Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Momsy!!

It's a big day yesterday..It's my Momsy's birthday:)
Thank you for your overwhelming LOVE and so i learned to love others
Thank you for your PATIENCE in moulding me to be a better gurl
Thank you for your SACRIFICEs that you made to provide everything we need
Thank you for your ADVICES when i'm lost

Sorry for letting you down sometimes
Sorry for being rebellious
Sorry for the many many mistakes i made in the past
Sorry for making you worry whenever i call back and tell you my problems

Just wanna let you know
i am really bless to have you
as my friend
as my comforter &
as my MOM:)

Thank you for being there when i needed you most.

my MOM once said: Honey gurl, i dont wanna be the last to know wat is happening in your life.
i want to be the first.
It might sound simple to you but to me it brought a very deep msg. She wants to know EVERYTHING of me, including the simplest info about me.SHE WANTS TO KNOW ALL!
So from then onwards, i have no secrets keeping away from her. Even which guy i like, SHE WILL KNOW..haha.
Scary? I dun think so, because she is my beloved MOMmy:)

wasSup Doc: Gurls, share your problems to your mom, she'll give you the best advice because she was once your age:)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the SS mate is BACK!

I was really touched by what this BFF of mine blog about before she left to Aus early January this year:) it's a post dedicated to me,ME!!!:) It's an amazing story how we got closer especially we were from totally different circle of friends...click here to read her emo post:)The things that made her REMEMBER till now. Even i myself cant recalled i actually did them. Jessica is an EMO queen..
And this SS mate of mine is back from Melbourne..Yay!And she decided to visit me once she landed on Malaysia! Since she has cravings for nasi lemak, so i bought the nasi lemak ayam from burger stall which i personally think taste quite good:) After class, i rushed home and waited anciously for this royal highness to come!The first thing i asked when i see her was 'can i hug hug?' it has been almost a year i never see and hug her:)

Jessica + Angi3:) The SS Queens!

And so we started our girls talk..TALK TALK talk...LAugh Laugh LAUGH...SNAP snap SnaP(take pictures)..we're the SS Queens! Call us the duo shuttleBUGS:) Then it's gift exchange time..Whee! i gave her some souvenier i bought from Greece and she in return gave me LOTS of things from Melbourne! Let's see wat she brought back for me...

The FAMOUS Krispy Kreme doughnuts!All the way from Melbourne..Very nice indeed!

The many gifts i received:)

Yup, baby Melbourne is home....My magnet family is growing!!

wasSup Doc: Jess, u said u don't want to be my daughter coz u wanna be my best friend:) Just wanna let you know..U'll always be,ok?:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm supposed to blog bout my recent trip to Melacca with my group of friends..a really great one indeed. So much to share but NEXT post lar...

Dedicate this post to all my PBL H mates especially to my PBL ANNOYING THING!*gonna find out who is this adopted child of mine..hehe*

PBL H + Dr Juriah:)

*Krisna, Fish, Poh Peng, Ngie Chang, Raymond, Kunaraj, Stephii & Cheng Ling*

Maternal Child Health Clinic in Mantin

*Our Camphore moments*

1st shot- Krisna is missing and only half of my face seen! BUT Fish claimed this as her favourite picture coz her face is ALL in..Hahahhaha

2nd shot- My face totally GONE! And Ngie Chang's eyes....Hai!

We gave up eventually because our skills weren't that good. So we asked the driver to take the picture for us...huh, FINALLY a complete one! Cheers!!

wasSup Doc:
To my dearest PBL mates:
Thank you the knowledge you share, Thank you for the patience you give, Thank you for the Jokes you make, Thank you for EVERYTHING in PBLs:) It's not by coincidence we're put together in the same group, it's by His great plan to let me get to know you guys better in Sem 4(^_^)
i'll appreciate it...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post eXam..Tag tag!

The most interesting Tag so far. No more answering dull and boring questions. Something to cheer you guys after REPRO exam. Finally i got time to 'korek' all my pictures out...Muahahaha!
1) The most recent picture of yours

Yup, call me a PIG! I'm eating so much nowadays....Fatty fatty boom boom dy(",)


2) A picture of u making a peace sign

Yipee..the 2 medals i got from IMU Cup 2007! Squash(Bronze) and Netball(Silver)..At least i'l leave IMU with something-MEDALS:):)but no GOLD one..nvm!! *Where is DENISE-the ULTIMATE squash player?!!*

3) A picture of you with your FRIENDS:)
The bunch of friends i cherish most in IMU:)>The Naboobians!!

My Ji Muis and the ONLY time we got together is when all of us balik kampung-KB!
*not for Su Anne who has moved to KL for good!!*

4) A picture of you at a weird/random place

This was taken in the One U GSC washroom! We were so amazed by the mirror which is in a roll of film!! Randomness...

5) A picture of you in black and white


6) A picture of you and your hair tied up (Refer to pic 5-lazy wanna upload pic)

7) A picture of you with a weird face

This Korean guy i met in Doulos taught me to pose like this..I'm DEAD!

8) A picture of you wearing BLACK coloured shirt

spot ME, i'm the woman in BLACK!

9) A picture of you wearing RED coloured shirt

Candid shot of Angie in RED during AWANA Kids Club!

10) A picture of you wearing GREEN coloured shirt
My typical TREE attire..Gary, i'll miss you when u leave later....:'(

11) A picture of you with your Halloween costume

M106 Orientation-"I'm Ti-gg-er!"...Those were the days:):)

12) A picture of you with your mouth open

Angie*Crz*Geoff----Ahm..Yummy!:)@ Max!Thanks to Geoff for the overwhelming dinner:)

13) A picture of you in your formal attire
The dresscode in IMU is formal EVERYDAY!!!

14) A picture of you at the beach

15) A Family portrait of yours
The LAST family portrait taken before my sis left to UK...
F.A.M.I.L.Y= Father and Mother, i Love You:)

List of victims i tagged:

-Sarah Ng
*Do this TAG ler peeps, it's so fun when u start looking back all your pics:)*

oh gosh, it's 4.17am now...and i'm heading to Melacca early morning!! I need some beauty sleep dy....
wasSup Doc: Pictures speak more than a thousand words:)

Friday, November 02, 2007


Repro exams next Wednesday...and still i dont have the momentum to STUDY! wat i meant was the ability to study for hours without any distractions...how come?i'm still addicted to Sem 4 Slacking Syndrome..haiyoYOooo.God SAVES me!

To spice up my study hours i decided to do smth. Smth i didnt do for ages d....MAKE Barley and i'm definitely PRO coz it's super UBER easy!:) Neither any skill nor recipe needed! Everyone can make!

1)Barley can improve your complexion?!*according to my dear Sis*

2)I can use this time to chill and relax and keep an eye on the barley to boil without feeling any guilt..Muahahha!

3)Barley makes me feel HAPPY:):)*randomNESS*

4)I'm starving...instead of eating junk!BARLEY came to rescue> wiser choice:)

my pot of BARLEY

....i heart Barley, i heart REPRO more...

*back to study*

wasSup Doc: Repro Repro Repro....Help Help Help!
*Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth*
-i feel much better now:]-