Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is near!

Jingle bell..jingle bell..jingle all the way~
Whee...the festive season is around the corner and it's the month of FATlalalallalal again!
Mouth watering mince pie, turkey, brussels sprouts and Christmas just NOT gonna touch the weighing machine for a month because I would not want a heart attack during this joyful month..Lol! Oh's ONCE a year only..forgive me k my BODY, i shall STUFF you with lots of goodieS :)

So the MUST eat in YEARLY GERMAN Christmas Market in Manchester!Yearly affair with the Macaroons...our first love since 2008!

Warm nice NUTTY strudel with custard sauce, just nice for the winter!
100% Angus Beef burger in a bap with onion~

Christmas Market officially ended today! Till then Macaroons..One more year till i see you again :'(
At the meantime, our small little hut has turned into a tuition centre with NOTES all over our place..Revision time during breakfast :) No time is wasted...PRECIOUS second!Allright, it's TONGZHI today, and though we're miles away from home, Aunt Winnie made us TongYuan to celebrate this 'family reunion' day :)
*home sickness struck again today*
Aunt Winnie has been in Manchester for 5 weeks and she is leaving home tomorrow:(
Gonna miss her bubbly presence in my apartment and also her yummilicious home cooked meals. Till we meet again aunt...Have a safe flight home k:)
Thanks abundance for lavishing me with so much love and care.
Do come visit again k..but not during winter season of course...:D
Lovely mum and daughter

Blessed Christmas to all
It's gonna be an OFF day to celebrate Jesus' birth!
Before then..PUSH ON!

wasSup Doc:
Terima Sukacita Surga, itulah kekuatan bagi jiwa :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

the END

for the moment:)

it's the last day of my posting in Rochdale. 3 more weeks+ to go till our exemption finals. This year's Christmas is going to be a draggy one, with intensive revision plans coming up and endless OSCE practice sessions...keeping my fingers crossed to pass this's going to be a stressful time. On top of that, the heavy snow in Manchester is not doing any good...Blizzard at the moment, freezing all the time. Sigh, it's not the right time for exams prep laaaaaa.....Wished i have a portable heater to keep me warm ALL the time! *Dream on Angie*

Anyway, the following are some pics during my stay in the Rochdale accom. Quite nice actually the place there. It's IN the hospital itself, thus every morning I wake up, i just need to run downstairs without going through the cold. And the heater in my room is always in FULL BLAST, which keeps the room nice and warm ALL the time....small but cozy:)
my little corner for dinner. Unfortunately, i had to eat my dinner all by myself...lonely lonely:(
my well balanced meal. Thanks Aunt Winnie who tapao-ed rice and some meat for my supply throughout my week there, add on some steamed vege...nyum~
my favourite snack atm:) Really love this MIXED BEAN SALAD though it's just..plain and in water:P
and when weekends come..hola! Aunt Winnie will prepare a table FULL of home cooked food to feed this piglet (ME)! Seriously lor....December is a FATlalala month!
and latest obsession is to collect nametag of various hospitals! This is from Rochdale and love it MAX coz it says...ELDERLY MEDICINE :))))) *i'm a person of high risk, watch out! *
Dr Namushi(Consultant), Ayda(fellow batchmate), myself and Dr Saravanen (Registrar)
The team that I worked with in Rochdale Infirmiry:)
Dr Namushi is a very down to earth consultant who is very passionate about education. He is one of the very active committee members in the local high school. He was just sharing with us the other day about his dilemma in choosing a headmistress for the school because he believes a good headmistress is very important to oversee the teenagers' pregression! He loves writing poems too abd boy his poem entitled 'Stetoscope' was adopted to be used in one of the medical equipment's company. Not to forget Dr Saravanen, his 10years+ colleague is very eager to teach too! I could rmb vividly when both of them were 'fighting' to teach us and share their knowledge with us! There was once when they saw a very interesting case with posterior communicating artery aneurysm patient's brain scan and we had to stay half an hour more extra to listen to their 'teaching'!!! Lol....oh well, it was great fun learning from them! Seeing them rushing in to get us when there are patients with signs made me feel so enthusiastic in wanting to learn more!
They enjoyed having students around and we love having such passionate supervisors:)
win win situation it is ey:))

Sadly, it's our last day today and we have to bid each other goodbye. Wished each other best of luck, till we meet again in this competative medical arena:)
Some good thing happened today:)
Normally, I would share a cab with Ayda to take the train home because by sharing we save some money and get home faster. But unfortunately, she has a lift back from her friend today. So left myself to go back Manchester. Since the taxi fare is about 3.50pound, add on the train fare of 2.20 pound, it will cost me freaking 5.70 pound to go home one way.Deep in my i kno it's not worth it at all.. So I decided to take a slow walk of 35 minutes to the train station since my daddy said I have put on some weight. Save some money, burn some calories...but had to embrace in the -4 degree cold..hmmmm.Just bear with it lo....BUT BUT i think God took pity on i walked out the hospital, i came across a folded paper on the floor and guess wat I found when I picked it up?! It's a DAYPASS for the coach to go back Manchester which cost 4.10 pound each! How bless I am right! How coincident could this be..God knows.. Yay, the journey to the bus station is half the journey to train station and i need not embrace the cold so long and also save some money on the fare home! Not only that, once i arrived the bus station, the fastest bus to go back Manchester was just 5 minutes till it arrives!! WAhhHhhhhh....perfect timing :)) I am just amazed how God works..that's why, God makes everything beautiful in HIS time...!

So once you're blessed, what should you do...GO bless others right:)
As i came down the bus, I then pass my daily pass to this random gurl who needed one.
And she kept saying 'thank you thank you' when I gave her the buspass because apparently she couldn't find her buspass and the bus is about to leave soon...
Pass the blessings folks, it's Christmas soon!
Sometimes we just forget how blessed we are till realised that little small thing God has put in our lives.

waSsup Doc: thank You Lord, for the bus pass.
It reminded me again about Your love and faithfulness towards me.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Missing in Action

Sorry for the LONG M.I.A, i have been working VERY VERY HARD for my finals nu....Lol!
For the past 3 weekends, had revision courses over the weekend, 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, back to back! Allright, no guarantee that i retained everything that I learned but i'm sure I've learned abit to prepare myself for the exams. Really hope and pray that I can pass this exams...WHY SO TOUGH.....:'(

Feel so stressful, feel so unprepared.
Us, in the cold, waiting for the bus! Wrap wrap wrap up!

Plus, am now posted to a district hospital for 4 weeks, doing Elderly care medicine. Rochdale Infirmiry is my home during the weekdays but i'll run back home during weekends. Thank God I need not walk in the cold to the hospital because my room is IN the hospital itself! Good stuff, I just have to wake up, shower and run down to my ward:)my comfy bed:) Was so happy when the cleaner changed my bedsheet to a pink flowery one! small little room. Nice ey. Downside is that none of the students is staying with me. But guess, it's good in a sense I can do some work loo..but it's freezing cold!the view from my room! It's been snowing heavily in Manchester for the passed few days. Early winter this year around:'( It's the year again when Angie will have TRIAD of runny nose, muscle ache and conjunctivitis! the 3rd year in UK, and the 3rd time falling sick during winter!! just self prescribed a course of amoxicillin and felt much better now..Please pray that I will not fall sick. It's critical nowwwwww :'(and Happy thing is...Aunt Winnie invaded Manchester since 2 weeks ago!!!!
She is such a lovely and dedicated mum! Very blessed to have her around.
She has been cooking yummilicious meals for us, and feeding me with so much home cooked food:)
one of the nice soup she cooked is....LOTUS n PEANUT soup..gosh LOVE it to the max. Really remind me of the lotus soup my granny used to boil for me back home~not only that, since i'm now posted to Rochdale, she even take time to cook and tapao yum yum food for me to bring there!
I am really well fed like a piglet now!
very very blessed indeed!
THANK YOU Aunt Winnie!
U're a God sent!

Christmas is approaching.
somebody send me some S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E as Xmas gift please!
TQ very much.

wasSup Doc: 'F.I.N.A.L.s' is the scariest WORD on earth now :(
Give me courage, Lord.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I bet you don't rmb when you took this pic! Lol, was digging my album for your pic and tadaaaaa, found this cute pose of yours!
Happy BIGGIE day Jen! :)
Have a GREAT year ahead, and few more months, will be calling you, Dr Wan!!
Persevere on~

nostalgia...miss my cheecky chickens:'(
those were the good times.
*spotters: who has the BIGGEST mouth*

wasSup Doc: No matter where you are now, rmb u're all dearly missed!
jia you nah fellow chickens, one day we shall all reunite!

::much love::

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I like it....

when it's FRIDAY...(especially TODAY, it's a very special Friday because the day kicked off with a GOOD news from papa n mama, which again proven God really answers prayers)

i like it when my mum encourages me over the phone : JIA YOU honey gal, you can do it..jiayou jiayou nah! and deep in me I know she is worried about me, because of the intense stress I'm experiencing at the moment. I wished I could confidently say I am 100% i will pass this exams, but the little monster in me kept telling me: u're gonna FAIL big time.....God, kill this ugly creature in me:(

i like it when I get to chat with my daddy on msn, and both of us were so carried away by planning all the lovely outings that he is going to bring me when I return next year. We even discussed about the flavour of my cake for my coming birthdays! Just a random conversation we had previously as I was pestering him to bring me to Melacca for a 'makan spree'

Angie: Papa, i did not have time to eat my lunch today, coz i had extra class smacked in the middle of hungry now!
Dad: Oh, so u must be very thin now, like a stick lo..
Angie: NooOo, i'm still quite fat, coz i am eating normally and didn't notice any changes of weight
Dad: So you fatty boom boom, how you going to find BF ler???
Angie: ..........*speechless*........ (OBVIOUSLY my dad is kancheong for me! Lol.....take a chill pill, I believe God will provide the right man at the right time, He will make everything beautiful in His time :)

I like it when the nurse in the clinic makes me a hot cuppa of coffee, just with milk..niceeee:)
Coffee addict I am now, my body just cannot function normally without the boost of coffee to kick start my day, plus, the aroma and warmth of it keeps me warm in this full blast freezer! *and the nurse today saw my reddy wound and offered to slab a huge plaster on my wound to prevent it from getting infected, so sweet of her, right? But that makes ppl around me thought i had suffered great injury n wat not..Lol*see the gigantic plaster on hand...perfect, i don't see my scar anymore!

I like it when I have parcel to receive...who doesn't like it right! Yay! Bento gears arrived safely today, thanks to AiPing's generosity and efficiency in sending the parcel over through FedEx, safe n sound in my arms! Whee~Prezzies I won last week:) She gave me extra belt because she wanted to give VaiKet one too for our JOIN effort in winning this:) So generous of her right..thanks so much AiPing!

I like it when the doctors in the hospital are very enthusiastic in teaching us, medical students! Believe it or not, i just finished a 2 hours lecture on Psychiatry in MRI, on a FRIDAY night..fuyoh, supposedly a party night for the locals and a chilling night for us but guess what, the attendance was unbelievable. FULL HOUSE in lecture theatre, with peeps having to sit on the staircase, because this superbly enthusiastic psychiatrist was asked to give a lecture on TIPS to pass Psych OSCE stations! and boy, he is really GOOD and PASSIONATE about his career! No regrets going for it despite having a long day in North dy. *med schools need more lecturers like him!!!*the massive influx of students eventhough the lecture theatre is already FULL to max dy...enthu lecturer vs enthu word: KIASU :)

and finally I really like it when God puts random people to talk to me. As for today, on my way home, i was sitting alone on the front seat, this young black gurl came over and said:' Let me join you here.' and gave me a big smile. I then asked her how was her day. She replied:'Thank God, it was good. How about yours?' I wanted to say it was a tiring day but when I heard that, I am reminded once more, to give thanks to God though it wasn't great, but God has sustained me. Happily I replied:'Thank God, it was really good too! =)' I came down the next stop and she waved goodbye to me... a God sent angel ey, in the cold windy dark gloomy sky, her simple gesture of love touched me.

my favourite tumbler...Mr Men and Little Missy, with a big smiley face:)
randome note: i super love giraffe now, and u know wat, giraffe has the BIGGEST heart among all other mammals! hehe....


wasSup Doc: i like it when God reminded me that His love for me is greater than any trial I may face...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Really wants a break..

Cant wait for my next break to come:( but before that, I have to sit for the exemption finals in Jan and boy it's so tough..5 years of studies, and now down to this exams! Everybody around me could sense the stress and pressure i am having. Aunt Josephia from church even offered to cook for us and invited us to stay over her house whenever we want, to escape from work and stress. How thoughtful of her right, indeed i'm blessed to have spiritual support though am far away from home.Hozy passed us this packed of matcha sweets in church last Sunday:) Really cheered us up!
it says: To future doctors! almost there, i hope!
Had a lunch outing with Jonathan at Try Thai! Got to know him better from our 10 days Paris mission trip. hahaha, a very caring big bro:)
i miss my koko in KL too!

clumpsy me burnt my hand yesterdaywhen i was trying to remove the tray of chicken nuggets from my oven!
OuuuUchhh...left a reddy BIG scar now:( and it's on my RIGHT hand again! now i've got 3 scars on my right hand. The one i had when i fell LAST YEAR is still there!!
i need a magical cream to remove all my scars..

p/s: to all my buddies in AUSSIE sitting for finals
jia you nah, keeping u all in prayers:)

wasSup Doc:When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place where the tide will turn. —Harriet Beecher Stowe

Monday, November 01, 2010

Good news one after another

and that's God's faithfulness, definitely:)

Allright, it was an evangelistic Sunday service in church today, the theme was Differences. So Shermaine approached me weeks earlier and asked if I could share my personal experience when I first came to Manchester, and how me being a Christian affects my experiences here. I agreed after praying bout it. The whole interview went ok I would say, I shared bout my feelings and thoughts, maybe sounded very 'kelian' coz few aunts gave me big hugs after the interview and reminded me to 'persevere on'. I did say to the congregation, despite the stressful period, but as a Christian, I choose to be joyful and give thanks in all cicumstances because I know my God holds my future and that's promising enough:) PLUS, the lovely people He has put around me blessed me abundantly as well. Indeed, He is the one who gives me strength so far and I shall PRESS ON!

Just received an email from Li Jun, informing us the great news that ChengJun, a batchmate of ours accepted Christ today. Despite being miles away, this good news bring much joy to us! And I'm sure the angels in heaven are rejoicing as well, celebrating the new birth of our brother! Another soul saved for God! I'm soOoooo uber happy..a GREAT day is today!
not only that, another good news came along subsequently..I was picked randomly as the winner of a bento giveaway, organised by AiPing!!! Rmb the link I posted earlier in my blog..YESssSS, joint effort with Kev and WE WON! Woohooo....double Joy today! Gonna wait patiently for my pressies to arrive Manchester! God is really GooOd, He is blessing me ALL THE TIME! His love is overwhelming and real! If only I could tell everyone that God loves them, because knowing Him is the BEST thing that had happened to me!

PLUS POINT, as work in North Manchester getting more demanding, He remembered to put a new friend to take bus with me to hospital every morning. Her name is Ayda:) Very friendly girl from Qatar! Just last Friday, she surprised me with this lovely choco cornflaky for breakfast! Halloween gift I supposed but it was so thoughtful of her..Simple gesture like that indeed brightened the gloomy weather in Manchester!

A good weekend for me. Hope it's GREAT for all of you too:)
Always remember, when all else fades, Jesus' love for you remains.
And that's all we need!

wasSup Doc: His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


i am indeed. I know, i have been complaining much bout my tiredness, am I just being lazy, or maybe i'm having undiagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome, which no medication can actually helps:P After submitting our job aplication form last Fri, it was a big relief to all of us. But it marked the beginning of my next posting as well. So currently, am posted to North Manchester, for another 4 weeks. My daily routine is not as chillax as previous block. Waking up at 7am, catch a bus at 8am and reach hospital by 9am and start my day with ward round, followed by teachings, ward work with FY1 and hopefully home by 6pm IF am not stucked in the traffic! How am I supposed to study after that laaaa...the weather is so cold, the wind is so strong and I am knackered by the end of the day!!! *that's what I've got to endure, being abroad* Warning to those who are looking forward to study oversea:) Be prepared!
Glad that I managed to escape a few hours last Friday to surprise Joyce's 21st birthday. Meeting church mates are always jolly fun, because these youngsters are always in the bubbly-no-worries-mood, whereas aunty Angie is always the tired-busy-somuchtoworry-mood!Lol..Proudly present to you, my dear 'stalker' - SUREE! She is a Singaporean, currently studying in Manchester! How she found me was indeed God's beautiful plan! Before she came to UK, she did some research about where to stay, and thus she randomly googled about 'St Gabs Hall', the place i stayed for 2 years! And my blog popped up when she googled that. Naively, she read my blog and subsequently follows my updates. She even know LILY Chan though they've never met b4! TILL we finally met in church recently and yes, she is happily staying in Gabs! (Thanks to my good review in my blog previsouly! I should be paid for that..Lol)
Something to cheer up because my dear friend from Paris, sent me a postcard from where she is studying now...Provence:) Thanks Alice for the kind thoughts...Just love the lavender garden infront of the house in the postcard.
and it's always good to hang out with my dear 'family'. IT'S been ages since we last have dinner together! whee~
our fish and chips adventure with Shah and her bf! the fish is HUGE!..random notes aside. Love hanging out with my gurls:) Stress FREE!

And finally, i had a complementary relaxation therapy attachment last week and the tutor gave me a golden star, it's a squeezy ball to release stress! She taught me the breathing technique and gave me a 15mins foot massage! Just at the right time as I was pretty tense up with my application and studies. God sent definitely:)

Many things to give thanks for indeed.
Even coming home late to have Lily eating dinner with me is a blessing.

no complain. hang in there right, Angie.

wasSup Doc: I'm lacking confidence in myself, but am reminded that confidence in Christ is the right kind of confidence I need.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

stress gilerrr..

yess, that's how i'm feeling now...Job application form for foundation programme was out last week. And we're all now felt extremely stress answering those questions given, based on our clinical experiences over the last 5 years, and the score we get out from this questions will determine where we're posted when we qualified later.....Though i know the outcome is under God's control, I do feel i've the responsibility to answer them well. Downside is, my English just CMI...*big sigh*! Alright, shall stay positive and positive and positive! ~POSITIVE thinking!!!!!~

Anyway, celebrated Siti's birthdat last Friday. A short gurly night out @ the LivingRoom:)
Us, and the Birthday gurl...
gurls and a boy, Min!
Attended an Acupuncture teaching session in Chritie last week, and i asked the Prof to put a needle on me..the position is a trigger point to act on my guts! Guess wat, i really had some funny feeling when he poked getting interested about this kinda of medicine...Lol. Thinking of signing up for a course on acupuncture now..random!

the sisters decided to reward ourselves with Thai food..PadThai for lunch after a long week of cooking in:) Nonnnoomm..
my first attempt on ABC soup....not that great compared to my grandma's...wat's the missing ingredients?! Hmmmm....maybe, a heart of L.O.V.E:)
ok, BENTO mood again! Started eating Pita bread instead of bread! To me, Pita=Manna! Lol...because it looks like the description i understand..Basically, Manna is the name of a food that God provided for the Isrealites during their travels in the desert as recorded in the bible. Reminder:: God will provide!

by the way, Kidsdreamwork is having a bento contest! Just click at the link and check it out to win yourself some cool stuff if u're a bento maniac like me! Congratulations AiPing for your first anniversary on blogging:) Malaysia Boleh~

Another giveaway at Bentobloggy. Do head there ASAP to win yourself some awesome bento accessories:)

Just a random sidetrack, Lily's legs are LONGer! Aunty, she has grown taller!!!
Yup, OSCE prep prep prep! Finals in 3 months tome and i'm STRESS over that too...why everything must come together....!!!
headache laaar:(

so this is the summary of my very.super.extremely stressful life now!

why am i such a worrior instead of a warrior?

watsSup Doc: Worry is a burden God never intended us to bear.
I should be reminded by that once more.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

why am i soO happy?!

A friend asked me recently the question above...answer would be...because I'm Angelene, because am so loved by God and the people around me as well...:)))) Work in hospital kind of slow down abit compared to my previous posting. Doing a 4 weeks attachment in the Christie, one of the biggest cancer hospital across UK. We're supposed to gain as much knowledge about cancer throughout this 4 weeks...God is good to have me allocated with Dr Lee, my church member! Has been great ^_^Hah..surprises one after another made my day as well..Maybe God has already instored LOADS of stuff to cheer me daily including the kind souls to lavish me with gifts:)
Hosanna knew i love GREENTEA, so she gave me this set of green tea handcream and soap when she came back to Mcr from Abu Dhabi!! *touched indeed, because she took notice of this little fact about Angie*!
Steph recommended this 'Healthy Snack Box' to's FREE for the first box, delivered right to my doorstep with assorted nuts for snacktime:) No more sugar spiking muffins for tea..Lol!
Shahira bought us THESE kitKATs when she visited Japan last summer! *Happy daoo pengsan*! Really wanna visit Japan one day for the varieties of KitKat that they've got to offer!
Lily and Sis bought some bento accessories for me over last collection of bento is now quite impressive i must say. Thanks to my deariesS :)Though this arrived late from AUSSIE instead of Prague, dun worry Jeremy! Thanks for remembering to send me my favourite POSTCARD..Hehehe!!!
not to forget, CheaXin gave me these 2 sets of Lock&Lock tupperwareS when she came back from Brunei! Though I didnt get to go back home this summer, my dearies DID rmb me and brought me gifts! loved I am, right:) How can I not be happy when the ppl around me LOVE me so much!
Thank God for friends...who constantly rmb Angie! That makes a difference:)
I love God's invention of Technology toO, because of the ability to call/email to friends MILES away:) NiceEe.


AHHHHHHH.......KEVIN visited Manchester over this weekend! Poor boy had to take a 9 hours BUS ride from Aberdeen just to visit us:) Thank you! It's been 2 years since we last met! Seems uber LONG right, but oh wellie, we shall see when is out next meet up!Muakakakka....COME WORK IN NORTH WEST LAAAA. the MUST EAT:) ever famous DIMSUM! We had a feast, dont! Extra kg for this week! We both noticed smth..we looked like brother and sister in this pic! Hello lil bro^_^and the MUST TAKE snap shot in Chinatown with the arch:)

Thanks for the yummilicious SeaFooD PAELLA...*i'm salivating now just thinking about it* It was AWESOME! I shall demand for that AGAIN when we meet k!
Thanks Kev! Great seeing u again:) *smiley*

finally, a love gift from God. It was a surprise i must say. Remember the 11 weeks Paeds Audit project i did in my year 4 last June? yes, it has been ages ago, but recently I received an email from the Year 4 coordinator informing me that the panel has chosen me as one of the winners for the year 4 paeds oral presentation, organised by the Manchester Paeds Club! The prize is a 30 pound cheque! Not much money, but the joy is overwhelming. We weren't informed that there is going to be such prize when we did the presentations for our projects! If not, I'm sure most of us will put in MORE effort in doing the presentation. It must be God, giving me extra pocket money, and remind me about His faithfulness towards me. A friend once told me, when God wants to give you smth, there is always some way... mysterious but true..Lol!
So anyone of you who are in need of anything, START praying, you will never know how God can provide. Dun get me wrong, I didnt pray for's a lovely surprise from Him:)

so why I am happy all time?
God + Friends = L.O.V.E

wasSup Doc: God who supplies seed to the sower and bread for the food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every ocassion, and..your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. - 2 Corinthians 9:10-11-