Thursday, February 28, 2008


my PENANG + IPOH makan trip:)
Tour Guide: Wan Jen Lye
Makan-erS: Geoff, Denise, Hwei Wan, Crz, Yee Pei, Xandra, Angie and Mustaqim who came by bus in the middle of the night!(Awarded most SPONTANEOUS tourist:P)
aH Pei, amazed by the Penang bridge:P Mustaq who arrived Penang by bus at 1am. He just told us he's gonna join us that afternoon, and *poof* he came...random-ness. Hope you had a great time with us b4 u leave to Canada:)
Fried oyster and the FAMOUS Char Kuey Teow(RM6!!!) at Lorong Selamat, but it's worth it:)
Denise, makan-ing the HUGE prawn..her FAVOURITE:) Ipoh well-known tauge, chicken and hor fun See aH Pei's expression....isn't she cute:)Muah!
the BeST Cendol in Penang..dun DUN be cheated by the other stall just opposite it...b smart guys!
Food FoOD Food..(clockwise):ABC, Cendol, CRABs, dim SUM:)yUmmy! Penang is a FOOD paradise:)

Geoff with his 'g'!

Temple Kek Lok Si!!

Batu Feringgi

Pwetty faces @ Batu Feringgi seaside:)

Hwei Wan and Crz...i like this pic very muchie:) they are so photogenic:)

Oh, Denise and me paired up to do para sailing..Woohoo, i wanna do it again! The scenery up there was uber beautiful!!


Get set..


Woohoo..we're up on the sky...

fRiends Foreva*_*
Denise playing with bubbles @ Gurney..sorry for the blur image of bubbles formed:(

we LOVE to take pictures:)

Hwei Wan, dun la EMO:)...Awww, she is so pwetty!!

We took feri instead of using the bridge. Being KL jakuns, we walked around the deck and took pictures^_^

though the food we ate mostly were OILY, high in cholesterol, fattening, low in vitamins and fibers but we never forget to eat fruits to prevent constipation..Hahahhah!! We're very health conscious peeps after all..

from left: Angie, Denise, Xan, Jen Lye,Geoff, Hwei Wan, Pei, Crz

wasSup doc: For the past 2 years, these are the people who cherish me most in IMU. Thank you ALL for the friendship. It's great to have you all around. I'll always treasure it and keep it in my heart:)

Love you guys lots!

Sharer of anxieties,
Sharer of silly jokes,
Sharer of excitements,
Thank you my friends for sharing your lives with mine:)

Friday, February 22, 2008


Pics taken when we went and fetch him in the airport in KB...sorry lah brother for embarrasing you in the public:P
but u shouldn't ignore us when we carry the banner ma...we just want to say

Dato Ng,
Ini meme hamba punya salah kerana terlupa hari besar mu...Ampun tuanku! Janganlah merchok, kito ni kawan lama kan?
Jadi, untuk menembus kesalahanku, aku akan mengucapkan 'Selamat Hari Jadi Sultan Ng' kat sini...Semoga dalam tahun yang akan datang, mu akan mengekalkan status mu dan menjadi seorang ahli politik yang sangat berjaya...Kelantan memerlukan kebijaksanaan mu!! Tambah minyak banyok-banyok deh..Kami SEMUA sokong mu...!!


Sorry for the long missing!
i just came back from Penang+Ipoh trip with my dear fwens:)

Going Singapore to visit Ivy next week...Yay! Cant wait to see her and i'm gonna go there by bus, all by MYSELF..Adventurous Ange is on the run! Woohoo..Wish me luck. Hope i dun get lost in the tiny island..
wasSup Doc: Let's go jalan-jalan cari makan b4 our Sem 5 starts...Let's GOoooooo!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Flew back KB last Friday for 3 days and now i'm in Seremban celebrating CNY with my family. We had a reunion dinner with only 4 of us. Relatives all weren't around and my dearest sis and bro are far away from home. Seems my parents will suffer empty nest syndrome when i leave real soon:( It's the very first time we all woke up in the morning with pyjamas and received ang pows from my parents.. Anyway, had a good time with them during this CNY:) We EAT, we SLEEP, we SHOP and we GROW FAT!:P

Yee Sang and Shark Fin...The MUST 2 eat food during CNY:)
Adele and Gary, do u all have these?!(I bet u both turning green monsters by now)

Fish cakes and Coconut Lychee dessert:)

Daddy and Mommy

the Loeftovers...hehe. Bro and me^_^

On the 2nd day of New Year, we went to visit our dear grandma(my mom's mommy) in Tampin( a place near Seremban). She is the one who brought all my siblings up...She woke us up every morning, prepared us meals, washed our clothes and looked after us when we were sick. And now finally we all have grown up:)

3 Generations. Mommy*Granny*Angi3

my Aunt and uncle..They are the nicest peeps on earth! Aunt purposely cooked big prawns and pig trotters to welcome us home.
Reunion lunch @ Tampin. Yummy..It's like 10years ady we never eat together in a round table:)
Grandma's grandsons and grandaughters:)

This might be the LAST chinese new year celebration for me b4 i leave to oversea...Grandma misses us ALOT since we moved to KL to study and work...i must Thank God for her presence throughout my life..

May this year be a year filled with lots of blessings and love....

i HEART hampers:)! This hamper is humongous! It's the size of me sitting down..huh!

wasSup Doc: Chinese New Year is the BEST because you can get Ang Pows and meet your long lost relatives...Muahhaha! May you all have a properous year ahead. For M106, this will be our final semester, let's finish it with great joy and happiness!! See ya all in Mac!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Convo Mag Fund Raising Project – IMU Idol

As you all know, our convo mag is in dire need of funds. With most of our solid ideas either being hammered down or have already been done by other, IMU idol seems to be the only real hope to generate funds. The target for this project would be an estimated RM 3000. The Blind Date project previously collected a whooping >RM3000. I’m telling you, ‘If we can get enough of people to organize this, we’ll make equally as much if not more!’
IMU idol will span a total of 4 weeks, with the first week being the audition, followed by semis and finally the finale. Each stage of the competition will be filmed and shown everyday at the atrium where our voting booths will be. The public can vote for their favorites by purchasing a vote (and MIGHT include a freebie like chocolate OR NOT) at the voting booths. Prices to be discussed later.
The audition is to be held at the lecture halls where else the semis and the finals will be at the atrium. We are trying to organize the semis in conjunction with the food fair by the ball committee. As the competition progresses, half the number of participants will be eliminated each time. The winner, first runner up and second runner up will be given a prize respectively.
The basis behind the creation of IMU idol:
1. It is an efficient money making scheme that requires zero funds to start, which is why we’ll need all the man power to make this right!
2. It’s never been done before and the idea appeals to most of us.
3. IMU has plenty of hidden voice talents.
4. To create an atmosphere of competition which hopefully will give us the edge of more votes. Here, votes = money.
5. It’s finally a chance to organize something that’ll suck money out of other batches instead of the usual self generated profits.
6. Since it involves other batches, they’ll no longer hesitate to contribute to OUR convo mag.

IMU Idol committee proposal
For effective handling of the events, I propose a 4 team committee.
The first team’s task is to sort out the promotional aspect of the event. This includes job such as drawing up posters or banners and preparing wallpaper for the computers in the e-labs. Other reasonable suggestions for the promoting team would be to design human billboards and flyers for circulation. If there’s sufficient time, a video to advertise the event would be highly recommended. I personally will be filming all 3 events, from the audition to the semis and the finals. I hope to gather around 4 to 5 people for this team and upon completion of their tasks, they may or may not join the other teams as to their liking. It is important that people work as a team here. Each individual may have a specific style but a blend of all styles may sometimes yield better results. So, please compromise!
The second team will handle the booths. Collecting and counting the votes are a priority to this team as all incoming cash flows from here. It is advisable to draw up a timetable in order to rotate the person in charge each day. As the event will span for about 4 or 5 weeks, it is essential to have responsible people in charge of the booth. The team also needs to come up with a chart to show the number of votes for each contestant. In this case, Size (of the chart) Does Matter! I propose about 4 to 6 people for this team, with 2 people on stand by at the booth each day. The operation hours are up to you guys but try to cover a span of 4 to 5 hours each day and you may split the hours throughout the day for longer coverage.

The third team is the event team. The jobs here are the most tedious involving both the semis and finals competition to prepare for. This team basically has to organize and beautify both the events in order to draw in more crowds for the votes. For the singing competition rounds, the team is encouraged to invite our very own IMU bands to perform along with the singers. It doesn’t need to be very high standard (like the Friday night), but must be equally nice as well. Positions to be filled include team leader (1), emcees (2), stage crew (2), spotlight (1), and decoration (2).
The last team would be the organizing team. This is a fundamental team as all activities have to pass through this team. Individuals with interesting ideas may join and contribute to the IMU idol idea. Right now, this team comprises of me (Kevin), Han Ying and Naomi.

The whole IMU idol is still in its preliminary planning. So, I apologize for the inadequate information in this notice. Feel free to contact any of the numbers below for further information or if you’re interested in joining us. Participants will be awarded a certificate at the end of the event. Thank you for your attention. It is greatly appreciated.

Kevin Yong – 017 2753300 (
Lim Han Ying – 0123891633 (
Naomi Ting – 0169752797 (

wasSup Doc: GREAT idea..Well done M106:)Thank U for the GREAT efforts to make convo mag a GREAT one for all of us...