Sunday, September 14, 2008


It has been almost 3 weeks I'm here, in this foreign land, called Manchester:)
I'm settling down, adapting myself to the people and culture and of course to the British accent..though at times, we still have problems catching their jokes..but who cares, we just pretend we understand and laugh along..that's the best right:)
That aside, food here...kinda hard to make up our mind on what to eat. It's either microwave spaghetti, MacD, fattening fish and chips, Indian food or just sandwiches..DUN ask us why dun we try's because we're supposed to move again and we haven't got our proper pots and pans..Anyway, just wanna SHOUT biggIE thanks to Steph's dad, Mac! He has been such a blessing to Lily and me..thank you thank you thank you and THANK YOU..

We had pizza at this pub called the Rampant Lion..the tuna with spinach pizza was mouth watering! pics here. We were too hungry and just gobbled our pizzas. After that we had some sweets, which was heavenly! I could rmb Lily and me was craving for Choc fudge that very afternoon and we had that for dessert at night! It tasted soSOsosO....speechless..

hot choc fudge with vanilla ice-cream!!

Steph and Uncle Mac had this- waffle with berries!:) Looks nice toO


And yesterday night was Friday night! Woohoo..Uncle Mac treated us CHINESE FOOD @ Taiwu!!!!

in short, Chinese food still rules..Miss all those home cooked meals:) And us being so homesick, we felt so at home when we were eating there coz the waiters there speak Cantonese, and most of the people dining there are Chinese!

Sze Chuan Ma Po Toufu..

Asparagus with squid:)

Beef with black soy sauce

Chinese food ROCKs...!!

Angie busy makan-ing!

our jimui ate 3 bowls of u can imagine the food is good!

FREE desserts:)

Kee Loo had problems eating oranges!

See our daije ate the oranges till so CLEAN!

Us at the restaurant...We each had 2 bowls of rice minimum! :)

Since it's Friday's also a PARTY night for us!

After dinner, we headed to another pub nearby our place:) This pub is kinda quiet, so it's nice for us to sit down and chat:)

It's definitely the HAPPIEST day for Kee Fong because he finally found his SOUL MATE! Yum seng!

Lily* Angie* Steph at the Pub:)

the drink we gurls's Orange Lemonade..

papa, mama, auntie, uncle....we gurls DIDIN'T drink any alcoholic no worries!

daije, relaxing after a long long day:)

Lily was caught red handed...!!Muakakka..nolar, she is a good gurl:) Just helping our KeeLoo pouring his pear cider!

All in all...we had a great night together:)

Uncle Mac's presence has indeed made us feel so pampered...and after listening to all his travelling experiences, we realised we have so much more to learn:)

wasSup doc: a 'thank you' is definitely not enough to express my gratitude for your generosity..but still i wanna say: Your kindness is much appreciated:)

p/s: God's presence was so real today..will post about it in the next entry..stay tune!


*jeSSicA* said...

microwave spaghetti? o.0

haha yeah eating out at chinese restaurant is always so 'fulfilling'..after stuffing ourselves with food there's always free dessert! =)

whoa just 3 weeks there and u have been to pub already! me almost 2 years here havent even been to one! LOL *i am good girl, i am good girl lalala* haha u should try cider, i think they have a bit of sweet taste =)

today i saw a shop with the word 'MANCHESTER'...and i thought of u =)

*jeSSicA* said...

OOHhh and happy mooncake festival!!! =D

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: eh, me good gurl toO!! i tried apple and pear cider! just a sip only lar..muakakka. but u're right, it's fruity taste..Happy mooncake fastival too my dear!! Cheers!

Jeremy Nunis said...

I think manchester is gonna make u fat :P I think u've been to more places than i have, n i've been here since Feb >_<"

Say Hi to Steph n my former-darling KeeFong.

denise said...


*eyeballs drop put of socket*

makes my seremban siew pau look so...small and pau-ish...

Ang3 said...

>jeremy_nunis: it is making me soooo FAT!! argh..stress now...dim sum here is AWESOME!!!

>Denise: here is toO good..esp your favourite's just gila sial! u sure love them to the MAX!!