Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

A ray of Hope,
A light of Life,
A child was born,
His name is Jesus.
He came to us to bring us life,
to bring us out from the darkness,
in Him, He holds the fullness of Love,
which guide us to His perfect Light!
O child of wonder,
O child of light,
Wonderful counselor,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace,
His name is above all names,
Jesus Christ, the son of God,
Immanuel( God with us) till the end of time....
Blessed Christmas!!
wasSup Doc:
If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent us an educator;
If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist;
If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist;
If our greatest need had been pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer;
But our greatest need was forgiveness, so God sent us a Savior.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pre- Xmas

Went to MidValley this afternoon to meet my long lost friends! Thong n Kheng Hong. Hmm, the last time we went for mamak was 6 months back when i was in KB, but luckily b4 Xmas, i got a chance to meet them.They are my buddies whom i knew since i was 6 years old! More than 10 years frens d.Hehe..Oh, the deco in Midvalley was really SWEET!With all the candy houses and huge Christmas Trees! Cool~ but but but, i found out smth..NO FAKE SNOW to play. So, cRz n Pei lied to me and tried to lure me to go Midvalley 3 days ago!Aiyoooo, i'm just too innocent to believe them coz i thought i could go n play with it this noon!! Anyway, had a great time with Thong & Kheng Hong and we played Photo Hunt!Yay...Midvalley was very crowded, just a short advise, DUN go now, u'll have a hard time finding parking. Thanks to Geoffrey who sent me there and we walked to MV from his apartment! No KTM for me, NO finding parking for him..EASY!

Reaching for the 'STICK"

KH, Ang3, Thong!!-Friendship Foreva-


Last Friday, CG M106 had a pot bless at my place to celebrate Christmas and it was the last cell group of the year. Thanks to all the people who made it POSSIBLE! Biggie hugzz to all my frenz who prepared food!!First, Geoff who came as early as 7am to prepare the food-mesh potatoes, beef thingy(sorry dunno wat it is called), coleslaw ; Denise who put everything in order, effort in meshing the potatoes!; Liew Jiun who made the roast chicken a success plus a huge muffin; Pei who baked Crz Poi's 20th birthday cake; Xian Yang's Mum who prepared a 20 people's portion spaghetti sauce; Shan Shan who made the spaghetti taste nice; Li Jun who made the cincau and organized the whole meeting! Last but not least, the people who contribute money for the food..Well done guys! Without u all, it wont be a success! I can feel God is at work in our cell. Oops, not to forget our worship gang Khek Tjian and Jeremy! Ice breaker KING, Crz(Burfday boy)...Remember, God will reward you all in heaven for all you have done for Him.....Keep shining for Him.

Let's see some shots we got throughout the whole meeting!

wasSup Doc: God is good, ALL THE TIME!!!It's true when i recall back what He have done for me throughout year 2006. The LOVE He gives is endless...Life can be unfair sometimes, but dun worry coz He is faithful all the time!

Monday, December 18, 2006

God is with me....

Bro was not around for the past few days, he went to Penang to work. So left me alone at home. It was good though coz i can concentrate more in my CVS which is a killing system! However, the feeling of insecure lied in me when the night approached! All sort of nonsense started to conquer my Thieves breaking into my apartment in the middle of the night( coz a lot of such cases occuring in vista eventhough staying 16 floor up)..But i try to calm myself down and get into bed early. But smth weird happened last saturday and i was traumatised....

B4 my bro left, he told me he'll be back only on Sunday. So as a girl who yearns for comfort, i decided to sleep in my bro's room which has a Queen size bed and IKEA, high quality comforter..Muahaha. Anyway, as i was closing my eyes to sleep that night, i heard a splashing of water sound from the bathroom. So i jumped out from my bed and checked it out. Nope, nth was insight! Ok,muz be the neighbours! Coz VK wall is not that thick. 2nd round, i heard the swithching on sound of the light and again the splashing of water. So i thought this must be my dear brother who came back earlier and wanted to bath. As i was going to get up to give him back his bed, i realised my whole body was stuck to the bed. I couldn't move at all, as though i was glued to the bed! I tried to shout, but not a word was uttered. I felt my tongue was twisted and there was something pressing hard on me. At this moment, the first thought that came across my mind was the evil spirit. So, i prayed for help from God and cast the evil spirit away in God's holy name. The only person i can rely on in that very second is only God. And it really worked! After a few minutes, i gained back my mobility but i dare not walked out of the room, i remained on the bed and forced myself to sleep ...It might sound insane but i am pretty sure i'm conscious n NOT dreaming!!Until now i cant figure out wat was that pressing on me that night......or is it because i'm too stressfull recently?? I hav no idea....But one thing i'm sure, my bro didn't come back that night!!

wasSup Doc: Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Isaiah 43:5

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fun fun fuN!!

Visited Clinic Cheras Baru again this morning. It's our 2nd visit there, so managed interview some patients. All of us not really in the mood to take the history of the patients though. Just felt tired and hate waking up early(6.45am!!). And lectures have been changed to 4.15pm, which is the best time to hav nap! So, we spent most of the time chatting among ourselves in the clinic! However, we transormed totally during the post visit! When the clock striked 12pm, we became so energized and rushed to eat Sree's favourite wan tan mee in Cheras! Dun think it's just a normal plate of wan tan mee, it's NOT..NOno!! The char siew was yummy! Sweet at the outside and soft in the inside! The texture was perfect! Shud give a try if u're a wan tan mee lover! Guarantee will make u wan more! The address is as below:

1, Jalan Kaskas2,Taman Cheras,
56100 KL.
Open at 7.30am ~ 3.30pm
Each plate is only RM3.50....Worth it ppl!

For our previous visit, we had the best Lam Mee in Cheras and it was really special. It was different from wat i have tried previously. The gravy was thick, the mee was home made, and the taste was....One word: Heavenly! *sowee, no pic* Most importantly, portion is big with prawns + meat+ fish balls and it only cost u RM4.00 ! Cheapo ne!!Thanks to Sree for making an effort to bring us to all the good food in Cheras. Without u, we wud never had enjoy our clinical visit..:P

After today's clinical visit, went for cell group and then follwed by lectures till 7pm. Huh, it's super tiring, i kno. But that's not the END of the day! I later joined the group for carolling! Walking from houses to houses(vista B to C and to B then to C again!!) to sing Xmas songs! We were sweating, panting, tired but still we enjoyed every moment,pouring God's blessing upon their family and friends. We visited Dr Rajesh Sharma's, Dr Achike, Dr JPJ, Dr Joe Perara's and finally Sem 3 Jackie's place with all the Sem 3 ppl . The climax of the day was when we visited Dr Joe Perera's apartment and required him to dance with his wife again. (After their wonderful performace on Friday Night!) And indeed, both of them dance for us!!!It was really fun and i'm looking forward to the next carolling which is next Tuesday! :]

At Joe Perera's apartment!

Merry Christmas M106!

wasSup Doc: Feliz Navidad

We want to wish you a blessed Christmas

We want to wish you a blessed Christmas

We want to wish you a blessed Christmas

From the bottom, of our heart(CVS??)!!!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Touching MVs!

Part I

Part II

This is a very sad love story. Do watch the first and second parts so that you can capture the whole story....
A little bit of translation here. It's not the exact one though....sorry!:(

The girl was kidnapped because she is the policeman's girlfriend. The gang wanted to make use of her to force the policeman to stop persecuting the gang leader but he didn't care about his girlfriend. He even cheated on her after he got beaten up.

The gang later got pissed off when the policeman didn't help the gang leader. So they decided to blow the girl up in the public as a revenge to the policaman. Later on the kidnapper came and tried to save her, but he was shot instead being thought as the bad guy coz he was struggling with the girl. The girl felt sad and decided to press the button to blow the bomb and they both died together....*sob sob*
A biggie thanks to my dear sista, Adelene who recommended me to watch these MVs..Just wanna share them with you guys. DUN stress yourselves up with CVS my dear Dr2Bs, watch some MVs to relax ya! I'm fed up with CVS also la...but forget bout it, we shall study harder during our 1 week Xmas break!*Hopefully this time the study plan will work!Wish me luck!Fingers cross*

wasSup Doc: Both of these songs are sung by SG Wannabe(Korean). The first song is entitled 'Partner for Life' and the second one is called 'Slow'..nice!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Friday Night

A Star Studded Affair

Friday Night was a blast! LT 2 was like a disco with perfect lightings n dry ice splashing on the stage...Just wanna say, people in IMU are not only blessed with smart brains but are multi-talented! They can sing, act, dance, play various musical instruments! They are really gifted! Lecturers included! Like wat Denise said, it's worth going though we have to skip our favourite Korean Drama, not studying our CVS, running in the rain to buy nasi lemak so that we wont miss any single part of the show and spending whole night till 3am screaming at the top of our voices! It was really a crazy night. Climax??Hmm.. When our Superman n Siti promoting iron during their catwalk session! FuUyooh, they are the best la!*M106 rules!* For those who miss it, here are some pics for you to enjoy.*Sorry for the low quality pics..:P*

Can u see the Lion is singing??

Aun & Nelson singing Ni Zui Zhen Gui

Dr Rajesh n wife duet!! So Sweet..

Dr. Sri Kumar as drummer & Dr Jpj as Guitarist -Coolest band!

Sketch by the 3 lecturers! Dr Rajesh n Dr Sri Kumar interviewing Dr Thani(as student) to enter the BUMS Uni! They were really funny!!

Oops, did i mention that Superman n Siti were the champion in the first catwalk? Well done peeps, we're proud of you!!

wasSup Doc : All Shall Shine Tonight!:]

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Xmas in IMU

Christmas is near! Yay, which means holiday is coming! This year, CF + CSS combined and did a one week celebration in IMU! We had food fair and a sketch on 'The Fascade"(the Mask). i was involved in the sketch as an aunty:(...To be honest, we were kinda worried how the sketch will be coz we never did the whole play in one string. But God is great, the sketch went smoothly that night with all the videos and lightings came in at the right time!Amen!!

Slide show below is some pictures taken throughout the whole week!
-Actors and Actresses
-Me in action-as aunty in the sketch!(Gosh, my image of young lady is gone!!!)
-Tai Lo is back lar.....
-Father n Son fighting again...
-God sent His only son, Jesus for the world
-Candle light prayers
-Presents for all??
-Give my present back!!!!
-IMU choir singing 'Joy to the World'
-Sarah, Ivy n Joanne at the food fair
-Denise*posing again* + the huge Xmas card
-Get off Aaron!!i wanna sign!!!

wasSup doc: what is the Gift of Christmas? It's God's only son, Jesus who came and gave us eternal life.....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Birthday princess--> Sarah!!

HaPpIe BirThdaY to my Darling Sarah!!!!
May God's blessings pour on you abundantly
Thank you for being who you are
Thank you for the encouragements n Love you showered.
wasSup Doc : Thank God for sending you as my dear friend. May our friendship last Forever! :)