Sunday, September 21, 2008

God has spoken..

So sorry for this delay update...
sorry to my papa n mama
sorry to Lily's papa n mama too:)

Our hall was deprived from internet last week...
but those days were gone.

Journey with Angelene has Revived!!
i'm back peeps:)
Oh, i'm supposed to tell you all about what happened last Sat..
long story but guess it's a timely reminder for both Lily and me:)

I was asked to move out from my summer vacation last Saturday to my new hall.
the distance btw these 2 halls is just 10 mins walk.

Since Lily and I have LOTS of stuff( mainly me), it wont be possible for both of us, ladies to move these heavy luggage ourselves.
I believe our parents were so worried to let us move ourselves too.

Few days back, i was chatting with Boon Yee online about my dilemma, telling him that i really need a good Samaritan to help me move stuff, and since i know if i get a cab, it'll cost me a bomb because i was warned that taxi drivers here hate us, students to squeeze all our big luggage into their cars and they definitely will con you and will charge us EXTRA!

Boon Yee was sharing when he was in England, he had the same experience, but he was so blessed that God sent him an angelic taxi driver who worked in Malaysia b4 and so he helped him move his stuff without charging him anything! Moral of the story was..pray and ask God for an ANGEL! And i really prayed...thinking that i will meet such a taxi driver maybe:P
but wat i can say is that..God works in different ways...He does:)


The BIG day to move to my new hall has finally arrived! And the God sent Angel was none other than our daer Brother Kee Fong!! Woohooo.....
in the end, we need not call a taxi.
we made a few trips using our bus 11(our legs)

Hmmm, as your info, when we were in IMU, Lily and I never knew Kee Fong's existence, we never talked, we never even met b4..but how God has brought us to be such good friends and in the end he became the HERO of the day who came to our rescue!
God's definitely NOT a coincidence!
we just got closer like few days before(our Ikea outing)
with him around to carry our 30+Kgs luggage up to our floor( Lily 3rd floor, mine 4th floor)..
no doubt he is STRONG! and God has made him STRONG!!
Thank you to my good Samaritan KEE FONG!
our Luggage..averagely, each weighed 20Kg!

Angie's super BANYAK barang..
See our brother..He is so STRONG
God has blessed us with a SUPER sunny weather!
the days before were so WET and RAINY!

It'll be so hard for us to carry our stuff if it was raining..
Yay...Weather was so good..timely!

the busy women..running around!
Welcome to our new hall...St Gabriels Hall
only gurls allowed!

my 1st's finally cleared!

will update about my new room soon..the green green view from my old room..i love this view:)
my current one no longer looks like this:(
After 3 trips of moving..we're almost done..
off we went to have dim sum with Kenneth and Kim Wah at Pacific, another great place for DS:)
we have decided that Saturday will be forever ' THE DAY' for dim sum!
some dim sum we had....+Slurp+
Fried Squid...BEST!!Egg Tarts..Lily and my Favourite!!steamed pork!xiu long bao:)Ha the prawns here is HUGE!!

Scallop and prawn..

Kim Wah and fried kuey tiow + beef!

After lunch, city we come!

Shop shop some NECESSITIES

Lily and I then took a bus and went home.

dinner? God again spoke! How?!??
Lily and I came back around 7pm+

Usually we'll eat with Steph and her dad, but since we came back kinda late, we dare not disturb them. so yea, we both decided to get some microwave food from Tesco outside our hall.
We went in..look see look see..we dun like the choices there..
and being fussy, we walked over to the next door Lidyl(another smth like Tesco shop)
walked in, look see look see..NONE we like.
okay, so we went back Tesco AGAIN and choose the best food we could.
SPAGHETTI! okay..good!
walked out...
Lily stopped for a while to keep her wallet...5 seconds passed
we turned back and guess who we saw..
Steph and her dad!
They were just walking past Tesco and on their way to dinner.
Tell me now.
Was this coincidence?
On the mid autumn day..
2 gurls were supposed to eat speghetti in the hall
but God has blessed us to have warm food in a pub with Steph and her dad.

If we didnt go Tesco to look see
If we didnt go Lidyl to look see
if we didnt go Tesco AGAIN to look see
If we didnt stop outside Tesco..
it's definitely a NO NO NO...

Uncle Mac + Beef Lasagna

Angie + Plaice and chips

Steph + Chicken Salad

Lily + Fish n chips

the many types of sauces!
After dinner, Lily and i walked home.

to be honest with you guys, we both somehow felt very disappointed with the education system in UK for the first few weeks here, we just kept complaining to each other about why we are paying so much but not learning much compared to other hospitals!

but after this incidence

we came to realization that God has spoken so clearly to both of us that very day.

Lily and her specs! You wont see this any other time..muakakak

This gurl has been sleeping with me on the same bed for the past week.

it's so nice to wake up in the morning having somebody sleeping beside you, and you know you're not alone:) Lily has indeed been a great blessing!

wasSup Doc: Lesson learned...He has made everything beautiful in His time

SPECIAL REQUEST by Aunt Winnie (Lily's mommy:)

our 1st breakfast in St Gabs..UBER NICEee..

Besides those in the pic, we are allowed to have a free flow of cereals and fruits.

Like Lily said, we eat like a king here!

Lily's tidy right:)

mine is in a MESS! Heheh...

cheers...stay tune, aunt Winnie for more pics:)

our dinner lagi BEST!

Dun worry, Lily is in good hands...


*jeSSicA* said...

WOw wow wow!! indeed u have good Samaritans around ya...glad to know =)

"having somebody sleeping beside you, knowing that you are not alone" --> haha this is so true =P
and so wen xin as well...awww

and OOOOHhhh the food!!! angelene ur blog dun always not show so much nice food can?! make me wanna go there eat eat only!! =P and and walau ur breakfast so feng1 fu4...hehe

lishun said...

you're so blessed la. =)

and i'm a man utd fan too, angel! don't forget meeeeeee. lol.