Friday, August 29, 2008

Arrived Manchester safely:)

Announcement peeps:)
Ngie Chang, Wilfred and m3 safely landed in Manchester dy
i love you, you love m3
we're happy fa-mi-ly:)
the See family:) Thank you..where is Sue Ann!!?
my uncle and family:)mummy emo emo:( *huggies*bye bye peeps...thank you all for coming!!

Thanks ABUNDANCE to all who came KLIA to send me off:) Touched oh...
Kamsia banyak banyak! i felt so LOVEDAngie* Blackie* Mei Sin
thank you for the cute farewell gift dearie:) It'll be my new friend:)Dun Goooo Angie:)
Koinonians:) my dearest cellies..

The flight was okay, managed to catch up a few new movies
Iron man, P.S I love you, Made of honour and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian( didn't watch till the end though, not enough time:P) Anyway, it was an enjoyable flight with food loaded:)

Angie chilling @ Dubai airport, reading my very own convo mag with Blackie:)

Reached Dubai after 6 and half hours from Malaysia. Waited there for around 5 hours, then transit to Manchester from there. Some drama happened at Dubai! Ngie Chang and i were told to go to gate 43 to board on our next flight to Manchester. That gate was kinda far from the place we waited earlier. As we started walking towards the gate, Ngie Chang just jokingly asked, 'hey Angie, where is Blackie? Take it out ma...' My head went to total BLANK, isn't me holding Blackie when i left, where is it now? I double checked my bag..NOPE it wasn't there. Kancheong kancheong! I must have dropped it. Our watch stroke 645am and we're supposed to check in at the gate at 710am! I cant leave my new friend in this alienated Dubai Airport, i told myself..i MUST go back and find it..we RAN back...carrying our overweight hand luggage, panting and praying Blackie will still be at the sit..Bonzai! Thank God, i found it. He was hiding at the bottom of the sit, i must hav dropped it when i stood up earlier. Without hesitation, i stuffed Blackie into my back pack and we RAN back to the gate..Luckily we still make it on time. Relieved..Blackie has caused a havoc:) but i like... no more outings for Blackie, stay in the bag. it's the safest place i very first meal in Manchester. Sis cooked for us:)
Happy Birthday Pei Pei.
we celebrated her big day plus my advanced next year birthday at KLIA:)
much appreciated!

wasSup doc: Manchester is a nice place, that's what most people told me.
i will go explore myself..
Greetings from Manchester.


One Perfect Rose said...

dearie, i'm so glad to know u were making your new post cheerfully. dun get emo emo ya! everythin's gonna be fine, yes, u are strong!! *imagine me showing u my big muscles on my arms...roarrr!!* hehe...jeje's such a sweetie, prepared u MAGGIE MEE for your first meal ever in manchester worr..! hehehehe...alrite, take care dear! love ya! *hugz*

Ang3 said...

>one perfect rose: yea,i settle in quickly coz my sis is around to help me:) she is such a sweetie..initially, she wanted to bring to the famous dim sum but i was too tired, so she decided to cook for me instead:) thanks dear for such a lovely comment!

Zzzyun said...

hey all the best in manchester ok! ^v^ glad to hear u are settling down well.

and help me wish ngie chang all the best too!

take care.

hlpe said...

elloooo...glad you arrived safely, sorry couldn't see you off...didn't want to spread all the germs to everyone =)

pei said...

thanks hun!! happy beearlieth bithday..:P

shasha said...

the pic of u n ur mummy makes me emo!
good to hear that you're safely there :) all the best!

Chien said...

Nice place i presume?
Hope you are settling well and good =)

All the best!

almost-perfect-rose said...

aiseh, jeje cooked nih.
*clap clap*
she's showing her 'jeje-ness' hor.
'mummy emo emo' reminds me of the day my sis left.
cryin like big baby, u know la, i enormous, she tiny ant wif BIG Muscles. hahaha

Jens said...

hey ange..

glad to noe u safely in manchester redi.. moving into sban tmw... starting class reli soon...

so u take care la there k? all the best ya!


Jeremy Nunis said...

Doesn Blackie look more like a Brownie?

*jeSSicA* said...

awww that photo with ur mom...emo emo

why is it called blackie when it's brown?

Ang3 said...

>zzzyun: thanks:) i'll send my regards to ngie chang for you kay:) all the best to u in UWA soon..enjoy ur hols!

>hlpe: no worries hannah:) u take good care of yourself k:) huggies!

>chien: Manchester..memang nice place:) hehe..trying to settle down..

>shasha, jens, almost-perfect-rose: yup doing well here..pic with mummy.emo emo. guess that's wat all of us hav to go thru when we start to learn to stand on our own feet:)

>Jeremy, Jessica: i also dunno why it's called 'blackie'..maybe brownie sounds yea, just stick with 'blackie'..muakakkaka.