Monday, September 08, 2008

Ching n Troy @ Manchester

Last weekend was a fulfilling time for both Lily and me because we have guestS..all the way from Liverpool..Woohoo...TAaDaaaaa- Troy and Ching! Though both of us had difficulties finding our ways around city and introducing the correct buildings, but still, we managed to pull through these 2 days 1 night sightseeing:)our dearest guests- Troy and Ching!Troy must be thinking he is still in Malaysia! See the short pants, T-shirt and flip-flops..

Memang budak Malaysia!

*Sunshine Sunflowers Smiles...*
the angry Faces..but Kee Fong..Haih..need to teach to post more!!

Visited Trafford Centre, it's a huge NICE architecture shopping mall with lots of shops, just like Pavillion. But the designs and decorations are awesome.

It was my first time there too. Whee..

my very first Fish n Chips meal. Everybody has been telling me about UK's F&C..

Huge Fish Fillet and Rich Potatoes filled chips..Fattening sial!

Sharks....I JUST LOVE THEM:)

This is the food court. They made it as though it's like a deck on a ship, with swimming pool in the centre and Lifeboats hanging at the side. U will feel like you're eating on a ship!
And as we were eating, we were cordially invited to play a game:P How the game was conducted was like this...We're supposed to wave our hands from our table and let the camera detect us.. so we were so enthu and wave wave wave like the other people did...didnt expect much though..just for the fun of it since everybody was doing so..

To our surprise...WE WERE DETECTED!! and Ching Li was the lucky gurl! she won herself some prizes so woohoo...Manchester did bring her good right:)

Way to go....!!

Absolut Vodka..specially taken for CRZ Poi!!

Thought the wrapping is nice:P

Angie*Ching*Lily @ Trafford Centre
Tadaaa...It's early autumn..Leaves turning yellow:)
What's so great about Manchester is none other than the football club- MANCHESTER UNITED! We definitely must bring our dear guests to visit the stadium...though they are NOT Man Utd fans..Haih..You can see from their faces in all the pics taken there..

Glory Glory Man Utd!The United Trinity..though we doesn't know who these people are:P
Man Utd fans out there:

Joe, Jeremy, Crz, Raymond, John, Mustaq..We're part of the winning team yea!

3 things i fight for in life:



3)Man Utd...!!!

woohoo...(all because i was brainwashed by Mustaq b4 he left)

Hilton Hotel behind us..It's the tallest building in Manchester City

While waiting for dinner, we went MOSI which stands for Museum of Science and Industry
to put our IQ into test!
Troy working hard to build a, not as easy u see here..he took lots of perseverance and effort to complete the task..dun play play:)
Completed...Well Done..We're proud of u boy!
*Angie*Kee Fong* Lily* Our faces are distorted!

oh, we went to this Manga Exhibition too..Lots to see and the entrance is FOC. Much to see, much to explore and much to learn!


Troy and the gurls...

I want the hello kitty pillow!

Lily:" Angie, i know you want the bag too"

Angie:" How you know?"

Lily:" Cause it's so colourful:P"

which is true...i want the bag toO..muakkaakk. My soul mate knows me well:)

Blood..The first thing we saw the word, we straight away wanna take a pic coz Crz loves the word 'Blood'

Light bulbs are hot..we're HOTtt toO!:P:P
DUMC's Angels!

*Kee Fong*Lily*Angie*Sharmaine*Ching*Troy

oh we had a Massive IMU gathering in Manchester last Saturday at this place called Pearl City. We had seafood steamboat:) Just the right time for such a chilling weather
It's nice to know there are tonnes of seniors around Manchester, there were 7 tables it working dy or still studying. And as always, IMU seniors are always friendly and LOVEs juniors so much..
Orientation returned...Juniors(Us) were asked to go on stage one by one to introduce ourselves, and if unlucky, will be bombarded with questions(VIVA)..They have no intentions, but just wanna make us feel welcomed.IMU tradition...So yea, dinner went well, with karaoke and lots of seafood..yum:)Attended church last Sunday with Troy, Lily, Ching, Wilfred and Kee Fong
Challenge of the year preached by the pastor was:

How high you can soar with ME?

To fly up high with Him is my only desire.

wasSup doc:
" Like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions. The Lord alone led him, no foreign god was with him"
Deuteronomy 32:11-12


*jeSSicA* said...

so fun!!!

OOOHH so that's why ur fren was on the big screen! cool~

Chien said...

oh wow!
so happening ^^

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: Yup..lucky gurl she is:)

>Chien: Just for the time being...hehe, when my intro week finished..that is it..hehe! So hav to enjoy to the MAX first!

Chien said...

I am sure after intro week, it will still be fun =)