Saturday, August 04, 2012

TIME flies...!

Indeed, this one year passed by SO QUICK! I'm done for my first year as a DR, and officially received my GMC registration! Phew..thank GOD for His faithfulness! I don't think I can survive this whole year without His grace. It's been a whole new of experience, taking the full responsibility as a Dr and managing human LIVES. A great one year, finding feet in this MEDICAL world and learning to be more confident in making decisions and equipping myself with up-to-date knowledge!
My beloved colleague in Breast team, Cat! A great person to work with!
Efficient, quick and most importantly very reliable! I was so touched when she rushed back from Pre-op clinic to hospital, just to give me a hand when she realised poor me had to cover the whole ward all by myself!

4 months in Breast and General surgery was the BEST time I had! The consultants I worked with were the friendliest surgeons I have ever met.

As a celebration, the Wiganers FY1s had a mini gathering and pub quiz!The gamemasters: Anthony and Tom!

One of their question was this:
" Angelene Teo is a beautiful name, but anyone knows what does TEO mean?"
When I heard that question, I was stunned..that is my surname and i myself have no idea what it meant! That's my great-grandfather's surname..any meaning? Hah...I dun think so!
But GUESS WHAT, they found out that...TEO in Greek means Gift of God! How amazing is that! :)
Had a fun night out with my fellow colleagues as a 'graduation' of our first year FY~! Well done guys! :)

Officially an SHO in Obs&Gyn. Guess what, am starting my night shifts next week and boy that is so going to be because me being the old lady will start yawning by 11pm! How am I going to stay up whole night and run around in hospital reviewing sickies...but I think the adrenaline rush I get from the numerous bleep will keep me awake! My biology clock gonna be maniac soon!
Please keep me in prayer, will ya! oh Lord, cover me with strength to sustain this whole one week.

Had an indoor picnic at Uncle Seng Yang's house last Sunday. Made some simple tuna maki rolls for the group. It has been ages since I last made one but all in all, SATISFACTORY outcome:)
How I wish British summer is longer and SUNNIER. Didnt have a chance for an outdoor BBQ this year! :'(
Thanks to the wet rain and busy weekends commitment.
i like!

hmmm...thought of the week:
Been watching Masterchef Australia lately. Somehow wished I am a good cook. Feel like enrolling myself in a cooking course and learned the skills to be a proffesional chef! I want to cook like Emmanuel Stroobant! His slick skills in cutting the leek, the seriousness pierced through those eyes, dishing up the perfect plate of in love with him! :P *in my dream*I did try...Braised teriyaki salmon with roasted peppered asparagus! Haha..simple lar, starting my baby steps in cooking! *pat myself on the shoulder*
By the way, worth to mention about a giveaway from Bento USA. Click this link-> All things for Sale for further rules regarding the AMAZING, GENEROUS gifts they are offering. Useful kits for packing lunch:)

Anyway, back to reality. Olympics fever is all over UK! my heart I am supporting the CHINESE! Lol...swimmer YeShiWen is amazingly SLICK! In the meantime, praying hard for Datuk Lee to win a GOLD Medal for Msia in badminton and make history! Malaysia Boleh!

wokay. It's weekend and I am loving it because it's time to SKYPE with my parents back home. Love them to bits! If it wasnt for my job, I will be home by NOW! :'(

wasSup Doc: "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.-Galatians 6:9"

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