Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey peeps, am back:) went kaput a few days..busyness with work n other stuff..or maybe i just love to stone at this precious corner in my room, doing nothing:P
Work in hospital has been busy as usual, but we're enjoying ourselves loads, with clinics, surgery, ward rounds and teachings:) Goin in as early as 8am is no longer a problem for us, but coming back at 4pm still make us tired all the time. Generally, all students in Manchester are having their Easter break starting tomorrow, and their break is 3 weeks! As for me, we've got only 1 week, which is 2 weeks later..Oh wells, that's the life of a medical student. Just bear with it, loads of work, not many holidays, and by the time i finished, I dont think i could cover the whole Europe as other has:(
Last Friday, we went for a whole day dermatology sign up in Ashfields. 1 hour bus ride there and transport was provided by the university. A session with talks bout dermatology issues, drugs contraindication and some lectures on endocrinology. oh, the so called DELICIOUS lunch was prepared, nothing great, just some sandwiches, choco cupcakes and juices..Dun expect too much from the lunch provided here, it's all about sandwiches...not like back home, with nasi goreng or curry or kuih-muih. Since then, i've been eating sandwiches for lunch almost everyday! We pack our sandwiches of coz, if we were to buy everyday, we'll go pokkai! Coz a descent sandwich here cost 2 pounds at least, which is RM 11!!NO way i'm going buy that..Hahah..I'll show you my lunch pack next time k:P
Had been playing quite a lot of netball for the past 2 weeks!! Practise session with the gurls every Monday night, in the cold, outdoor and Matches against other hall gurls on Wednesday night, indoor*whee*! Netball is now my hobby! It just makes me happy. Leaving aside all the worries and run for the ball! i like^_^
Gabs Gurls Netball team!
Last weekend, we decided to bring Shahira to try the Jap food since she has been craving for it since ages. Rmb the big slice of Unagi with rice deal in Wasabi i showed you guys earlier on when my cousie came. Yup, we went there again! Yummilicious oh...Right after that, we had a Strawberry feast with Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Mind you, we didnt finish the whole tub. We know it's fattening..We know how to control k:P

Picnic in my room after dinner:)

The huge strawberries n B&J Ice-cream! Btw, that huge tub of ice-cream was given by my hall for dinner one night! Everybody got that one huge tub!!! This shows how generous Gabs is!

and that very Sunday, we had turkey for dinner! with our fav broccoli+mushroom. These 2 dishes have been posted in my blog for so many times dy.

Just yesterday, Student fellowship volunteered as stewards in a concert by Stream of Praise.An evangelistic outreach project organised by my church. Stream of Praise consists of a group of Chinese singers travelled all the way from USA to perform. They're having a British tour and Manchester is one of their stops. They had travelled to so many countries, and from one of the video showed when they were in Hong Kong, it seems this team is kinda well-known. Almost 4000 people turned up in all 6 concerts held there. The so called Chinese version Planet Shakers i guess:) The gospel is spreading everywhere!

Quite a lot of people turned up for this concert:) Kinda weird to see so many Chinese in Manchester. Muakakak..and my mandarin was in good use:)

Stream of Praise, worship CDs and DVDs! The songs are quite nice! All composed by themselves! They have their own studios in USA!

And Us! The stewards:) Greet everybody with a SMILE! That's our motto that night!

Just something to share. There was one day, I got nothing to do in the afternoon after my GP posting in the morning, so i decided to go in hospital to take a history from any patient. None of the patients in the firm i'm attached to was free, so instead of going home n did nothing, I wandered a while in the hospital and a while later, i ended up in a trauma ward which I have never been to. I walked in, not knowing anybody and later spotted an old lady smiling at me and greeted me 'Good Afternoon'. Opportunity i thought! Yup, i went forward and introduce myself, and asked her permission to take a history from her. As we talked, she told me she goes to church every Sunday and I told her I do too. I told her I'm from Malaysia and she grabbed hold of my hands, with a big smile, saying 'welcome to Manchester, Love'. I'm so touched, she then continue telling me that Manchester is a nice place and MRI(the hospital i'm based) is a top-class hospital for you to be trained as a doctor. I nodded my head and agreed with her. Just as i was about to leave, she said' God bless you'! And i replied back the same...How I ended meeting this old lady was still a mystery. But deep in me, I know God has put this old pleasant lady to tell me that He has put me in a GREAT place, which is Manchester. I always wonder why God send me to Manchester when my first choice is to go Australia, and based in MRI where NOT a single IMU seniors is here. MRI has always been the highly demanded teaching hospital by the Manchester students because it's based in the city centre itself, whereas the other 3 hospitals are away from the city. Why here, Why me? I'm still on this challenging journey to find out my purpose here.

wasSup doc: PBPGINFWMY:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Divine Appointment

with my Daddy who art in heaven!

It's been a another week, one of the longest hours spent in the hospital. Most of the days, we started our day at 8am, and finished at 5pm. Did our very first night shift with the houseman on Thursday, from 5pm till half 9pm and...phew, from there, we foresee ourselves working as FY1 after we graduate. As expected, the work load is..SO MUCH! Oh well, this is the career i chose, i must work with joy:) By God's grace, things will be fine, i hope!
Student Fellowship had a retreat! Topic was 'One Life, One Purpose'. And the speaker was Wee Leon, a plastic surgeon who graduated from Edinburgh and currently working in Manchester. He has been serving God in the student ministry, thus, he is able to connect with us kinda well. The retreat started on Friday night, and ended on Saturday night. It was held in our church itself, so we didnt have to stay overnight:)
The first session we had was about Quiet Time(QT)...
What is QT? Why we do QT? How to do QT? and what is consisted in QT?
We had group discussions, and this session really made us re-think the importance of doing our quiet time, spending time with God and reading His words. One of the group came out with an explanation which was really good. They said QT is like breakfast to us, feeding God's words every morning will give us sufficient strength for the day, and from QT, we listen to God clearly, what He has planned for us for that very day and experience His presence throughout the day. In QT, we get to build a deeper relationship with God, drawing closer to Him brings comfort and security to us. And by spending time with God, you're making His day goes Ooolalala too, because He desires our attention, He wants to hear from us as well. Putting a smile on His face is definitely one thing that we should aim to do everyday!
p/s: No bible, No breakfast! 1st thing to do in the morning...QT, which is a time of solitude, meant to be alone with God...
Second session we had was about our God, being an efficacious God. Efficacy here means doing the right things at the right time in the right way with the right motive to produce the right results! Be reminded that He created this world, and He is sure in control of everything. Why we are we always anxious when things doesn't turn out well, according to our way? Why worry bout failure, He created failures! Stay still, and know that He is God. He knows you inside out, your coming and going. He knows your sufferings, your troubles, your problems..and nothing is TOO BIG for Him to handle! Rmb, it's His timing..:) From here, we were taught to think critically why Jesus only chooses 12 disciples and not more or less? Why after His resurrection, He only showed up to 500 people and not to the millions? Why the transfiguration took place on the mountain top with the chosen 3 disciples and not with the 12? All these questions lead to one answer that is..He has His own plan, His timing, His methods and His purpose of letting these circumstances happen. All we need to do is..TRUST! And Wee Leon added on, life as a medical student without God is TOUGH! He accepted Christ in his mid first year in medical school, and he said after knowing God, he felt more peace and comforted, for he knows, God will pull him through. Without God, the burden and stress he had to handle was too heavy. I'm indeed comforted by this statement:) I have Jesus!

And finally, Wee Leon emphasized on the Glory of God. 3 points:
1) His grace. He cares about you, every little small probs, He is concerned bout it!
2) His governance. He is the only one who is in control of EVERYTHING! Jesus holds the answer to every question..Turn to Him, when you're helpless. He is there to listen:)
3) His generosity. His resources is unlimited! He is more than a billionaire. He owns everything in this world. And rmb, He answers our prayers according to His riches. He gives us much MORE than what we DREAM BIG, for He only give us the best!

This retreat has taught me to be more dependent on Him, rather than handling problems myself. A refreshing appointment with Him...I LIKE!

The many JUNK Sherlyn provided..and..SPOT the fruits too:)

my FANTA Zero..0 calories..

Our dinner..chicken curry! Sherlyn woke up at 330am to cook this for us..Thanks gurl!

Student Fellowship of MCCC!

a time of bonding, a time with God!

wasSup Doc:
Though weak and helpless in life's fray,

God's mighty power shall be my stay;

Without, within, He gives me

The strength to gain the victory.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

am aLIVE!

hello hello HELLO my dearest:)
Sorry for the lacking od updates, kinda busy with my new firm, but i'm liking it, because we have very organised timetables, with loads of clinics, surgery and ward rounds. It's good, vascular surgery department has been good:) I was attached to this top notch anesthetist last Wed, and finally did my very first IV cannulation on real patient, though the blood was oozing out like mad when i inserted the cannulation, and the Dr jokingly said i made a mess out of it, i was still kinda happy, coz..he didnt mind giving me the chance to perform such procedure, to practise on real patient and to learn from my mistakes. That's good enough! I'm seizing all opportunities given. Oh, i also managed to intubate the patient! Eventhough i inserted wrongly the first time into his esophagus, making funny sound when he breath, but in the end, with his guidance, i successfully put it into the correct place, which is into the trachea! But disappointment did come at the same time, i failed my venepuncture the day b4 on another patient. Tried 2 times but still no blood coming out. Thank God, the patient didnt scold me..S.I.G.H. Which means, i need more practise on this..oh Lord, grant me with more confident after this failure..
It was St Gabs day last Wed, which was another formal dinner. The food not that great though..Thought it would be some nice western food, but it turned out to be chicken curry with long beans..weird. Oh wells..Here go some pics:)
But the dessert was good..Lemon cheese tart with berries:)

Us again:)

Daisy and Tulips..i took from the dinner:) Some new 'lives' in my room to enlighten me a little!

And cousie, Diana came down from Glasgow to visit Manchester. Stayed over my place for the weekend. Yup, it's time for me to the tour guide again! Thank God, we didnt get lost this time:P

Us with our bento..Unagi with rice! Yum..

Ealing*my new fren! She came along with Diana. Yeap, my room could occupy 3 peeps:)

When we see water, we feel like swimming:)

Us in front of Manchester Central Library..

It was my first time stepping into this library after being in Manchester for so long. Btw, i visited the Manchester museum for the first time too..Thanks to these gurls, who insisted to visit the museum, which was just a mile stone away my place. Anyway. great having them around..Had dim sum AGAIN:P

And that very Sunday, Steph decided to cook for us again. *Yipee* with her new recipe of pasta..Said to be a trial, and it turned out so well, with the salmon:)::Healthy meal we had::

Finally, another new week has just started. It's been great but today was extremely tiring. Went in hospital from 9.30am and came back at 6.30pm, due to some teachings, PBL, lectures and clinic attachments. But it's worth it. No pain, no gain yea..phew, another fruitful and long day, with a smile..Rejoice!

wasSup Doc: If u hv any question in life, write it down and do rmb to find out the answer. This will bring you far..-a patient told me this when i clerked him yesterday..words of wisdom.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Unexpected L.O.V.E:)

Yoohoo...greetings from Angie!

Just a short update for my current status!

Eugene has gone back to Malaysia last Saturday. His trip without trying the FAMOUS dim sum in Manchester is sure not C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E! And so, the very Friday before his departure, we went to have dim sum! Hope he likes it. As for the us, the Mancunians, we're kinda 'jelak' dy lar...everytime we have visitors, we sure have to makan once. Too much of dim sum, making us too FAT as well..Ly did some research online and found out that dim sum actually is very HIGH in calories..'shoot me now!'--BANG!

Us:) Steph had dim sum 2 days back to back coz her fren came down from Aberdeen the day b4!

And that very night, after my dinner in the hall, i joined the trios as they went for a burger hunt at this well-known burger shop called Gourmet Burger Kitchen, in short GBK! Their burgers are HUGE and YUM YUM YUM! The beef are all Aberdeen-Angus beef! Erm, some sort of good quality beef i guess..must be nicEe..Though i never try..coz i've got my dinner and am not really a big fan of burger:P

Lily & Gene with their burgerS! *sweet*

Thumbs Up!! Yay..

Our last pic! Come again k, Eugene! countdown for your next arrival...

Over the weekend, we, the trio decided to cook dinner for ourselves. Save some money and eat some healthy home cooked meals. Steph was our main chef!We had chicken, potatoes, carrot, mushroom curry on Saturday!

And Tomyam soup noodle on Sun night:) Simple, yet fulfilling..:)

New semester started yesterday. Am currently attached to a vascular surgery department, which is very specialised. Most probably, we're gonna see loads of aneurysms, gangrenous foot, artery bypasses and varicose veins. In short, loads of vascular problems. Gonna be challenging, hopefully will be a good 7 weeks here!

After dinner today, as usual we went to check our postbox and to my surprised, there was a parcel waiting for me to collect. Hmm, i didnt order anything, and the book 'Purpose Driven Life' which i bought earlier has arrived.(Guess wat, i bought this book from Amazon for 0.01 pound only! Good deal yea, the seller sure is selling this book to bless others!) Oh, back to the parcel, yea..wondering wat parcel i've got....Once i saw the handwriting on the parcel, straight away i knew it's my younger bro! A surprise early birthday gift all the way from US!Yup, a G.A.P shirt. Thanks Gygy!

not to forget to thank you my dear for the postcard u sent from Seattle! And the lovely '蔡进炮' msg u wrote. It's so FUNNY larrr..miss you LOADS! Big Hugs!!

wasSup doc: 'Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.' Ephesians 4:2

This is the verse of my week. God has spoken.