Thursday, November 22, 2012

Family time..

I just came back from Malaysia...about a month ago? And now, I am thinking and planning to go back again. It's always good to be home. Just staying at home is pure joy! But need to save up some money first before next return!

Back to the cold gloomy Manchester now. Sky gets dark at 4pm. Not nice..and have to wear like 4 layers out now..burr..5th year in the UK, and still not getting use to this freezing weather.

Lurve them much!

So what am I up so far...this phase of my life is..TRUSTING GOD.

Obs and Gyn is coming to an end. After 4 months of constant on calls..I actually enjoys the adrenaline rush moments in labour ward! I was scared when pregnant mumsies come through that door for reassurance that their babies are fine..when breaking that bad news of miscarriage was terrifying. But over the months I learned that God gives and takes away, there is nothing the mum can do differently to salvage that pregnancy. All I have to do is comfort them and provide them with emotional support.
Lurve this job, but oh no, am not going to do this as a career, it's just too much of legal issues revolving around this specialty..Muakkakaka

Now coming back to the theme of trusting God.
Job application for next academic year opens!Oh this really have to rely on His grace for provision, for open doors. Questions on that applciation form are just so complicated... :( So yea, will have to trust in Him for His provision, He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider, so yups, He already has the BEST job prepared for me:) 'Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge' Psalm 62:8 

 1st ever group pic of MCCC Medics:) We're starting a fellowship group in MCCC. We have medicine as common background, and we decided to come together as a body of Christ to support each other spiritually in our walk with God. We are taking baby steps in this, but hopefully we are able to experience God as one group, bringing glory to His kingdom, and empower ourselves with His goodness and mercy. Let's pray things will go well and we are able to meet regularly despite the busy schedule we all have! :D

Wokay, better get back to work now:) It's been great shout out here!

Had a great night out with my fellow Wiganers @ Nando's, our favourite hang out place, with loads of secrets shared! Just amazing how you can find amazing friends with similar interests and just LOL whole night! Love you guys, loads!

WasSup Doc: Trust and Obey..for there's no other way, but to TRUST and OBEY HIM!

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