Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week started off with a day of annual leave..haha, thought it's going to be staying at home, watching tv, eating chips and CHILL..but oh NO, day started with going in to Audit department to collect data for a breast surgery audit! Argh...I've waited for the notes to arrive since a month ago, and all 70 notes arrived in ONE day..*smack head* and guess what, this audit is DUE for presentation in the surgery audit meeting THIS FRIDAY itself..GG.COM! Am in the midst of analysing the results now. *give me a 5 mins break to update my blog* Thank God that I had 2 days of leave..JUST in time to do my audit..wasted! If not, I've long planned a trip to somewhere...Lol! This is medicine for you. Never ending audits and presentations to improve the quality of care for patients! Efficiencies, patients safety, cost savings..yada yada...just have to LIVE with it!super untidy workplace..FLOOR is my new table!

But since travelling is my ultimate PASSION, Angie being Angie will still squeeze in minimal time to go somewhere! Blessed with friends with car who willingly drove us for a road trip and just last Saturday, we visited one of the prettiest lakes at Lake District, Grasmere!peace and tranquility only @ Grasmere
the gang who went:)
(Edwin, Jenny, Chew Fatt, Wilson, Cheah, Glenn, Eunice, Noel, Suwei, John and Nicola)


Not to forget, last Monday was the BIG day of my beloved little brother, Cheah! He has always been a blessing to me whilst in Manchester. Since 3rd year, everytime we needed a help to move house, he would be the first to offer his help. Anyway, this boy graduated with 1st class honours in Aerospace engineering and topped his class! *PROUD*
Since I had already taken a day off, decided to hop onto the train to Manchester to attend his big day! Woohooo....Celebrations after 4 years of hard work!
Well done, fren!

am so gonna miss him when he leaves Manchester for good :'(!
*Best wishes*
your BIG day, our pride!

wokay dokay. final note here would be:
God is good, ALL THE TIME!
Thou shall not worry about tomorrow, for the all-known God is in control in the unknown future.
R&R in Him!

wasSup Doc: Dear Lord, please take away my burdens of worry. Help me find comfort in You and You alone. Amen.

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