Saturday, July 21, 2007

Her BIG Day

The reason i come to Newcastle...

My sis graduated with LLB Hons. today

It has been a tiring duty today???

a photographer, a makeup artist and a personal assistant. In short-a chaperone

BUT it's a joyous day for her, for me and the TEO's family.

Let the pictureS do the talking k....

Sis, u look so pWetty..Well Done gal, u did a great job!!!!

-Graduation aftermath-

wasSup Doc : Let him praise the bridge that carries him over- English Proverb

Friday, July 20, 2007


Reporting from Newcastle:

Dubai Airport

The journey here was super exhausting! To save cost, we decided to fly with Emirates and stopped by Dubai for 4 hours, before taking another transit from there to Manchester. To be honest, Emirates is a really good airline, the screen for movies and entertainments have upgraded to TOUCH screen style, food prepared was yummilicious and the 'ceiling' has stars when the light is switched off..sO CooOol..soory lar i sound so JakUn!!! Anyway, i managed to watch a few movies(X-men 3, Night at the Museum, Music and Lyrics and Cars) which i missed due to EOS 3!! Upon arrival at Manchester airport, we have to take another 3 1/2 hours train ride to Newcastle where my Sis is now....24 hours of travelling was not FUN!! i think i slept for 12 hours once i arrived...

Day 1

We went to the city to have a walk. Junqi was with us, so she decided to prepare some kimbab(Korean rice roll) for dinner.We went to shop for some nice of her!

Women preparing the ingredients

The cook- Junqi
End Product--Kimbab!

The Law faculty behind me

Sayonara for now.....Today is my Sis' Graduation day...i'm so proud of her, she has finally graduated as a lawyer..when is my turn?!..Argh, so long to go, but i shall persevere!

wasSup Doc: Newcastle...more to come!!! I cant wait to EXPLORE..... i'll be back!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

God is good, ALL the time:)

Yipee....EOS 3 is officially OVER ...i repeat OVER OVER OVER!!

Now, we can enjoy our 1 month+++ holidays to the MAXIMUM!!!Yayyi..

-Thank God for His grace so free

-Thank God for the friends who support me through

-Thank God for reminding me how much He loves me

-Thank God for His promise that He'll help me

-Thank God for answering my prayer and gave me more than i asked

-Thank God for being so faithful

-Thank God for choosing me as Your child

-Thank God for EVERY SINGLE THING You have blessed me with IN MY LIFE!

wasSup Doc : Life will be difFerent WITHOUT You there carrying me through, holding me close in Your arms.....Sorry for being a child of little faith..I'll learn..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


FAITH = Believing in SoMETHING that U CANNOT see..
I need IT...

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Burden of WORRY...

EOS 3 is finally OVER!
Hmm, really hard to believe i actually went through the paper d..
It seems so impossible for me to go through it.

Just a little sharing how my life was b4 EOS 3..
1)S-U-I-C-I-D-A-L-- i juz feel like jumping off from 14th floor when the panicness n fear arise..
2)Sticking my face to the lecture notes ONLY from 7.30am to 12.30am EVERYDAY(5 weeks)...
3)Makan-ing my meals in half an hour time- every second is precious!
4)broke down in tears and had mental blocks a few days just b4 the exam...The Stress level in me was just unbearable, the tears could just trickled down my cheeks out of a sudden when the fear conquered....
5)NO movies, NO shopping, NO good food(Everday mixed rice in cafetaria until SIEN d), NO slacking, NO internet and NO CHILLING!!
6)put on lots of EXTRA weight during this time coz i just eat, sit, study and sleep..routinely for the past 5 weeks:(
7)RELYING ON GOD MORE...This battle is TOO DIFFICULT for me to fight alone. It's by trusting in HIM, havin faith in HIS promises and just LET HIM LEADs....To be honest, i'm a BIG WORRIER. Worried of a lot of things - All the 'Whaddifs and Howells' incidences cant stop playing in my mind, this is because i'm lacking of CONFIDENCE in my LORD. ONLY the LORD Jesus can share this burden of WORRY in me.......Thank you Father:):)
In CHRIST alone, I place my TRUST

Thanks to all of you out there who have been constantly praying for me....thanks for all the encouragements you have given me so that i cud stay strong and move on throughout the week.....

wasSup Doc: "We do not need to know what will happen tomorrow. We only need to know He leads us and "we will find grace to help us when we need it" (Hebrews 4:16)

**Special Birthday wishes to XANDRA ANG...May you have a blessed year ahead k:)U've been a great blessing to the people around you,esp me:):)Stay Young n Pretty!**