Saturday, November 29, 2008

survived..3 months:)

Angie*Blackie! (see our smiley faces!)'s officially my 3rd month in the city of Manchester!
There are periods of high and low
but God has been faithful and
His presence was so real.
the 3rd month is SUPER very DUPER important to m3.
*dun ask me why*
i myself have no idea.
have been looking forward to this day and it has finally arrived.
thank You
wasSup Doc: More updates bout my week. It has been a good one. Stay tune peeps=)
^BAXIA, Angie^
p/s: but i gained some weight within these 3 months! STRESSssss..
i need to LOOSE WEIGHT..FAST!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

my week*_*

It's been a fulfilling and fruitful week i guess:) Started Gastro ward last Monday, and as expected, it's not as organised as my previous Urology ward. So we're kinda free to do anything we want. Just hope that in the coming 6 weeks attachment there, i'll gain smth out of it. I know i need to take my own initiative.. Oh, but glad that i met this FY1 doctor when i randomly went in the ward, with the intention to clerk some patients:) but in the end, she allowed me to tag along during her ward rounds, she taught me quite a bit:) Yay!! She is so nice, and said i can bleep her anytime if i need any of her help. Really DESPERATELY want to do venepuncture on real patients! Hope the opportunities will knock on my door ASAP! oh Lord..SOS!

Since we have no more GP day*sob sob* We're supposed to sign up for some attachments. And so, we went for this Diabetes small group teaching session in Rusholme. Kinda educational i must say, esp when the fascilitator asked us to read those nutrition information on the food packet she provided us..cornflakes, baked beans, smoothie, juices, crisps, chocs, rice, milk, sweets and many more..gosh we were so freaked out by the calories in those food! and we're only allowed 2000kcal per day! Plus salt and sugar intake.....*jaw opened super WIDE* It's good to know..but but the impact of this session was HORRIBLE! we now count kcal for every single food we eat, even when we go for groceries shopping, the first thing we do is to check how much kcal is in that particular food. Scary~~~ NO more potatoes, NO more dessert after dinner...5 fruits and vege a day principle:)

Studies aside..Weekends:)
Jing Han, came down from Leeds to visit m3!! not me lar, it's Manchester:P Anyway, glad that we got to catch up a bit though it's just a day trip organised by their Malaysian Society. We had lunch together at China Town..chinese food of course:) Angie* Jing Han
Fellow Malaysians from Leeds..I am the worst tour guide ever! it's my 3rd month here in Manchester and i still dunno my way around! Paise betul..So sorry guys...:(

Saturday night it's an Orchestra night!
Yup, was invited by Louiseanne(my hall mate) to attend this Wind Orchestra. Asking us to go support her since it's her very first concert. Since we have nothing to do, we decided to give it a try. It was my first ever orchestra concert too..and i must say..I LOVE IT! It's so exciting....Didnt know i will enjoy myself so much..and the ticket is just 3 pounds for student price! Very worth it for 6 pieces of songs from 730pm to 10 pm!
my tickets:) the cheapest of all range!
the 3 musketeers with our tickets:)The whole orchestra, students from the Music faculty of Manchester Uni:)
Then after the 1st intermission, they brought in the GRAND PIANO..AWESOME!
Louiseanne, from Hong Kong. She is just 18 years old this year, and guess wat, she is the ONLY Asian(Chinese!) in the whole orchestra..Proud of her, right:)
Smile:) with her clarinet! Superb performance dear!
We're sitting at the 3rd row from the front. Very near to the stage! That's why we had a super clear view but most importantly, the music was good. Somehow i felt, i had adrenaline rush in some of those pieces, it's like u're in a war zone..then after a while, it's like the happy song, birds chirping, peaceful and harmony, with little waves splashing here and there...aww..I'm loving orchestra music:)
Church sermon today was about 'Consequences of sin', from the text 2 Samuel 11:1-5; 12:11-12, which is about King David having an affair with Bathsheba who is married. The speaker emphasized so much about men's MIDLIFE CRISIS, when men reached their 30+, they will wanna look for more exciting stuff, family issues are too burdening for them. They just want to get out of all those responsibilities and find something new, most of them will fall into temptations like King David, and get involved in another relationship, leaving behind their beloved family...It's evidently proven but I HATE THIS and God hate this too, in His commandment, it was written clearly: YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY! Sigh..The speaker ended the sermon by advising the men in the church, love your family:) STAY AT HOME! that's are unreliable:P *think my fellow male frenS will KILL me now*
ok ok...SOME men are unreliable...
oh wells, had lunch at curry mile with some student fellowship frens:) After much postponements, we finally managed to have a proper makan session.
from Left: Noel(Malaysian), Julian(Singaporean), Lily, Lisa(Hong Kong),Angie, Cheah(Malaysian) and Leonard(Singaporean)
Being the typical Malaysians and Singaporeans, we talked and talked and talked after we finished our meal, coz we're so use to our mamak outings. Then we realised the waiters were staring at us, signalling us 'it's time to go'. muakakakak....
as for dinner,
us the 'family'(Lily, Steph, Kee Fong & me) managed to find another Chinese restaurant in China Town.
Had a sumptuous dinner:)
and cant even move after our meal...but the food was really yummilicious!
erm..maybe 4/5 stars!
Shredded sweet and sour pork with fungus
Lamb cooked in Szechuan style(highly recommended)
Braised fish..3 fishes for only 7.50 pounds!
so called '8 treasure' taufu with vege!
And..tadaAaa..we finished EVERYTHING!
cravings for Chinese food...SATISFIED:)
another week of western food is just about to begin
loving Monday again!
NOT the food of course
but for other reason.
wasSup Doc: Monday is always blue+fatigue+down..but bring on the SUNshine...yihaA!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nottingham games:)

Nottingham games..the long awaited event in the UK. Basically, most of the Malaysian students studying in the UK will come together to this event, and represent their respective universities to compete in games:) or in short, a gathering la...muakakaka...
Being a netball LOVER, i played for University of Manchester:) We sent 2 teams there, of coz i'm not the first team, not qualified for that yet, but anyway, i was the shooter of the 2nd team, very pressurised position i must admit..but overall, had lots of fun:) though didnt make it to the quarter final, we did quite okay, satisfactory results:) in 5 games, we won 3 but lost 2...sigh.. but heap heap hooray for Manchester!!

Red Devils from Manchester:)

Kah May*Anis*Chew*Joanne*Angie..b4 the game..Rien*Angie-Shooters for team 1 and 2!Flyin Mancunians...woohoo...I missed the SHOT!! Argh..

Discussion discussion..:)

3 cheers for Manchester!the stunning jerseys:)

We played was so cold~~ freezing wind was blowing so strong!My last minute GA partner, Jo:) quite cool combi..we even prayed b4 the game started..she is my cell group leader too..Win or lose, we praise the Lord yea! Cheers!!Kah May: we joined the netball team babies but we made it to Notts games!
our dear Captain: Helen. She even cooked her own nasi lemak there..BatWomen..i made them do this..the Angie's pose!
And for the supporters, they took tonnes of NIceee pics..argh, wish i was there with them!
Another nice shot...Angie want to be in the pic!!!

Notts games...u go either for the games, or to support or the FOOD.


Goreng Pisang: 1 pound for 5 pieces!

Beaming faces with our 1 pound cendol:)
Mee Johor..Loads of Kuih-Muih..yum yum
3 pounds nasi lemak with rendang..

and told yea earlier, Notts games was a mini gathering:)

met my Kelantanese high school frens! Ah Han(Leeds)*JJ(London)*Kar Yong(Nottingham)*Ah Goh(Birmingham)..Super long never see them dy:) Aiya, dun hav Kelantan flag:P
Childhood kawan:) Chia Hong!!
IMU-nians:) the Scottish!

wasSup Doc: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work makes Jack a mere PLAY HARD, WORK HARD:) coool?

Happy Birthday Jen...Muakakka..this pic, syiok enuff huh:P May all your wishes come true:)

And i webcam with these 2 dearie friends of mine...using Pei's brand new MAC! aww, u both are so cute lar..really really miss u guys LOADS! Thanks for chatting with me:):):) aiya, i shud have taken a pic of u both thru my lappie...

i wanna HUG u both...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my GP + my firm

Thank you guys for the prayers, messages, and phone calls..Angie feels much better now.
As some of you might know, Angie became real ill last Sunday. High fever, chills, super duper cough, headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and fatigue:P in short, NIGHTMARES. It's the very first time, i felt so ill, esp in this foreign land, emotional sick as well. Dragged my feet to hospital on Monday morning, but was not in good condition at all, almost fainted! Went home and skipped class, just hide under my comfy duvet and sleep. 2nd morning, couldn't get out from bed, too tired and weak..... Lily made an appointment for me to see a dr, and was told to have secondary bacterial infection, given amoxicillin. Thought wil be fine, who knows, i'm allergy to amoxicillin! Rashes started to appear on my face and both my eyes swollen like pandas...Grrrrrhhh....but thank God, all are fine now after changing my antibiotics:) and most importantly, i felt so much better on Wednesday and could go for my last GP posting at Urmston!! Woohoo....i always look forward to go there, coz my GP, Dr Maclean teaches me ALOT. I wont wanna miss my last day, right?!

If u guys were following my blog, Urmston is the place with lots of sunshine and green field:) My GP posting here is 7 weeks long. Basically, every Wednesday is our so called GP day. I'll have to take a 1 and half hour bus ride there. Dr Maclean is the doctor i was allocated to. Why i enjoy myself so much there? 1stly, i got to have a 1 to 1 ratio learning environment. 2ndly, Dr Maclean always involved me in his consultations. B4 every patient comes in, he will summarise the background of that particular patient to me. And during the consultations, he will ask me some questions regarding the disease, then explain to me more. If he found any findings throughout his physical examinations, he will pull my hands over and let me feel the findings. eg a lump on breast, heamatoma and wat not. He also allows me to take patients' BP and give flu vaccine's real cool cause in hospital setting, we're seldom given opportunity like this. There was once, he needs to certify a dead patient.We went to the mortuary together to look for the body, felt for her pulse to make sure she is DEAD eventhough she is already in the fridge:P He even took the time to explain to me about the death certificate procedure in UK, which is super complicated:) but anyhow, i did learn smth new coz i thought to certify a dead patient is as easy as ABC, but little did i know there are so many procedures need to be done, so many doctors need to be seen before certifying that death certificate.
And after seeing all the patients in the clinic, he would bring me for home visits, whereby the patients are usually too ill to come to the clinic themselves. So in the car, he will start telling me what cases we're gonna see later in the house, background of that family and all. Every time b4 i leave, he sure will give me homework, some particular topics we saw in his clinic and ask me to read up:) very organised type of person, that's y i like him!

but, beside him being so serious....HE IS A REAL JOKER!!!! He has patiently explained to me some Manchester English jokes and he has taught me BIG DEEP English words like misogynist which means a man who hates all women! because he admitted he is one, except that he loves his wife! I dunno why he hates women...but luckily he dun hates me:P(tell u how i know later:) Another thing is...HE CANT STOP SWEARING, esp the f*** word...gosh, maybe he is too stress, but even he sees some women drivers who cant park their car properly, he starts cursing..and i will go..'Dr Maclean~!!!' and he will apologize..muakkakaka. but he did admit, he has this Tourette syndrome, smth he taught me too, which is a brain disorder causing ppl to swear uncontrollably. Yup, farny syndrome he has:P That's Dr Maclean:) but he has a super big memory space in his brain! He remembers his patients, esp the background, who passed away recently, wat are their occupations( from the father to mother to each and every children), who is related to who, bla bla bla...i was really amazed by the fact the he remembered my name AND SURNAME on my 2nd visit, and i just told him once when i first met him( which was a week ago). Coz on my 2nd visit, he asked me some questions which i couldnt answer, so i said:"Dr Maclean!! PLEASE HELP ME..i dunno the answer." then he replied:" Noooo Dr Teo, u must help me...i myself dunno the answer too..." He was basically pulling my legs there and time in his clinic i must say:)
Dr Maclean..he does look like a Santa yea:)
Managed to snap this in his car just b4 he rushed off for a meeting!

and on my last day there, he was asked to evaluate my performance there... and in the professionalism domain, in the column 'how could the student improve on', see wat he wrote..NONE- if only every student was as good as Angelene....when i read it, i was laughing my head off!! i am sure the person who receive this form will too, coz where got a GP write such comment one. Hilarious...Hahahhahahhahhaha...he has yet to meet smarter people. Angelene is nothing compared to them...

oh wells, that is Dr dearest GP=)

gonna miss waking up early on Wednesday morning, walking through that green valley to Urmston, being attached to Dr Maclean and learn from him!


today was also my last day in Urology firm after 7 weeks here. Gonna move to Gastro ward next week:(

Urology is well-known for being one of the best firm in MRI, with friendly consultants, organised scheduled and tonnes of work for us, students to do, and i LOVE it... sigh, just hope for the best in my next firm, gastro:)

Bid Urology goodbye:'(

PBL group 6 with firm lead, Mr Richard Napier-HemyWe're being attacked on our 2nd shot:P~Peace~

Angie's request:) He looks so young right, but he is already a consultant in MRI, pro in dealing with kidney stones. And he always tell us to pursue watever dream we want in life, coz we only live once. Appreciate!

wasSup Doc: 7 weeks passed..and life as a medical student moves on:) till then!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

a little s.i.c.k

sorry for this delay post up..mummy~~~ here we go..some short update..
Had our Diwali formal dinner in the hall last Friday....Indian food of coz...:) our Fav
Was really tired that day after the hospital work and classes, so i didnt dress up at all, just wore my formal shirts there to have my dinner:P Laziness.....but the ang mohs really semangat lor, most of them wore Sari...NiCEeee..DENISE TAN SUYIN!! our plan of getting a sari didnt succeed after 2.5 years in IMU:(

our very own warden and tutors dressing up in sari:)

Lay Pin*Denise*Lily*Angie with a swollen eye:P

not putting up pics of food this time..everybody is complaining about so much food in my blog:( but i must mention the sweets(dessert) wahhh.......super diabetic SWEET!! eating sugar literally:P

Saturday was a cleaning spree for my church building. MCCC bought over an old building in the city of Manchester. Since it was abandoned for ages, some serious clean up need to be
done...Had a whale of time painting the building..Just dunno why all of us were so excited when we knew we are going to paint..Jakun-ness i supposed. Very Fun...but not the part when my crocs stepped on the paint:P heart pain!!! But thank God, the paint is water based and could be washed right away, just a bit of stain seen though..phew!
Joanne!!! my cell group leader...excited about painting too!!
the mess....:P
Painting...straightening of cleaning..happy working:)
Pastor Kim and Angie..Painting!!
Lily and Cheah..busy busy huh..
Didnt' stay till the end though...had a mission:) i.e to fetch Caryn from Belfast!!!
After 1 and half hours of bus ride to airport...we met this beautiful tall lady:) CARYN!!!
Her fav dish was this..Bibimbab..Korean fried rice with chicken!! See all of them busy grabbing their food..Awesome!!
And throughout her stay in my room...we took TONNES of pics! SS-ness..
Kev..We made good use of your Sony camera kay:)
the SONY moment:)
Caryn modelling her new muffle from Cheshire Oak:)

snap 1snap 2the irresistible cheap and nice biscuitwe welcome you dear:)Glad having you around dear..sorry didnt get to bring you around Manchester..must come again kay..or..i fly over to see u in Belfast larr..wait for me:)

kay kay..enuff of fun... studies wise....EXCELLENT!

Lily and I signed up to see post mortem! Quite daring of us.. It was my first time though, never seen any post mortem done throughout 2.5 years in IMU, as for Lily, she has seen once, so think it's quite okay for her.. Anyway, cut the long story short, we scrubbed ourselves into the mortuary, 2 bodies had been laid on the surgery table. A male and female. oh wait, according to the dr, post mortem means..Thorough studies of the body..:P coz cant find the cause of death basically!

Got ourselves ready with mask and gloves..the whole room was only Lily and me, 2 other nursing students, 2 assistants and 2 doctors and with tonnes of bodies in the fridge..Chill~~

Firstly, the doctor cut the body at the mid line. Right from the sternal angle to the suprapubic.we could see the layers of fats underneath the thin skin, then they tore the skin, thorax seen and by using the sawing machine, he cut the thorax off to remove all the internal organs! With lots of strength, all the organs are pulled out. The doctors then weighed each and every organs, slowly cut them into pieces and tried to locate the cause of death. Lucky for us cause not many students were there, so we basically have 1 to 4 ratio learning, which was really good. He explained one by one wat he could see from the organs and showed us. We could even touch the organs! the part that terrified me a little was when they saw open the skull, after peeling off the skin on the head...and removed the brains..AND THE BASE OF THE SKULL WAS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE MODEL WE SAW IN MMS(IMU)..3 cheers for IMU...after all, post mortem was not as scary as u think it can be...but the smell is awful!! After that session, i almost vomited! Gosh, must trained up my stamina for this kinda smell..

in conclusion: The male patient died of peritonitis due to a perforation in the small intestine, whereas the female patient died of atheroma, and coincidental finding: she had a kidney tumor at the upper pole of her right kidney and SUPER enlarged liver, with greasy consistency!

educational session indeed:)

Weather getting colder each day... dropping to zero Celsius according to BBC weather forecast.

And after my booster jap for MMR 2 days ago...i'm now S.I.C.K!!! Shivering, cold, sore throat occasional fever and 'sexy voice' now. According to my GP, usually ppl wont have these symptoms, i am just the unlucky one. But he said i'll be fine soon, just dun worry!

so...I'm not worry:P i even played netball just now, had a bit of palpitations and breathlessness..but Angie is still Fit!!..the match was so CLOSEeeee 11-12. We lost by 1 goal..Argh..stress!! We're improving!! 3 Cheers for the Gabs Gurls!! Woohoo..

wasSup Doc: The problems that we face each day can seem too much to bear, until we turn our eyes to Christ and trust His Tender Loving Care:)