Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foerever 23!

That's my wish....Age creeping from the teen to TWENties++ is not a good thing, signs of old age are more obvious, with backache and wrinkles...EWwww..we shall not go further..i shall remain at 23 now...LOL!

Allrighty, turned 23 last Sunday and this year's celebration..i would's FULL OF SURPRISES! Luckily, i've not got any history of heart attacks, if PA(Lily) shall bear all the consequences because this multi-capable woman has organised strings of surprises for me! TQ for all that you've done gurl, i know it has been a stressful period with dramaS, but I really enjoyed each and every moments..Surely it has been difficult to hide all these from me since we're quite close huh...LOL, but anyway, A big THANKYOU to those who celebrated this special day with me..Angie *hearts* you all! So the following are some pics of my BIG day...please bear with mum wanna see pics:P

the TRIO celebration i mentioned in my last's Wong Wong's bakery mango cake! Our favourite cake in Manchester...:) the KFSWAT birthdayS..


and on Thursday, after cell group, as i closed my eyes and prayed for the whole group, my dear Pencils surprised me with a Drunker's vanila fruit cake with LOADS of NUT after i finished!! Shocked..but really happy~ early celebration..

group hug..thanks Pencils of God:)

Drunker's NUTTY vanilla fruit cake..nyum~

Nic's C for Chu Huan, Tom's C for Chris, Leo's and Aloy's E is for Ellis and the middle white shirt body is for PuiMun..all the missing Pencils that day:)

And just last Saturday, dear brotha KeeFong offered to cook Bak Kut Teh for us, as a mini gathering/celebration for me:)) Super YUMMY...guess i've been craving for BKT since ages dy..and we hardly got time to cook since we're in catered hall...awww...

thanks Bro!

our nyum nyum BKT! 5 hours of prepartion k...hard work indeed!

Thanks peeps:) It was a lovely, BRIGEy night..Lol!


and came the significant clock strikes 12am moment! This was so embarrassing! After coming back from dinner from KF, i was dog tired, so i told Lily amd going bed, and it was..1130pm! I wasn't expecting any surprises since we are all early yea, changed to my pyjamas, swtiched off the lights and tugged myself into my pink warm duvet, trying to sleep..I almost sleep dy..think bout 1215am, some messages came in to wish me HB, but nothing really bother me, still am on my bed..more and more messages from SF-ers came in AT THE SAME TIME...smth fishy..and TRUE ENOUGH, quite a few of SF-ers came over to my place and surprised me! Thanks to Lily and Timothy who organised such big troope to invade my territory without warning me first! Paiseh#1

that's ME in my PJ+sleepy eyes! and my favourite Carrot cake:P Paiseh i excused myself n changed to a more descent clothes..LOL!the gurls

the guys!and the whole GANG! TQ from the bottom of my heart~


and on Sunday..all of us looked so tired, clock moves forward 1 hour to British summer time on my birthday! (which means I have got only 23 hours to celebrate my day) Lol...

And guess wat..Lily made my cell group members to wear PINK color shirts because Angie is a PINK fanatic! funny when suddenly i see a few of the guys in PINK!
Aloysius and PINK!

and Uncle Mike, our worship lead of the day, coincidentally was wearing PINK too! and when he found out it was my birthday, he announced it to the church before the worship session and made the whole church members sing a 'birthday song' for me..aiyooO...paiseh#2and so ngam Uncle Lip's 3 lovely daughterS were all in PINK toO..they just made my day :):)


and the FINALE....I was told by Lily that I'm going to have dinner with Nicola alone..okay, i wasn't suspicious coz Nic is quite a close fren of off i went to town to meet her.Note, i didnt dress up or wat not because I didnt expect anything....but to my surprise, Lily and Nicola had organised a proper dinner with my church mates and there were 12 of them waiting for me at the restaurant dy! Wahlau, I wasn't prepared at all to have dinner with them, i din even comb my hair properly!! Paiseh#3!!!

anyway, it was a 10 course Chinese food dinner:) very very sumptious indeed! Lol..
and my LAST cake of the year..WONG WONG fruit cake...awww~
caught red-handed!Lily only eats..VEGE! dear PA, busy taking food and socialising at the SAME time, multi-tasking..muakkkak..
and my pink CREWs..Yirong and Leonard:)
of coz..Angie's pic without Batmen pose is not complete! so that's it..the FINALE:) my beloved church members who has made my day so special..and memorable:)) all credits must got to my dearest 'PA', Lily Chan! Told ya, she is one awesome woman..TQ gurl for all the plannings made..i know u've been through a lot of hard times and frustrations to organise these surprises for me PLUS having me being so 'kepo' at times, it's surely not easy to NOT let me know, but kudos, u have done a GREAT job!i really appreciate them all! *big big hug*
So this how i celebrated my BIG day..a typical one week of celebrationS huh..Muakakakka..joking :P
thanks to the people who has made this possible...I could not ask for any MORE than these..i'm too blessed i must say..God is gracious, God is good..

(:Pressies Pressies Pressies:)

Body Shop gifts package from Wilfred and KeeFong!

Personalised Card from my dear Pencils of God! See my 'batmen' pose picture in it:P it's

Lazy man mug from Ivan..guess i appeared too lazy to stir my own tea/!Choc and bear bear from Anli:)Sarah Ng's Strawberry bento box..superb cute right right...add on to my bento collection! I LOVE!Hello Kitty Chocpsticks and mantou keychain + a message FILLED card(demanded by me)..Lol..I gave ppl an impression that I'm a Hello Kitty Fanatic coz my brolly and mini tupperware are both imprinted with HelloKitty cartoon..muakakka...clarify: Me is NOT a HelloKitty fanatic..just 'like':Pa high techno Alarm clock from Yirong and Leonard! No more annoying phone ringing tone as morning call...having chirping birdS to wake me up now..God's call to a beautiful morning:)Pink bracelet from Mayurah:)Thanks to Ivy for this lovely photoframe which consists of photoS of my trip to Singapore 2 years beautiful colour pencils of God:) PLUS the mug says...'If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour'..that's so Angie's motto..Lol..i AM a shoe lover!Jess' gifts..PRICELESS! Powerpoint presentation of how we met since...etcs..and personalised mug of our photoS...TQ gurl..I REALLY DUNNO HOW TO SETTLE WITH U, since u promised not to send any gifts dy!!!! hmmp..

Ly and Steph gave me this lovely floral welcome spring n summer:)and Shann sent me this Go Green shirt from US!! LURVE it.coz am so into GO GREEN now..
Re-use ur plastic bags peeps!gifts from Edwin, Timothy, Jenny and Qianling..Paperchase stuff, ranging from colourful doggie bento boxes, photo frame, fork and spoon and notebook:)) THANKS guys!not to forget all the lovely cards sent to me from all over the world:) Thank you for remembering who Angie is, and thank you for taking time to send me your love..through slow mail, email, facebook messages, call, and sms...much appreciated with LOVE..

wasSup Doc:
' I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you when i was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
your eyes saw my unformed body.
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.'
Psalm 139:14-16

Thank you my dear Creator for making Angelene...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

God meant it when He says NO...

I'm back for a bit...

Just need to take a break from work to 'resuscitate' my dying blog. Sorry for this long absence, been very busy with work and work and more work. School work of course, but there are other bits and pieces of church ministry as well. Am on the run and am always will..That's my calling, that's my passion..*aduh:P*


Coincidently, KF, Steph and My birthday are just one week apart. So we had a trio celebration at Koreana in Manchester:) It's a Korean Restaurant. Served fairly good and authentic Korean food. So yup, for a celebration as such, we pampered ourselves with some yummy food:))

Another year older, sigh..time flies and I DUN WANT TO TURN 23 yet!!
may our wishes come true~



I started using my 4 compartments bento box i won over a bento contest last month and it is really useful and make my life so much easier:) All I hv to do is to fill each compartments with different food and it will look pretty~ happy bunny me~

************************ let me explain why my title says so..God meant it when He says NOooO... Just bear with me:) Hmmmm, just recently, I participated in a few more bento contests. Basically ALL NEEED LUCK coz it's like a randomised generator will choose the winner. And so, I thought if i took part more/ sending in more entries will give me a higher chance to WIN! It's not about the gifts actually, it's more about winning! The KICK of it:P So 1 day 2 day 3..everyday, i spent quite a while to send in more entries..begging ppl to allow me to use their email adds to send in more entries and bla bla bla...1st contest' results OUT..nope, not me! 2nd one..the SAME and the 3rd one, which i put in MOST effort...didn't win! and the winner's number was just 2 numbers after mine and 1 number infront of mine(coz i REALLY submitted quite a lot of entries)! How disappointing is that! Argh..and thus I am wring this blog post could that be~~~ it's just not meant to be mine:'(

but from this, I realised, God says NO when it's not the right time! He says NO when He knows there is better things for you in future. His 'NO' doesn't mean He doesn't love you, it's just it's not the perfect time. There is a time for everything and He will give you when He thinks it's the right time.and finally when He says 'NO', He really means it and so no matter how much effort you put's still a NO NO NO from Him...So wait~ He is patient with you and thus you need to be patient as well.

I'm amazed by how God can speak..through things, through ppl, through EVERYTHING! He cant be seen, but He is there...the omni-present God...that's the incommunicable attribute of God:) human just cant understand..

Joel drew me this pic during one SF session and it's such a lovely pic, reminding me that God is watching over me wherever I am. Though I may be one small tiny creature on this earth, He knows me inside out and He loves me SUPERly much:)

" Maybe another early prayer time? I'll provide the sunrise and bird songs!"

xxx God.

wasSup Doc: 'In my distress, I called to the Lord, and He answered me....Jonah 2:2'

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mighty Lady @ Mcr!

FINALLY..the mighty lady visited MANCHESTER!!! She came last weekend, we had great fun, as usual:)the welcoming crew with banner(: me!
Ivyy ang ang..a.k.a. Mighty lady!

us, at home, enjoying Sarah's handmade SeriMurka..NYUM kao kao! TQ sarah xx!

every visitor who visits Angie must go thru BentoMaking exception:P
tadaa...wellDone Ivy:) can make own bento dy..
the MUST GO stadium of dream! Old Trafford:)

Hooray for ManUtd!

emo-ing in changing room~

dimsum. dimsum. dimsum. a MUST EAT @ Mcr!

we then went town and..P.L.A.Y! POSERsss!

again~...muakakak...only ppl like us can do random things like this!

Yay...finally my heart shaped egg works:) been trying to make one nice one since ages ago but it never turned out nice..but tadaa...managed to make one complete heart shaped egg for her on Sunday morning! Must be her love so free :))
this is our favourite bakery in Manchester..Wong Wong bakery! They sell loads of Chinese buns and stuff...glowing in golden color...everything looks nyum~but quite pricey lorr:(guess wat she bought home to Edin?? 20 EGG TARTS!! Peeps in Edin must be really deprived:P
beaming with J.O.Y at Krispy Kreme..i just realised there is no KK in Edin..peeps in Edin deprived again...aiyoooo..come again la k! I bring u jalan jalan n makan makan!aww..time flies:( really miss this mighty lady dy...Looking forward to our next meeting:)

wasSup Doc: She taught me smth over this weekend...I NEED a FROG:)

thanks Ivy!