Friday, June 25, 2010

J.O.Y :)

Title this week..J.O.Y..will explain more at the end:) Stay tune!
Sorry for the long due update..BLAME on the fact that I need to move out from my hall since contract has ended, which means much packing needs to be done:(

And in the midst of my project option still goin on...BUSY is ME!
U wont believe how much things I've got over 2 years here....If there is one thing I hate in this world, it would definitely be PACKING! :'( God, please send Your Angels to lend a helping hand!

20+ tiny room can fit ALL these! Amazing:)Our beloved Kitchen CrewS..Lady in white-Pat, is like our Mummy here. Despite all the trouble and headaches caused by both of us, she still love us LOADS. They're all really US, the 'twins' Chinese gurls!our LAST breakfast:) The waffle is the BEST:) and we definitely gonna miss the coffee machine in our hall..fresh brewed latte...awwww:(
and our last dinner was cod fish and shrimp with curry sauce..nyum~ with our normal intake of vege:)
I think i will really miss the food in the hall...esp nutroast and seafood Paella..Oh we discovered this new vegetarian pie too, which is called the Wellington Pie! It was so yummy but we only tried it once, which was 2 days ago coz we used to not touch pieS for the past 2 years...sigh..too late dy:'(

Anyway...hopefully by next Monday, I will be more settled with a new place! :)
Allright, updates, updates, updates...I foresee a long post..but we shall see..please bear with me:)
BombS of the week!
Angie DYED her hair...LOL!

Everybody is giving me a weird look after this..maybe it's just Aunty Angie doesn't seem will do such thing kinda thought or maybe the colour is too bright! Yes i do agree with that, but it's long as i LIKE it..,doesn't really matters:)
YEsssSS..smth very daring for Angie to try, but 'give me a pat on my shoulder' coz i DID it! I am at a stage of 'rebellious'??! Naaa, just want to be more adventurous! We only live ONCE! Come on...Hah, i've got loads to not young anymore, just need to EXPLORE more!
Allrighty, next challenge::
Watched a football match in a pub..called The Footage!
England Vs Slovenia
YesssS, when the home country-England is playing, the whole town just goes..superbly quiet because everyone will either be streaming from office, in the pub drinking beer, or at home WATCHING THE MATCH!
It's a BIG game! SooOo, we decided to go specifically to this Pub called The Footage nearby..because...they have a LIVE BAND there playing all sorts of cheers and songs for the England team throughout the match! And the fans will sing along at the top of their lungs! How cool is that...the ambience was just AMAZING!
YesSs, we cheered along for Enger-land:)
the angmoh infront of us felt so funny that these 2 Chinese gurls having so much fun..LOL
Thank goodness, it was a good match!
the happy crowd..a great timing indeed for me to capture this beautiful moment..when the England players in the screen had a group hug, the fans in the pub had a group hug too..WELL DONE England:)
us all sweaty in the jammed packed pub! was a great experience though..never regret going there..for once:)
ReUnion/ Celebrations!
Met up with Dr Choo!! *congrats dear* Since all chickenS back home had their reunion, we had ours in Manchester as well! I will be seeing this lady more next August onwards since she will be working in Manchester! Whee~~

Steve's 25th birthday at YangSing! ChungHwa-ers:) How many generations were there! Lol...
Yes, Sharon rocks Manchester! A surprise to me:) Didnt know she is coming for a visit at all!! Gurl, rmb my shocked look k...:P Hope you had great fun travelling around Europe!
Finally the story of the Bunnies continue:) crazy over food pick now...Lol!
Wished I could get more, but DAISO is far from me:(
I shall WAIT when i go home and 'SAPU' LOADS!
Anyway, this bento is Ly's and my lunch!
Seeded bread with chicken nuggets and some salad:) Nyum~

J.O.Y= Jesus, Others, Yourself!
You will find great joy when you put Jesus FIRST, then Others second and yourself LAST!
does this make sense?
I'm greatly inspired by the Malaysian Prayer Conference i recently attended in Manchester..and the miracles God is doing back home literally blew my mind OFF!
Nothing is impossible for Him!
*nudge me to hear more live testimonies*
Absolutely NOTHING!
(:am in AWE:)

wasSup Doc: ONE thing TWO say, THREE words FOUR you..
Jesus LOVEs You!

Friday, June 18, 2010

British Themed Bento:)

This post, is written because I'm taking part in this British themed bento event organised by Bento Box:)
Since I do not grow up in the UK, my knowledge about the cartoon characters wil not be as impressive. Plus, with the limited skills and time I've got, I wont be able to decorate my bento box as beautiful as the others did!

So what I'm going to blog about, is the British packed lunch culture..that I noticed over the year of my study here! :) What we usually have back home in Malaysia for lunch are proper heavy meals! For instance:

Noodles with beefball soups:)

Rice with assorted vege and fish..a.k.a Nasi Kerabu in Malay!

but British, eats sandwiches for lunch! So the usual packed lunch will be as above. A set of sandwich, a pot of low fat Muller yoghurt, a piece of fruit, orange juice, a packet of crisps, a bar of chocolate and sometimes..Babybel(Brit's favourite cheese chunk)! and they're on the GOooOo..A small variety of everything..culture shock to me personally because I never had sandwiches for lunch back home, and a little of everything doesn't keep my full~ Not to mention they're cold food instead of hot warm bowl of rice/noodles that satisfy you tummy..oh wells,there you go, that's British for you:) I'm still learning to adapt to it:P

wasSup Doc: Different skin colours, different cultures, different languages, but God, the creator of heaven and earth loves us all equally:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

the many DateS:)

Sorry for the lacking of updates..Been a whee bit busy with work but, dun worry, all is in God's grace:) 100 notes came in last week and been busy looking thru for this week progression--Analysing the findings..which is...DIFFICULT wei:( Seeing my consultant tomorrow, hopefully it will turn out well...!instead of stacks of notes, they now come in trolley..FULL!
Keep me in prayer, so that my project will go smoothly.. :)
a DATE with hall mate:)

Mezida is her name. She is from Uthopia:) One of the most easy-going friend we met in Gabs. She would give us a big hug when we see her around the corridor:) Just before she left home, she offered to cook us a meal despite being in the midst of her exams! Tuna speghetti with vege:) *nyum*thank you, love for the meal!


and the subsequent events:)

a dinner date with Aunt SauNgor, my spiritual mummy in Manchester:) We baked Carrot cake together C:

and she cooked nice dinner for me:) TQ aunt.

Indeed blessed to have ppl like her from church. Felt so at home and loved eventhough home is thousand miles away.

and the cream date @ Moonlight!
*Licking ice cream in the cooly weather is the best*
Lunchie date with Nathan @ SundaySchool:)
If you have known me better, I always wanted to name my son Nathan! So met this cute lil boy boy named Nathan in SundaySchool last week. He was eating his sandwich, flshing off his new 'Cars' lunch box! And so i demanded this picture with him! I could rmb when Lily told him that I forgotten to bring my packed lunch, he came to my side and pat pat on my head..*awwwwWWw...*he even offered me his crisps! Such adorable boy he is.
Felt so bad for today, I went in late for SundaySchool and when i saw him, I said, 'Let's hv lunch together, coz i brought my packed lunch' But he has finished his lunch since I was late, and he added..'i waited so long but I didn't see you..' *heart melts*

it was Mission Weekend in church this week. MCCC invited Rev Dick Khaan to give us talks on Reaching out to the 2nd and 3rd Generations in Europe. He is born in Vietnam, grew up in Canada and now residing in Paris for missionary work! Such inspirational man he is, who emphasizes on Family concept. A man of great faith, of God's heart and passionate about His work! AM deeply encouraged by His sharing, to make a different, to reach out and to lay a firm foundation in Christ..May God bless His work in Paris :) and sunny is out..Good for BBQ! YaaAaa, had a BBQ date with SF-ers @ Uncle Lip's house. Pictures will be up when I got hold of them:) finally...Jambo! South Africa World Cup Fever~ !!!!

It's madness in UK! Watched my first match yesterday..USA vs England!

conclusion: still think Beckham is handsome~ Lol..random comment!

anyway, God remains faithful this week!

Many answered prayers :)

He is Soo real! Trust me..Ask and you will be given!

He works in mysterious ways, but definitely for our GOOD:)

Nudge me if you wan personal testimony about how real He has been..

I am more than happy to share with you about His goodness:)

wasSup Doc: When Christ's love grows in us, His love flows from us

Saturday, June 05, 2010

we TWO:)

THANK YOU, Ly for making me laugh when I'd almost forgotten how to..

wasSup doc: Friendship can make the unbearable, BEARABLE :D

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

in His time:)

*cheeky duo*

As I have mentioned earlier on, last week has been a GREAT week! Theme for last week was.."God's perfect timing"

The week started so laaa:P GREAT of coz, because it's a new week God has blessed me with 100 medical notes to go through. Had to fill in forms, scanned them into computer, and the worst is that computer cant read my handwriting and in the end had to make changes on the data in the computer...double work! It's allright, as long as notes are coming in, I have nothing to be concerned about. PO going allright...still need His guidance to write up my report though..Aja Angie!

His timing...the story might sound stupid, but please bare with me. I just need to note this now, to remind myself about His faithfulness. What happened was this fine evening, I wanted to try to make ginger milk pudding. So I successfully made one nice milk pudding in a mould. And wat i needed next was my silicone cup so that I could put in my bento box. So i started searching high and low for it. All my effort in vain. Stress level built up, and started finding another stuff of mine, which is my earpiece and Malaysia sim card! All I could rmb wat that I last saw it in the drawer at Tameside accommodation! SHARKIEs! I left Tameside hospital 3 weeks ago..Will it still be there?! I really dunno but i wrote an email to the PIC there, hoping it's there~ STRESS built up and frustrations were all in me!
Before I slept, I told God- Please let me find back my stuff..I HATE the feeling of loosing things. My OCD-ness is bad i know, but I just couldn't take the fact that my dearly things are gone! ArghHhh...

2nd day came: I woke up from bed, randomly walked to my bento gadgets bag and open a container where i stored my accessories and tadaa, there is was, my silicone cup(though i looked thru it yesterday so many times, but i just didnt see it). And noon time, the PIC from Tameside called me and said she found the simcard and earpiece and she will send back to me in Manchester! Wahliu...all my stress was unnecessary..I learned a lesson- God does look after me. He reminded me that He is always there, i just need to look harder! And as for the earpiece, if it wasn's the search for silicone cup, it wouldn't have the urge to search for them, which have been hiding in Tameside!

Another good news to share...Jessica's elective! All these years, we have been wanting to meet each other, but Aussie and UK holiday period is just..not right! And guess wat, she got a reply from a MRI consultant in 1 hour to take her in to do her elective next year. And the timing is just GREAT! On my birthday itself! When everybody has left to do their elective, this special person will be celebrating with this a coincident? I dont think so..we prayed and only God can make this possible! We stand in awe, truly amazed by His perfect timing...thank You Lord!

Loads more to share about this week..about His timing. From letting Lily to meet a random Singaporean gurl on the street who came to Manchester to scout whether Manchester is good place to study, and in the end, got to know her better, and managed to bring her to church and worship God on an evangelistic Sunday! How great His plan is....Am sure, she knew, that this is not by coincident, but by His grace and mercy. This is a REAL God..a God who works miracles!
*had a long weekend. Monday was a bank holiday, so the trio had a movie marathon*
we watched Twilight:Newmoon, The Sister's Keeper, Imagine that, and Precious!
Quite good movies...of all, LURVE Imagine That most by Eddie Murphy:)
I want my own Zopida's world!

oh Wellie Well...
His faithfulness remains.
His goodness is far too much to share here. Everyday, there is smth to thank God about.
And today, I thank God for time.
Some precious time spent with a dear friend

oh not to forget: i thank God for supportive friends to vote for my bento contest!
I won.

wasSup Doc: If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently ~ Romans 8:25