Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the WORD for the past week was..F.E.A.R
fear of finals OSCE.
fear of disappointments
fear of making the correct decision
fear of giving advise
fear of ..... everything under this hot SUN.

sometimes it might be just self-induced stress
but i guess it's being Angelene.
anyway, past week was kinda stressor..
knowing finals in few weeks time, preparing that itself is scary.
to be able to talk fluently with substance
to be able to perform clinical skills impressively
to be able to explain some disease/procedure in a super simple layman term
to be able to counteract ethical issues
to be able to be a competent medical student..
all sum up to F.E.A.R of failures:(

thank you for all out there keeping me in prayers n encouraging me throughout this period
i'm alert, conscious and communicative.
Alive and well. Dun worry. It's just another exams along my road that induce my fear factor.

the reward for this week was...PAOs:) Ly and I ordered lotus pao, custard pao, char siew pao and the new discovered yummilicous polo custard bun(and the shop only sell it on Sunday!)! soft and sweet..lucky us:)

We've always wanted to try this take-away home-cooked Korean Bulgogi near our place. Went there last Sat to get one packet each. And it was so nyum nyum for a reasonable price:)

and Stephie, our 'Jamie Oliver' offered to make beef burgers for us yesterday. FROM scratch kay..she is really good la!

b4 grilling the patties: minced beef+cereal crunch+spices and MOULD them into shape!

hard work oh...can u see the HEART shape patty? So cute right?!

tadaa...the end product, top up with Lingam sweet chilli sauce...slurpie^_^

as promised mummy, my standard lunch. Sandwiches with tuna plus miso soup with long beans n lettuce...sometimes i wonder..eating too many portions of fruits and vege will bring harm or not ar? Think nowadays we can eat more than 10 portions a day!

oh well..that's about it for this week.

short and sweet

just for my dear papa n mama

missing you both LOADS!

::thankies for being so supportive in every ways::

wasSup Doc:

ME..overcoming all these F.E.A.R with joy!

By God's grace, i CAN!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 back*_* back:)
sorry for a little delayed update^_^ was busy preparing for Summer Progress test..Hmmm..

Let's see..what were the happenings last week... PBL group-field trip:P Yup, Dr Bannister, our firm lead was supposed to give us a teaching last Tuesday afternoon. When he came into the room, we thought he had prepared some work for us to do in the ward, but to our surprise he told us there was some sewage leakage in the ward, so we're not allowed to go in..Nvm, so maybe he was gonna to teach us in the usual meeting room then....Who knows, his subsequent suggestion surprised us!
'I'll let you choose...would you like to have an ice-cream or a cup of hot coffee?'
All of us...JAW DROPPED! We're going on a 'yum-cha' session on a Tuesday Teaching session..
Happy Jolly us...picked up our bags and...went to the Whitworth Art Gallery which is just opposite our hospital and had our hot cup of cappuccino under the scorching sun+Chit-chatting. Who said medics dun hv field trip..there you go..our field trip it is..a visit to the Art Gallery and admire the 80s paintings:P
Dr Bannister and the students:P
Doctors are not nerd all the time kay. ..we know how to admire paintings:P(not me laa, obviously)
Apparently Dr Bannister knows the paintings there inside out as he was explaining those paintings to us...we're just amazed! us, busy taking pics when our fellow mates enjoying themselves with those arts!
Random i must say...anybody out there has the similar experience? Do share with me...I still feel it's funny to visit ART GALLERY when we're supposed to have clinical teaching session:P

Dinner with Shah @ RiceThis time around, we decided to try a new Halal restaurant near our place, called RICE. Very nice ambience with quite good Asian food. PLUS, since it's newly open, they had a 20% students discount:)Lily's vermicelli with Japaneses teppanyaki chicken. Quite a reasonable portion:)
Shah's stir fried lamb with vege+rice
and my Korean bulgogi beef+egg fried rice.*_*
after dinner, we decided to go for our first ever ICE CREAM adventure @ Rush-A-way
Ferraro Roche Ice-cream on a cone..AWESOME! it's a must to try this flavour because no other shops offer this unique flavour. If u're a FR lover, u'll fall for this instantly with it's rich chocs!
from her expression, you could imagine how good this is:)
Mua and my FR, yummy ice-cream!Awww...

This week, we tried smth new for 'eat-in' dinner night:)
we had wanton fresh egg noodle with five-taste-mix chicken and omelet. Nyum..because it's been quite some time we never eat wanton noodle:) Miss those wanton noodle with char siew back home:(

Progress Test was yesterday...and it was really tough:( with loads of Obs n gynea and opthalmo stuff, which we haven't been taught. Just hope everything will turn out well:)
So after our exams, we went Red Chili for dinner as a mini celebration post exams..
Min, Siti, KF, Ly, mE and Steph:)
clockwise: Assorted meat with seafood, Braised fish, Kangkung belacan, 8 Treasure taufu. And since we're in Red Chili, the Sze Chuan lamb is always a must to order:)
and all of us had a super satisfying dinner.

2 more weeks, to my finals OSCE.
wish me 'all the best'
16 stations, 3 hours long.
i need.

wasSup Doc:
Fierce drives the storm, but wind and waves
within His hand are held,
And trusting His omnipotence
my fears are sweetly quelled.
in Him, i find peace

Monday, May 11, 2009

Give thanks:)

This week can be graded as GREAT:)
it's a time of thanksgiving for me..

i give thanks for my current consultant whom i'm attached to
for his ever patience to teach us without realising the whole team was waiting for his decision.
for his chilling-ness, inviting us(SHO,FY1,Medical students) to have a cup of tea,
at the park next to the ward, chit-chatting under the hot sun,
eventhough he hasn't completed his ward rounds.
(p/s: tho the HOT sun is high up, Lily n I were still freezing coz it's so windy..and us just cant stand it. But for the's boiling all the time:P)

i give thanks for the 2 days of diarrhea i had
rushing in and out the washroom >15 times
not knowing what i ate wrongly
but He still sustain me, and spared me
i wasn't dehydrated or exhausted..still up and about:)

i give thanks for the ONE and ONLY SUNNY Thursday
when other days throughout the week was rainy and windy
because the heat has warmed me up a bit
and SF on that day was good
as Sheila, our church missionary reminded us about the promise God has told us
i.e: He will be with us always, willing to listen and guide

i give thanks for all the food on my table
even though it's just a thin slice of turkey ham plus a bun
2 pieces of bread with honey
or a creamy piece of fish which i dun really fancy
i shall still eat it with a smile because it is the Lord who has provided this meal for me
i shall not complain but be contented.

i give thanks for supportive friends
who are always there to spur you on
through sms, emails, phone calls, facebook or msn
sending me their warm wishes and encouragements
or even a prayer through a phone call, sharing each other's lives though we're miles apart
has always been a great blessing

i give thanks for exams
though it's just one week away for progress test
and so much more to cover and memorise
i shall not fear but to prepare myself and trust God
for i know that surrendering my exams to Him is an act of obedience
it's by Faith I am walking this journey
to sail through Med school is a definite NONO if it was by my own strength
Saturday night dinner @ Taiwu
with Keefong, Christina, Lily and Steph
Spicy and sour steamed fish
Pork chop in cantonese style
Japanese Toufu with Mushroom
Salted egg taufu


Sunday night steamboat at my place
with Lily and Steph! Cabbage, mushroom, dumplings and Tomyam soup!
Simple..but nice:) glass noodle*_*

I give thanks for weekends
for it's the only time we could have proper Chinese dishes for dinner
and the time i dont feel guilty eating a bit extra
or reward myself with a piece of chocolate or blueberry muffin as dessert
for it's a 2 days OFF from strict diet of vege, brown bread and fruits..

i give thanks for my perfect Mum
who is always understanding
loving, kind and patient in character
wanting to give me the best
and will shout 'jia you jia you' through the phone to cheer her princess up
one in a billion she is
i love u!
Happy MOTHER's Day

wasSup Doc:
i give thanks for an extraordinary God/Father/Friend i have
for He knows my everything
inside out
past and future
joy and pain
and only He could turn all my burdens into blessings
that's why i have a reason to
give thanks!

Monday, May 04, 2009

do NOT worry...

Started my attachment to a general medicine firm. Currently having 2 cardiologists, 2 haematologists and a general medic physician teaching us. Teaching session by one of the haematologist was quite good, he showed us a patient with MASSIVE SPLENOMEGALY, due to Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Poor woman was so weak lying on her bed, but still she allow us to palpate and percuss her big spleen...Felt so bad..but she smiled and said:' it's ok, you just have to learn, dont ya?' So nice of her:)

Then Ly and i interviewed a patient in vascular ward who is a known diabetic with a gangrenous toe, waiting for amputation of the big toe. Being trained with the Calgary-Cambridge method to take history, i didnt forget to ask the patient this UTMOST IMPORTANT question, which is...'what is worrying you now' show my concern:P and guess wat he said:" Nope, i have no worries. Do not worry about thing that hasn't happen..." I stunned. I could remember vividly that the passage from my quiet time few days back was about the verse from book of Matthew 6-DO NOT WORRY..I could sense that God is speaking through him. Holding to His words, reminding me not to worry*_*

And the following are just some highlights of my week...Last netball match for this year.
Though we didnt do really well, but we had loads of fun.
Last Fri night, we decided to bring our fellow Malay friend, Shahira(Singaporean) to try chinese food! And the new shop around the corner, Red Chilli is HALAL! Woohoo...yum!
3 braised yellow croakers:) Tofu with shrimp eggs^_^
and the highly recommended dish, SzeChuan Lamb! AWESOME..but very oily:(
beloved Shahira!
to eat or NOT to eat..that's a question..hmmmm?
since we ate out on Fri, we decided to eat IN on Sat:) Save some money and go HEALTHY yea:Pwe had grilled BBQ chicken(dun hv any pic tho:P).
But this cod was for last Sunday's dinner. Just to show u,mum, the nice cod fish we had with meatballs:)
And i tried making apple crumble. Sorry for the UGLY pic of my crumble.
In case u guys wondering how it tasted..hmmm, i think quite ok of coz:P
Just want to emphasise 1 thing here. It's a super HEALTHY apple crumble:)
1st, instead of using sugar to sweeten the apple, i used honey to sweeten it
2nd, instead of white flour for the crumble, i used wholegrain wheat flour and oatmeal to sub it.
3rd, instead of 55g of margarine, i used 30g of vege margarine only
there should be a 4th good point, which is to sub white sugar with brown sugar, but i didnt, coz i dun hv brown sugar at home:(
in short, it's a FIBRE rich apple crumble. Credits to the recipe recommended by the British Heart Foundation leaflet! *looking after my heart:)*

Sunday: Church celebrated the 43rd anniversary service today. 3 congregations of different languages(Mandarin, Cantonese and English) gathered together under one roof. Theme for this year is 'Unity to bring Glory to God'.
Dr Yeng Xiong, the MC of the day, who conducted the service in all 3 different languages..Fellow Malaysian:) Memang boleh!
Happy 43rd Birthday MCCC!

wasSup Doc:
Jesus whispers "I am with you"
In the hour of deepest need;
When the way is dark and lonesome,
"I am with you, I will lead."
faith in Christ is not just a single step, but a life of walking with Him