and sausages but i don't enjoy those food, coz it's FATTENING!:P

oh, sometimes we have baked beans toO.
Dinner..Lasagna+carrot+beans+POTATO!(Denise!!see it's HUGE right?) and not to forget the dessert:cream puff plus chocolate sauce!

Dinner: Salmon+rice+salad+ STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE!!!

Dinner: Tuna pasta+Broccoli+corn+potato fillet+APPLE CRUMBLE & custard!!

phew...the food is good right? Like those 5 stars hotel food..but maybe we'll be sick of it after few months of the same food. hopefully our chef will be more creative:)

we have a small gym at the basement and a basketball court behind the building:) *sorry no pics here*

Fresher's fair is on now..It's smth like recruitment drive in IMU. But there are so many societies and stalls!! Most of them are those BARs offering free alcoholic drinks and all..but there are good offers too. Lots of freebies! Chocolates, sweets, colourful leaflets, free pizzas, stickers, pens, bags, vouchers and CONDOMS!'s so open here.It's like encouraging them to have sex. Different culture here.. The whole Manchester city is now very crowded with students. It's so different compared to the few weeks i first arrived.

the many things i got..oh, they even give out SPATULA for cooking! So cool..:)

So i use those colourful leaflets given to decorate my board! Muakakka...
I'm so smart:P

i like this small hairy thing MOST..

It says PURPLE and PROUD!

Purple is the official colour for the university of Manchester

wasSup Doc: I am now part of the PURPLE community and i'm PROUD of that!


*jeSSicA* said...

ur room has a sink??

pity angelene have to walk up to the top floor everyday...good exercise though hahaha

and omg ur room is just next to the bathroom...can hear ppl showering? =P

i like the common room! nicer than ours

hahaha yeah freebies i remember getting a lot of stuff too last year...but not condoms LOL

i want apple crumble!

denise said...

WHOAH!!!! ur hostel food looks SO GOOD! swap with u my seremban siew pau want ah?

hehe add more stuff on ur "He Says" board k, it looks so cool =)

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: next time we together make apple crumble's really nice:)

>Denise: i dun mind changing with you..seriously..haha..miss Malaysian food badly!

khairul said...

u forgot to put
"manchester united for life"
on ur board lol
put there 'we bleed united' lol
shud go and convert lili-chan into a fan too
nice room but like they say, the sink a bit too much hahaha
ambil gambar bilik ji mui u (kee fong aka ah beng) hahaha then post it...

Ang3 said...

>khairul: oh i shud put that huh..bleed for Man Utd? that's too much lar.only mus will do that! I'l try to convince our dear brother to give me his room pics..but i doubt he will:P:P That guy ar...another OCD..

Chien said...

Nice! Never live in a hall before XD
Heard that you will get to meet more people living in halls and have greater pool of friends =)

Ang3 said...

>chien: Ya, you will meet lots of ppl from around the world..for my hall..just gurls lar...hehe.but they're really nice peeps and we have special celebration for big occasions, like the coing raya..:)