Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pray for me, pretty PWEASE:)

Sem 3 End of semester Exam is so near yet so far... though it's on the 2nd of JULY and it's just early JUNE now, but the tension in me is UNBEARABLE. Normally, we dun feel so stressful until it's like 1 week away but this time IT"S DIFFERENT! though it's around one month away, all of us just cant stop worrying bout it and try to use up each and every second to squeeze in as much facts as possible into our brains.There are too much to study and memorise...4 systems(cardiovascular, respiratory, hematology and Gastrointestinal Tract)- studying from how the organ is formed to the diseases n drugs to heal it?!, 3 hours of SAQ paper, 2 days of OSCE, 1 day of OSPE and 1 result which will determine my future of becoming a doctor. HOW CAN WE NOT STRESS??

Anyway, this is the road i have chosen...i shall not complain but just move on,right?
BUT BUT, please please PWEASE keep me in your prayer. Ask God to strengthened me so that i can continue this race n finish it gracefully....thank you very very MUCHIe:)

p/s: There wont be any updates for now....Wat i do everyday is just:
wake up-go library and study- back home-SLEEP!!!Fuyoh, wat an 'interesting' routine life!!!
wasSup Doc : i can do everything through HIM who gives me strength -Philippians 4:13