Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday wIsheS...

it's Han Syn's 20th birthday!!

May your big day filled with blessings and love from the people around u.
Remember u're wonderfully made by our heavenly Father..u're special in your way:)
Muah muah muah!!

G-wong turns 21 today...

Hope that u had a great time on ur 21st birthday blast.

Great knowing u and may God continue to pour His blessings
upon you... n u're really a blessing to all of us!

Li Ying turns 21 too...Finally you're Legal my dear!Stay young and pretty...
The Lord will favour each and every steps you take and may you have a blessed year ahead:)

wasSup Doc: B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y= This is the day God created YOU and bring you to this world He has created...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yipee...FINALLY i got a medal!

M106- 3rd Place
My Saturday started of with netball interbatch competition. Though the stress on the coming EOS is there, but still i need to de-stress myself right? So, i went and played as a SHOOTER...can u imagine?i'm NOT very TALL, n my shots are NOT 100% in, but still my team mates have faith in me and put me in..
So, we started off playing with Sem4, it was a very close game! We won by 4-3 and i could see the relief in all of us because Sem 4 was the champion in IMU Cup 2006 but we were at advantage coz they were lack of players. Anyway, we moved on and played with the pharmacy Sem 1. Fear overwhelmed us at first because before the real match, we had a friendsly game with them and we lost to them. However, we managed to control the game and smoothly we conquered the game!! FUyoH...M106 were GreaT!! Next game against Medical Sem1..NEVER EVER think they are newbies in IMU means they are not good enuff! TotALly WRONG!! They were freaking good. The Shooter was so TALL that the ball SURE go in once she shoot. It was a tough game and so we lost to them by 5-3..Haih, so near yet so far..nevermind! Final game, we played against Sem 5! Again, we lost to them...Argh... but it's just a no worries! Sem 1 took the 1st unexpectedly and Sem 5 were the runner up. And, M106 manage to secure a bronze medal...At least we won smth...muahaha! .I'm so so Happy!!Finally our hard work paid off! Praise and honour to our Heavenly Father who strengthened us and protect us from any injury. Proud to say i came back in one piece, unlike last year i fell and left a huge scar at my knee cap..Hehe!
Anyway, Good game girls!
Alicia, Nabila, Thazin, Ching Li, Shazma, Hidayah, Naz, Roch and Rachel!!
WE, M106 netball team RULES!!!!!

Angelene and her medal(Ssssness)

Score board-m106(D group)

M106 & M105

Well Done girls:)

wasSup Doc : God's plan ALWAYS lead to victory....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

KNT(kena tagged again)

SoweE cRz for the long due taggiE....i know i owed u 2 tags but i think i'll do the shorter one la har:)

ok, here it goes..
6 weIrdO things about AngeLene Teo Fungus

1) i hav dis obessive compusive disorder towards my Lecture NoTeS
- i cannot stand my notes hav extra stapler holes, which means once i remove the 1st stapler, i'll try my best to stapler it at the SAME n EXACT holes. If not, i'll get very FRUSTRATED and want to photocopy it AGAIN...Hehe. u'll be asking Y? it's becoz when i realised the foldings at the top of my notes is different, i just cant concentrate anymore.
-If my notes are crumpled, i will iron them! Muahaha...i think only Angelene will do this!!!

2) when i laugh too much, tears can be seen in my eyes...this always make the people around me to think i'm crying, but actually i am NOT. i'm just Abnormally Normal..Hehe!

3)I LOVE balloOns..Any type any shape any color ANYTIME!!:)
-still remember once when i was in Endah Parade n saw a clown giving out ballOons to the children there. Unconsciously, i, as an ADULT went with a child heart and queue up to get my very own balLoOn. Friends were laughing at me because i'm the TallEst n oldest among the small kids but still i insisted to get mine!*even the clown was surprised to see m3*

4)A vErY Sentimental person i AM
-i LOVE to keep short messages written by my friends. Althought they are just writing on a tissue paper/ rough paper, i still feel it's very meaniful. I really keep all of them! As some of u might have already known, i am stil keeping the birthday cake box with all ur msges on it..I think that it's one in a biLlion and there wont be the second box for me!

5)i tend to built relationship with the stationary i'm using..*not talking to them of coz*
-apparently, i hav deep feelings towards all the pens, highlighters, eraser, rulers and pencils i used. If i happened to loose one of them, i'll search high and low for them eventhough it requires me to run up and down the stairs. i cant tahan the feelings of loosing things! Besides, i have no heart to throw them away although the inks are gone because they hav been serving faithfully to me and it's such a cruel action to throw them into the dustbin. That's why i'm accummulating rubbish at home!!

6)Finally, Angelene loveS to SmiLE!:):):) i can laugh non-stop over small little tiny itsy witsy's supposed to be GooD but i'm worried the people will think this girl is crazy or mentally ill! I'm NOT NOT..i'm 100% normal. Actually i just want to bring joy and happiness to the people around me as i believe a smile can light a person's day up HIGH!! So my dear friends, please tell me am i wrong??

wasSup Doc : Judge me as u like, the verdict is YOURS!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post Camp Pics!


ReEbOk...Racing for the Best!
for ONCE, Denise n Li Jun are tallEr
Sarah preaching???
de greatest command of all is LoVe

Jason*Angie--for the Joy of the Lord:)
Li Jun in her 'cheer leading' stylO trying to cross over the spider web...
My mortal-Linda(Mama caMp)

Edwina + Lynn Xuan=My MenteEs
Poi...Yo, cute-nyer!!

F4 in the house!
'Fuh!!' G-Wong memang Power....
Laughing Gases-Angie*Sarah*Jolene
GreEn RuleSSssss
dEnisE the magnificient being cArrieD!!

Nerds brushing Teeth
de BEST Cell Leader-Li Jun!!
dEnisE + AngiE
McD.:We're Loving it:.
wasSup Doc : My life helps paint my neighbour's picture of God:):):)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Short of Breath??NOOooooO!!i'm gonna Shine on Brightly!

Huh, after 4 weeks of hematology and the killing exam..Finally i could take 5 and go to Christian Fellowship camp which was at Port Dickson Methodist Centre. Yes, it was the BESTEST camp ever. Everything was splendidly carried out!! Biggie thanks to our big Boss(GOD) who took good care of everything..

3 Roars for.....
*the camp committee who had sacrificed their time and energy to organise such a perfectly planned camp!!
*the games committee who had planned the games!I lurve the captain ball(esp with Papaya..Fuyoh, wat a unique idea!), human fusball and frisbees!They were really fun!!
*Papa n Mama camp for jaga-ing the naughty kids(us)..Hehe
*Ee Leen for getting such a great speaker, Pastor Sean. I felt the sermon was really powerful and God was like talking to me directly through him.. *Ivy Ang for composing the so meanigful+touching camp song-Shine on By Grace

*Sarah Ng for the kiddy booklet..It's so sweet n lovely! And the Spider Web game. It's a really good team building game where u can see people carrying each other to go through a tiny hole.
*Gary for the T-shirt designing! Well Done.:):):)2 colors were equally niceeeeE.
*Timothy for arranging the "Amat, Sangat, Sungguh" cold dom for us to Zzzz...
*my Angel-Ah Pei! i still cant believe she was my angel and look after me throughout the camp. Thank you for the lovely Pink messages, cold water to quench my thirst, a comfy massage when i'm dog-tired, the smiley face breakfast and the LOVE u showed! And Pei, the surprise T-shirt was really a blast! i felt so stupid when i went tell u wat my angel bought me the shirt i wanted badly and it's actually U who did EVERYTHING!!Thanks!!Muacks..
*Ivy and Siaw Ying for choreographing the MAsS Dance! It was really a lifetime experience when u can dance with 30+ different partners in ONE night! Honestly speaking, it's really a good way to know the people in camp! FUN FUN Great!

*the GREEN Happening team...though we were in the last place but in my heart, we are always the Champion!!!Yup, our fighting spirit and the unity in us were imcomparable!!Way to go guys:)
*members of Racing REEBOK! Devotions in the morning were so smoothly done. Thanks for the inner sharing about the great work God has done in your lives. They were great testimonies to reflect God's goodness for each and everyone of us:)
*M106 Cellies for always be there when i needeed u guys MOST!!:)
-Aim far guys...we are champions for GOD:)-

So wat was the take home message for me? 3 things i should NOT do if i want to WIN the race
i)do NOT complain
ii)do NOT compete
iii)do NOT compare
I must challenged myself NOT to commit them again. Coz previously, ANGELENE luRve to complain, compete n compare! But NOT after camp....i hav learned:)
Timothy came to rescue!! Pity Wei Lin who sprained her ankle...but her cheerful jolly spirit never stop her from enjoying each and every moment of the camp..get well soon dear!

The twinS we found! Barbara and Baverly~I'm so excited!!!

Overall, i wud say this camp was rather different with the other camps i attended. I rate it as 10/10...Throughout the 3 days, u could see smiling faces around. They were filled with so much joy and blessings! It's by God's grace that everybody there enjoy themselves to the MAX and most importantly of all, they were all spiritually strengthened and are now fully ready to run the ultimate race for Christ:)

wasSup Doc: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. -1 Corinthians 9:24-

Monday, April 02, 2007

20th birthday BLAST!!

yUp, i just hit 20 years old few days back and to be honest, it makes me feel so longer a teen and can't jolly around anymore....Hehe

Anyway, this year's celebrations were really fantastic, filled with lots of surprises and a string of celebrations..Thanks to all my fellow mates who has put in lots of effort to make my day a memorable one...

Let me share with U wat my dearie friends did at the moment the clock struck 12am on 28th of March!
Jeremy called me and here is the conversation:

Jeremy: Hey Angie, where are u now?
Angie: At home...
Jeremy: Hey come to pool side now..Everybody is waiting for u. Come down fast!

Angie:(with doubt) izzit true?Dun lie to me..
Jeremy:No of coz..come down faster!
Angie: Okok..coming coming..
Without hesitation, i took my keys and rushed out to see wat they hav in stored for me..Hehe..

As i walked out my doorsteps,walking towards the lift...."Happy Birthday to u, Happy birthday to U......" Out of the sudden a group of them came out from a tiny little store room next to the corridoor with a chocolate cake. Singing the famous birthday song for me! At the moment, i was really shocked with their sudden appearance in front of my doorstep!!!

*huGs* to Edwina, Leong, Jeremy, Victor, Ching Li, Naomi, Dits and Mus! Aunty am so HappY!!


I thought that was about it..but NO! Denise called...

Denise: Happy Birthday Angie...
Angie: Thanks a lot dear.

Denise: Are you at home now?

Angie: Yea..Doing my PBL

Denise: Okla, see u tmr in uni ya..good night!
5 mins later, she sent me a msg saying that she left a present outside my door step AGAIN. Please follow the petals till the end!
And so i went out to check it out and i found this..a treasure hunt, i supposed:)

ok, the arrow made of rose petals said i need to turn right to look for my treasure! And wat next?

Another piggie saying 'go straight~'

Ok..MORE petals.. and wat can i find at the end after the door??

TADA!! Crz, Rooney, Hazwan, Denise and Li Shan, Singing Birthday song for me:)!!


28th of March 2007 has been a great day.
It started off with Ivy Ang..It was so sweet of her to prepare me breakfast early morning as we went to do announcement bout the CF Camp to Sem 1 batch!

As i walked into my class later, my batch mates started to wish me, showering me with love and blessing on my big day! Just before my lecturer came in, Phing Phing presented me with a big bouquet of SUNFLOWER!!Fuyoh, they were really huge and i was speechless at that moment coz i didnt expect it.

Biggie Thanks Phing, Stephanie, Hui Yen, Ian Zing and Xandra for the SunFloWer!!

Few minutes later, lecture began and i tried to concentrate in class. But another distraction came..Wennie suddenly passed me a cute black pig tying with love shaped balloons to me...Wah, i was so excited at that moment! Seeing the pig smiling widely infront of me, i just cant concentrate on wat the Dr was teaching but kept staring and playing with the soft toy throughtout the whole lecture..Haha..thanks to Wennie, Raymond, Aditya and William!*_*

After class i went to attend cell group meeting! The sharing that day by Jeremy was good..

Right after that, again my cellies acted weird and brought me to the cafetaria where they have planned a surprise birthday celebration for me. Pei's mum has baked me a fruit cake and Li Jun presented me a bouquet if SunfloWer too...Hehe..Looks like everybody knew i'm a SunFloWer LoVER!! Besides, Geoffrey showed me a video consists of birthday wishES from all my pals in IMU. It is a GrEat production by Pei and Geoffrey! Watching Denise wishing me in Mandarin was fun, Esther with her great vocal singing birthday song was special and Crz wishing me in a creepy mood was scary. But in all, the wishes by U u U made me feel much loveD..Thanks a MILLION guys, I really love LOVE love the video of 'Journey with Angelene':)


That night, Ivy, Ee Leen, Sarah, Li Jun, Timothy, Wilfred and Joanne celebrated for me inTaste Walking.. As usual, when all the people from CF gathered together. The SSness in us doubled up! The restaurant which was once a romantic place turned into 'Pasar Malam', filled with noise and Laughters!Muahaha...everybody was too HAppY!!
This day was really filled with joy and blessings! Oh, it was also the only day when my phone can non-stop ringin, friends sending messages with birthday wishes. Surprised calls from Jess who is now in Australia and Shann who is currently in US. Thanks gals...I was really happy to hear ur voices since u both left Malaysia...


Day 2 of Angelene's birthday!
My pals decided to go for steamboat to celebrate Angelene's birthday AGAIN...We had a great time of fellowship especially when Aditya came along! I hope he enjoyed it cause he didn't like fish cakes and fish balls at first! But after trying it, they turned out to be his cup of tea!Way to go Kenyan! Celebration will not come to end wihout dessert for us! So, as the happening group, we drove all the way to A&W which is 30 mins drive, to have our favourite waffle with ice-cream! And on our way, we met the King and Queen of Malaysia who were havin a function nearby! Huh, Pei, Denise and i felt so honoured!Muahaha..craziness i supposed!

Dits enjoying Steamboat!

Thank you Denise, Crz, Pei, Xan, G-wong, Jen, Hwei Wan and Aditya!


Day 3 of Angelene's birthday
It's not a big celebration though but thanks to Koinonians who bought me a cake and sang song for my belated birthday! Thanks for letting me to share and indeed i felt much relieved after telling you guys bout my struggle! U all are the most comfortable people to talk to and i can just pour out my feelings in the meeting...thank you very much!


Day 4 of Angelene's birthday

Tiramisu from Aun Aun!

Dearie Aun Aun fooled me on April fool saying her apartment has no water and needed to come my place to bath. Without a second thought i invited her! But to my surprise, she came with a tiny tiramisu and sang birthday song for me! I was wearing my pyjamas that time! Paise paise...But she is just so loving! Thanks sweetie...

That's basically how my friends celebrated my BIG day for me.
To all my dear friends who made an effort to call me, send birthday messages, write birthday testimonials in Friendster and give me all the lovely pressies, I really appreciate it and just wanna give u guys a BIG bIG hug! Thank you so much for making my day so special!!

Like wat Jeremy has said, this day should not be a day of celebration only but a day of thanksgiving. Giving thanks unto the Lord for He has blessed me with caring and lovely friends! Giving thanks to Him for He has created me and put me in this beautiful world filled with love!
wasSup Doc: Everyday is my birthday when i realised God has sustained me n bless me with another new day every morning! I felt i was born again...thank you Lord for u have fearfully and wonderfully made me:)