Friday, August 29, 2008

Arrived Manchester safely:)

Announcement peeps:)
Ngie Chang, Wilfred and m3 safely landed in Manchester dy
i love you, you love m3
we're happy fa-mi-ly:)
the See family:) Thank you..where is Sue Ann!!?
my uncle and family:)mummy emo emo:( *huggies*bye bye peeps...thank you all for coming!!

Thanks ABUNDANCE to all who came KLIA to send me off:) Touched oh...
Kamsia banyak banyak! i felt so LOVEDAngie* Blackie* Mei Sin
thank you for the cute farewell gift dearie:) It'll be my new friend:)Dun Goooo Angie:)
Koinonians:) my dearest cellies..

The flight was okay, managed to catch up a few new movies
Iron man, P.S I love you, Made of honour and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian( didn't watch till the end though, not enough time:P) Anyway, it was an enjoyable flight with food loaded:)

Angie chilling @ Dubai airport, reading my very own convo mag with Blackie:)

Reached Dubai after 6 and half hours from Malaysia. Waited there for around 5 hours, then transit to Manchester from there. Some drama happened at Dubai! Ngie Chang and i were told to go to gate 43 to board on our next flight to Manchester. That gate was kinda far from the place we waited earlier. As we started walking towards the gate, Ngie Chang just jokingly asked, 'hey Angie, where is Blackie? Take it out ma...' My head went to total BLANK, isn't me holding Blackie when i left, where is it now? I double checked my bag..NOPE it wasn't there. Kancheong kancheong! I must have dropped it. Our watch stroke 645am and we're supposed to check in at the gate at 710am! I cant leave my new friend in this alienated Dubai Airport, i told myself..i MUST go back and find it..we RAN back...carrying our overweight hand luggage, panting and praying Blackie will still be at the sit..Bonzai! Thank God, i found it. He was hiding at the bottom of the sit, i must hav dropped it when i stood up earlier. Without hesitation, i stuffed Blackie into my back pack and we RAN back to the gate..Luckily we still make it on time. Relieved..Blackie has caused a havoc:) but i like... no more outings for Blackie, stay in the bag. it's the safest place i very first meal in Manchester. Sis cooked for us:)
Happy Birthday Pei Pei.
we celebrated her big day plus my advanced next year birthday at KLIA:)
much appreciated!

wasSup doc: Manchester is a nice place, that's what most people told me.
i will go explore myself..
Greetings from Manchester.

Monday, August 25, 2008

my CONVO:)

IMU convocation 2008 was held last Saturday. Though we're just the itsy bitsy batch graduating from Phase 1 medical programme, out of 167 from my batch, 55+ students attended this convo.. SS-ness ...We just want to experience the feeling of becoming a 50% doctor..Bwahahha. For those who missed it..Too bad..WE HAD LOTS OF FUN!
Stage setting @ Sheraton Hotel. The carpets were uneven and we were required to pause and bow 3 times on the stage..Thank God i didn't fall because I wore heels. If not, it will be another joke of the year..
Roses from my parents:)Angie relieved...
Hon Keong* Wei Liang* Angie..The bouquet of sunflowers is so NiceeE. Daddy wanted to get me that, but too bad, all sunflowers were sold out..Muakaka, I'm not the only sunflower lover:)
Wennie* Raymond* Angie*William*Chester*Krishna*Angie
*Witches from M106* Fooling around with our robes..sorry lah, we're so jakun:P the so called BSB of M106..SS-nyer!
The men
The women
*Ching Li* Angie* Jeremy
*Angie*Hui Ying*
Pei*Geoff*Angie....We finally made it! Yay..
to my other fellow chickens who didnt come--PARTY POOPERs larrr..
told ya, we're the happening chickens!
Angie with Mom & Daddy
Angie* Lingwei(same as my sis' name:)
Dr. Achike and me! One of my fav lecturer..
His famous quote: When you see a lion....
Love them to the MAX!
my supportive sponsors:)
That bouquet of roses is for M3
My beloved photographer..He didnt manage to take many pics though..only those with better quality were taken by his SLR, others were taken by myself using my Ixus 60:(
Shud have forced him to follow me around...
Me, beaming with joy:)
I finally finished my 2.5 years in IMU Bukit Jalil.
It's definitely not easy, hours of study, months of stress and years of perseverance.
I'm already a 50% doctor...Hehehe
M106, we finally made it!
wasSup doc: *fingers crossed* my next convo will be in Manchester!
The day will come, it's another challenge but Angie is prepared! Come on...
2 more days b4 i leave this lovely Malaysia
current feelings: Excited+ EMO EMO EMO+ Happy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my LATEST obsessions

Dun ask me why..i just have this fetish towards shoes now..ESP Vincci( ALL time favourite, because this is the only brand where i can find my size..think many people know that I'm Vincci ardent fan...)
I know i shud be buying winter clothing and cream and socks and gloves and maggie..BUT BUT i need to buy shoes too right? Sis said the shoes in UK will cost me a BOMB! so yea, I'm actually saving my dad's hard earned money:P
Formal pointed Vincci with a BIG buckle in front:) Hmm, it's flat, so i wont have any trouble chasing the doctors in the hospital next time.

Black and White ballerina shoe..Kevin said it looks very Plastic and FAKE?!? But doesn't these make it looks more outstanding and nice? so ya, CARYN, told ya, I'm gonna buy it anyway..hehe! me in LOVE with it:)

Finally, my favourite of ALL..CROCS! Prima, Sea Foam! Awwwwww...I have no heart to wear it yet. B4 getting this, i did some research online, reading the testimonies from nurses who need to work long hours in hospital, walking and running. And to my surprise, most of them wear CROCs! Confirmed! I must get myself one pair! Yay...

See the little deco in front? I think it's called Jibbitz. There are so many designs but they are too pricey d so i just bought a few. Next time when I've saved enough, then i will get other designs and change change change..hehe..Jibbitz have made my crocs more personalise and special. Hmmm, they will definitely be my best friend in Manchester later.
When I'm stress or down, i just have to look DOWN on my feet..Sunflower, Smiley, Daisy, Ladybird, LOVE..They will sure put a smile on my face:)

i *Heart* Crocs

wasSup Doc: When i look UP, i know i have a Daddy watching over me all the time. And He will never fail me nor forsake me..I just have to WAIT..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Share my joy:)

PRAISE the LORD!! I cant stop jumping and dancing with joy when i collect my visa...oh YES YES YES!!..Good news to share...

my Visa has been APPROVED!!

thank you for all the prayers!!!

and now, i can say

MANCHESTER, here i come!
Some shopping need to be done.
Packing packing n lots of packing.
so, Princess Teo living Malaysia on the 27th night..



Bid them goodbye:(
Had dinner with Shann, Thong n Raulito last Saturday. Supposed to meet them up at MidValley, but the KTM to MV had some prob and i was stuck in Bandar Tasik Selatan for 1 hour! Unreliable public transport!! So Thong decided to pick me up from the station instead..fuh, thank God:) Then we went OUG for Bak Kut Teh.. a small, old building just next to the road, but gooOod stuff:) My cravings was fulfilled..Whee!

Mouth watering bak kut teh!

Bak Kut Teh must go with these:)

- 阿‘桐’人情味-

Thong & Raulito

ShanN* Angie

my NEXT victim..Muakakkaka! This fella skipped class and flew all the way from Sarawak to meet up shann n me before we leave..Touched indeed:) This is wat buddy for according to him..Cheers!

Caryn left to Belfast this morning..She is the only one going there from our batch. Hopefully everything will be fine for her..Kev, u sure emo when this sweetheart is not around. Glad that we managed to spend some time last Fri:) oh, we watched WALL-E..*thumbs UP*

wasSup Doc:


We're all fundamentally alone, but a few people have the knack of diminishing that isolation, of reaching out to touch us.

Thank you for being such a human being.

Thank you for your companionship.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

*_*, cheers

Life has been kinda busy. After receiving the unconditional offer, dad n i were busy filling up the forms and preparing all the documents needed for visa application. Definitely not an easy job. Especially the embassy is kinda strict with the applications nowadays..Just pray the visa will get approved and by then i will be more relief. Oh wells, forms submitted last Tuesday, hope for the best yea..

Oh wells, Stephen stopped by KL a few days b4 heading back to Taiping from Singapore. So Randy hosted him and we went for lunch last Sunday after church service. Had a good talk over lunch and updated each other about our lives:) Hmmm..we used to have such sessions every time when Stephen comes. But that guy is kinda busy juggling between his work n studies in Singapore, so we seldom meet up now. Gosh, Stephen has lost so much weight. Guess it's because of the stress he has to endure in Singapore. Hehe.. Thinking back, we knew each other for more than 2 years dy, when we were volunteering in Doulos...we have one 'mission', that is to visit Aunt Nellie as often as we can. Hehe..that's how our friendship keeps going..That's the least we can do to make her happy, i think:)

Pic taken 2 years back..

Pic taken 2 years after..Randy* Angie* Stephen..
FERRERO Rondnoir- fine dark chocolates..pressie from Singapore by Stephen.

It's a limited edition of Fererro Roche, can only be found in Singapore..Awwww!

Thanks alot!
But I have no heart to eat it yet..can i keep them FOREVER?
Hehehe..It's so Angie!

Just yesterday, Jen Lye organised a pot bless at his place. As usual , our main chef, G-Wong prepared Roasted Chicken and potato salad..Ooolalalal. Shiok! I was there when he marinated the chicken, being a noob, i was laughing at him because the ingredients that he stuffed into the chicken were kinda weird...WHITE BREAD + milk+ a few other things.. He was there assuring me, saying: it's gonna be good, no worries, i did this so many times d..but still WHITE BREAD! What can white bread do to make it taste better? I mumbled..true enough, his products never let us down, the roasted chicken WENT uber WELL..the meat was tender, stuffing(wif bread) tasted marvellous and all of us were so blessed by his cooking...Jen cooked Petai with prawns and fried noodle, Xandra with her SushiIii, Denise brought PizzaS, Liying-watermelon, Pei with drinks and me, nuggets...How come the gurls in my gang dun really know how to cook..hai hai hai..STRESS.. There is a Chinese saying: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So gurls, buckle up..including ME:P

Chef Wong marinating the chicken..

before being roasted..See the 2 pieces of butter Geoff stuffed underneath the skin.

According to Prof Wong, they looked like 2 tumors...

The end- product...Oolallalala!

Xandie's Sushi.. cute right? I made them to pose like this..

my poor victims..back to normal:)

wasSup Doc: If you claim to have feelings that you do not have, that is hypocritical...But if you express an act of love that is designed for the other person's benefit or pleasure, it is simply a choice...=)