Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Man Utd vs Chelsea

As most of u may know, Man Utd was playing against Chelsea yesterday noon Barclay Premiere League..
So we, as part of the Manchester people now, we must show our spirit and support our very own club right?( not for KF and Lily tho...coz Lily is Chelsea fan!!!)

After church service, Lily and I took a bus, rushed back to meet up with Kee Fong and Stephanie at one of the pub near our place.. As we expected, the pub was already crowded and we have no more place to sit. We 'crawled' to another pub down the road, and this pub was kinda strict, they even checked our IC to make sure we're 21 and above. *chop chop on our hands* The pub was already tuna packed with Man Utd fans, and mayb 2 miserable Blue Jersey Chelsea fans..We squeezed our way thru and tried to get a place to sit but unfortunately..NO PLACE AVAILABLE..stress stress..we squeezed our way out.. Almost wanted to give up but tadaa..we spotted a small pub just opposite the busy road..not many people there, just a few old peeps, we found a nice place to sit...but THEY DONT SERVE LUNCH and we were starving!
we finally setted down in this pub- The Whitworth
See the TV on the wall..that's wat we're craving for..SOCCER!
The match was already about to begin...the only way left was to grab a SUBWAY sandwich and 'puff' we went. Thank God the owner of the bar let us in with our 6 inch long sandwiches..but of coz, we need to order some drinks from the counter..chill chill...Kee Fong was around:)
Chelsea and Arsenal Fans..


30 mins past..and PARK JI SUNG SCOREEEEEEDD!!!! Hooray for Man Utd...Glory Glory Man Utd...i almost..i repeat..ALMOST screamed my lungs out..but then i realised smth..the crowd in the pub aren't reacting..all have this STONE faces..what happened??! Aren't they excited and happy for it? or maybe they're just not those type of enthu crowd..i thought!

Never mind...i continued watching the match...Rooney, Terry, Lampard, Christiano....and KALOU from Chelsea SCOREEEEEDD!!!! *WoooooooooooWWOOWOWOOW* the CROWD shouted! *my mouth opened wide wide* I realised i'm in the WRONG turf! These are Chelsea FANS!!! And me being the odd Man Utd fan...LOST and SPEECHLESS...no wonder it's not jam packed with Red devils...but dominated by the Blue ChelseanS...but luckily they never bashed me up....match ended 1-1..good...if not, the Red Devils will be out for revenge! Relieved... in short..this was the very first time watching the WHOLE COMPLETE 90 mins match..and i can proudly say..i'm MAN UTD ARDENT FAN!! come on....
::Special announcement::

Eugene Teo is MAN UTD fan too... since he was born..
p/s: Please dun be upset coz i didnt put u in my previous 'Man Utd fans list' kay..muakkakakka...see, i made special announcement for you and you alone this time...muahahahha!!**anyone who wans to be included in the list as well..just drop your name in the comment box :P Angie warmly welcome you to the RED ANGELIC family** cheers!

oh, St Gabs had a pizza party yesterday night..we had to pay 1 pound only for unlimited flow of pizzaS...eat eat eat...talk talk talk..met some nice gurls..103 of us, and it's gonna be a BIG family:) just pray i can get along with the gurls here..so far there are so many good comments about this hall! And i'm loving it!

the many pizzaS for Gabs gurls ONLY...

cha bo cha bo cha bo..it's my very first time staying with so many gurls..We're asked to write down our birth date on the calender, so they can sing song for you during dinner time:):) Angie the 28th baby*_*

DJ from Angola said Lily is taller than me....how come right?!?

Hmmm, wat's Lily up to? Grinning so widely!!

wasSup Doc: One girl is fine..Many girls..DISASTER..muakakaa..hopefully not in Gabs yea..


*jeSSicA* said...

hahahaha it was so funny to imagine u alone screaming like siao cha bor and everyone stoned faces...LOL

eh i won't be able to enter the pub since i'm not 21? *hehe*

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: YEAAAAaaa..it will be funny..but luckily i didnt shout yet..muakakak

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

angie!!!! :) :) :)

miss you la, glad ur doing well :) i miss my big sister, now i (sorta) too yr place bcome library furniture (kinda) la ;p EOS2! :(

glad to see God really working un yr life...keep up this awesome life, awesome walk! :)