Saturday, September 29, 2007

Aftermath of ENDOcrinoloy..

Yup, i just finished EnDo exams yesterday and to celebrate the end of this system, we decided to go Ikano to have a Padini shopping spree coz i have a birthday 30% off...And i must say this was our very 1st time go shopping together(excluding the long hours shopping for pressies la>_<) though we know each other since orientation...

I took train to bandar Tun Razak station this morning and Hwei Wan picked me up from there. Then off we went to Ikano where both Denise and Hwei Wan have their pottery class..This was my very first time see these 2 ladies moulding the pots. I MUST say here, they are really good. I didn't expect them to be able to do such nice pots and tea cups with only attending a few classes during our holidays. They are not only medical students who have brains, they are also skillful at making pots out of dough of clay! U can ask Hwei Wan what was my 1st expression when i saw them start working. *Jaw opens WIDE, exopthalmos(protruding eyes) were my clinical features!!*

While they were busy with their pottery stuff, i sneaked to Ikea and got my quilt's lovey dovey pink color!!!Aww, it's my favourite color!! I was contemplating whether to get the cover with spirals or cartoons on it but after long consideration, finally i decided to get a plain one instead due to the stress i will encounter especially during exam period and if i still have to sleep in the spiral covered comforter..No way man, i'll get headache and nightmare!!*will show the pic after i wash the quilt cover k:)*

When Denise and Hwei Wan finished their pottery class, we had a quick lunch at Ikea Restaurant. Then "ZoooooM", off we went to Padini concept shop and hunt for our stuff--heels, clothes, accesories,etc.....BUT it was not my day to shop today. The shoe i'm eyeing since few weeks back is no longer on the shelves, and for those which i fell in love at first sight, no more size!!Argh, it's so unlucky....but it's ok.Save my $$ and use it for the next round...hahaha!
However, my fellow mates managed to fins something they like. Coincidently, Xan and Denise bought a pair of pointy same design shoes which looks super CHUN and Hwei Wan broke her record buying 2 purple shirts(She only buys BLUE color, but NOT this time..Bravo!!Improvements dear:) Pity Jen Lye who followed us..didnt manage to get his PINK shirt:(Try again next time loo and poor thing, he had to wait for us,ladies making up our mind on which shoe to buy..Hehe(Sorry Jen, girls are girls)..

Hwei Wan who is the Pro at making hole at the base of the pots....Wahaha. Nola, mistakes and accidents do happen right?U're still the best...:)

Denise moulding her pot(",)

The mistakes and accidents pots....WITHOUT a base!!

The one and only cup with my name on it:) Thanks gals!!i LOVE it. See the products behind, they are all made by the 2 geniuses>Hwei Wan and Denise!!*Thumbs up*

This guy is really good at moulding clay bags...I was shocked and amazed esp is a GUY doing it. Usually girls are better at doing all these handicrafts stuff but i was totally wrong.He is one in a million. Checked out the bag he did..

2kg CHANEL clay handbag Su Yin trying heels...She didnt buy either of those..She got something more CHUNTED!
The PROs and the Paparazzi(me)..snapping their pics when they were working..*Hwei Wan kinda irritated when i snap her shots..Hehe.Sorry dear!!*

wasSup Docs: Why girls LOVE shopping? It's an unexplainable syndrome, i supposed:)

Friday, September 21, 2007


"Blessed Saviour, make me humble,
Take away my sinful pride;
in myself I'm sure to stumble,
Help me stay close by Your side..."
Dear Lord, U said when pride comes, then comes shame; but with humble is wisdom.
So i asked that u can help me to be a humble girl who is pleasing in Your eyes,
a girl who have the strength of heart so that Your purpose can be fulfilled.
Thank you for Your everlasting LOVE,
In Jesus name i pray, Amen.
"Angie!! it's time to's time to's time to be a better person.It's time to humble yourself and learn from others....."
wasSup Doc: Only God can transform a sin-stained soul into a masterpiece of grace.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This post is dedicated to my dearest, cutest ji mui, Kimmie!

'Sui cha bo, muz stay strong when u're alone out there k:')

I know this pretty girl when we were 7 years old..Since then we were in the SAME class till Form 5. We used to attend the same tuition lessons, play some sports together and of course "lepaking" in KB mall, our biggest mall in Kelantan..Hehehe! Just wanna thank you for your accompaniment throughout the 20 years of my life. U're really a blessing to me. Thank you for being who you are, never hide your feelings and give me your greatest support. U have been a good friend and a great ji mui.

But now, u're heading to Wales to fulfill your dream, your dream of becoming a successful Lawyer. I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavours and remember we will always miss your presence.Keep in touch darling..*Sob sob*

Kimmie oh Kimmie, miss u loads!!!

waSsup Doc: Absence makes the heart grows fonder(",)

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Baci a day, Brighten your day

:: Of Chocolate & Romance ::

Dammi tanti baci, Italian for "give me many kisses". This chocolate was once Italy's own and exclusive Perugina's production and can only be purchased in Italy. I came to know Baci when i read in a novel which the writer always buys one packet of it when she travels to Italy. So i waited in anticapation for my chance to taste it! I was so lucky on the day when i came back from Newcastle, i spotted it in one of the chocs shop and without hesitation i bought a box of it! and trust me it tastes sooo Yummy....

What is Baci? The word “baci” (pronounced BAH-chee) is Italian meaning “kisses”. Baci chocolates don’t just taste different, they also don’t look even slightly similar. First of all, Baci are more than just a dollop of chocolate covered in metallic wrappings. No, Baci are much more complex than this, considered by Italians as the chocolates of love, we all know that there’s nothing simple about love, don’t we? So why would a chocolate called “kisses” be a simple blob, right?

Baci chocolates contain at their pinnacle, a whole, roasted hazelnut. This nut nestles itself on top of a small mound of smooth, whipped chocolate filling which is neither mushy nor stiff, and contains tiny pieces of chopped hazelnuts inside. This filling is not too sweet as many fillings of this kind can be, but rather seems nicely to combine with the nutty flavour of its crunchy companion. Hugging these two things together is a lovingly draped blanket of dark chocolate. This slightly toothy dark chocolate covering is the exact midway point in texture between the whipped filling and the hard nuts. All in all, a three way treat - crunchy, creamy and slightly chewy in texture with the three great tastes of roasted hazelnut, dark chocolate and whipped milky chocolate filling.
and NO, it doesn't taste like Fererro Rocher:P

The surprise inside<3 Inside the foil you’ll not only find these scrumptious morsels but you’ll also find a slip of paper with some kind of message. No, its not a fortune, it’s a love note, or rather a quote that talks about love. This poetic love note in four languages(Italian, French, Spanish and English) describes the course of love—a true gesture of romance. Reading these notes has always been part of my attraction to this sweet lil chocolate.*Crz, i'm sure u gonna like this very very much!!!*
So till now, Baci remains the best chocolate i've ever tried. The fancy silver foil wrapper with blue stars, romantic love notes and smooth chocolate with roasted nut is a total experience of eating quality chocs! So if you ever go travelling, don't forget to grab a box of it in ANY international airports/ at Italy (yes John See, in Italy!!). I'm sure u guys gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And of course bringing back a baci for Angie will assure you of getting a kiss from her in return :) *hint hint*

wasSup Doc : Italian KISSES are better than the French..:]

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Brand NEW September

I got a new Pink bag..NICE or NOT???

I got a new soft toy...Wat's the name of this teapot?Anyone???

I got a new phone...Xda mini S!!

I got a new heels..Thanks to my mummy!!

I got a new comb..Thanks to IVY who helped me bought this all the way from Singapore coz i cant find it in Malaysia!!

I got new magnets from Athens..2 more new family members joining my magnets collection!

I got a new bible..Thanks to my dear koko!

I got a new Haircut....

& 1 more day to a new semester....Yay!!

wasSup Doc : We need more than a new start; we need a new heart-to be made alive.

He makes us alive by grace through faith; "it is the gift of God"(Epehesian 2:8)