Friday, July 20, 2012

Breast team Night Out

My final 4 months as an FY1...ended with a BOOM with the Breast team :)
Consultants in this team are AWESOME.
Normally, when we say SURGEON, common characters among them? Hmm..Demanding, arrogant, OVER-confident..yadaa doubt, they have these thingy in common!
But as for the surgeons whom I worked with..NOTHING as such at all. They are the NICEST surgeons you could ever ask for.
Mr Prasad and Mr Deshpande, the nicest surgeons on earth. Smiley all the way, gentle and humble, ever willing to teach and get you involve! Super easy going and appreciate the work you have done! gonna tear now, thinking am leaving this team in few days time! So gonna miss them MUCH!

Had a farewell dinner today at a Chinese Buffet in Wigan! Hah, we had that event sponsored! Whee...FREE dinner with GREAT companions! Viola..Amazing night with the surgeons, breast care nurses and fellow junior doctors!
Breast team @ Wigan Infirmary
The few generations of Breast Team doctors, nurses, consultants and teehee, the sponsor of the event :)

Haha..they are never serious..*PEACE*
*Mr Deshpande (man in t-shirt sitting in the middle + Mr Prasad( man with peace hand sign)
THEY ARE the BEST people to work with!
Enjoyed my 4 months with them SO UBER much!
The current breast team..April - June 2012
This is wat the SURGEONS do..Hahha..cut each other up!
*Mr Prathap- Reg and Mr Prasad- Consultant*

4 months passed by so quick.
I'm very reluctant to leave this team.
Been a good posting with loads of hands on experiences.
Think it's because they deal with a very sensitive specialty, they're well trained to be very sensible, showing empathy and patients love them to bits!
I love working with them..

Breast cancer IS a big thing indeed. However, if these patients with breast cancer are managed appropriately, you see their lives CHANGED to be BETTER!
The effect of breast reconstructions after the mastectomies..AMAZING!

"A feel a day, keeps the doctors away! Think PINK"

Next job: Obs and Gyn!
Pregnant women, bring it on:)

wasSup doc: Recognizing the accomplishment of our past and Celebrating the possibilities for the future.


Leigh Griffin said...

Allow me to thank all the surgeon whose study hard just to help others. :)

estetik said...

NICE aperture i anticipate is the befalling for accomplished guys its adequate step. estetik

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I am currently sat in the Linacre centre at Mr Deshpandes Tuesday morning clinic, waiting for an ultrasound on my lymph nodes. I've just had the mammogram and then I'll be going back upstairs to await Mr Deshpandes diagnosis. I'm a Christian and I have found comfort from your post, it is further confirmation to me that God is with me through all this, and that I am surrounded by prayer from my church family. I hope that you are continuing to enjoy your work//studies, and I look forward to reading more of your blog