Friday, January 29, 2010

Sharing about His faithfulness was AWESOME

It's the first time, me sharing our testimony infront of many in SF today. It was about the difficult times we had endured during our FnC posting(which was the post i wrote back in October) and in the end, how God has blessed us in here to read the post again:)

Telling people about how His faithfulness was indeed great. Emotionally moved by His presence. And just looking back, it's definitely by God's grace we survived!

Now i understand why when we've tasted His goodness, we will have this joy, just want to share it with the people who have yet to taste it, because we know God wants them to know how DEEP He loves them as well, and want to bring them back to His side and assure abundance blessings....

Thank You Lord, for the courage to testify Your faithfulness in our lives today.
Thank you, Lily and Eugene for the long hours of putting all the slides together in powerpoint.
Thank you all for the prayers throughout this difficult times.

We have conquered part of this journey and there are more to come and we shall face them with joy and trust in God.

thank you Ly, for who you are, the best companion i could ever ask.

wasSup Doc: A tunnel of testing can produce a shining testimony.

We are going through the tunnel, do you want to join us?? :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone (when Troy Lim's your guide)

Posted by guest blogger: Fellow TEO EUGENE:)

Lilian says I should start this blog post like this, “People say... No. The best way to visit Spain is without expectations. People say Barcelona is famous for their pickpockets. And never has there been a group who has been there and left unscathed. That tale was history, as my group left Spain, without an itch a scratch..”

Anyways, back to me.
*cue Lilian’s irritating nagging on what to write in the background....

5 days, 95 hours, and a couple thousand or so minutes in the sun, sea, splendour (and sangria!) of Barcelona. Sound awesome don’t it? You bet.

Well in truth the trip actually started in scouser-y ol’ Liverpool (nobody calls it ‘the pool’ btw). John Ling, future Infectious Disease consultant extradonaire and Troy’s churchmate, was gracious enough to loan us his living room for the night before we flew off the next morning.

Us at the Beatles Museum

LOVE Penguins!!!

Troy’s walking tour of Liverpool was the order of the day, and it definitely did not disappoint. Mei Mei’s dimsum, penguins, Liverpool 1, deep holes covered by glass, more penguins, Albert Dock, breaking umbrellas, Beatles’ smth smths, sheepbananas and some Elvis looking dude’s statue were the more interesting points of the tour. At this point I would like to make a note that Mei Mei’s dimsum was indeed awesomeness, and in my opinion at least, better than Manc’s. The only thing that Liverpool has thats better than Manc.
?the better dim sum??

Now, let's POSE like that Elvis dude:P

The day ended with a meal at good ol’ McDs while waiting for Ai Ai’s arrival before we headed off to Odeon to catch the omgfreakingconjobutterlyterribleanddisappointing 3D version of Avatar. If anyone reading this hasn’t watched Avatar yet and your nearest cinemas aren’t showing it anymore, you’re one of the lucky few. One or two of us were lucky enough to catch a couple minutes of shuteye that night (the rest of us got constantly awakened by Troy’s never-satiated stomach making mating calls). BROmance it is:)

Eye of Liverpool^_^

And off to Barcelona it was!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


that's what i kept reminding myself to do each day... a gentle smile is contagious, coz it will make the person u smiled to smile in return:P am i making sense...hope soO..

allrighty, URGENT need to REVIVE my bloG! Wait Prof GG complain again...

supposed to write bout Barcelona trip..initially, i have 2 enthusiastic guest bloggers to write for me but in the end they FFK me.. so i shall write myself..hmmph! TEO EUGENE laaaaa....fellow TEO FFK me! sooOo, my Barca trip will be next post..hopefully k..*fingers crossed, toes crossed, everyting crossed :) *

so wat have i been up to...exams's OVER. Hopefully it goes well though, God please pass me:'(!

In previous post, mentioned bout extreme snow storm in Manchester:) and we had snow fight for the first time in my life! Woohoo......guess the happiest creature would be...EUGENE! No wonder he bullied me KAO!

the happy boy! BULLY PPL KAO laaa! see how HARD he threw the snow ball also kno liao laa..

let's FIGHT! see the greedy me:) Wat a big snow ball i've got..

the other Chan was with us toO:) amazingly cute! but she left us to go back US d:'(do come back again k...we really love n miss u!


oh we were forced to cook our meals few weeks our guest of honour, GENiE cooked smth for us k....sardine chilli oniony:P taste not bad ..dun play play!

Gene n his sardine...thumbs down coz he thinks the dish he prepared cannot fight with GWong's dishes:P too humble dy lar u, GeniE

:) so manay pots hor..that showed our laziness to wash too many plates:P so instead of trasferring to nice plates, we just bring all the pots to our table:P

now u see the food

now you don't

hungry monters were US!


hah, and finally, my latest obsession...BENTO!

am just sick of sandwiches for lunch, so tot of improvising my lunch box and putting in more stuff, but still healthy food:) most importantly, deco with different shapes n colours, making my lunch time more exciting and looking forward to:) indeed lift my mood up abit, esp doing psychiatry posting now..quite depressing at times, when u cant understand why the patients react this way and not getting to understand what they've gone through..the bunnieS bento, just for Lily!:)my bento with LOVE:)


happiest thingS this week::mum's sent parcel finally arrived! now Lian, if u saw this pic, u would understand how come i can pack so well for u the other day..see my mum really utilise every space available, she could even 'menyumbat' some pens in the ring of my books she sent! Indeed, like mum like daughter eii?
Gary's postcard from Florida arrived safely! it's 3D weiiii..super canggih:) i love i love!and i've got a visitor this weekend, Xiao Fen(us at old Trafford)!!!! She came all the way here while doing her attachment in Edinburgh:) So yup, Angie busy being a tour guide this weekend:)


just some sneak shots of us in Liverpool:) the artistic penguins all over Liverpool..and us posing at Albert Dock:) SO funny huh:)and mua...wished to be a snow angel!
no more snow now...after falling 3 times on my bum, i dun wan snow anymore! Plus my batch mate who fractured his ankle after a fall and needed to go through a surgery for it, i am now traumatised with the slipperey road!

wasSup Doc: How wonderful to know that He who watches from above will always keep us sheltered in His ever present love!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kawan saya yang cool:P

it's gonna be a short post...sorry to all my dear readers out there, Angie is having exams next i've got no time to post up anything interesting yet...will do it ASAP k..please be super patient with me:)

But this morning, as i was chatting with my old old friend, the GGWONG a.k.a ardent reader of my blog..the first question he asked me was..why i didnt update my blog...i think it's not the first time u asking me this dy:P seems, u really visit my blog quite often:P thankies soso much! then when i return from town, i saw a post on my FB wall which says...

"nama kawan baik saya angelene teo. dia suka menangkap gambar mengguna kamera. dia suka membuat kawan-kawan dia berposing cute untuk kamera. dia membuat kawan-kawannya berposing agar dia nampak lawa dan kawan-kawannya nampak lawak. walaupun saya begitu cool, saya berposing untuk dia supaya dia gembira."

WAkakkakakakkakakkaka...i just laughed my head OFF! my day didnt start off good today, seeing things i shudn't hv seen, knowing things i shudn't hv known...but when i read this, all my dissapointment and worries were just swept away. In storms of life, when i look back, i'm actually not alone and need not fear because God has blessed me with friends, though distance apart, i know they're praying for me and wishing me all the best, trying hard to make Angie happy....awww.. heart meltsSss..
kawan kawan saya yang cool sedang POSE nih.. Dalam perpustakaan pula ni..
dia kata dia cool, dia pose macam ini supaya saya nampak lawa, tapi dia nampak lawak!

GWong, u must be super sick of me liao:P but who cares, awak kawan baik saya, jadi perlulah berpose dengan saya:P:P

kawan kawan saya yang suka berpose cute:P
eh, saya tidak menyuruh mereka berpose kan!! semua memang berbakat berpose :)

i really miss u guys larr...come Manchester please..
come pose with me :'(

and BIG thanks to Pei and Mus and Gary! They know i love postcards and so no matter where they go for holiday, they remember Angie! Thanks peeps, Angie is very demanding hor, tetapi mereka kawan baik saya, mereka cuba menggembirakan saya...*happy me*

wasSup doc:
Listening is an open door to understanding.
Thanks friends, for listening and understanding:)
U all are God's sent AnGeLs..

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i smell white Christmas:)

Merry belated Christmas peeps:)

Guess why am i sitting here in the morning(when am supposed to be in the hospital)?!?
it's because of BAD WEATHER:P our whole day class got cancelled because of the heavy snow storm that attacked Manchester overnight! And it's 5 inches THICK..imagine that, as though we're in the north pole...craziness! Even the locals have never seen such thick snow over the past 10+ years!!!! Wahlau..i dunno i should say am lucky or not...pity us, woke up so early in the morning, prepared our bento lunch and scrolled through the thick snow and wat we got in return?? CLASS CANCELLED...sigh:(
View from my room...
Anyway...i shall blog bout my recent Christmas Day then since i have not got time to talk bout it yet:) This year's Christmas was FaB:) ChRistmas Day service was a bit different, with members sharing their favourite Christmas Carols, praying for the congregations and also different fellowshipS performing..interesting:)
the 3 wise men singing:) Uncle Mike, Uncle Lip and Xin Yang:)

Had a white Christmas this year:) And guess what, the last white Christmas was mayb 14 YEARS ago:P

and so...~i'm dreaming of a white Christmas~..has became true

This year's Christmas, Uncle Lip opened house to accomodate us, 'abandoned' students again:)
The uncles and aunties cook so much food for us to celebrate Christmas!
Indeed blessed...Big FAT thanks to ALL!

and the best of all...a bowl of lotus peanut soup to warm the cold winter;D
wat a chinesy Christmas i've got here..

Meet Laura, Uncle Lip's eldest daughter:)
a multi-talented young gurl who loves God..
Students who stayed back over Christmas:)
that's Lunch...THANKs for the abundance love


And i've always said, Christmas is a season to be FATlalalalalallala.....
because, our dinner was another EXOTIC one.
thanks to our dear hall warden, Alex!

Alex, introducing the array of food she prepared all by herself since morning!
So, the menu was:

Greek salad, salmon, turkey, duck, samosa, fried rice, pasta, crackers with cheese, fruits, ice cream cake, pavlova, nut roast, chicken drumstick, stuffings, nachos, italian bread and the list goes on....

She did all this because she pity us, the students who din get to go back home. So she want us to feel at home and celebrate this meaningful season together .
Ooooo..the ChanS busy taking foood:)not to forget, Eugene landed Manchester on Christmas Day itself!
the best Christmas gift for Lily i'm sure:)
us and the FOOD!

our dearest hosts:)
so that's the white Christmas this year..
Been blessed to have so many people celebrating with me even though am far from home..


i know this is out of the topic but i cant withhold this but to say..

me, the DRAMA queen(with my cooly fashionista 3D specs:P) has watched Avatar and's FANTASTICO! though the guys din like it, but i personally enjoyed the show from the beginning till the end. eh please. 10 years work, surely goodie good ba!
Back to Christmas...great joy with me when i received so many Christmas cards from all of you, all over the world:) Am so loved, a small gestures as such really made my day..
guess wat, my favourite past time is to check my mailbox to see any surprises coming..muakkak SS-ness i know..sorry la..ignore me please!

I just received a card from 3 KB knights yesterday, Thongkie, ChunYang and Raulito!

To be honest with u, never in my life would think you guys will send me a card! coz i kno u all are so busy with work and studies. and usually where got 'LELAKI' send cards one..usually the gurls will do it..but guess i was wrong...the lovely messages inside were so thoughtful! Plus the 'lovely goat' aiyooo..i couldnt stop laughing laaa...thanks guys, my winter is really warmth up by u all..

God bless you all!

wokay..better get back to some work. Exams coming again:'(

Just started my mind and movement rotation this week. It's an introduction to psychiatry. So yea, wish me luck, hope i will enjoy myself there:)

wasSup Doc:

Dear Lord, help me to be the kind of friend who doesn't run when my friends are in need. Give me the courage to stand by them, the wisdom to know what to say, and the ability to serve them. Amen.

Be a stander :D

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Meet the mighty lady:)

phew..finally am back from my holidays:)
it's been GREAT, a short escape from Manchester, to Edinburgh to see my DEAREST Ivy!
The last time i saw her was...2 years ago:) Though we kept in touch through emails and messages and calls, nothing compared to seeing each other and staying under the same roof for....5 days! My stay in Edin was really well planned by her and the best part of all, we got to TALK TALK TALK and did loads of things together! the BEST HOST award goes to Ivy Ang!

Very organised schedule each day:) even my meals were well prepared, AWESOME!!busy wrapping up the dumpling, ready for Party:)

my first attempt making dumpling from scratch:) very yummy oh!
Ivy's Church mates:) xmas party! we played 'articulate', some board games:) nice peeps! God's children:D

then jalan-jalan along Princess Street and bumped into IMU mates:) Poh Peng and Xin Loong:)

Edin not that big after all:)

and came Chee Wei's birthday( Ivy's church fren), so we decided to bake an apple blueberry crumble for him:)

Birthday Party @ Hard Rock..

and we had a FEAST! :)

watched a musical:) 'We will rock you' :)

candid shot:P

visited the childhood museum:) didnt kno such museum existed:P *stoned*

baked a gingerbread house together with her CF mates..Sue Ann and Charis!

my all time favourite in Edin..the CASTLE! Scrolling along Princes Street, overseeing the castle..ah, God is good:)our movie night together:) *Pride and Prejudice* Mr Darcy~~:Pand Brussels sprouts and carrot were our snack:)

Her cooking skills has surely improved:) I remember Ivy used to make egg sandwich for me back in IMU. When i visited her this time, she cook some simple yet very yummy meals for me:) i like:DPasta shells with mushroom saucesmoked salmon sandwich for lunch!admiring my packed lunch in the hospital common room:) egg baguette)Mushroom swiss with a cup of chai tea and oranges for breakfast..chit chatting with Ivy..this is holiday:)
at Calton Hill, in the snow:)the majestic palace!

Am loving spendin time with this woman.One in a million, great sister of mine:)us in the snow!

There are times when i needed to tell someone my fear, times when i have needed someone to share my secret, times when i have needed someone to rejoice with me over an achievement. And those were the times when only you will do, thanks Ivy for being who you are to me:)

I really cherish this 5 days spent with u:) It's indeed God's grace that i'm able to do all these together with u:)

Just got back from Barcelona...stay tune, more updates soon:)

Hola from the gurls in Mcr:) Mummies and daddies out there, we're safely back and school starting this Monday...Set to GOooooO:)

wasSup Doc: Happy New Year to everybody out there..2010, a year of new revival, making a difference and spreading the Love of Christ:)