Saturday, July 26, 2008

makan...tak habis!

yup, i'm back in KL-Seremban for good...
10 days in Kelantan was good. Accompanied my dearest mum most of the time:)
the only word to describe my stay there is "BUSY"!!!
woke up 7.30am every working morning. Followed my mum to hospital and office. Then will only come home around 5pm...LONG day huh:) then both of us will watch TV til late night, then sama-sama sleep..Precious mum and daughter moments*_*
Did my vaccination, blood tests, chest x-rays, dental appointments, back check up, bla bla bla.
Oh, just received my conditional offer last last Thursday in Kb. Luckily mum was around to help me. British forms are so complicated! Went to Kelantan court for the very 1st time in my life to fill up the declaration form for letter of good conduct. Uber easy procedure. JUST HAVE TO PAY them RM 4 for a signature:P

Thank God i did all these in Kelantan. If not it would take me ages to fill up these forms n sent them back to ManC..COZ public transport in KL is terrible and i'm NOT familiar with the places there though i stay in KL for almost 4 years d:P Blur Angie la...

Got to eat all the food i want in KB toO. Mum has been feeding me like a pig since i touched the land of KB. all my favourite..PLUS POINT staying at home, mum make sure i have fruits to eat everyday: Rambutans, dragon fruit, bananas, mangosteens, jambu air..Hahaha.

Having a mum as a nurse makes ur diet healthier^_^
Argh, was just discussing with Geoff the other day about how we're gonna miss Malaysian food once we leave:P So now we must eat all we can..Muahahaha. Thinking of those fattening potatoes in UK....uwek...*Denise gonna kill me for saying this* i shud learn how to cook..ya i shud...ya i will...later laaaa.

Bubur jagung, my FAVOURITE dessert in KB:):)

Nasi Kerabu a.k.a cowjump(in thai) ALL TIME favourite!! Ate almost 5 times when i went home..cant resist it.healthy food with lots of VEGE..

buah's a type of younger bro n me used to eat the whole packet ourselves..:)

Angie*Eunice...Ex Imu-nian^_^ it has been quite some time since i met her. Great seeing you and your gang serving faithfully in church n in CF(USM). sI believe God has great plan for you ahead:) Keep shining ya

jia you gurl!! ::Syn & Angie::
Thanks for the lunch date..hehe. guess it was our very few dates that we went together..hehe.but really appreciate all the sharing n time despite ur busy work^_^hugGies

Thong*Miao*Syn*Angie @ PCB!

ah Thong & my specially made 'ubi kayu'*_*

[sorry i DUNNO how to cook nasi kunyit:P ubi kayu good enuff lar]

[mummy n Angie]

Gonna miss her voice, miss her touch, miss her smell, miss her cookings, miss her hugs n kisses:)

my greatest friend and all-time u lots MUM!!

oh i found out smth btw my mum n cute lar..mum worked in Kel, dad in Seremban. Both working in the afternoon. So they cant talk on the phone. HOW??? they USE


my high tech papa and mama...LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP huh!!:)

selamat tinggal Budok Kelate..the leng zhai MUSsy:)

find a hot chick in Canada ya..LET Mummy Angie KNOW:P

wasSup Doc: my stay in Kelantan makes me FAT...but i like:)

p/s: i'm now in Seremban with dad..another food paradise:P

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

post CHECK UP for my back:)

Since so many people have been asking about my back pain, i decided to post this and report to you guys, Angie is ALIVE n WELL..thanks for all the messages, calls and prayers. I truly appreciate the care you all showered upon me...I'll PROMISE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF MYSELF K:) Muacks!

yeap...went for check up for my back few days ago. The cacat back has caused me so much pain during my exams period. i cant even bend down to touch the floor and the leg felt numbness, it's the very first time i felt so terrible..Imagine how severe it was..but thank God, It's so much better now..

So wat the orthopaedic said?
From the X-rays i did recently compared to those X-rays 7 years back when i first suffered this slip disk problem, apparently he said it is not getting any worst. Usually i experience pain when i sit or stand for long hours. So the most prolly cause that worsen the pain was the awkward position when i studied:P i tend to curl myself up and hunch back...sowee..blame on me, myself:P

So do i need to undergo any surgery?
It's one of the option to relief the pain. But due to insufficient time for me to recover since I'm leaving to UK this August d, the doctor said just leave it as it is. If i cant stand the pain any longer, maybe I'll need to undergo the surgery next year when i come back. So yea, please keep me in prayer that God will do the healing:) If i do feel the pain again, i can have some painkiller 1st:)

Yup, so far so good:) Angie is in good condition now...
Thanks again ya..i know you all care:)

wasSup Doc: God cares for us....i know that full well*_*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

more CELEBRATIONS...Ooolalala

Told ya, there are MORE celebrations awaiting for Angie Mangy to attend:P busy busy busy...Hahha. my dad is so gonna kill me for partying so much and not start to prepare my visa and all..nvm, put the blame on ManC Uni for not sending my offer letter yet. Argh..Here it goes..Somehow, these post mostly are about farewells...:'(

*Wannie's farewell @ her MANSION!*

Her MUM cooked baba&nyonya food..
Just look at the varieties prepared. AWESOME!

That night was so emotional. We were asked to say 2 things about Wannie and the whole environment was so sad. Tears shed as we went one round. Wannie is leaving to Dundhee this coming Thursday and is the first to leave us..2.5 years in IMU is definitely not short. Friendship bonded and we were so closely knitted as one BIG family. How we carried each other through and supported one another through this medical school was amazing. Laughter, joy, failures, ups and downs, definitely are fine moments:) On top of that, our funky Kenyan friend, Aditya got very emotional as well as he shared. Haih, guess we're not gonna see each other for maybe in 10+ years time? My burnt Chinese son..Adios! Oooops, and Wannie, i'll see you in ManC k. So sorry i cant send you off.


Huge oysterS...Dun really fancy these!

My Favourite- Abalone with Asam sauce:) Oolala..Kiwi eyes
Kiss it!Posers benar..haih, Den, gonna miss u when i'm gone! We'll miss ya Wannie:) Bid you Goodbye 1ST..

Wat's in store for you?!?

The whole gang who went..WHERE IS AH PEI!? FFK us larrr

*Aunt Nellie visit @ Klang*
Still remember the Aunt i shared in my blog last time? Aunt Nellie who has multiple sclerosis since she was 14. Yep, went to visit her last Monday to say goodbye. Knew her 2 years ago when i was working in Doulos. Since then, we will make effort to go visit her once a while:) She has been a great inspiration to us. Although she suffered from MS, she didnt give up living and still trust in God that He'll not forsake her. This trip, she told us that she was accused of stealing in the home she is staying and gonna be expelled from the home next month. She no longer could hold back her tears and wept in front of us. Where is she going to stay next month? Who is going to take care of her since she is on wheelchair and partially blind? Questions were raised and we ourselves don't know the answer and just kept silence. But in the end, she assured herself that God will look after her. We prayed for her over lunch, asking God for guidance and providence for her unknown future. We also celebrated her belated birthday..Guess wat she wans as her present??
It's our presence. So sad right..glad that i managed to see her b4 i leave to UK.Aunt Nellie, stay strong k:)

*KoiS fareANGIEwell @ Subang Parade + Kayu, Taipan*
The largest Roti Tisu in town, only @ Kayu:)KoiS..Roti tisu ATTACK!
Angie*Sue Ann..My dearest big Sis! gonna miss ur biggie hug..!
Angie*John...dun care, die die i also wanna pose with Peace! Angie*ah JoeJoe..My Cell LEADER! Thanks for organising the farewell party and sending me home plus all the words of encouragement. It's definitely not easy but persevere on man!
Let Go Let God:) i'll rmb that..
Angie*Kelvin..CDPC leading actor!Whee..wik!
Eugene*Angie*Jean Ann..Miss their craziness! Oh, you both cant bully me anymore:P
na..know u both uber love me!hhahaha..
i'm now back in Kelantan..more to come!
p/s: Got to the SAME hospital as Lily in ManC! Praise the Lord for his blessings. It's really amazing to see His plan unfolding!

wasSup Doc: Oooolala..Angie Mangie on the run:P Tata..

Monday, July 07, 2008

post EOS 5

YipEee!!! EOS 5 is over...woOhoO..i can feel the freEdOm and deep inside us, we just wanna shout MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA~

the aftermath:) CELEBRATIONS...

* M106 farewell party*

gurls and the CSU tigEr, Dr Htin Aung:) He's one of the best lecturer in IMU!



~Xandie's 21st party~

See the post exams FEVER...stupiak POSEs..haih..we've gone crazy......

Thanks Xandie for hosting us, these monkeys:)

Geoff the cook!! me 'kacau-ing' only:P

Jeremy with 'langsir'??...sweat!

Denise & Mushroom eyes...Sweat!

Pseudo cook...Hehe.Denise is so mean..Chocolate QueeN!

~M106 Cell Group~

After dinner at LiJun's place, we started off with ice-breaker:) We're asked to write on each other's back the good qualities of that person:) quite cool..It's like an encouragement for each and everyone of us to kno that all of us are gifted in different ways:]

then all of us shared, on how we have grown over this 2 and a half years, spiritually and in number. i could still remember vividly that our cell started with only 5 miserable chaps, and at the end of semester 5, we almost touch 20 ppl:) God works in wonders! When all of us started sharing, we could see God is working greatly in everybody's life. And we just cant fathom His great plans. Kudos my dear cellies, it has been great serving alongside with you all and i really cherish the times we come together as a body of Christ. May we continue to be more Christ-like, to be a great testimony for His glory! He has watched over us throughout this 2.5 years in IMU, i believe He'll continue to see us all through the coming years! Have faith cellies!

~Bar B Q plaza~

After church service last Sunday, the IMU gang decided to throw a mini farewell party for Chun Seng, who is leaving to Dundhee next week:) Since he loVES BarBQ plaza so much, we drove all the way to Sunway to have our lunch there. Hmmm, talked about this bunch of people, who started to attend my church, CDPC since the beginning of this year. I must say, it's definitely God who brought us together. I used to go CDPC in Subang myself, most of my friends from IMU attend other churches which are nearer to school and need not travel so much. But since i got closer to the people in CDPC, i just dun feel like changing to another church. What i want a share here is how God has led my batch mates to attend my church, how He brought William, Raymond and Aaron to know Christ. How He revealed Himself to them...It's really amazing. To see them serving in Church, loving God and God's people, i know God is always so real:)Since then, every Sunday, we will have makan session together, joke and of coz pray together..They are really a great bunch of people and thank God i got to know them better before i graduate from IMU Bj:) Gonna definitely miss them...

~Gathering with KB crews~

FINALLY...almost after half a year, i got to meet my OLD FRIENDS:) Shann came back from US, Kimmie from UK, Thong from UM and Raulito from SARAWAK!! Gosh, we talked and talked and talked, eat and eat and eat. It's like years we never meet up. Guess it's Angelene, cause she is always in Vista, studying only:P Sorry guys:) Ate lunch at sakae Sushi and dinner at Paramount..NASI LEMAK! Surprisingly, they knew this place toO..Hahaha! Yummy...When will be our next meet up??I wanna go jalan jalan with you guys ler..Raulito, faster plan k:)

*Chuk*Angie*Shann*....Thanks for treating us dinner, Chuk:)

...more outings to come:]

wasSup Doc: How does one say thank you for a life? I thank you for always being there when i most needed you- in sickness and in sorrow. In days of wild rejoicing. But most of all, i thank you for being who you are. Constant and kind. Patient and forgiving.

Sharing my journey- the best of all companions:) Cheers