Sunday, January 27, 2008

KidS, children..make me happy!

My heart hurts.... Pain seeps in bit by bit, slowly it conquered me.
Hope i'll get over soon..real soon.
anyway, biggie Thanks to my Sunday school kids, they are adorable. They always are....
Small small actions they do never fail to change my mood from :( to :)!
As i was cleaning up the room, one of my kids, Elisa(4 yrs old) came to me and give me a hug after class today.
She said:' Thank U teacher and bye bye'.*Heart meltz*

By the way, today's class was about God's love for everyone.
Last week was bible story and this week was crafts. The summary of the story goes like this:
God cares for the flowers. He send them rain and sunshine to grow. He clothes them with colourful clothing. God cares for the birds too. He teaches them to make nest and provide food for them. And so, we do not have to worry about tomorrow because God cares for us more...
taken from Matthew 6: 25-30
Hah, i used POWERPOINT presentation to impress these kids when i was telling them the bible story. U know y? coz their attention span SUPPER short...Haih, kids nowadays. Now i understand why Dr P Kumar used lots of colourful slides to catch our attentions in lectures:):)

Matthew..Pauline's cute little monster

Langston....Mommy's favourite boy:) ALWAYS do his best to make his parents proud.

Shane dearie...Princess of the class:)

Jeremy boy..the uber hyperactive kido:)

From football, basketball, pom-pom, hula-hoop, he LOVES everything! Lee Xin....smiley all the way^_^ Drama King!
from left: Charity, Natalie, Faith, Leanne
and groovy Daniel at the back^_^

Huh, i'm so blessed to have them around and help me to de-STRESS!
How i wish i am one of them.
wasSup Doc: Children are forever happy creatures. Not because they have no worries, it's because the simple faith they have in God.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Klang, here we come:)

It has been an interesting GP posting last week...a lot to share , many things learned but i'll talked about it next time:)

Went to visit Aunt Nellie at Shekinah Old Folks Home, Klang this morning with Randy and Darryl. The last time we went was in November last year and we promised her that we'll go back in December but we didnt make it due to the tight schedule. But since all of us were keen to visit her, Randy decided to drive us down....Thank God for the directions as this was our first time driving there ourselves. Previously, we would take KTM there and another aunty from the church we met Aunt Nellie would volunteer to fetch us:)

I met Aunt Nellie when i volunteered in Doulos in July 2006. The volunteers were arranged to stay in a nearby church and that time, Aunt Nellie and her mom were staying there. She is a very outspoken and friendly woman. But unfortunately she has a disease when she was 14 which is called multiple sclerosis, which is a chronic, inflammatory, demyelinating disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS). Over the years, she has become paralysed from T4(spinal cord) onwards, she has blurred visions and she no longer can sit up straight. Her story was a sad one because the siblings think she is a burden and want to burry her alive at the age of 14 but her mother insisted not to. Due to an heavy sickness last year, the church decided to send her to this Shekinah home because they were worried something bad might happen to both of them, the 90+ years old mother and Nellie.

We brought her out for lunch at the newly opened Jusco in Klang. Pity her la, she has been eating Indian food(curry) all the time because the homes are mostly Indians. As we were having lunch at Kenny Roger's, she told us she was very happy to see us here but she did express some sadness because she missed her mom badly. They were separated after she was sent to the home. The mother is currently staying with her brother. She felt lonely and down when she thinks about her mom and this coming Chinese New Year will be the 1st time she is celebrating in the home with all the indians residents. And it was really sad to hear that she was NOT invited to join her family for Chinese New Year:( Haih...

Then we walked around Jusco, help her buy some groceries and chit chat a bit. Then we sent her back. Thanks to Dr Leong, i learned how to do dressing on wounds:) She had an infections at her back few months ago and she cant clean it herself, one reason is due to her posture, another reason is because she cant even feel the location of it! So i put on my gloves and start cleaning the wound with normal saline...At least i can do something for her and glad that the wound is recovering, the previous time i went, i could still see blood dripping out!! Just hope that she will stay strong and God will do miracles, bringing her back to see her beloved mother.
Aunt Nellie and her mother when i first met them in the church 2 years back:)

Pics taken on Doulos with some of the volunteers

wasSup Doc: Learn to love, when u're overwhelmed with it, spread and share it...Joy will be on his way to the door of your heart:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Where am i now??
i'm having GP posting at Polyclinic Leong and Ho @ Taman Connaught with Li Jun:)
There are no patients now....That's why i can BLOG thru the internet here.
Dr Leong is so funny:) How i wish i have my camera with me now to capture all his face expressions!!
GP posting here is ABSOLUTELY fun..will let you kno more when i come back next week! I"LL BE BACK
got to 'chaoz'..See ya!
p/s: Going to the biggest pasar malam here tonight. Skipping Dr Ho's sessions..
Sowee la, i HEART Pasar Malam!!
wasSup Doc: Not all Drs. can make you feel better but Dr. Leong definitely DOES:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a Letter from Hell....

Dearest friends,

just spend a few minutes to watch this video presentation....

it's about YOU and ME...

After watching this video, i have fear...

So many friends around me don't know Jesus.

They don't know Jesus loves them.

They haven't accept Christ as their personal Saviour.

Dr. Kim Cheng once said:

Let me tell you why you're here.

you're here to be salt-seasoning

that brings out the God favours of this earth

If you lose your saltiness

how will people taste Godliness

and will end up in garbage..

wasSup Doc: God is not a secret to be kept...You're here to be a Star. What do stars do? They SHINE! So, shine God's colour to the's also a reminder to me, myself...

P/s: Jesus loves you, i love you too...

Monday, January 14, 2008


As some might have known, the reason of me being so emo is bacause....


and it's now's crooked and kinda stuck.
but i stil thank God because the lens didnt 'pecah'
if not it'll cost me a bomb!

Argh, no more SS sessions with my dear friends
no more capturing the most candid shots
no more PICTURES in my blog
Angelene!!How can you be so NOT careful...SigH!
anyway, i'll get it fix ASAP
Just cant live without my camera!

oh, found an interesting camera and it's called LOMO!
it's kinda like the olden days camera where you have to manually turn turn turn de button b4 taking your shot. BUT the most exciting part of this modern days camera comes with other function which brings different effects to the picture taken...rather than having the boring normal pics.
LOMO can beautify the pics:)

The FISHeye LOMO camera and the effect of the pic is as follow..

colorSPLASH model with the effects of Splashing the color of coz...aWwwww

There are whole lot more of other models... i'm sure u'll LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT once u see it..woohoo..i'm definitely getting one b4 i die..Hahhahha! Just dat i need to find more info about it esp where in Malaysia they sell, hope that it is not very expensive.. DO leave me a comment if U know...Anyway, it's just another pleasure,not a need.:)

wasSup Doc: Pictures are the only mean of remembering what has happened in the past. Just imagine after 10 years and you look back at all the pictures, you'll smile....recalling the sweet memories:)

Monday, January 07, 2008

he left me:(

Gary, my so called twin brother has left to Iowa, US!!
and me, as the dear sister of his didn't go and send him off because of the selective exam,
his flight was at 630am last Sunday!
haih, now i regret never go see dear bro is my best comforter.
He doesn't have to say a word, just a hug from him is more than enough.
i could still remember when i was so stress up during my EOS 3 last year.
i called him to come all the way from Nilai to be my SP for OSCE.
And so he came over the weekend b4 the exam.
Being a stressful bum as i always do, i didn't practise OSCE at all.
But i'm glad he came. His presence made a difference.
On Sunday morning, 1 day b4 my paper, i woke up crying hysterically,
Just too stressful over the he came to my room and hug me.
He didnt say anything.
Just give me a big hug and keep patting my head.
Like telling me:"It'll be fine je..."
oh how am i gonna survive EOS 5 this coming July when my dear bro is not around
not around to be my SP
not around to hug me
not around to comfort me
and not around to say:"Je, it'll be okay..."
i'll definitely miss his presence...Haih!
wasSup Doc: Gary boy, 2je wanna hug u now:(:(

Saturday, January 05, 2008


7th of November 2007- Reproductive exam
7th of December 2007 - Renal exam
7th of January 2008 - Selectives exam:Neoplasia
It's going to be the 3rd month i'm having exam on the 7th!!
but 7 is my favourite number..why exam must fall on this day??!
wasSup Doc: 7 is a perfect number. God created this beautiful world in 6 days. On the 7th day He rested:)
hmmm, mayb it means after my exam on the 7th of each month, i can finally rest tooO:)*wink*