Wednesday, January 31, 2007


CF Retreat @ Bukit Selesa
Have been traveling a lot lately. Right after the week of KKB rotation, i went Bukit Selesa for CF retreat. Spent 3 days 2 night there planning the new year programmes and so on...This trip has allowed me to know a lot of people whom i seldom talked to in CF. It's so encouraging when u mixed around with these people because of their big heart to serve the Lord in IMU. All of us have the similar vision, i.e TO SHINE FOR THE GLORY OF GOD IN IMU. All the praises and honours are unto our heavenly Father alone...Dear peeps, let us work hand in hand to bring glory for His kingdom....:]

Paintball @ Subang
Last Wednesday, some of the group B ppl went and played paintball! As a begginner, i was kinda worried wat will happen to us. This was because most of the experienced players had warned us about the injuries we might get, for instance, bruises, fainting if the pallet hit the carotid pulse, blindness and so on.....

Overall, there are 13 of us took up the challenge! So, how we divided ourselves into 2 teams?

1st Team: Lydia, Lydia's BF, Su Wen, Valene, Yee Pei, Angelene, Min and Thuan Tzhen
2nd Team: Aditya, Raymond, William, Shin Ann and Chun Seng

Though 1st team outnumbered 2nd team, we were still defeated by them easily! Expert like Aditya could kill around 3 of the girls at one goal! We were definitely not their opponents especially when the 2nd team had so many agressive ppl! There is no where we could win them! i could still remember how i was attacked by William when he failed to shoot me at a far distance. Out of the sudden he appeared right above of me and shoot me on my knee cap. When i saw him, i was terrified and screamed! Luckily the pellet didn't hit my head, if not, i wil hav a mini mountain on my head by now. Hehe.... However, the blue black on my knee cap is very painful too! :(

For 2 games continously, we lost to the 2nd team! But the spirit to win never faded. No matter wat, we must at least win one game!!! So at the final game, we no longer wanna be coward and chicken out. We decided to make a daring move and attack them!True enough, we managed to get rid of the hard core killers one by one. When ah Pei finally killed the last enemy, the satisfaction in us were great! We were jumping with joy as though we had won a war! In short, paintball is fun but be ready to get hurt! The pellets are blind, u'll never know which part of your body will be attacked!

S.W.A.T Team B

Satay trip @ Kajang
Hmm, everyone shud know that Kajang is famous for their satay! Thanks to Esther who has brought us(Michelle, Darryl and me) to the best satay in town! There are a lot of different satays available. Eg, chicken, mutton, duck ,fish and beef! No doubt they tasted equally GOOD! This gathering was actually a farewell dinner for Michelle and Esther! They are flying off to Australia to further their studies. I met both of them when i was volunteering in Doulos last year. They both have a humble heart to serve the Lord! All the best in you future endeavours friends...Keep walking faithfully with the Lord! He'll always be there for you.....Will miss you all much..:)

-Mich, Darryl, Esther, Ange-
Flood relief work @ Skudai, Johor
Last Friday, Crz asked Denise, Li Jun and me whether we want to go Johor to help out in the relief work at Johor because his church(DUMC) has been organising trips there to help in cleaning up the place and distributing old clothes etc.. Without hesitation, all of us decided to take up the challenge and go to have a look! It was a 2 days 1 night trip. We were to reach DUMC at 5.30am on Sat. but since DUMC is quite far from vista, we(Crz, Denise, Li Jun, Kenneth and me) had to go at 4.30am. We were so sleepy but the fire to help the victims was still burning in us!

Once we arrived Skudai,the local church pastor, Pastor Thomas welcomed us warmly . He told us the condition there and brought us to Kampung Laut which was affected by the flood most! It really shocked us because the houses were all torn off and filled with thick yellowish mud with rubbish, debris, dead animals...! Though the water has subsided, we were still requested to wear our boots to walk in the mud. It will take them centuries for them to clean their houses. Once we were briefed we got into our job respectively! It's sad when u listened to their stories. They have lost their household and left nothing. I myself cant imagine wat will happen to me if i were in their shoes!

I'm glad i came to see myself how terrible the victims are going through. It's totally different from wat the newspapers has been reported daily. It's 100 times worst than i could imagine!!! Now, I come, i see, i LOVE.
1 John 4:19- We love because God first loved us.

wasSup Doc : Dear Lord, i pray that You'll pour your mercy upon them. I pray that the rain will stop and no more 3rd attack! I also pray Your mighty hands will touch more hearts to visit the place and help them. May You show your love through the people volunteering there. In Jesus name, Amen.....

As a wrap up, today was the last day of my(Group B) rotation postings. So we decided to take a class picture before we see each other again during respi...all of us were so EMO!!But actually it's just 1 week later and our kIlLing Sem 3 is commencing....:[

Class 2B

Wanna Fight?

We are the rock stars of tomorrow!!

CheErs Group B!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

My KKB....:)

Hello peeps! Finally i have TIME to post bout my marvellous experience in Kuala Kubu Bharu(KKB). It was supposed to be a hospital attachment thingy which exposed us to the reality of becoming a future doctor. However, for my group, it was rather a holiday! To be honest, before i left, i double checked the list of people going in my group. I was really surprised when i realised the only person i am close to is ah Pei... for the's just a 'hi' and 'bye' thingy. So, i felt more depressed when i knew i have to spend the weekend there some more! Gosh, how am i going to survive in such an 'ulu' place for 5 days?? No way for the noisy + hyperactive ANGELENE....but wat to do, i still have to drag myself there.

Surprisingly, it wasn't wat i have expected earlier. True enough, the people in Group B was the BEST!! Now i believe, there must be a purpose that God has put me in this group. He wants me to increase my friends list and spread the love to others. The relationship we bonded here was great. I got to know more about my batchmates whom i never talked to since Sem 1 started.

Introducing my roomates, the motherly Pui Fun, caring Sue Wen, crazy Lydia, thoughtful Valene, talkative Shin Ann and junk lover ah Pei! They are great people that you must know. Our dome was always filled with joyful laughters. Most interesting of all, we played MAHJONG! Can u imagine that? We actually brought 2 sets of mahjong. Thanks to Lydia and Sue Wen. I went KKB as a mahjong illiterate but returned home as a mahjong genius. Besides that, we played the most cruel game-MAFIA every night!! Some might find this game boring, but for all of us this group, we found it very challenging and just couldn't resist of playing it again and again till midnight!

Ok, what we did for our 2 days weekend then?...A big hug to MIN who has put in a lot of effort to arrange transport for us to go Fraser's Hill which is just nearby KKB. The weather was cooling and refreshing. Though the scenery there is not very picturesque, no theme park like Genting, we still had a great time coz the people that went who made the whole trip meanigful and worthwhile! We snap lots of pictures and went for HORSE RIDING....!
Then on Sunday, the adventurous William, Raymond and Aditya brought us to the legendary waterfall in KKB. Luck was at our side because the way there was not easy. We were so fortunate to find it without any instructions from the locals. Again, we, posers snap lots of pics with a thought of showing off to other groups that we managed to find the waterfall! As usual, the 3 monkeys decided to do some impressive actions- diving into the waterfall with different stunts! It was a great performance though, but not when William splashed his face on the water. Ouch.....!!!
On the final day, all of us headed towards the ice-cream + waffle shop to hunt for the waffle coz lots of seniors has told us that the waffle here is heavenly. So, as a 'happening' group, we wouldn't want to miss out the good things in KKB. Right after our morning session, we rushed there and tasted it!HMmmm, YUMMILICOUS!! :)
The best thing staying in KKB is that the food here is dirt cheap and delicious! We had most our dinners at Restaurant 98 where we ordered 4 dishes like fish, chicken, vegetable and tofu. Each of us had to pay only RM 7-8. I dun think you can get such a price in KL!Oh, finally, biggie thanks to Ah Pei who had willingly drive us around KKB. Without U, we will be walking endlessly in KKB.

In a nutshell, Group B ROCKS!! Luckily i didn't change my group. The feeling of experiencing new people is wonderful. What is the point of sticking to the same group of people always? It's time to spread out your wings and fly. Have a look at the pictures!

Before i stop, i must tell you guys bout the delivery process we witnessed on the final day. From the first day we stepped into the hospital, all of us were anticipating to witness at least a delivery process but our dream never came true until the LAST day. We thought we were lucky, but NO, it wasn't a good experience cause the FIRST delivery i saw has actually traumatised me and deterred me to give birth. This lady had some complications when she was trying to give birth. She pushed hard but the baby just couldn't come out! Nurses there were making fun infront of her, teasing her in thought might provoke her to push harder! But she just couldn't make it. Blood oozing from her vagina, the amniotic sac was burst and the baby was still at stake! After half and hour of struggling, the nurses decided to refer her to the nearby hospital. Stunned and speechless...but nothing i could do!:(

wasSup Doc : Coming together is a BEGINNING; keeping together is PROGRESS; working together is SUCCESS...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

We are the Champion..

The Lemon Geng

Had a great time with my KB friends ( Kimmie, Thong, K.Hong, Miao, Boon, Ghee, Wui and Han) yesterday in Midvalley. We played bowling and Photo Hunt! It has a been a very long time i never meet them up due to the hectic schedule in IMU. So right after the paper, i called Kimmie up and arranged a meeting...Hmm, why we called ourselves the Lemon Geng( Kelate Slang)? I myself also dunno y. I think it was our Settle King-Ah Thong's idea. U kno la, once the King says one we dare not say two...Muahahah! So, we are the Lemonades....:)

Kimmie on a Mission...Cool-nyer!

We are the Champion of Photo Hunt!!!

wasSup Doc : We have conquered Photo Hunt..Muahahahahah!!! Currently havin a huge crush with this game. Thanks to Pei who 1st introduced it to the Naboobians in Endah Parade...Photo Hunt is Fun Fun FUN!!!Feel like moving the whole machine back home...crazy, right?? It's so angelene-ness....^_^

Saturday, January 06, 2007

An answered Prayer..

Huh, a big relief after my killer cardiovascular system paper to day. It's not because i did very well, but it was because the exam has FINALLY OVER! No more heart attacks, angina pectoris, myocardial infraction, cardiomayopathy and bla bla bla...The paper was difficult and i dun think i did well. Now i know wat to expect for the upcoming systems. No more stuff like wat we had during our foundations! Anyway, received my previous summative results and i really have to share this with you guys about wat God has done for me regarding that result...

It was 27th of November 2006 when i sat for the paper....
I doubled my effort for this paper because the previous results i got were not up to my expectations. A continous __ is not good! So i told myself, i must really really really do better this time!1st, i dun wanna let parents down again and again though they said it's ok; 2nd, i need to reach the goal i have set for myself.No more spaces for mistakes!! I prayed and told Him i wanted this eagerly and asked for His wisdom to help me in this.....

Right after the paper, we had a feedback session to see how we did. My heart sank right after the feedback!..Not again? A few marks there has made a HUGE difference! I cried and was so dissapointed with myself! i thought it was ok but it turned to be the other way round. Argh....
When i went home, i prayed and asked for an answer from God. I know i cant get an immediate answer but miraculously right at the moment i opened my bible, one verse stroke me.

Psalm 66:20-Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His love for me!

ok, is He trying to tell me He heard my prayer? Is this real or just a coincidence? I had doubts at that moment. I just can't believe it because with the marks i calculated, it's IMPOSSIBLE to hit my target!Only a great miracle will make my dream come true now....So i told myself, if He really revealed this on purpose, i can assure it when i got the result and i kept this to myself.

So when i received the tiny little envelope with result in it, i prayed, dear Lord, please give me the answer towards the doubts i had! Bit by bit, i tore the envelope and sneaked into it..SUMMATIVE II -___!! Yipee....It's real! True enough, it was wat i wanted! He has answered my prayer and gave me a clear confirmation regarding my previous worries! Now He has assured me that he is always there for me and will not forsake me. How nice to know there is always a person EVER READY to hear your problems and can share the burden with you.....How great thou art!

When i think back, nothing is impossible for Him bacause He is in control of EVERYTHING! He loves us so much that He will always call you back though sometimes you shunt away from Him. There is nothing you can do to make Him love you more because the love He has for you is already imcomparable. oh Dear Lord, thank you so much for you have found me and bring me to your side.

wasSup Doc: Prayer is the most powerful tool to interact with God. Share with Him your joy and pain. U'll be surprised when you realised He is listening faithfully to every words you said....:)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Post Christmas!Hepi new yr!

HapPIe NeW Year 2007!!

I'm Vista! T_T. Argh...Dun like to stay here especially after my parents left today. 1 week in Seremban was great! Went shopping with my dear mummy, 'manja'ing with my papa, ate luxurious food, long hours of TV sessions with my family and non-stop crappy talk with my younger brother......Holidays are always the time we look forward to, but NOT when there is a CVS exam right after the holidays....MISERABLE!! It means you have to use the holidays wisely to STUDY which i didn't. So currently kinda stress up and try my best to catch up with the lecture notes!!! When my mummy called just now, she said "Ange, Jia you Jia you, Gambate nah!" She knew i'm very stress up and dare not give me any pressure. She just want me to do my best!The endless support she gave make me feel so bad. Tears were in my eyes when she put down the phone....It's normal everytime i listen to her voice through phone....Feel like hugging her everytime we ended a conversation but she is just too far away from me..Same to my dad, he will manja with me although when we are chatting through phone. He is so cute....Before every exam, he'll just send me short message to encourage me, telling me no matter wat is the result, it's ok.

Papa and Mummy, thanks for being such great parents! I love ya....

waSsup Doc: For those who are still staying at home with your parents.Appreciate it! I can only hug my parents every few months when they visit me.....T_T Like wat Denise mentioned,a hug is free and environment friendly...