Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BAck to reality..

HELLO peeps...am just got back from Paris yesterday. SooOoo exhausted as we needed to catch an early flight. So all of us had to wake up bout 3.30am!

We were invited to Jeremy's house for a farewell dinner with the youths and some churh members. Had vietnamese beef pho again (we had that when we arrived Paris on our first day too..funny. That's like THE dish in Paris! Anyway, had a good time of fellowship with these youths and it's quite amazing how GOD has allowed to communicate so well with each other despite the language barrier we have. Gonna miss them much!! This trip is more of loving the people instead of loving the hustle bustle city of Paris! Out of 10 days there, we only managed to have a day trip around Paris..it's ok, i will return there for another visit! Since my main aim there was to evangelize:)
final group photo with the youths before we headed homeDr Jeremy and family who had looked after us very well throughout our stay in Paris!Upon our arrival in Manchester yesterday, the church surprised all of us with a breakfast party in church. Some members turned up to welcome us home. So sweet of them right, to wake up early morning wait for our grand return from Paris! Loving my family in Manchester much:)
All right, seen much of Paris, will update more about my mission trip soon if I have the time k.
Preparation for my final year begins NOW!
scary scary scary, but from this mission trip, i've learned to let God to take full control and surrender! Many miracles seen throughout this trip, only God can do the impossible:)

*just a short testimony to share here*
my final year officially starts today. I am posted to Cheshire and thus i should have gone there to settle myself yesterday upon my arrival. Accommodation is provided for us since it's a 2 and half hours away from my based hospital. So before I went to Paris, i was really worried that i will be exhausted once I arrived home and had to rush off to the hospital straight away. I asked my friends to pray for me so that I have strength to do so and will be ready to start my new year. But guess what, God is really good. Just a few days before i flew to Paris, the hospital admin sent me an email saying that they couldn't accommodate me on the Tuesday because Monday is a bank holiday and the surgery will be very busy, so I was asked to go in on Wednesday instead! Which meant, i had a Tuesday OFF, to pack my stuff an take my time to travel to Cheshire! True enough, i was dead tired yesterday when I arrived and kept yawning and felt so sleepy. God knows such thing will happen and He did a small miracle so that I have sufficient rest and recharge fully before starting my new academic year..PRAISE God!

keep me in prayer for my finals please...

wasSup Doc: au revoir Paris:) Missing my holidays, missing God's people in Paris!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Love from Paris!

Taught them head and shoulders, knees and toes in class today!
Cutie PIES from ParieEe today:)

aren't they lovely?
Last day of teaching English lesson tomorrow..

wasSup Doc: Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good C:

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I could remember when i first arrived Paris, she is one of the nicest aunt who greeted us warmly. When she found out i could speak fluent Mandarin, she came over and had a chat with me, asking me where I'm from, where i'm studying and even gave me a big hug, when she knew I'm all by myself studying in Manchester and didnt go back this summer. But just few days ago, due to some miscommunication between the us and the church members, she started to ignore us. She didnt even bother greeting me now :'( I wished things will turn out better soon. I pray that God will heal this relationship! I want to speak to her again and hug her and say, we're both serving this same AWESOME God.....If there is anything that we said wrongly and hurt her feelings, I will ask for forgiveness on behalf of everyone else...but i have no guts to utter this infront of her. Please pray or me.....

God's work continues:)

De-briefing! Exhausted after long day..

But teaching these children has surely lifted my weary soul up. And I know, i'm all doing it for my mighty God.

We do have an official website about our daily updates in Paris. Web adress is http://mcccparis2010.posterous.com/

There are some daily prayer requests there, do continue to pray for us, that the Devil will not be able to weaken our souls!

wasSup Doc: Only He will heal this broken relationship...In Him, I trust.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Greetings from Paris!

Salut~ (Maybe that's the only French I can speak now :P)

We've conquered 3rd day by God's grace :D I'm currently based in Chinatown, not in the heart of Paris though..But we could see the tip of Eiffel tower :) That's good enough at the moment since my main aim here is to do God's work..Allright, let me report how things have been for the past few days of my trip so far!
Our advert in front of the church we stayed in :)
We also had to carry mattresses to church as our beds..mission trip baa!
our hotel (in the church)!
We joined the French Students Fellowship on the first day we arrived! They're such cool bunch of God's children! Despite the language barrier, we had a good time praising our MIGHTY God together! We're all God's beloved:)
Jonathan and Andy shopping for our source of fibre:)
my temporary 'heaven'..BREAD~
First task of our trip...distributed flyers and newspapers along the busiest road in Chinatown! Aunty Angie is dragging trolley of leaflets and newspapers! all Fired up for God!
I'm sure if u're holidaying in Paris, you wont see this sight of Paris. When I was giving out the leaflets, i realised there are so many Chinese here speaking French or even mandarin! Most of them originated from Vietnam because France once colonised Vietnam..Thank God, my mandarin helps me loads to communicate with these bunch of people! Despite had to work under the scorching sun, it was a good experience:)
Sunday was our busiest day! We had to attend 3 different congregations..2 French services and another one was Mandarin speaking service! It was my first time praising God in French! It's quite difficult to pronounce French! But enjoyed the service although we cant really understand the sermon
Just before our last French service, we joined the student fellowship for bible study and we learned how Jesus healed Bartimeaus, the blind man. A simple faith as such is just what we need to be healed, to be saved :)
English classes started today.. I had 4 teenagers..honestly, it was difficult to handle them because of my ZERO French! *Please keep me in prayer, for wisdom to lead them for the coming days*
And this is what we do every night! Lol...prep prep prep! Pray pray pray:)
We have to give 110% of ourselves when we're doing God's work!
Our dearest aunties and popo( the woman in grey..she is 94 years old!) who come everyday to COOK nice yummy meals for us:)
one of our nyum nyum dinner:) We're so blessed to have Chinese soup everyday! These aunties literally come early to church and boil the soup for hours just for us.
Dinner at McD with the youths!
Allrighty, that's all for now..

Angie reporting under the lovely sun of Paris~
will be back for more EXCITING things God is doing here

*it's roasting here, felt as though i'm back in Malaysia!*
People here welcomed us warmly as well!
Being part of this God's family is GREAT!

Thank you for those who are praying for us..do continue to keep us in your prayer.
We need strength because much preps still need to be done since there are still some last minute changes here and there! Despite being tired and exhausted at the end of the day, our souls are always reminded about His great love for us, and thus we're all refreshed to embrace a new day with a big smile:)

wasSup Doc: Each person is a unique expression of God's loving design..
that's the purpose I'm here in Paris!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bon jour Parieee!

Passport checked!
Bible checked!
Teaching materials checked!
Cash checked!
Sleeping bag checked!
Clothings checked!

So much fear in me honestly... Much training session has been conducted but i'm just not confident to lead a group and teach. (we're going there to teach the Chinese teenagers English, and conduct Youth Alpha course in the afternoon..summer camp in summary for a week)

Even our accomodation is uncertain and just yesterday we were told we're staying in another church!
We might have to cook our breakfast, lunch and dinner due to the restricted time.
I have stage fright, and I couldn't remember my lines in the sketch as yet!
And so much expectations from us...even just before we leave, so many plans still coming, wanting us to lead a Sunday school, do a sharing ONCE we touched down Paris later and worship lead in Cantonese/English and even in French!
There is nothing SOLID...and if you have known me better, i hate these kind of uncertainties!

but i guess this is how we rely on God more..Was reminded by Matt yesterday that we're to go with a humble heart, to love the people there despite the difference and also to share the good news! That's what we're all called for I believe..The great commission! Because when we're fearFULL, we're in a way faithLESS....and God is against that...by FAITH and believe He will watch over us...

3 more hours and i'm going on board, to this foreign country..Please keep me in prayer! The only hope is to see these teeneagers' hearts transformed, God's glory shine in this beautiful and majestic city!

If there is one French phrase i need to learn, it's this
J├ęsus vous aime

(Jesus loves you)

wasSup Doc: Jesus is not a secret to be kept, we're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill -Dr Kim Cheng.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My expedition to Edinburgh!

It's the best TIME of the year..to visit Edinburgh:) cause the yearly Fringe Festival just started! The Fringe is the world's largest arts festival with over 32,000 performances and more than 2,000 shows packed into 250 venues across the city. It is open to all: anyone can perform and everyone does- from students to superstars. And thus, it's a MUST to pay a visit and witness myself! PLUS, my darlings are there...sweet! :)
Arrived just in time after Ivy finished her work:) Tea time @ Peter's yard..niceE
and we realised the we both are ardent BREAD lovers!
Bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner..a okay! esp seeded bread..nyum~ Off we went for my first Fringe show- Out of the Blue, by 13 undergraduates boys, a cappella group singing a cocktail of songs with exhilarating performance! From lullaby, to pop songs! Impressive, unforgettable and i want to watch them MORE..hot cutie cheeky pies:D
syess, we made some bears and bunnies onigiri for the CF-ers that night:) Should hv taken a pic when we completed it. Unfortunaltely, we were rushing for time and didnt realised all were crushed and torn!!Distorted onigiri T_T
Right after the meeting, the whole gang of us went for SHOWSTOPPERs! My second performance of the day..
Indeed, they're REALLY good. Heard loads of good review about them..How this performance works is that before the show begins, the MC will ask for ideas from the audience. He then write down all ideas and the performers will perform accordingly SPONTANEOUSLY with a Marvellous storyline..SPECTACULAR..highly recommended!ahh, fresh baked seeded baguette with egg, tomatoes, salmon, olive and banana??(Ivy's newly created recipe!) She cycled early morning to get me this...!!! TQ hun:)

Us at the Fringe Festival! Whole stretch of Royal Mile was packed like sardine!
Sunny day..off we went for another show! My 3rd show just within 24 hours! maximize the limited time i've there..!
Stop, Look, Listen...basically it's just a talk show by 4 of them, about the importance of STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the road...:P
and the opening parade started...am soOoo excited!
tea time!!! Decided to sit on the green green grass in Princess Street Park..with nicee weather!
the breath taking view as we chat and chat and found out another similarity between us..that is..WE HATE CUPCAKES despite the pretty deco..we just DUN LIKE! Lol...Celebrated Fish's birthday at a Korean Restaurant:)The IMU Edinburgh knights!
i stayed at Sarah's on the second day..*we didnt take loads of pic ler dear!!!*
But my this lovely host again got up early and cycled to get me fresh baked tomato bread..I'm so loved~After church, we went Kampung Ah Lee for lunch! nice Malaysia Delight to fulfill my tastebuds..yay~ gurlSsssS rulesSs
Off we went to another parade along Arthur's seat! Literally 'People Mountain People Sea'
And yes, i forced them to pose like this...Do the Angie's pose..Addictive!
Just before i left that evening, Sarah made pan mee for us! wah...syiok dao! *satisfied*!

I love these BatWoMen C: I had such good time catching up with them! God is good to have blessed me with such adorable sisters in Christ..

Was busy with Anaesthesia placement in MRI last week It wasn't in my initial plan to do this placement. But I randomly met this Indian consultant when I was doing my cardio placement the week before. I just asked him to show me how he intubated the patient at that time, and he thought i wanted to do it, so he invited me to join him the subsequent week because there was no more patients on the list for surgery that day and he couldnt let me do. So i went in to join him in the theatre since this recent Monday. It was surely God's beautiful arrangement because he was soooOoo keen to teach me and the best part was he allowed me to do everything I wanted..from urinary catheterization, drawing blood, cannulation, setting up IV drips and intubation! Enjoyed myself so much despite having to go in 8am every morning and coming back bout 4pm! It will be nice if all consultants were like him..Dun take it as though am super hardworking, it's because i'm too bored to stay in my room ALONE and get so emotional and starts to feel stressful and binge eating! So i might as well occupy myself with something productive, and meet people right:) but oh well...exhausted i am, but God's timing is just soO purfecto! I'm again in AWE of His loving hands upon me~

*happy bunny is me*

One more week before Paris mission trip!
Having mixed feelings..part of me is excited to go and spread God's love, another part of me kinda worried coz much preparation still need to be done for the summer camp and english classes we are about to conduct! Please keep the team in prayer, for guidance and these teenagers' hearts to be receptive to the gospel.

wasSup Doc: When Christ is the center of our life, all else comes into proper focus.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the MUST DO in Bristol..

Back for some updates...a short trip to Bristol to visit my dearest JiMuiS..finally managed to make a trip down south to see them after months of promise..Indeed had a great time with them...though Mel had to work, but one strong woman she is coz she could stay up late and chit chat with us...
So the following are some MUST DO when visit Bristol...erm..for me i guess:)

When thou art in Britol, it's a MUST to VISIT Starbucks on Sunday at Cabot Circus because Mel is working there as a barrista (I got all my spelling right this time:P)

the gurl who knows everything about coffee..*faint* when she told me she went and sit for exams which test her...ABOUT COFFEE! *salute*

then take a 15mins train to Bath Spa...it's a must to visit Roman Baths there..the whole city is so beautiful too! Really scenic and breathtaking...the whole architecture and buildings are stunning!
the MUST EAT in Bath..Sally Lunn's bun which is a rich round and generous brioche bun, baked by this young French refugee named Sally Lunn! Best eaten with clotted cream. We tried a few flavours but the best is none other than their 66% strawberry jam and clotted cream..perfect Match!
*Kimmie looks so sweet here*!
then chill la at Royal Circus:)
i was so blur, cause we're supposed to visit the Royal Crescent which is another mile up hill, but when i saw this circus, i tot it was the crescent dy..AIKS!
I didnt manage to cover whole Bath due to the shortage of time..but oh wells, i will be back for more:)
i love these gurls!
::more pics can be seen in my facebook album::

and our daily night activity..tongsui by Mel + TVB drama and talk talk talk..Lol! We have SOO much to talk...till our next door neighbour had to knocked on our wall because we were making too much noise..LOL!
aww...I wanna watch drama nowwww...and see Kimmie or Mel do their facial!

can somebody tell me why i love bread so much????
i really wonder WHY..
it's making me fat but I just couldnt be bothered and LOVE it more each day!

I miss...the nice smell of BREAD.
but I miss the laughter of Mel and Kimmie more.
my room is so quiet with occasional ambulance sirens..

wasSup Doc: Friends are for life, and life is for friends. i love my friends! They're so special :)