Saturday, May 31, 2008 i come!

Got our Partner Medical School matching results yesterday. As usual, some were happy, some were for me, i got into University of Manchester! It wasn't my first choice though, when i opened my enveloped, i was kinda expected this dy, still disappointed because i have planned a lot of things to do in the 6 months break if i were to go aussie. Planned to go family church camp with IMU gang, mayb a mission trip, then volunteer to teach in orang asli village since my church needs more volunteers, then spend more time with my daddy n mummy and of coz to visit my dear Jessica in Melbourne!! Argh.My plan ALL CRASHED....So it's so true that the bible says ultimately it's God's plan that prevail..But guess my God Almighty has a bigger plan for me in Manchester! So yea, i'm heading to Manchester end of August this year....Kimmie + Shean Wei, here i come:)! Guess who is the happiest person on earth now? It's none other than my dear sis! Hah, it's the best birthday present for her this year:) Glory Glory Man United...gonna become Man Utd fan now...Yep, i will be uber fine there. I kno my God will sustain me:(

Jessica sent this pink scarf to me earlier this year from Melbourne, as a welcome gift for me to go Aussie. But guess i really broke her heart since i cant go Australia now...But dearie, dun worry k, i'll use it in Manchester later? it'll definitely make me feel so warm:):) Thanks gurl..rmb, no matter how far we are separated, u'll always be loved..:)
wasSup doc: Thank God for my daddy n mummy....Thank God for Manchester...Thank God for letting Lily to go with me:) I'm grateful....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Be kind to everyone..

Was on duty to teach Sunday School today..topic of the day- be kind to EVERYONE:)
Said a short prayer before class started- prayed that my dear children will be attentive and not mischievous, prayed that they will learn something new about Jesus and prayed that class will go smoothly:) Coz i was told that a few boys in my class are very playful..haha. it's the age i guess:) Thank God, God answered my prayer, even the most mischievous Jeremy boy was really AMaZINGLY obedient. He didn't disturbed the class by pulling others hands, he sat quietly on his seat and colored the pictures and even asked for permission to eat the tiny little fish biscuits i prepared for the class. He was also the FIRST to finish the paper work..God definitely works in wonderS..It's great serving Him this way:) unpredictable...

today's topic was -Be kind to everyone. Bible story was about Jesus' friends, arguing about who is better and so on. Jesus knew they have the wrong ideas about the thought of becoming God's greatest person. So as they gathered in a house, Jesus picked up a boy and told them that if they want God think they are great, they must be like this little child and should not think they are better than others. Jesus wanted the friends(disciples) to treat others with love and kindness instead of worrying about trying to be better than everyone else-adapted from the book of Mark 9:33-37. Short and simple explanation to cater for kids aged 4-6:)

A new student joined us today. She is a down syndrome child and it's definitely a challenge for me to pay extra attention to her. Unfortunately, she cannot speak and hear what i say. So what i could do is just do some sign language to interact with her. . Task of the day was just coloring, so i gave her the coloring paper and did some sign language to ask her to start coloring. She did a pretty good job and i showed her a 'thumb up' sign, indicating she did well. Slowly, i could see a tinge of happiness on her face and she gave me a smile in return. My heart was overwhelmed with joy. That's called satisfaction:)I know God loves her too. At the end of the lesson, as she was waiting for her cousin to take her back, she did some sign language to me, but me, being a dumb dumb didn't understand at all..Haih.. patience is all i need..Maybe i should learn some sign language next time:) Looking forward to teach her next week:)

Better get back to my studies...5 more weeks to the BIG day..Keep me in prayer, pweAse!
have a cheery week ahead:)
God bless..

wasSup Doc: The greatest command of all:
Love others as you love yourself :):):)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

one day Off

OoolalalalaaaAa....CNS is over and i can give myself one day break after the drilling 4 weeks of studies about brain BRAIN brainS! After reading so much about it..i must say one thing, God is an uber creative creator! How He made our brains work to do soSOso many things, even the simplest movement of picking up a pen involves so many tracts and impulses sent here and there..complicated yet AMAZING and put me in awe and wonder how He made all this possible...anyways, who am i to ask, He is the creator of heaven and earth, remember? Always believe in this, i am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him..You and i are special in a way, clear?!

Yep, decided to take a day off from books books books...was chatting with valex yesterday on msn and found out smth...i looked awful and pale when he last saw me. It's like i'm suffering from some illness and didnt sleep for days..Mayb it's because i didnt put much effort in 'jaga-ing' my image:P it's like this 'whatever' attitude in me. It's not dress to kill moments and all..i might as well put more effort in my studies than thinking how to put on make-upS, right? another secret to tell, i haven't pierced my ears yet...let me tell u the real reason why i dun..IT'S because i'm worried that it will take up LOTS of my time, thinking wat earings to put on everytime i go's called DISTRACTION! no offence to those who put in lots of effort about this, it's just Aunty Angelene k:P But guess i'm wrong...totally wrong. God created make-up artist as well right? So yea, i shud appreciate the creation of make-upS, which has proven to do wonders:):) Thank God for that! No worries, i'm still not into all this YET, the right time will come for Angie to learn this skill..God has made everything beautiful in His time, ya?!'s not the correct timing yet COZ.......EOS 5(finals) is starting end of June. 4 days of exams..6 more weeks to study 2 and a half years stuff. Sure gonna be 10 times more stressful than preparing EOS 3..So ya, no time to make myself pretty or wat not. Studies still come first. Call me nerd..i dun mind:) God still loves Angie eventhough i look....UGLY:) I'm always beautiful in His eyes..Awwww!

See the messy-ness in Me..? ok ok, i'll comb my hair next time:)

have a blessed weekend:)
waSsup Doc:
'Charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised'
Proverbs 31:30
my ultimate goal> to be a woman who fears the Lord:) still working on that!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tiring..yet fulfilling

LIBRARY is where i belong:) went libo-ing today(SATURDAY) from 9am till can i 'tahan'? because i'm having Central Nervous System(CNS) summative next Friday..the toughest system of all..! Had been camping in the library for the past week coz i cant really concentrate at home due the distraction from my comfy PINK bed. Guess it's time to change my study environment:) Anyway, it's really tiring to study whole day like this PLUS i'm attacked by the FLU and COUGH viruses at the same time! I almost finished the uni toilet's tissue paper today..i hate running nose and it hurts when i rub my nose now...argh! ok, the main point is not about the running nose i'm having, it's the joy of studying medicine! Haha...i'm loving it! though it requires so much studies, it's so FUN! Indeed, i'm so blessed to be given a chance to study this course...yep, tiring yet fulfilling:) Please pray that i will continue to persevere and find peace in preparing for this exam..

Went cell last night.
Main event: to 'celebrate' the little monster, miss Christine's farewell:)
As usual, we started off with Welcome-the Saliva games! broke the ice and we moved on to Worship and works. We did the global day of prayer. We prayed for the Christians to commit themselves to help the needy, prayed for Christians to act with wisdom to eradicate diseases like AIDS, prayed for the communities to see the hand of Christ extended, performing miraculous healing among the sick..yep, prayers definitely can move the hands of God:) Keep praying, He hears you:)

before we ended, we prayed for Christine. May she continue to walk closely with God and remember us, the vibrant KoiS!

See the GREEN shirt monster:)bullying our joyce

After one and a half years in Koinonia, she is leaving us to further her studies..mayb in australia..Gonna miss her little mischievous-ness! All the best gurl..

and finally we had wallop(the makan-ing session). we ate, we talked and we TOOK PICTURE:)

Jay wanna beS...Muahahaha!

The ardent 3310 fans! Kelvin and John!

KoinoniaS (gonna pray for Women's power..see the ratio of guys to gurls?)

::Happy Mommy Day to my dearest mum::

Three days ago, received a message from Jessica regarding Wei Yong's mum accident. Please click here to read about the news. It must very difficult for her to cope in such situation, to loose her mum who is so dearly to her. A brief summary on what has happened. Few days back, the wind in KB was very strong. A huge tree was pulled up (near Padang Bank) and landed on Wei Yong's mum car as she drove by. Unfortunately, she was killed in the accident. 3 other passengers( Wei Yong's brother and 2 other friends) only suffered from slight injury. Please keep her in prayer..May God grant her the strength to move on. It's gonna a tough time for her....esp Mothers' Day is so near:(

wasSup Doc: God knows our burdens and our crosses, those things that hurt, our trials and losses, He cares for every soul that cries, and wipes the tears from weeping eyes...Unto to Him, i place my trust:)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

BlessingS from heaven:)

waking up early is never easy..but not when u have 10 FREE McD sausage muffins coupons to claim WITHOUT buying's FOC! Since today is the LAST day to claim these Macmuffins, we decided to fly down to the nearest McD at 7.15am so that we could be back on time for lecture at 8am..amazingly, we managed to wake up! Being kiasu i supposed:) the Gang is supposed to conquer McD together-gether but all FFK me that very morning EXCEPT JenLye and Jeremy + Aaron..the unexpected trio! Woohoo...FREE Breakfast:)


my banyak MacMuffins.....*Grin*

the HAPPENing peeps:)-Jeremy*Angie*JenLye*Aaron!

Thank God for the BREAD:)


Last weekend was a miserable one..

Bro went to Penang,

Dad went to Sabah and

left Angie-HOME ALONE..

Though it's a good time to catch up with studies, but the feeling of being home alone was bad!

it's weekend some more, which means u wont see any of ur frens

It's like u're disconnected from the world and u're living in ur own planet:(

BUT BUT BUT not till Sunday night when i received a msg from Hui Ying.

"Hey gurl, where is your apartment? Can come down for a while?"

I'm kinda surprised though, coz we never meet so late at night and she is staying in Vista C whereas i'm in Vista B.i went down and guess what, this gurl gave me 3 lovely MUFFINS! She baked them in Seremban b4 she came back. Once she arrived KL, she took the trouble to send to my place! How sweet she is ya:) Her unexpected gift has changed my day upside down:) Thank U gurl:)

Thank God for a sweet and loving friend:)

Hui Ying, the BEST wife one could ever hope or dream of.She is smart, can cook, can bake, can draw, can dance,good personality, a fashionista! but too bad, she's TAKEN:) the BF must be the Luckiest man on earth! Aww, love her to the MAX.

Blue berry filled Muffin:)

Raisin filled muffin:)

wasSup Doc: Thank God for the blessings:) They came at the right time.

i'm grateful*_*