Monday, April 27, 2009

Bits n pieces..

Last Thursday was the last day of my attachment to Vascular Surgery department. Moving to a general medicine ward starting tomorrow. Just pray that the consultants there are nice as the ones in Vascular:) So after the last teaching session, we had a group pics with the 3 consultants from the ward:)
sitting from Left: Mr Smyth, Mr Murphy and Mr Inglott (all 3 are the top notch vascular surgeons in MRI!)

And juniors had a dim sum gathering with seniors from IMU. Didnt take any pic tho, all were busy eating.. and that very night, went to Kwok Man Lou for dinner. Wahhh, thanks to Steve, the dishes he ordered was...crazily good!
chef special dish: Brinjals with minced pork(*****)
Stir fry chicken with chilli(****)
Sweet and sour Pork ribs(****)
Beans with belacan and little shrimp(******)
Jap Toufu with fungus and mixed vege(*****)
Steve and Kee Fong..headache headache:P i wonder why...
Group pic:)


4 mummy:) Ly, Steph and I had grilled BBQ turkey with parsnips and broccoli:) simple but nice. Top up with honey dew as dessert...yum!

and FINALLY i received Mustaqim's delayed 'Xmas wishes on snow' !!
Have been bugging him to write this for me on snow since last Christmas and i just got it recently, coz it snowed in Canada few days back:P Poor fella, still suffering in the freezer:P
Mussy, we have SUN in Manchester!!:)
oh wells, the effect of the writings on the snow using sticks is AWESOME right? Plus point, his shadow with the 'peace' sign..super artistic, no doubt:) And this was also done by him 3 years back when we were in IMU. He cut them using the polystyrene cutter..see the little cupid with the bow and delicate!
PLUS, there is a 'peace' sign too:) It's his signature i guess!

Thankies LENGZHAI-MUSang!

i love it:)

Coincidentally, both pics have the 'peace' signs:)

i noticed it when i looked back the pic taken 3 years back.
God has spoken to me through Mus' pics.

" The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds"
-Philippians 4:7-

wasSup Doc: Peace I leave with you, My peace i give to you;
not as the world gives do I give to you -Jesus

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my EASTER break.

The one week break for Easter has ended. Time really flies, I am not fully recovered from the nice break yet, but na..back to reality, life moves on..Just a little update as promised bout my Easter break:) a GREAT one indeed.

Easter Sunday..Jesus is alive! Church celebration was good, with a few brother and sister in Christ were baptised on this day, joy was everywhere:) I believe God is rejoicing with the angels in heaven as well..No wonder the weather that day was so sunny and beautiful! Every wonder why it rains on Good Friday but the sun shines so brightly on Easter Sunday?? Something to think about yea..Anyway, soon after the church service, we headed to Dr Lip's house for a lunch party! Few aunts prepared us(the students) some home cooked meals. We're always so blessed to have them around for good Chinese food! Yum yum...Thankies uncles and aunties for all the good things you guys gave us:)

Us, posing under the hot sun at the garden!

Ly and M3
back to those days..with slides! Herbal eggs:)i's braised lamb:P
And yum yum Korean Noodles!

we had green chicken curry and other stuff...Had a good time of fellowship with the people in church and we played 'Mafia'! What a fun time we had:)

of NEEC(North England Easter Conference)
Basically, it's an annual event, where all people from the Chinese churches from all over North England gathered together in Cefn Lea Park, Wales. The whole camp consisted of 300 candidates, from all walks of life, ranging from toddlers, youths, students, working adults, grandpa and grandma:)

All came with one vision
i.e to experience God:)

theme for this year: Transformed Church, Transforming Church

Big applause to the committee this year from my church itself, who put in so much effort and made this camp a great success!
our camp site..mountains n hills=COLD!and LOADS of sheep!

us on TOP of the hill after playing hide n seek with the sheep!met Troy, the Liverpool representative!
the place i! It's freezing cold! 6 of us squeezed at the living room instead of sleeping in the rooms because the only place with heater is the living room!
Quite nice tho the caravan:)
We had hog roast for lunch one day..It was amazing!
We've gone a bit 'kuku' during the long queue for our hog roast!
MCCC student fellowship

my reflections:
i didnt go with much expectations as it was my first time going such conference. However it was a refreshing time spent with God and His people. When all Christians came together and worship Him, sharing testimonies of how great this God is, i was overwhelmed and be reminded about His faithfulness in my life. I could remember in one of the session, when the speaker asked us to say a word of encouragement to the person sitting next to us. We're supposed to ask God what he wanted us to say...And when Jo told me to be courageous and not fear of failure, I could sense that it's His voice instead. I've always focused on all the possible bad outcomes and my mind is always occupied with loads of 'what if' questions. My worry of my future has never decrease. And it seems, God is whispering to me that I need not feel such stress because once i anchor my trust in Him, i'm in safe hands. Quoting from WeeLeon(one of the speaker), we're unclear about our future, but we are certain about our destiny, which is being eternally with God. In this camp, God has saved the lost, healed the broken hearts and touched the hearts of the weary. No regrets going for this camp at all!

of Joel's big day!
SF threw a surprise party for this brother of ours the day after NEEC!
Happy 20th Birthday Joel!
Lily and I were appointed the main chefs of the nights. These were the food we prepared:

Minced pork with noodle, onion rings, sausages, fried eggs and cauliflower with carrots!

A simple meal*_*

the scary creature that made gurls SCREAMED~
even Leonard is scared?!?

and the place turned to a poker centre!

start praying for SF:Pwe had a good time of makan n playing!

God bless..

wasSup Doc:
There is an Arm that never tires
When human strength gives way;
There is a Love that never fails
When earthly loves decay..

thank you Lord,
for the COURAGE You've given, for me to move on

Saturday, April 18, 2009

YORK, conquered:)

It was a very spontaneous, last minute decision to visit York.

A random thought just came to our minds and that very night, we bought out ticket and sooner than we thought, we're already in the train towards this beautiful small city:)
the adventurous 4!
A beautiful Saturday morning, woke up at 5am to catch the train at 640am...The sky was still dark, but 4 of us, SUPER excited, for the very 1st time, together we're going to explore the unknown city of YORK. Woohoo...
beautiful, scenic York River.
Majestic York Minster

Us, in the Minster!

Half way there to the top of the Minster!

phew, after climbing 275 winding stairs, we conquered the tower!

B4 we went, many people has been telling us about the legendary cafe tea rooms called the Betty's. Just look at the queue of people lining up to go in..Being the Kiasu Malaysians, no matter wat it takes, we sure want to give a try as well. Thankfully, the branch of Betty's called Little Betty's was not as crowded as this.Freshly baked buns that tasted AWESOME!Mouth watering desserts..slurp!

Cute biscuits on displayed

Finally we got a place in Little Betty's!

Stephie and her Milk Shake..

our Sandwiches..LunchieYorshire raisins tart..

Almond biscuit cake me, being a bread lover, bought a bun from Betty's! Awww...just loving it and so gonna call York 'the BREAD paradise'!

us in the city of York!This is the Museum Garden. In the garden itself, there were loads of ruins all over the garden!

During our visit there, there was a celebration by the vikings. so i got hold of this man and asked him to take a pic with his costume:)

It's spring!
the pretty flowers!! *mum, this is for u*!Ly n I on our shades! It was such a sunny day!Us, in front of the Clifford's Tower. One of the symbolic tower in York:)Yup, that's bout my Day trip in York..p/s: see the whole stretch of walls, it's called the City Walls. It was used for defence against the Scots in the 13th century!

a small but beautiful city with many bakeries..i like:)

It's never easy to find time to visit places in UK esp being a medical student with such short breaks. But glad we made it this trip. One city down, more to come...!

i just came back from the North England Easter Conference in Cefn Lea Park, Wales. More updates bout it k..chaoz!

wasSup Doc: I'm looking forward for something...something GREAT that God is about to reveal!