Thursday, February 26, 2009


which is defined as a 'nonsense longest English word used by the children meaning FANTASTIC'!
yup, that's how i feel now....SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! sing a-long:)
This word is adapted from the musical Mary Poppins, the perfect nanny...

Went to watch 'Mary Poppins' last Monday. It's really awesome!

All the rumours saying it was not worth watching are all LIES...the theatre was full house though it's already 3 months playing in Manchester and those of us who went really enjoyed it! Especially me, who grew up with this movie and thanks to ma sis who gave me a few sing along songs prior the show...i wanted Mary Pop's umbrella so much.....but it's kinda ex, sigh! Dilemma dilemma since i'm an umbrella collector, still contemplating whether to get it! Ahhhh, it's a black umbrella with a parrot head on the handle..cute. But as far as i know, i wont have the heart to use it, so no point getting it!
Eugene & Lily
Shah, Angie & Steph

Aww...i love the umbrella larrr
Hmm, move on. Finished MOCK exams today. Was kinda stress over it pas few days preparing for it. Though it's just a mock OSCE with 7 stations, i still feel i have the responsibility to do well, and get some solid feedback from the examiners. Thank God, guess all went all right. Just a few minor mistakes here and there.*fingers crossed* hoping for the best when results return.

Just the day b4, we were so stress and look at our's just vege+bread..healthy student doctors:P (Thumbs up!)

The equipments we 'took' from our skills lab so we could practise on pillows:) Esp, we have to familiarise with different equipments for different hospital..why cant they just standardised all ar?

And our snack, chicken biscuits by Eugene! All the way from Malaysia oh!

So am off from work for these few days....but have to prepare for a Grand Round presentation this coming Monday...Ahhhhhhh..why cant i have a proper rest before a new semester starts. Oh wells, this is the life i choose, and i should cherish every moment i have here:)

Month of Lent starts today...40 days before Easter. and all of us from Student Fellowship are required to fast on something. And i've decided to fast from FACEBOOK, since it's something that takes up most of my time. So giving that up for 40 days will sure be a BIG challenge for me. Pray for perseverance, and of coz, using this time wisely and spend it with God. Came across this phrase one day..the time spend with God is always a quality time:) So yea, i'll occupy my time with my Daddy:) I'm sure He has something to teach me. Meanwhile, we're starting the book by Rick Warren as well- The Purpose Driven Life. Though i have finished it one round sometime ago, guess it's good to start all over again and see what He has to say to me this time...Looking forward for new messages each day for the next 40 days!! So not gonna be contacted from facebook for the time being. Contact me through my email kay peeps..i love reading mails!

catch u guys soon:)

going for a squash practise tmr..ah, it's been a while since i last played with Geoff, Chris, JenLye and Denise...those were the days..miss you all LOADS!!
IMU Cup 2007

wasSup Doc: Anything can happen if you let it- Mary Poppins!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's been a while..

since i last updated my blog:P

sorry folks..been busy with my SSC reports.
some of you may have known..I was really stress up with it, blame on my poor command of English...been binging on sweet stuff as i worked, but it's okay, my brain needed glucose boost but as the consequences, an extra inch for my waist..*sweat*!

oh wells, due date was last Friday and by God's grace i completed it.
It's definitely He who led me through, from the beginning till the end bits. If it weren't Him, it's sure a NO NO for me to finish this task. I was scared, i had fear, but His words enlightened me throughout. Psalm 42:5- Why are you so downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God for I will yet praise Him, my saviour and my God....Yes, in Him, my hope is found:)
Thank God it's over. The next mountain to achieve is..MOCK OSCE this coming Wed..KEY WORD..MOCK! But it's conducted as though it's a real exam. We are arranged to go to another hospital to sit for it, so that the examiners wont be of your own hospital and avoid being bias! And i am to go, PRESTON! Which requires me to take a 45mins bus ride. But luckily, the uni will provide transport for us:) Yeap, which means, i need to revise my OSCE, which covers physical examination, clinical skills, and COMMUNICATION skills, which is my major weakness! Advise from seniors is..STAY COOL, ACT confident! Muakakkakak..easier said than done. Will see will see..wish me luck!

Okay, on Valentines' day..a VVIP arrived Manchester:P He is none other than our long awaited..EUGENE TEO! Lily's countdown from 130+ days has finally come to an END! Yup, of all days, he came on the most auspicious day of the year! and the happiest person on earth that very moment was...LILY CHAN! but sorry lar, they didnt get ot spend a romantic night out together, because a few of us..being the lamp posts, joined them for dinner! kay kay, start cursing me...but but but, we were invited officially by the couple larrr...:P Had Chinese cuisine at Red Chilli! Yum..

the Love birds*_*

Oh, tried a few things within these 2 weeks:) After 5 months in Manchester, still got stuff to explore!

Tried bubble tea for the first so only:( And Steph came up with this idea of eating bread biscuits with spaghetti tomato sauce..NiceEEee:)

And Steph, started to love simple meal by adding salt n pepper only! Guess wat...they tasted GOooooD!!

Beef cooked with salt n pepper!Salmon fried with salt n pepper! And spinach with egg..wah..tastiness! Steph n m3:)

Steph's cooking skill is improving by leaps n bounds indeed!

YEss, we finally made it to Preston for the very 1st time! Preston is 50 mins train ride away. Some of IMU students are attached to this teaching hospital. We went there just for a 3 hours MOCK OSCE organised by our Year 4 seniors! It was real good for us, coz they asked those FY1 doctors who were our IMU seniors to become our examiners and the whole OSCE was as though a real exams with feedback! Good preparation for us:)

Finally, it's Manchester Games. Since I'm free from SSC dy, i volunteered myself in badminton games, got free lunch n T-shirt and because Steph was playing! Woohoo...Shhh, it's a paparazzi shot:) Steph in action! Special guest from Nottingham!! Edwina..came all the way to eat dim sum!And the highlight from the Malaysian food fair is...cucuk udang. Yum oh..Finally, found a new nice bridge in Manchester to take a pic with:P random..:)

wasSup Doc: tired, exhausted, malaise, fatigue..all the words to describe my tired-ness. But am renewed by Hid strength every morning..

Every new day is truly a blessing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

S.I.C.K again...

Sigh..It's not my first time being sick in the UK...
Me, just being 5 months here, had seen the doctor for 4 times for!!! i that weak? i am NOT....
Ya, i'm ill again..

Kay, am down with blocked sinus+sore throat+ ear pain and red eyes!
went to A&E last Saturday to get some treatment, waited 2 hours for my turn!
After much checkup, i was diagnosed with viral pharyngitis, which means inflammation of my voice box! Since it's viral, no medicine was prescribed. But i was advised to drink COLD water, eat ICE-CREAM, continue taking panadol and gargle more often with salt water. Full stop.
there is a reason to eat ice cream now..but na, no appetite to eat at all!

So i thought things will be better after so much sleep, but i was WRONG, the more i sleep, the more uncomfortable i got. Headache and discharge from my eyes..Every morning i wakes up, my eyes are sticky and cant open! eww...Irritating!

So after class this afternoon, i went to A&E again( one thing good studying in hospital, u can just go to the walk in centre and ask to see a dr:P) This time, i was seen at the emergency EYE clinic.very specialized indeed, the whole clinic just to see patients with eye problems! The nurse checked my eyes, conjunctiva and now diagnosed with conjunctivitis! And the worst not allowed to go in hospital for maybe 2 weeks! this is STRESS..coz am doing SSC and it's the best time to learn stuff, now i am not allowed to go hospital..DIE!

So now..i need you prayers peeps. Pray that i will recover's ASAP! thank you in advance:)

Just a short update bout last week. Highlight of the week was the Chinese New Year formal dinner in my hall. Lily and I were asked to some sort organise the event. But thank God, the gurls in my hall were so helpful, and all bergotong-royong made the event a success:)

us in RED..ang ang mah:)


the whole dining hall was decorated in RED:) Chinese Fav color huh..

Lily and I came up with the menu. Spring rolls as starters, braised rice with sesame chicken for main dish and red bean soup for dessert. Spring rolls with duck filling was awesome! but the main dish, cannot make it! Tasted weird, and the worst was red bean soup! The pic looked nice yea, but it has NO TASTE at all! all they need to add was MORE SUGAR, to make it SWEET! disappointed. I even brought a sample of red bean soup for the chef to taste and i'm sure the one i brought was SWEET..but but it turned out to be...TASTELESS! Haih..

and their favourite, being the fortune cookies! Do Chinese actually eat fortune cookies on CNY? i dun think so right...hehe! Commercialised.. and my fortune cookies said: Money will come to you when you do the right thing:PThanks Gurls for all the help offered:) Much appreciated!

wasSup Doc: I will recover, by His healing hands on strong, Angie:)

Monday, February 02, 2009

BEST week ever..

since i arrived Manchester:)
It is definitely He who arranged everything so well for me...
It was the 1st week of my SSC( student selection component) smth like placement.
As i have mentioned in my previous post, i'm doing thyroid swelling..
And the consultant who i'm attached is real nice, very organised and even told us specifically all the learning issues we're supposed to obtain at the end of this attachment.

Monday was the most memorable day as it was the first time i scrubbed-in, assisting in a thyroidectomy surgery..whee!
And on Tuesday, i was arranged to attend this Indian doctor's clinic, Mr Ravi. He is a general surgeon, and to my surprise, he is from Malaysia, he graduated from University of Melaya, and eventually did his specialization in UK and stayed on for almost 30 years dy..Woohoo..Easy witsy to talk things through, I felt like i knew him since ages, maybe it's because we're from the same country. And when i asked him whether i could go for his surgery on Thursday and Friday, he agreed willingly:) Yay, cause there is nothing scheduled for me on Thursday.

Had a super long Friday!!I was scheduled to meet a radiologist in the morning, to observe how CT scan on thyroid is carried out, but unfortunately, radiologist was on annual leave last minute! Haih, class cancelled AGAIN! but nvm, I remember Mr Ravi had surgery that very morning. Straight away..i rushed to the theatre and get myself changed. He wasn't expecting me cause it was kinda late dy, so when he saw me he was surprised and said:' oh, it's my Malaysian friend again, she must be stalking me...'. He was joking la..hehe..but still he welcome me warmly. Got to scrubbed-in again in a AV fistula surgery. Then observed a few hernia repairs..Most interesting was a graft insertion for dialysis purpose. The whole surgery took 2 hours cause the lady has loads of complications! And so i had my lunch at 330pm..thank God my stomach never make noise..almost fainted..hypoglycemia i guess:P

Then went to meet the pathologist to discuss the outcome of this patient's thyroid, whom i was supposed to write a report on her. Went through the histology slides with her but nothing was found. The patient was suspected to have secondary thyroid mets due to her renal cell carcinoma.Hmmm...have to do some research on this topic for my report..ahhhh...will do soon..knocked my head if i forget k! whole session ended at 530pm..
RAN HOME quickly...coz have to organise a CNY steamboat dinner at Min's place for CNY celebration..Got all the ingredients ready and went over to his place to prepare the big feast. All pics are in Min's pics currently..summary: we ATE too much..steamboat was a great success...:)
The day was still young..Lily and I were invited to Hilton Hotel for Evelyn's, our dear IMU senior birthday party, and it only started at 1030pm. As u know, Friday night is a party night for the locals, so the city was crowded with gurls in mini skirts and bottles of alcohol on their hands. Scary..but we couldn't do anything ,still have to fulfill our promise to attend the party. Hilton lounge is really nice..the night view from 23rd floor..breathtaking indeed, didnt stayed long though, passed her the pressie, took a few pics and CABUT! clock stroked 1115pm, and we had to catch a bus b4 the last bus which is 12 am! phew, luckily we made it on time! Stress+tired=home...SLEeeP:)

Saturday arrived. Had sign up in the morning..thyroid examination session. And in the's a reunion time:) met up Kimmie who came down from Aberswyth. Good time of sharing and chatting and dim sum of coz:) Sisterly sweet time...oh, Ah Chuk came down from Nottingham toO! SMCH mini gathering in Manchester:)
Chuk+Kimmie+Angie @ Pacific for dimsum
we had dinner together too @ Wasabi for Jap food!
Sunday..another busy busy day. Church service in the morning, then students all rushed off to Chinatown for the biggest CNY celebration in Manchester. Loads of stalls were set up, lion dances and nice Chinese food were on sale! My church set up a stall to sell some stuff to raise fund for our new church building, giving out leaflets about Christianity with the intention to tell the good news:) the little we did, just want to bring glory to Him:) And us, the students, were all OUT for Jesus! In the cold..we had a white CNY, it was snowing so heavily in Chinatown:) but still, we sustained through, from 12.30pm to 4pm..Good job, give yourself a pat on your back kay:) After that, we headed back to church, having a CNY dinner together in church, so had to go back and arranged tables for the congregation and our next job was to serve food.Yummy yummy home cooked chinese food!though tired, but still, we persevered because we know, all that we're doing is for Him. Lesson of the day: If anyone want to be the first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all..Mark 9:35! We are called to be His serve one another:)
Loads of stalls, selling different stuff:)
See this SMART ang moh, selling dragon alike many children bought from him le..
our lunch, thai food:) Mine was green curry with rice whereas Lily had pad thai! NiceE:)
MCCC stall, Aunties from the Chinese congregation, writing English names to mandarin, calligraphy:)
Chai shen out angpao with voucher:)
Sherlyn!! our student fellowship coordinator! See the snow on her:)
Us, selling hand made roses, fish ornaments:)
another chinese stall selling dragon on a stick. It's the locals' favourite!
Hoi Kiu in his Chinese cute larr this boy:)Aunt Swee and me! Nice shirt for CNY! Should get myself one when i go back for next year celebration:PDinner in MCCC! This is where we always have our service, but it's transformed into a restaurant alike!:)roasted duck, roasted pork, roasted char siew, vege!chicken curry and beef with radish!And our favourite, DESSERT, red bean pudding and coconut jelly!Students, serving the food...busy busy!And our dearest chefs..thumbs up for the food!Students:) The servants of all time!

phew..long week. But it's the BEST week ever...
was praying for opportunities and they came one after another, managed to scrub in 3 times in one week! Met good and helpful consultants who are so willing to teach me! Managed to catch up with old school frens. Having nice church mates to spur me on.I am indeed blessed..more than I could ask for:)
wasSup Doc: am putting a big smile on my face with all that He has done for me here, in Manchester:D